News Stranger Things - Season 5

I was offended the way everyone ganged up on a poster for making a comment about how they felt Netflix were using Stranger Things.

"Everyone" being *checks* two people. All other members ignored the debate, me included until you brought it up again. G-man was hardly being bullied.

And no it wasnt just the animal cruelty thing. There was just vitriol from the start because someone dared to claim that Stranger Things is being milked.
First off, JD complained about the depiction of animal cruelty for the sake of a meme, the one other member at the time responding to G-man was Nth Doctor who complained about the timing of it, right at the beginning of the new thread, as well as the general crassness and (at the time, before G-man edited it) apparent pointlessness of the meme.
Secondly, you wanna talk vitriol, maybe take a look at that meme again (and then consider that the Netflix and Stranger Things logos weren't there at the beginning). Yes, it makes a point, but it does it in a way that strong reactions should not be surprising.

And sorry, Nth Doctor, I looked if I could find some news on Stranger Things to balance the post, but with production being halted, there's nothing. I have ordered the TMNT crossover comic from my comics dealer, though, and am looking forward to see what story they come up with.
Oh, yes, that TMNT crossover comic looks like a lot of fun! I can't even remember if I posted about that news here but i do remember hearing about its announcement awhile ago.
Hell fucking yeah! That's awesome news!

I wondered if they would be able to conclude their seasonal trend of 80s icons appearing on this show. Linda Hamilton is an excellent high note to end on!
I forgot to check earlier but Kate posted about it on her website:

A billion streams! I have an image of a river that suddenly floods
and becomes many, many tributaries - a billion streams - on their way to the sea.
Each one of these streams is one of you…

Thank you! Thank you so much for sending this song on such an impossibly astonishing journey.
I’m blown away.
I think at this point it's probably more popular now than it was when it first came out.

That is absolutely the case, at least in the U.S. Back then, it didn't crack the top 20 on the US charts and I don't even remember seeing it on MTV.
Variety reports that Dan Tratchenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane, Prey, Black Mirror) is scheduled to direct an episode for the final season.

I still need to see Prey (I don't know why I haven't, I was really looking forward to it and I have Hulu...), but I loved 10 Clovefield Lane and his episode for Black Mirror ("Playtest"). I think he'll be an excellent match for Stranger Things.
Yeah, yeah, I know! Especially since I'm such a big fan of Amber Midthunder. It's just one of those things that slipped through the cracks.

Honestly, if it had been released theatrically, I think I would've been more likely to have seen it right away. Alas.