Spoilers Strange New Worlds Episode 7 - Those Old Scientists

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' started by tomalak301, Jul 22, 2023.


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  1. Noname Given

    Noname Given Admiral Admiral

    May 22, 2001
    Noname Given
    And the LDS Uniform color is WAY wrong too:eek:...retcon for LDS S4?:shrug: ;)
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  2. voyager1

    voyager1 Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    May 20, 2014
    Context: As someone who tried to watch Lower Decks and did not make it to the finish of the season 1 premiere and only watched the last episode of season 1 (with heavy fast forward) to see the Titan from the novels… I had really low expectations for this episode. I was fully expecting to be giving this one 1 or 2. That all said. I really enjoyed this episode. It is solid. I still have no desire to watch Lower Decks, but this episode was good. I was really expecting a Move Along Home part 2.

    So that brings me to my main point. It feels like Strange New Worlds either does a great job or a meh job with episodes. Still more hits then misses.

    I have more faith now in the musical episode,
    but I really hope we get more on the Gorn plot that was teased in the beginning of this season.

    This episode is a solid 8.
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  3. Tuskin38

    Tuskin38 Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Jul 24, 2011
    Google says the quote/advice Pelia gives to Boimler was said by Cary Grant.

    One of the actors said it was toned down so it wouldn't overpower the SNW uniforms.
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  4. El Maestro

    El Maestro Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Sep 25, 2001
    I read in an article that they had to darken the color so that Boims wouldn't clash with the SNW people.
  5. El Maestro

    El Maestro Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Sep 25, 2001
    Ha yes....you beat me to it!!
  6. Noname Given

    Noname Given Admiral Admiral

    May 22, 2001
    Noname Given
    If Geordi in Picard S3 could salvage the ENTIRE Saucer Section of the 1701-D; I'm sure they could find a piece of 1701 Hull that survived re-entry and the subsequent break up of the Genesis Planet.
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  7. Unique

    Unique Commander Red Shirt

    Jul 12, 2023
    I was momentarily confused because I went, “Kirk and Picard were the riders.” and then I realized he was referring to how he mounted the saddle, not the saddle itself. Riker maneuver! :lol:
    It’s pretty cool that the move Frakes used because he had back problems became an iconic character element.
  8. Firebird

    Firebird Commodore Commodore

    Apr 23, 2005
    On the Cinerama screen, in glorious Technicolor.
    Going down memory lane, this is what I drew last year when the episode was first announced:
    And this is what I drew last night after watching this utter masterpiece twice in a row:

  9. Unique

    Unique Commander Red Shirt

    Jul 12, 2023
    I did until they killed the baby off at the beginning of Season 5. I just can’t. They shouldn’t have gone there.
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  10. Vince A

    Vince A Lieutenant Red Shirt

    Mar 19, 2022
    Good Episode. I laughed several times.

    Loved the Trelane/Q reference

    8 out of 10 for me.
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  11. Yistaan

    Yistaan Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jul 27, 2018
    I'm wondering now if halo season 2 will ever come out
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  12. The Knappos

    The Knappos Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Dec 7, 2021
    South coast, UK
    Maybe the F has one of the E’s old escape pods…
  13. WarpFactorZ

    WarpFactorZ Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Feb 10, 2013
    Configuring the Ontarian Manifold
    OMG -- that was frickin HILARIOUS! Loved, loved, loved it, chocked full of "oddly specific references". The Boimler-Spock experiment-gone-awry was awesome. Spock's smiling was over the top and somewhat reminiscent of his character in The Cage -- but wouldn't Boimler be all over early Spock being more emotional? I can see him citing "THE WOMEN!".

    Anyway, keep 'em coming! Looking forward to the musical next!
  14. Charles Phipps

    Charles Phipps Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 17, 2011
    Yes, I was looking at the Andorian.


    And nothing else.
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  15. Unique

    Unique Commander Red Shirt

    Jul 12, 2023
    You missed the last meeting, so they sent me to tell you, “We ride at dawn”.
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  16. DaveyNY

    DaveyNY Admiral Admiral

    May 14, 2001
    DaveyNY from Skin-Neck-Ta-Dee (Schenectady)
    Eddie's been riding all night long ...

    A thought just occurred, No Wesley 'Kirk' in this episode.
    That should make at least a couple of fans happy.

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  17. adamisme

    adamisme Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Nov 4, 2007
    Brilliant episode, one of the best 45 minutes of television this year for me. Solid 10. Full credit to Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome for bringing their animated characters to life. But it was a fun episode and I liked it a lot.

    Only negative is Spock's smile... I may never go to sleep!!
  18. Rahul

    Rahul Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 2, 2014
    That was fun-tastic!

    My only complaint is that for me Boimler & Mariner didn't translate perfect to live-action. Like - it's the same voices. But then being cartoons, my brain has already created a different version of them before.

    But hell - this is SNW. We're used to familiar characters looking different than expected.

    I am still absolutely in awe they actually did this. And it was exactly what I was hoping for.
    Time for me to catch up on Lower Decks, got way behind on that....
  19. saladdays

    saladdays Captain Captain

    Jun 29, 2016
    Spoiler alert?

    I mean, Yellowstone is still not that old of a show, especially season 5 of it. I didnt imagine getting spoiled on this forum....

    EDIT: okay, I'm not the spoiler police by any means. Just kind of weird place where i didn't think I would get spoiled on anything with such a different type of show as Yellowstone compared to Trek.
  20. MarsWeeps

    MarsWeeps Fleet Captain Premium Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Well, since the refit 1701 was "almost an entirely new ship", I'm sure they had plenty of pre-refit pieces of TOS Enterprise somewhere.