Storm Front

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    I like Space Nazi's. The uniforms are sharp and it's a favorite historical period for me. I enjoyed it but as a conclusion to the TCW, I was left a little disappointed. However, considering what Manny Coto was stuck with tying up, it's fabulous. I felt as badly for him as the producers of SeaQuest 2032 who had to wrap up a cheesy cliffhanger and introduce a new direction as the same time. It's a solid effort that brings the cast back to even greater adventures.
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    I know I've said this before, but after the Xindi arc I thought we would be stuck in WWII with the Kromagg-alikes for an entire season. I was curious where it was going, but then it wrapped up super quick and I was like, "oh, okay"
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    After Season 3, the plan was to move away from the year-long arc in favor of mini-arcs which amounted to two-parters and trilogies.
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    Which was a brilliant strategy. It fleshed out stories more, plus it cut on the cost of sets because you can use them for more than just a single episode.

    VOYAGER could have done this quite a lot, and quite well, given the premise of the show.
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    Space nazis, wise guys. It was all good.

    The Silik/Daniels part of temporal cold war storyline seemed almost like an after thought in this two-parter, which was fine with me. The alternate history stuff with the nazis was much more interesting. I liked the newsreel that was shown at the beginning of part 2.

    If it's going to be nazis versus wise guys, I guess the mafia had to be the good guys.

    When Archer bonded with Alicia, it reminded me of Picard's bonding with another strong willed woman, Lily in First Contact. Both woman, at one point, were brought aboard the respective Enterprises and were amazed by what they saw. I saw similarities in the relationship dynamics between Archer and Alicia and Picard and Lily.

    And to top off the two-parter, there was that awesome looking scene of the Enterprise flyover of New York City and the dogfight against the nazi fighters. That was great.
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    The timeship Relativity should have caught them since they were from the same time.
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    Oh, imagine if Enterprise continued into a fifth season, and...

    Enterprise answers a distress call and stumbles across the timeship Relativity, having barely survived enemy fire. The ship a wreck, the crew mostly dead, and imagine in the wreckage they find... Admiral Janeway. Roll theme song.
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    That would have been an episode worth watching!