Survivor 20:Hero's vs Villians, live comentary

Well, he didn't do too badly. The guy has won a total of $400,000 over two back-to-back seasons (two fan favorites, two prizes for making it to the final jury vote). Granted, he was a millionaire before the show, but he's probably low enough on the millionaire totem-pole that $400,000 makes a difference.

Although, if the money for this season was on the level of the All-Stars season, he would have won a total of $1,450,000 ($100,000 for last season fan favorite, $100,000 for last season making it to the final jury vote, $250,000 for this season making it to the final jury vote, and $1,000,000 for this season's fan favorite). I guess the Survivor folks didn't want to pay out that much money again. I can somewhat understand it regarding the final jury vote money (as we're dealing with a final three instead of a final two), and they probably regretted giving Rupert a million dollars for basically doing nothing (except burying a shelter into the sand below the high tide line). They should still think seriously about upping the final prize (if only for inflation).
Russell is scum? No moral compass?

Give me a break. It's a COMPETITION. What did he do that was so bad? He was deceptive? He was rude?

There was a time on this show where the juries at least in part would vote for who made actual moves in the game, who controlled things, who won at competitions. For a useless lump like Sandra to win the game just epitomizes how it's turned into 'vote for whoever made me look the least dumb, because I obviously deserved to win'.

Say what you will about Russell, but he got to the end of the game, and he got there controlling his fate better than just about any other player in the show's history, twice in a row. The only reason Sandra and the stupid blonde chick from last season were even in the final was because Russell wanted 'em there.

It's hilarious how they wanted Russell to admit that there was luck in the game... yeah, Russell is wrong, and there is luck because there are factors beyond his control, but at the same time he did minimize the luck involved, and controlled the game at almost every turn. The real luck is the Sandras and the Natalies(?) of the world, who are the largely random beneficiaries of 'Well, unfortunately I don't get to eliminate everybody'... It's funny that they can bitch about luck when by handing these people the million they're making it MORE about luck.
Yeah, we all know that for the most part you check your morals at the door when you play survivor. But that doesn't give you a reason to be a dick and a bully.

Hatch was clearly doing whatever it took to win, but he wasn't a dick about it, and that's why the jury gave him the money. Russell just doesn't know how to play Survivor.

Also, I think Russell is the exact same guy IRL that he is on Survivor. Hence, I think he is scum. I mean, he's an oilman for chrissakes. That tells you everything you need to know right there.
Agreed, for all she knew, that hat could have had some kind of sentimental value for him. Both Sandra and Parvati have some serious attitude problems. But then so does Russell I guess, so I suppose that's a push.

But I'm really hating the two gals' smug attitudes. For that reason alone, I'd like to see Russell win.
Yeah, I'm not really a huge Russell fan (and I know he burned people's socks in Samoa), but that was completely uncalled for.
I have no sympathy for Russell here. He burned people's socks (on day one of their ordeal!), dumped people's water out out of their canteens, buried the machete, etc.

Looks like karma to me!
It's not really sympathy for Russell so much as disgust at the lack of respect for other people's property. I didn't watch Samoa, so I never actually saw Russell burn his tribe's socks or dump their water, but I feel the same about him doing that, too. Both Russell and Sandra were completely wrong to do what they did, but since I actually saw Sandra burn Russell's hat (and the malice behind the act), that one gets to me more.

That being said, I think Parvati should have won, but I don't think Sandra was completely undeserving, either. She played the entire back half of the game essentially on her own.
With so much going on I sortof dropped out of this season about half-way through but I watched the finale and reunion show last night. Decent ending, God I still think Russell is awesome in his own little way. And, man, Pavarti is just stunningly hot! But the winner I'm cool with, Russell getting his second consecutive "America's Favorite" vote was cool, and proved his point. As much as an arrogant ass he is he made the last couple seasons fun and give the man props for in both cases making it as far as you can in the game on your own merits. If he was a little better at the social game he may have done better. Not sure I agree with that, I mean Richard Hatch's "social game" was hardly that great but he still ended up winning because he played the game well enough to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast all of the others.

Fun season, next season looks like it could be promising too.
They really need to find a way to use Russell in the show more often, if not as a player, as something else... He's just too damn entertaining to let slip into obscurity. :lol:
They really need to find a way to use Russell in the show more often, if not as a player, as something else... He's just too damn entertaining to let slip into obscurity. :lol:

Maybe as a "devil on the shoulder" giving commentary on the player's actions.

I'm not sure who would be good as the angel on the other shoulder but, Russell would make an excellent devil.
There is no moral compass in Survivor, you have to lie to people about who your voting for. There's no getting around it. That was established in season one. Yes, you don't have to be an asshole, but you have to give up some morals to win.It's unrealistic to think otherwise.That is Russels argument and that's why the jury shouldn't take it so personally. They would do the same thing if they made it to final three. All of them have lied, nobody is innocent in the game.

That doesn't HAVE to be so. But so many people play that way. Remember -- this is very much like "Real Life." They don't want a bunch of nice guys who will get along. They want conflict, excitement, and drama. So they pick their people that way. There's no need for people to play dirty -- they just pick people who are like that.

And there are always people who say "it's just a game." Well, if people will lie and cheat in a game, they'll lie and cheat in real life. Yeah, a million dollars is at stake. In real life, relationships, friendships, marriages, and jobs -- much more important, in the long run -- are at stake. I wouldn't date or trust anyone who played the game in an underhanded way, as they've already shown me that, if they want to and if it's important to them, they'll do ANYTHING.

Scum, liars, braggarts, and bullies are just that way in real life.
I was rooting for Parvati, but you have to give Sandra props. Nobody wins "Survivor" twice by accident. She's the Zen master of flying under the radar and making people underestimate her.

It's not the most exciting strategy in the world, tv-wise, but it clearly works for her.
One thing I like about Survivor, and really about this season? The drama at the Tribal councils. In fact, sometimes I find it too hard to watch. And these aren't trained actors. Hams? Yes...but not actors. And for some reason the drama this season has been as good as anything I have seen on a scripted show.

I know some hate reality programs, but Survivor is a great show that displays humanity at its best and worst.