STVII-X TNG films Blu-ray spec. features wishlist

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    already put out on the special collector editions:
    Star Trek: Generations - 1994
    Special Collector's Edition
    -audio commentary (with co-writers Ron Moore and Brannon Braga)
    -text commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda (coauthors of The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

    Star Trek: First Contact
    - 1996
    Special Collector's Edition
    -audio commentary Frakes
    -audio commentary writers Braga and Ron Moore.
    -text trivia commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda

    Star Trek: Insurrection - 1998
    Special Collector's Edition
    -text trivia commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda

    Star Trek: Nemesis - 2002
    Special Collector's Edition
    -audio commentary Director Stuart Baird
    -audio commentary producer Rick Berman
    -text trivia commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda

    We all expect this Blu-ray set out by December 2009 so why not ask for a few things?

    Star Trek: Generations
    Director David Carson & Cinematographer John A. Alonzo & Producer Rick Berman commentary

    Star Trek: First Contact
    another audio commentary track from the actors or a Trek Historian or moderators of TrekBBS (someone other than the Okudas...[no offense])

    Star Trek: Insurrection
    -audio commentary track from producer/Writers Rick Berman & Michael Piller
    -audio commentary track [technical] Cinematographer Matthew F. Leonetti, Production Designer Herman F. Zimmerman, Art Director Ron Wilkinson, sound re-recording mixer Robert J. Litt
    -Deleted scenes in High Definition

    Star Trek: Nemesis
    another audio commentary track from production designer, visual effects, art dept. & cinematographer Jeffrey L. Kimball, sound re-recording mixer Chris Jenkins (may as well go more into the technical aspects).

    What else would you guys like to see added to the TNG motion pictures on Blu-ray?
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    May 12, 2009
    The recently released TMP through TUC Blu-rays establish a precedent for commentary by people involved in Trek but not necessarily with the movie at hand. For example, the Star Trek XI writers did the new TVH commentary and Ron Moore and Michael Taylor did the TSFS one.

    While those commentaries were people from later Trek looking back at the TOS movie era, perhaps the new commentaries should have some people from the TOS movie era looking forward to the TNG movies? (Especially if you can get Nicholas Meyer to do one; his previous commentaries were pretty good.)

    Notwithstanding the above, if the Star Trek XI writers want another shot at commentary, let 'em have it. Their TVH commentary was kind of blah because they weren't able to say much of anything about the new film, but now that the release is out of the way they can be more specific about how previous Trek influenced things in the new Trek and such.

    And I agree with the OP that a writer/producer commentary for Insurrection would be useful since there isn't one now, although maybe more as a "For the Record" (or a "What were they Thinking") standpoint, which is how I took the existing Nemesis commentary.
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    Unfortunately, Michael Pillar passed away a couple of years ago so a commentary with him won't be possible on Insurrection.
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    Didn't Jonathan Frakes and a few other production personale actually record a commentary for Insurrection? Was it ommitted for any particular reason? Always struck me as a strange one that.
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    John A. Alonzo died in 2001, so his Generations commentary won't be happening either. :(
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    What I'd like to see is Generations with most of the deleted stuff restored to the movie, the same goes of course for Nemesis.