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    Author's notes: This was written in May 2016, as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock. Included are snippets of a bunch of story with other players, while my Captains mostly mucked around. lol​

    Earth Spacedock, Page 11
    Admiral Nat - The Heart of the Storm, Center of the Universe

    "This is not going to end well," said Admiral Nat.

    "You'll learn," the Q replied. Suddenly, the area glowed with unspeakable power, flowing through and filling Nat. Once merged, he managed to reach the Q continuum, and despite the Qs' resistance, sealed it off once and for all. Qaazrus, Ra'Quella, Q (junior) and Nat were the only Q power-level beings left in the universe.


    Earth Spacedock, Operations

    In the distant view of the window, the Natara Dyson Sphere appeared out of nowhere, outside the Sol System. Q powers throughout the area prevented gravitational destruction. Iconian Heralds, supported by other species all starting pouring out of gateways throughout the known galaxy, searching for the two lost Q.

    Nat appeared in ESD operations, walking up to Admiral Quinn. "Where are the last two Q, admiral?"


    Captain Aeris - Earth Spacedock, Infirmary

    Aeris sat up in a biobed with Cetra scanning her with a medical tricorder. "How's it looking Doc-- I mean, Lieutenant?"

    "Actually, I'm earning my MD, so you really will be able to call me Doc soon." Cetra closed her device. "Oh, and along with elevated stress levels, I'm detecting residual bio plasma on you. It doesn't seem to be harming you, but I think you should wear this bio electric caliper for now."

    The Captain attached a small device on her neck as an Engineer entered and went to a nearby bed. "Thanks," Aeris said. "Now, if I could deal with this lockdown and possible threats to ESD. Did you know there's a warship cloaked in the vicinity and we're okay with that?"

    "No, ma'am," Cetra answered in shock as she moved to work on the next patient.

    Lieutenant Winry sighed. "Just a headache. Ship decommissioning is so much fun, I think I got over-excited."

    "Bio plasma, huh?" Aeris pondered. "The Zephyra once detected the same residue on Undine a long time ago. I wonder if it's related."

    Winry perked up. "Hold on. Are you the Captain that spent weeks aiding a group of 8472 ships? They said you were crazy?"

    "Doing nothing would've been crazy. The Zephyra developed specialized medical equipment to treat them."

    The Engineer nodded. "I was more interested in the technology you created anyway. If you can localize Undine biology and detect their native realm's molecules, you could adapt that to some kind of interdimensional device."

    "And, what, access Fluidic space? What for?" Aeris asked.

    Winry shrugged. "I don't know. Scientific interest, I suppose."

    "Lieutenant, are you developing interdimensional technology?"

    The woman smiled. "How'd you guess? I'm heading a side project for a scanner with some of my team. We're competing with the Corps Engineers. They think they're so great."

    "Huh," Aeris replied surprised. "Can you use my medical data to extrapolate quantum signatures and then scan those with your device?"

    Lieutenant Winry nodded. "If you let me on the Zephyra, perhaps. I'd have to use your modified Sickbay equipment."

    "Done. I'm taking you off ship mothballing duty, not to ruin your fun too much. In the meantime, I have to check ESD's lockdown--"

    But then the station went to red alert. Reeve's voice flew over to her comm. "Reeve to Aeris. You might want to get back to Operations."

    "Acknowledged," Aeris tapped her commbadge. "Well, Doc, looks like those stress levels are going to have to wait."


    Elihu M'Konel - T.I.S. Zipporah, Bridge

    On the cloaked warship, the warlord known as 'The Infamous' said, “There is only one place to escape him.”

    Qaazrus looked to Ra'Quella, who returned a look of terror. She nodded. Together they raised their hands to clap.

    “Wait!” Elihu shouted. “Qaazrus, I want the Phili going wherever we're going!" Together, the two Q clapped their hands, sending the Zipporah and the Philadelphia to the Void.


    Earth Spacedock, Operations

    Admiral Tuvok, who was standing nearby, raised a brow. “Fleet Admiral Nat. I find it hard to believe that a distinguished flag officer such as yourself would so readily throw in with the likes of T'Kek and the Tholians.”

    Aeris entered Quinn's office as Nat was replying to Quinn, "I brought us together to take over the galaxy, so we could prepare us for the next big threat which is more powerful than you could imagine."

    That was the moment Sarah suddenly found herself in Operations. 11 of 14 beamed down, walking into Ops, ignoring any security that might to stop her. "Admiral, first you're working with the Iconians, now you're hunting for Q?"

    Nat used his Q sense to tap into perception beyond that of a humans'. Soon enough, he realized that the other Q, the Philadelphia, and another Q in one giant ship had vanished into the Void. He realized that moving from reality to reality was too big of a risk for himself, and with a wave of a hand, the C.U.V. Natulak vanished, replaced with a Nova-class U.S.S. Molly.

    "If you're so sure you want to betray me, join the others then."

    He teleported Sarah and 11 of 14 to the newly created U.S.S. Molly in a flash, and flung the ship into the Void, nearly crashing into the Philadelphia.

    He vanished himself in a flash of light, sending him and his supporters from the Firestorm, Heralds loyal to his Alliance, and the Natara Dyson Sphere to the Andromeda Galaxy to build new forces and bide their time.

    After witnessing the sudden disappearance of Sarah and the Borg drone, Aeris exited the Admiral's office and met with Reeve at the command ring.

    "We just lost Captain Sarah and her double," Aeris reported.

    Reeve tilted his head as he focused on his control panel. "The Firestorm and the Dyson sphere are gone too. Seems that omnipotent power is having its way at the moment."

    "She also reported Iconian threats. Any signs of them as well?"

    The Commander shook his head. "Negative. There were spawns beginning on lower decks, but they disappeared with everything else."

    "We could've taken them. Ah, well. This giant mushroom will get another chance," she speculated. "The Lexington and the Philadelphia?"

    Reeve switched the holo-display at the center of the ring, warp-path data. "Gone too, in mid-warp, according to a relay station."

    "This job just gets harder and harder. It's enough for a Science officer to go insane."

    The other human nodded just as he suddenly came to the realization of what she said. "Wait. What? You're a Science officer??"

    "Uh, yeah, I mentioned it to you during one of our first meetings."

    Reeve was still shocked. "Actually, I zone out when it comes to those things. I am in Tactical after all, so if it's not action, I'm done."

    "Well, I can't fault you for that. Anyway, it seems over-poweredness is having its heyday. Let's keep Spacedock on alert and locate those ships. In the meantime, I'll compile a mid-progress report for Starfleet Command."

    Later, Captain Terry walked around the curved hallway and into Operations. It was busy with senior personnel commanding and managing their own staff for various sections of Spacedock.

    "Hi, I'm looking for Admiral Nat?" Terry said, approaching Commander Batou from Spacedock's engineering and showing him a PADD. "He gave me this mission I'm to join to a mysterious Dyson sphere."

    Batou just looked at him, overly stunned. "Have you even been around lately?"

    "Huh? I was working on my ship's approach strategy this whole time. I have so many ideas!" Terry said, knowing he probably couldn't ignore the fact Batou's implication was that he probably missed several key events.

    The Commander took Terry's PADD and erased it. "Trust me. You're late."

    "Well, this was unexpected," the Captain replied, but decided that it was probably better to accept things. "So, what's going on up here? Any Ferengi merchant ships?"

    Batou shook his head as he continued working at his holo-console. "That's not my area, but I did notice a Ferengi ship, the Fortune's Gold, come right up to the window to tap it incessantly with its hull. Apparently, they couldn't wait for docking procedures."

    "Oh! That is so interesting. Everything you do up here fascinates me, a man of strict Starfleet procedure."

    The other officer looked at him. "You know, if you're up to no good, not everyone is going to judge you for it. Also, you could hide it better."

    "Hey, people judge things all the time. I mean, it's not like I can read minds, but I know it happens. That, and my motives are not as transparent as you think."

    Batou closed his console. "Well, what are they?"


    He asked again. "Your motives. I always find it odd that people go off on rants and then end them so cryptically. For once, I want to be that guy that asks straight out what's going on, negating further actions on the part of the subject and preventing what possible outcomes may arise." But as he had looked away halfway through his diatribe, upon returning to glance, he found Captain Terry had already left Operations. "Oh."


    Earth Spacedock, Operations - A week later

    Aeris worked intently in the command ring. "Reeve, we need to locate those lost ships. What have we found out so far?" Aeris asked. She wasn't going to lose the Lexington, the Philadelphia and the Firestorm all in one go.

    The security commander turned to her in sudden shock. "You're back!?"

    "I only went to get more PADDs. One for each ship we're searching for," Aeris said as she handed them to him. "An extra one for that Vulcan ship that keeps flying by the window."

    Reeve shook his head and gestured to the pattern enhancers surrounding the Captain. "No, you disappeared from this spot for quite some time. You've been gone a whole week!"

    "What?" Aeris replied, shocked. "What'd I miss?"

    Commander Reeve brought up some data on his holo-screen. "The Lexington and the Philadelphia returned, reporting having been stuck in a dimensional void. The Firestorm went even more missing and the Molly appeared out of nowhere."

    "Let me get this straight, everyone got to have a week of recovery and getting their heads together and I get nothing??"

    The man shrugged. "I guess. Also, since you've been gone, I've taken over security again, and, in an effort to maintain heightened levels of awareness, I've been running drills and exercises around the clock. Living in fear! It's a new thing I'm trying. Also, I think, due to your situation, you should step down in your role in Security."

    "Are you kidding me? I need to add to this heightened level of stress, if not, to channel mine into everyone else!"

    Reeve shook his head. "Yeah, I'm already pushing the threshold. You'd just be a tipping point in our Tuvok sweat drills that would send our token Bolian officer off the edge."

    "Forget that!" She pointed to nearby tactical officer Lieutenant Aramaki. "You there! Laps around ESD and don't stop until I tell you!"

    Aramaki fumbled in shock. "Ye-- Yes, ma'am."

    "Still got it," Aeris said as she suddenly noticed Reeve standing in different location than the last. She then turned to see Aramaki not moving, but panting, out of breath. "What did I just say? Now it's double laps!"

    Aramaki groaned and then ran off.

    "You disappeared again. He did twenty laps," Reeve reported.

    Aeris cursed. "Damn. I guess you're right. And I was this close to normalcy, ever since the Zephyra had been recalled here. It was finally feeling like I had a life again."

    "If it makes you feel any better, I'll call you for our weekly Cargo Bay raids? We mostly target unsuspecting Romulans."

    The Captain smiled. "I'd like that."
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    That can't be a very large constituency... Romulans are the most suspicious lot there ever were... Thanks!! rbs
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    Still, though! It's fun. :D
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    Author's notes: These posts were written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016.
    Earth Spacedock, Pages 11-12
    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Food Court

    Seifer took a few stabs at his monochrome plate of bland, cold, uneaten potatoes. The replicator-peeled vegetable slipped under misplaced fork-pressure and spun off the table onto the floor. In his heart, he knew he would have his revenge against that particular food item. In no way did he ever intend on letting that little inanimate spud go without a taste of his vengeance. Oh, he would spend the rest of his life, plotting and scheming the most elaborate and harsh—

    "—Well, well. How the mighty have fallen," came the interrupting voice of an old, Vulcan man, from behind Seifer. "Do you plan on staring at your mess all day, or are you going to pick it up?"

    Turning, in shock, Seifer came to perceive his old Vulcan teacher from Starfleet Academy. "Master Chivaul??"

    "You've become weak, Oroku. Where once you commanded one of Starfleet's most over-powered, uber ships of incomprehensibly small scale, now, you sit in this pale and unforgiving food court with nothing to show for it."

    Seifer shook his head in disbelief. "Uh, I saved my crew from that horrible Calibus VII sickness, and stopped the cross-dimensional Nibiru from reconfiguring our space— Not that that hadn't been done before. Mine was just more recent."

    "Fulfilled with accomplishment, you are entitled to magnificence and respect. Your lack of position is a betrayal to you and what you have done in the past."

    Pointing, Seifer replied, "You know what? You have always been rude and mean to me, with no explanation whatsoever; for what I can only assume is because I stuck with you until the bitter end, and—"

    "You talk too much!" Chivaul knocked Seifer's pointing arm away and launched a claw-posed hand right at the Trill's face.

    Grabbing the wrist of the incoming attack, shocked, Seifer was forced to use his other arm to knock a second incoming hand, this time, toward his throat. The old Vulcan twisted Seifer's grip free and jabbed both his fists, forward again. Seifer, while seated, shot both his feet up and kicked the fists away. He kicked again toward Chivaul's chest, where his foot was met with blocking palms, with enough force to push the old man back a few steps.

    "Oh, real mature, you decrepit old Vulcan!" Seifer responded before noticing a few officers nearby standing up from their meals and looking at them in shock. The Captain quickly got out of his seat and addressed the food court. "—Uh, it's nothing, everyone. This senior is just looking for his meds. Poor guy can't even go to the bathroom without—"

    But Chivaul force-palmed Seifer in the face, then quadruple-jabbed the Trill in the chest, before a second palm with force toward the same spot. The Captain grabbed the incoming wrist with both hands, softening the blow as much as he could, before being knocked right over his table and onto the floor, next to the potato.

    "This is all your fault," Seifer turned to the spud in shifting anger. "If only you let me eat you, instead of this run-around, we wouldn't be in this m—"

    The old fighting Vulcan, showing no emotion, flew over the table with an incoming foot of immense force. Seifer quickly wondered if picking up the potato would be metaphor enough to stop his old teacher. Unfortunately, he had to roll away from it to live. Chivaul landed his intense stomp, while, Seifer, still on his back, flung kick after kick at Chivaul. Each kick was blocked by the Vulcan's even faster-moving left foot.

    "I— told— you—! No visitors— before— nap time—" Seifer said in mid-fight, noticing the shocked look of confused faces around him. Chivaul leapt another downward-forced foot, prompting Seifer to decide to roll underneath him, toward the potato.

    Seifer picked up the food, got up and placed it on a table. Chivaul, after landing and turning his position to face the Captain, stopped his attack and continued his unemotional repertoire. "Meet me in the Holodeck to finish this."

    "Should I bring your ointment??" Seifer replied, unimpressed, as Chivaul walked his way through the sea of tables out of the food court. The Captain dusted his Odyssey uniform off and noticed an Ensign looking at him with wide-eyed disbelief. "He has a skin thing."


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Sickbay

    The U.S.S. Zephyra sat out in space, near Earth Spacedock. Aeris entered Sickbay in search of her Doctor. Naturally, her medical case was shared with the Zephyra where people more familiar with her could assist in her situation. Who knows? She could disappear for a whole year next. Maybe even forever? She thought to herself.

    "Where's Doctor Lila?" Aeris asked.

    At a nearby, unfamiliar device, was the Spacedock engineer, Lieutenant Winry, working away. She took notice of Aeris' entrance and addressed her. "Captain? They said you disappeared into a void or on vacation or something? I wasn't paying attention."

    "Some kind of a jump out of this universe's existence, I believe," Aeris replied. "And how can my Doctor just disappear when I was clearly in crisis? Did they give up in three days or something?"

    Winry returned to her large boxy device. "She left after two, actually. Though, she did mention consulting Starfleet Medical. I assume it was for you, or to transfer. She didn't say."

    "Any luck on your end?"

    The engineer began pulling hard on a tool she connected to the innards of her scanner. "Almost! I've been in here for a week, so I think the time has allowed me to perfect the dimensional scanner. Though, with it configured to your Undine medical equipment, it's only going to scan Fluidic space."

    "Perfect. Should we give it a go?"

    Winry nodded. "Hell yeah! Just need to get this out of here first—"

    "Need any help?" Aeris asked noticing how Winry was struggling to remove the hyperspanner from the machine. Without waiting for an answer, the Captain began pulling Winry backward while Winry was pulling on the tool. After the two struggled, the threshold was suddenly broken and they both flew back onto the floor.

    The hyperspanner hit the floor as well, causing the interdimensional scanning machine to unexpectedly start up with a rumble. Suddenly, thin beams of light began beaming out from random openings. The resonating sound began to increase.

    "That's not good," Winry said, arching an eye brow while still on the floor. She took out her remote and tried turning it off with no effect. "Transporters and containment fields may not work on that thing. But, modulating the connected medical equipment might help. We just may need more than the two of us at operating consoles."

    Aeris tapped her commbadge. "Captain Aeris to anyone nearby. Any assistance you can provide in Sickbay would be perfect."

    Upon entering the sickbay aboard the Zephyra, Ensign Javan stopped just inside the threshold and looked around at the ensuing chaos. One of the Zephyra's other nurses, an ensign called Beltram, walked over to Javan and handed him a medical tricorder.


    Captain Terry - U.S.S. Kitana, Bridge

    Terry entered the Bridge of the Vesta-class U.S.S. Kitana. The ship was in space, a hundred kilometers from Spacedock. His body had been aching in pain from a sickness he'd been keeping to himself, plus something he just ate at the Food Court wasn't agreeing with him. At least he was better than he had been all week.

    "You don't look so good?" Han said taking notice of him.

    Terry waved it off. "Just an ache from a bottle of green Scotch last night. Never drink with a pan-dimensional humanoid, as I do on occasions."

    "Captain," the tactical officer continued, dropping the other thing, "The Zephyra has disappeared from sensors! It's as if they're no longer in the space-time continuum."

    The human stroked his chin. "I think you could say that about anybody who isn't in the same room as you. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

    "No, I mean, the ship was there and then it disappeared. We detected the same phasing phenomenon that the Undine ships procured when they were sent back into Fluidic space," the Ferengi finished.

    Terry sat in his chair. "Except they went through a portal? Hm. Send our readings to Spacedock. In the meantime, I want you to hail the Falzon."

    "But— what about the Zephyra, sir?"

    He nodded. "The Falzon, Lieutenant Commander." And after a few moments, the hail went out. "This is Captain Terry from the Kitana to Tran. I have to confess, I overheard you in the Food Court about the Molly. How can we help?"
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    Chivaul is acting like an evil Kato - interesting Pink Panther echo... Green Scotch, pan-dimensional humanoids and vanishing starships... Quite a pickle.. Thanks!! rbs
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    Haha, he's definitely being sneaky! And, yeah, good to have some classics in there. Took these characters into a semi-serious route, but also tried to balance with stuff that was interesting for me. Hopefully it worked.
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    Author's notes: These were written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016. This collects a series of improvised posts between myself and snippets from another player.​

    Earth Spacedock, Pages 12-14
    Captain Terry - U.S.S. Kitana, Bridge

    Tran responded over air. "We need ships to support us to search the Natara expanse for the U.S.S. Molly before the probable Heralds in the expanse find them first. We were just about to depart for the expanse, and your assistance would be wonderful."

    Terry nodded. "We'll follow your lead." The audio communication cut out and Terry slouched in his chair. The Kitana departed and jumped to warp when the Falzon was ready and did themselves.

    "Ugh, man," came the groan of Trelane, the chief engineer. He had his fingers on his forehead. "Why'd we drink so heavily again?"

    The Captain sat up. "Because you said you thought someone was coming after you and it was going to be your last night alive."

    "Right!" Trelane recalled. "Well, they never came, so it'll probably be tonight."

    Terry shook his head. "I don't know what you did in the future or the past to illicit this punishment of being completely mortal for an entire lifetime, but it's not worth getting on my nerves."

    "It's not like I was left with the memories of my other self, so, who knows? Also, I wonder if I should quit Starfleet? I can't let the crew suffer for me?"

    The human looked at him. "The crew needs you. You're the only one who knows how this Ezri Dax-ship works."

    "That, or your obsessed with something again," Trelane squinted at him, judgingly. "Remember that time you dedicated your life to proving the Phoenix-X was taking odd missions from Section 31?"

    Terry waved it off. "That was eons ago, and I'm way past trivial things like that. Not to mention, all the trouble I got into with those creatures. I'm good now."

    "You better be. I still have two more bottles of green drink. In the meantime, I'll ensure the engines are running smoothly-ish. I never actually like them working at peak efficiency. Trelane out." He slyly saluted and went to a console at the back of the Bridge.

    In time, the Falzon and Kitana entered the expanse, arriving in a system with a wormhole leading elsewhere, deeper into the anomalous region.

    Terry was sitting in his chair, when his security and tactical officer, a Ferengi named Hann, walked over with a bowl of food. "I know we talked about having you try this, but I'm too upset to let you eat it."

    "Is this one of those bargaining things? I'll offer you time-off for them?" Terry asked.

    Hann shook his head. "This is about you leaving Spacedock in such a haste that nothing else mattered."

    "Oh, please! Like you're one to judge? You were paid to join Starfleet by your uncle."

    The Ferengi pulled the puree of beetle away from Terry's reach. "I funnel that latinum to the Bajoran Orphan Fund! True, I was driven by greed once, but I changed. What drives you, doesn't seem to stop."

    "Am I going to try the beetle or not?" Terry deadpanned.

    Hann reluctantly extended the bowl and the Captain took a handful into his mouth. Seconds later, his viewscreen displayed the discovery of the U.S.S. Molly. Terry chewed and smiled for their safety.

    The Falzon, quite unpredictably, then began firing on the Molly with some newly added Herald Antiproton weapons. Clearly, the Falzon was not here to save the Molly. They came to destroy them, and make it appear that the Heralds destroyed them.

    When Terry realized this, he spat out the beetle in complete horror!

    "You know, it took me an hour to prepare this? Never mind. I'll get to weapons," Hann said, going back to his station.

    Terry shook his head. "Why'd they try recruiting people if they were just going to attack the Molly??" He turned to tactical. "Lock weapons on the Falzon and open fire!"

    The Kitana sliced phasers into the Falzon's dorsal shields, weakening them. Then Terry opened hailing frequencies.

    "Terry to Falzon, I thought we were on a rescue mission??"

    The Falzon replied. "No, Kitana. The Molly's crew has been proven to be working with Admiral Nat and his alliance. They must be destroyed."

    Soon enough, the Molly hailed the Kitana. "Federation vessel, this is Captain Nat of the U.S.S. Molly, from an alternate universe where I wasn't a traitor! We have reason to believe that your universe's Captain Sarah Walker has been kidnapped by The Infamous, who we believe is flying a moon-sized ship! Quick, we have to inform Starfleet Command! Just--"

    Nothing more than static. The Falzon was jamming communications on all frequencies.

    "Hmm. Well, that was short-lived," Terry observed.

    Britta turned from her helm controls. "Captain, we can't let them destroy the Molly. If they're telling the truth, we have an obligation to keep them alive."

    "And if they're lying?" Hann broke in. "That Admiral Nat went crazy and attacked Quinn, according to reports. He also sided with the Iconians. Anyone siding with them must be stopped."

    For a second, Terry could feel something inside of him grumble. He wanted to destroy the Molly for their involvement with the Iconians. He needed to fight the Iconians. But he couldn't let his judgement be clouded; not with his crew watching. Terry stood up. "That last communication is reason enough for doubt. They expressed nothing like that, so I'm going to have to go with our guts. We need more information and the Molly can't give it to us if they're dead. Continue firing on the Falzon." He turned to Trelane. "Can we analyze their hull for quantum signature?"

    "How advanced do you think this ship is? You're best bet is a medical RNA scan of one of their crew," Trelane replied.

    Turning back to the viewscreen, Terry replied. "Very well. Hann, continue firing until they stop. Target their weapon systems." The Vesta-class Kitana flew over the Falzon and launched a photon torpedo at it.

    As the Kitana flew by the Falzon, the Falzon fired on the Kitana with a transphasic cluster torpedo. A hard disruption of gravity from the cluster threw the Bridge crew to the floor in a pit of violence. Luckily, the ship was up to 25th century standards with its quantum phase resilient shields and withheld most of the attack.

    Then, the Falzon fired on the Molly with a salvo of antiproton blasts, which the U.S.S. Molly deflected with a feedback pulse, weakening the Falzon's shields further. The Kitana's forward shields were still burned right through, but Hann got up and fired a quantum torpedo through the hole in the Falzon's shields, taking out their weapons.

    The Falzon then set on a collision course for the Molly, at ramming speed, determined to ensure they didn't get any information out.

    "Captain! They're on a collision course with the Molly!" Britta reported as she took her seat.

    Terry got up, feeling that something within his bones begin to rile up. "Ugh!" He looked to arms and something beneath his skin began to slither around, as if there were snakes inside of him. Looking around, he found the crew was too busy to notice.

    "They're here for other reasons," Terry snapped back to his calculation of the battle. His eyes changed to a glowing green, but he quickly closed them and attempted to calm his adrenaline. "Destroy them!"

    He opened his eyes with a large shot of energy. The Kitana flew overhead the Falzon and began pumping a complete load of thoron infused quantum torpedoes into the Breen ship.

    "Sir?" Hann asked, questioning the last order.

    Terry sat in his chair and closed his eyes. He subdued whatever was happening to him for the moment. "I mean, disable that ship. Target their engines."

    The Ferengi gave an awkward look before switching to phasers to give them time to reload torpedoes. "Firing, Captain."

    Despite any attempts to stop her, the phaser-rained Falzon barely collided with the U.S.S. Molly. The fore section on the Molly's saucer was torn right off, creating a sizeable hull breach, killing 7 of the crew.

    The Falzon, damaged, saw no end as it came about and opened fire on the Kitana with a volley of transphasic cluster torpedoes. This time, Kitana's dorsal shielding was weakened.

    After the violent hit, everyone got back to their seats again. "Target their torpedo launchers," Terry ordered.

    "Are you sure you want to do that?" Trelane asked. "Falling off my seat adds so much to my day."

    Terry waved him off. "I'm trying to disable a Breen ship right now. No time for you."

    Regaining another torpedo load, the Kitana fired both a succession of thoron infused quantum torpedoes into the Falzon's launchers, and phasers at their propulsion systems.

    Something has to go, Terry thought, impatiently. Soon, the Falzon's warp core was ejected, a pair of Plesh Brek frigates and a squadron of 12 Bleth Choas Fighters launched from the Falzon, and flew off into the nebulae, undetectable by sensors. The Falzon went on a collision course for the Molly, with the sole intent of colliding with them repeatedly until the Molly was destroyed.

    Terry then turned to Hann.

    "Destroy the Falzon if you can. Fire phasers and whatever's left of this torpedo load."

    Hann nodded and began firing. When Terry turned away he was met with Trelane.

    "Uh, I thought you were going to spare the Falzon and then work with them?"

    Terry waved him off a second time. "They forced my hand. With communications jammed, and their retargeting of us, we had no choice. Nothing more."

    "Huh," Trelane said, dropping it and giving him a passive but critical look before returning to the back of the Bridge.

    The Falzon's port section then blew off, from intense torpedo fire by the Kitana. The rest of it began drifting away. Terry attempted to exhale, and recover from what was a near-call on his condition. He had no idea he'd almost lose control like that, and hoped no one else noticed either.


    Trelane tapped at his controls. "Warp is down, but impulse is good. Life support is lost on Decks 7 and 8."

    "There was a hull breach in Section 24 of those decks, but it's force-fielded now," Hann continued. "Forward and dorsal shielding can't be brought back up without repairs to the emitters. Forward torpedo launchers and forward phaser arrays are offline."

    Terry nodded. "Get to work, and I want supplementary teams from all departments to support the Molly." He turned to Britta, who was moving her long hair out of her face. "Take us into the matter cluster and sync us up with them. We'll help however we can."

    Trelane had set all his teams into motion, fixing the engines. He was quite impressed at his organizational skills, and expected warp to come online at exactly when he intended it would. Turning to the screen, he crossed his arms comfortably.

    "What are you doing? Are you trying to look smug?" Terry took notice.

    Trelane looked quite smug, as expected. "Trying, sir?"

    "Just... stop... for the children," the Captain suggested.

    It was then a polaron bolt missed Trelane by a hair. Everyone turned to see a Vaadwuar assassin on the Bridge. "Trelane, you tortured my people eons ago. I discovered your existence and now your hour of death awaits."

    "Are you kidding me? Now?" Terry said, annoyed while watching Trelane make a b-line out one of the Bridge's exits. The assassin followed.

    Hann tapped his commbadge. "Hann to security. Intruder alert!"

    "Guh," Terry rolled his eyes. He switched the view screen to an angle on the ship. A small shuttle was attached to Section 24, Deck 7, where the breech was. One Vaadwuar loose on the ship wasn't going to be a problem. It was more like Trelane was having a play date at an inopportune time. Terry would just keep the annoyance to himself so he could focus on more important things.

    With communications not being blocked anymore, the Molly hailed the Kitana. The viewscreen activated and Terry spoke first.

    "Are you guys okay over there, Captain? You're probably thinking I'll want an explanation; everyone always thinks that of me. I'd also like to run an RNA test on some of your crew, to validate your origins."

    Nat replied to say, "That makes perfect sense. However, I'd just like to point out that not all of us are from my alternate universe. Most of the crew we have are actually from your own universe's U.S.S. Molly, which the Heralds destroyed. Captain, would you mind if me and an away team beamed over, so I can explain everything and you can do those scans you mentioned?"

    "Beam over to my ship?" Terry asked by way of procrastination. "Oh, you want to beam over here? Heh, heh." And then, "One second, please."

    He muted the transmission and the pressed a button on his chair.

    "Terry to Hann. What's the situation on the intruder?"

    Hann's voice replied, "We lost him in the jeffery's tubes. Trelane too. They're a crafty bunch, those two."

    "Oh, for the love of--?? This is not one of your Ferengi crab hunts! Just hurry it up, and be discreet. We have more important things to worry about," Terry finished impatiently.

    He then switched the transmission back on.

    "Sorry about that. Yes, you guys can beam over. Let's meet in the Kitana's Observation lounge."
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    You definitely go for the crazy action sequences. It took a moment for me to notice you had Hann firing on the Falzon. And a Trelane that seems nearly as impetuous as his namesake from the original series. The random assassin is an original touch. Thanks!! rbs
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    Love action! That was a fun one to do because another player and I were basically doing improv off each other (his ships were the Falzon and the Molly). For Trelane, I completely forgot he existed in TOS so instead of renaming the officer, it was more interesting to justify it in-story.
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    Author's notes: This was written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016.​

    Earth Spacedock, Page 14
    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Holodeck 3

    The doors to the simulation environment from the corridors swooshed open and Seifer stood at its threshold, steaming in short tempered anger. It was completely out-of-character for him, but when it came to his Starfleet Academy teacher, who he called Master Chivaul, things were different.

    "Alright, you stringy old Vulcan," he opened as he stepped inside and took a fighting stance. "Let's finish this."

    On the floor, in an old Earth training dojo program, Chivaul sat, cross-legged in his robes, meditating. His eyes remained closed, not even acknowledging Seifer for a few moments. "Sit down," he ordered.

    "What? I thought we were going to punch this one out?" Seifer widened his eyes in confusion.

    Chivaul waited patiently until Seifer hesitantly took a seat on the floor opposite of the Vulcan. "Your mind is on fire, and I don't need to meld with you to know it. Before we fight, you must clear yourself of all emotions, like I taught you."

    "Ugh," Seifer rolled his eyes. "Not this again. Fine."

    The Vulcan opened his eyes to watch Seifer fall into practice. In not too long a time, Seifer's heart rate had settled and his breathing had come to pace. "Are you ready?"

    "Yes, Master Chivaul," Seifer opened his eyes almost a completely new person, calm and nearly expressionless.

    Chivaul propped himself up by his arms, lurched out his feet and swung them around at Seifer. Expecting this, Seifer blocked both ankles with both his forearms and shoved the legs away from him. The two quickly jumped to their feet, took stances and began flinging fast-paced jabs, blocks and redirects at each other.

    "I've got nothing left," Seifer explained, sampling his previous emotions in mid-punch. "I lost the Phoenix-X, and my crew. I've been stuck here for a week with delayed word from Command, and I'm going crazy, talking to my food. All I know is nothingness now."

    Seifer caught Chivaul's left arm and flung a kick to his chest. The Vulcan caught the leg and used his superior strength to anchor the Trill by it and throw him around. Seifer went flying into a holographic pillar, landing on his feet.

    "My pupil, there is something I do not commonly speak about," Chivaul began as he approached Seifer and launched a forced-palm at his head. Seifer dodged it and Chivaul's palm broke through the wooden pillar, sending debris out in one direction. "Oroku, before I knew you, I once lost everything as well, in the form of my death."

    Shocked to hear this, Seifer's reaction time slowed and he was kicked in the chest in another direction. The Trill was sent through a nearby paper-made wall and into another room, onto his back. Chivaul stepped through to join him. "You died?"

    "In that time, I knew what it truly meant to be nothing. Upon my return, I understood that we all come from emptiness and fulfillment is not our destiny, but only part of a greater truth. Our base state is nothingness, and your existence is therein."

    He reached out his hand to help Seifer off his feet. The Captain accepted and they stood next to each other. "I think I understand. My losses, though harsh, are really my return. Thank you, Master."

    "You're welcome, Oroku. I sensed you were in trouble, so I traveled to Spacedock to help you," Chivaul nodded, in his calm way.

    Seifer, appreciative, also shook his head. "You must be older than I thought. If you don't mind my asking, how'd you survive?"

    "A lesson for another time," Chivaul reassured before the simulation suddenly flickered on and off a few times.

    When Seifer turned back, he found that he was alone. The Vulcan fighting master was no where to be seen. Confused, the Captain walked over to a control panel and turned off the program. He looked around the grey-meshed holodeck to confirm that no one was there.

    "What!? He was a hologram??" Seifer said, shocked. "Uggh! Chivaul's going to get an ear-full as soon as I contact him, wherever he is." The Trill left the holodeck and exited to the corridors.
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    Existentialism. In Star Trek... Well all right then... Always a fan of philosophy in Trek.
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    Author's notes: This was written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016.​

    Earth Spacedock, Pages 15-16
    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Sickbay

    The entire ship was transported, and the crew were only now waking from simultaneous unconsciousness. Aeris pulled herself up, groggy and out of focus.

    "Uhhhg. What happened?" she rubbed her head as everyone else began waking.

    Winry went over to her dimensional scanning device. "It looks like we amplified whatever was going on with you. I imagine it encompassed the rest of the ship."

    "All that because you couldn't remove a hyperspanner?" she said annoyed.

    The engineer shrugged. "Happens more than you think."


    Entering the Bridge, a small scattering of Starfleet officers, comprising of part of the ship's skeleton crew, started checking systems and activating sensors. Aeris took her chair and Winry brought up the view screen. Outside was a greenish mesh.

    "Damn! We're in Fluidic space!" Aeris realized.

    Winry looked at it, trying to comprehend the situation. "How does being transported here, without a portal, correlate to your time-jumping?"

    "It may be precisely what the original goal was, for me to be transported here," Aeris surmised. "The time-jumps were likely results of failed attempts."

    The engineer gaped with her mouth open. "Wow. I can't believe we're actually here. Not that that mission with Tuvok to fight the Borg here wasn't equally as fascinating. But, without a portal, how do we get back? Are we the Voyager of Fluidic space?"

    "Probably," Aeris answered, approaching the helm. "And I know exactly where we are and where to go to get back." She tapped in coordinates and looked back at the main viewer in determination. "Engage!"

    Then she realized it was her at the helm.

    "Oh, right," she conceeded before tapping at the controls again and making the Sovereign-class Zephyra go.


    Ensign Javan Eras headed over to a console to scan the room for any contaminants or radiation leaks. So far, the device had not done too much damage to -- hold on a second.

    Javan went over to Winry as she returned. "Ma'am, may I ask you how you got a hold of that thing? Did you create it?"


    Captain Terry - U.S.S. Kitana, Observation Lounge

    Captain Nat, 11 of 14, and their away team waited in the main observation lounge where they agreed to meet. It felt like forever.

    Terry entered the Observation lounge completely out-of-breath and unable to stand up straight. He placed his hands on his knees and then held up one of the hands at Nat and his crew. "Sorry, I--" then he took a few breaths, "I was just a little--" then he took a few more breaths, "Pre--", then after double the amount of breaths he took just a second ago, he finished, "--occupied."

    "I've completed the RNA scans from the samples we took from you upon reaching our transporter room," Doctor Pax said as he entered the room, in perfect breath. "It would appear that at the subatomic level, their quantum signatures are not consistent with the resonance of matter in the rest of the universe."

    Still trying to catch his breath from the chase he just partook in, Terry shook his head, moving one hand off his knee to offer a thumbs up to Captain Nat and the Borg. "That's--" he breathed, "incredibly--" he breathed again, "fascinating--"

    "I believe what the Captain meant to say was, 'Now that you are here, what is going on and what is our goal? We'd also like to offer our assistance in your ship's repairs,'" Pax translated.

    Terry nodded, finally gaining proper breathing, "Yeah--" he breathed, "Yeah; that--"

    BLAM! Suddenly Trelane broke through a jeffery's tube mini-door, and ran into the room in fear. His chaser, a rogue Vaadwaur assassin, followed through as well and opened fire at Trelane, missing.

    "Dammit!" Terry said, standing up in embarrassment. "This... this not what it looks like. I have a competent crew that doesn't get into trouble. I assure you, we are professionals on this ship."

    Realizing that statement probably wouldn't stand on its own, Terry leapt and attempted to tackle the Vaadwaur. The alien pushed the Captain off him, knocked Terry accross the head, and re-took aim at Trelane who had moved to behind the table. "Your immortal double put Vaadwaur daisy genetic code into half the population's DNA so that we'd be a weak and flowery people! Well, it's time to prove we are strong!"

    Nat turned to Terry.

    "No worries, we seem to have a habit of crashing our ships into stuff. Whoever has been at the helm as no clue what they're doing."

    3 of 5 looked at Nat. "Sorry, but the Breen dreadnought was flying right at us! I tried to dodge, but it turned to hit us!"

    Nat rolled his eyes, then pulled out his phaser and fired on the Vaadwaur, stunning him.

    "You guys really need better security."


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Sickbay

    Somehow Aeris found herself back in Sickbay. "Wait, what? I thought we both just left here?"

    "As I was leaving the Bridge, you excused yourself and went to Sickbay with me," Winry reminded. "I had to check on this thing again."

    Aeris grasped her head. "I must be stressing out. I'm going to administer myself a hypospray," she said before searching through the supply compartments.

    "My team and I built this device," Winry answered Javan, as she inspected it. "We were competing with a team on the Corps Engineers. But it looks like it's dead now. Captain Aeris' crew built the medical equipment, in here, that they once used to service Undine. Neither of which should have done what it has done, even together."

    Aeris returned with a small capsule. "Felicium? No. No, that would be crazy," she said, putting it away. "Anyway, if, hypothetically, we were to take on an army of Undine, is there a drug that would be advantageous in that hypothetical case? I know we don't have much in the way of Borg tecnhology here. Just curious. Anyway, I'm going over to that console to check on our armory situation."

    Clearly, something reacted with the two sets of instruments. Perhaps it was the anti-Undine devices on ESD? Javan shrugged it off. Not his problem.

    He went over to Aeris as she plied a medical console to pull up the armory inventory. "Captain, shouldn't we be fine here? The Undine did sign a treaty with Earth, right? Why would we need to do anything more than hail the nearest Undine ship and ask them to create a portal into normal space?"


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Security Office

    Seifer had been sitting in the office, trying to track down his Vulcan fighting teacher. When he finally got a hold of one of Chivaul's peers at Starfleet Academy, he sighed in relief.

    "I'm sorry, sir, but Chivaul left a few days ago on leave to Spacedock. He should be there with you?" replied Commander Meyer.

    Reneging his sigh, Seifer furrowed his brow in confusion. "That makes no sense. So he wasn't a hologram?"

    "Hologram?" Meyer perked, tilting his head. "Is everything okay up there, Captain?"

    The Trill shrugged. "Is it ever? Thank you. Seifer out."

    "Uh, can I help you?" Commander Reeve asked as he entered to find the Captain who had snuck onboard Spacedock earlier was now sitting at his desk and using his holo interface.

    Seifer looked up from the controls. "No time for pleasantries, man! I'm on a missing persons case. In fact, I'm taking temporary command of Security onboard Spacedock. I have no ship, so perhaps this giant mushroom can be my ship."

    "Can you even do that? There are clearances, paper work, reviews--"

    The Captain waved it all away. "Pfft! What is this, the 21st century? Everything's streamlined now."

    "I'm only onboard with this as long as you're not another Science officer."

    Seifer tapped his Odyssey variant uniform. "Tactical. But I did completely ruin my own ship, so head's up."

    "Here," Reeve handed him a PADD, reluctantly. "We've arrested Elihu M'Konel for the murder of Alyce Rose Kassidy. You'll need to question him before we move forward."

    The Trill took the PADD and skimmed the data. "What? I'm already investigating something. Ugh. Fine. I'll do both, somehow. If anything, it'll get me back in the game."
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    That should have been a recurring line for engineers throughout the franchise. Wish I'd thought of that.

    Thanks! rbs
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    At some point they have to see they keep happening. :D
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    Author's notes: This was written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016. There was a wild, convoluted OP storyline with the other players I was too time-restricted to follow so, mainly, my characters stayed on the outside of it.​

    Earth Spacedock, Pages 16-19
    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Brig

    Seifer entered the area with Reeve, where several cells were located. He found Elihu M'Konel and approached.

    "Hi, I'm Captain Seifer with Spacedock security." He looked through data on his PADD. "What was your relationship with Alyce Rose Kassidy? Why did you murder her?"

    Elihu averted his eyes and ignored Seifer and Reeve completely. Closing his eyes, Elihu began to meditate. He decided he had to get into a more Vulcan mindset if he was going to not only get out of this fiasco with the murder.


    Captain Terry - U.S.S. Kitana, Observation lounge

    Pax helped Terry up while visually examining him. "Nothing two CCs of inaprovaline won't fix," the Doctor reassured.

    "I'm fine, sir," the Captain pulled away so that he could get back to Captain Nat and his Borg. "Anyway, thank you for that. My engineer happens to have people coming to kill him all the time. As such, Kitana security remains as top-notch in our universe's Starfleet."

    At that, Lieutenant Hann came running into the lounge, completely out of breath. "I--" he breathed, "Didn't--" he breathed again, "Think we'd--" he breathe twice as much as the last breath, "Get him."

    "Never mind the Ferengi," Terry waved him off. "So, like I asked earlier, by way of Doctor, what's going on? Where is Captain Sarah? How are the Iconians involved? How can we help?"

    Hann breathed heavily, interrupting them. "Sorry--" he heaved, "I was--", he exhaled, "Really running."

    "Captain, if Sarah is missing, the Kitana will support you in getting her back and fighting as many Iconians as it takes. Just lead the way."


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Sickbay

    Aeris took notice of Javan. "Unfortunately, we don't have any formal way of communicating with the Undine. I sent out a general distress signal from my short few moments on the Bridge, but, like before, it will probably not bring anything."

    Winry approached from her end of the room. "Like before?"

    "Yeah," Aeris sighed, not happy about recalling past events. "A while back, the Zephyra discovered an Undine ship, next to a portal, in distress. Something had gotten to its crew, but we weren't sure what. Since the general mission for our ship is to support those in need, especially medically, the crew and I decided we wanted to help the Undine-- despite the war."

    The engineer shook her head. "Crazy!? But, who am I to judge? I once engineered neural stimulators onto an army of dead Vorta. Oh, I lost a bet."

    "We determined the Undine ship would be no threat if the crew was revived and had hoped our gesture would actually help the war. Unfortunately, our efforts were failing and we got so desperate we entered Undine space to find their nearest bio base for support. We finally found something. It was small. It was... unnerving. But in the end we succeeded."

    She tried to gage Winry's reaction who felt Aeris may have been hiding more than she let on.

    "Anyway, we're heading there now, based on my recollection and Zephyra's existing charts of general interplanetary fluidic patterns. Hopefully, they'll send us back. The weaponizing was just a thought I had. It's probably nothing. It may be a while before we get there, so sit tight."


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Brig

    "Damn. The silent treatment," Seifer turned to Reeve who was more unimpressed with the Captain. "Yeah, I guess this isn't going well."

    He observed Elihu's posture and recognized the Vulcan meditative procedure. He used a similar method himself. Reports on Elihu had mention of his and his crew's assistance for the Federation in the past. It was hard to believe he would commit murder. Then again, he wasn't in Starfleet anymore, so things may have been different. Seifer didn't want to jump to any conclusions, no matter how much Quinn probably had.

    "Though he hasn't communicated it to me, it's likely Mr. M'Konel is awaiting representation," Seifer surmised, speaking to Reeve. "Since he isn't partaking in this questioning, we should allow him that courtesy. In the meantime, I want to look at this case more closely."

    He turned to Elihu, who may have been deep in meditation, not even hearing him anymore.

    "If he chooses to communicate, let me know," Seifer said before exiting. He wanted to believe this man was innocent, and would help him as best he could.

    On his way out, Seifer noticed the two guards that were standing outside the door were now gone. Checking a nearby console, he found they, like Chivaul, were no longer aboard Spacedock. Seifer adjusted the work schedule to get two replacement officers back there immediately, then he exited to get back to his office to file a report and work the case. If people on Spacedock were starting to go missing, he was going to have to pull double duty.


    Captain Nat - Risa / Earth

    They returned to the U.S.S. Molly and set course out of the expanse, the U.S.S. Kitana following. Soon enough, a distress call from Risa indicated Super-Q Nat there. They, several ships from Earth Spacedock, and alternate universe Super-Q came to Risa for a preliminary showdown.

    The conflict then led Super-Q Nat to appear in a Cardassian Kulinor-class starship over Earth. Its plasma cannon, loaded and ready, one shot able to destroy all life on the Earth. Any attempts to attack the ship fail to do any damage and the vessel is protected from Q and Super-Q powers. The Infamous sets course to Earth and an Undine ship called Behemoth enters orbit to try to stop them.


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Security Office

    Seifer's eyes were red and dry, sitting sunken within heavy bags under his eye sockets. He sat at the main desk, going over Elihu's report and new Spacedock missing persons' reports. He put down the second and went back, for the upteenth time, to the murder.

    "Elihu's DNA was discovered on Alyce," he muttered to himself again. "A security camera catches them arguing, and then he leaves. She's found dead in that very same spot, between the time he left Club 47 to the time he inspected the Lexington's crew. What am I missing?"

    Reeve was standing near him. "That he did it?"

    "Whoa!" Seifer recoiled in shock, having no idea anyone else was in the room with him. "How long have you been there?"

    The human nodded. "I just got here, but you, on the other hand, have been in here forever. Just wanted to report that Elihu's representative has gone in to talk with him. Oh, and there's a giant Undine Behemoth in orbit and a Cardassian Q-ship threatening to destroy Earth."

    "Dammit, man; priorities! There's a murder case afoot."

    Commander Reeve crossed his arms. "What's the big deal? He did it, despite your communication with Chekov. What's it like talking with her? She's pretty cute."

    "It's impossible sometimes! As for Elihu, I don't want to believe he did it. His life is surrounded by conspiracy, working for our intelligence agency and the Romulan murder army-- I mean, Tal Shiar. We know from Aeris' past encounter that falsifications by people around him can be manufactured. Alyce's cause of death is unknown so far, so we need to investigate further."

    Reeve scratched his head. "Even if the Earth is about to be destroyed by an overpowered ship and over-overpowered Super-Q?"

    "If there's a Super-Q, why does he need a ship to remove a planet? Never mind. I'm just going to contact my old Doctor from the Phoenix-X for some more awake-meds."

    Shaking his head, Reeve replied, "Doctor Lox disappeared hours ago. I was supposed to have him removed from Spacedock, but it looks like something got him before I could."

    "Auuggh! He's the only one with access to my Klingon Operas! Dammit. Get me the science reports on those anti-Undine devices."

    Reeve handed them over. "You mean these blank PADDs?"

    "Yes, thank you." Seifer accepted them and got to work.


    Earth, High Orbit

    Loud music was the first sign of The Infamous' return. Then a thousand or so warships transwarped into the area. They began circling the planet, forming a perimeter. After forming up around them in every direction, the ships formed a single huge force-field.

    Then the Leviathan arrived; much like the Infamous' Zipporah, she was a dreadnought, but only twice the size of Earth Spacedock instead of ten times the size.


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Operations

    Entering the command ring while carrying an armful of PADDs, Captain Seifer came to view that the entire Earth was surrounded by a thousand ships and a forcefield. Several, extremely large vessels appeared on secondary holo screens as well, dwarfing Spacedock's size, and loud rock music blared over the air.

    "Whoa! I've certainly been missing a lot during my research," Seifer said as he placed the PADDs down on the floor.

    Commander Allura, an Aenar, giving out general orders to various departments on Spacedock, turned to address him. "If you're on Security, then you should be addressing the reports of powered-intruders on the main concourse!"

    "Pfft. Reeve's got that," Seifer waved off.

    Suddenly, Reeve's frantic voice flew over comms. "Reeve to Operations! It looks like those three powered individuals are impervious to phaser fire! Our shots just bounce back and hit us!"

    "Oh, yeah, stuff happens. Excellent work, by the way," Seifer tapped his commbadge to answer. "You've been doing great. Seifer out."

    Allura just faced him, deadpanned.

    "Positive reinforcement," he explained. "We need to keep it up if we want quality work from our peers. Oh, by the way, I've been hacking away at this murder case, and I found some interesting developments."

    The Aenar turned back to her holo controls to get back to work. "Now's not good! We're about to be caught in the crossfire of an over-powered maelstrom of madness!!"

    "Yeah, yeah," Seifer dismissed. "It's not like us regular officers have any influence over that. Now, back to this case. You see, I examined Alyce's body once more-- Wear a mask, by the way, dead bodies are pungent-- And I discovered something the original reports overlooked: It seems someone used a hypo spray on her inner wrist!"

    Struggling to get Spacedock defences online, Allura responded, "What are you even talking about?? Can't this wait until everyone's not freaking out???"

    "Ha! Good one," Seifer laughed as he picked up one of his PADDs. "But the world doesn't stop just because the Earth is under attack. Now, this data is a retroactive brain wave scan of the victim. They're usually not perfect, and are more of a reverse projection, but it's the most accurate information on the time of her death."

    Frustrated, Allura grabbed the PADD and activated its tactile interface; she was willing to do anything to get the Captain off her back. "So, what? What would likely appear as normal activity at the time of someone's death, in my experience these readings show a sub-telepathic pass. All us Aenar get data like this during our yearly physicals. We hate them, so we gossip telepathically about our Doctors for hours in the waiting room. Oh, and Vulcans cause the same thing. Though, I imagine they would just sit there, all boring and such."

    "You mean this could have been a mind meld?" Seifer realized as Allura stuffed the PADD back into his hands so she could get back to work.

    She waved him off. "Yes, yes! Now let me coordinate this massively out-of-proportion situation. Surely Spacedock can take on ships two to ten times its size! Right? Right??" She leapt right into the holo-ring and began moving control panels and holographic ships around, more frantic than ever.

    "Thank you, Commander," Seifer said as he turned to leave Operations.
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    Jun 18, 2021
    Good attitude. Captain Irons says something similar in Ep.11 while boating in St. Petersburg, Russia... So what if the world is coming to an end. The world is ALWAYS coming to an end...

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Author's notes: This was written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016. Much of the events outside of Seifer, Aeris and Terry, here, were written by other players, edited down for brevity.​

    Earth Spacedock, Pages 19-21
    Earth, High Orbit

    The Firestorm moved into a position to defend the Cardassian Kulinor-class vessel from the Federation fleet. On the U.S.S. Brock, Vice Admiral Nakari stood up as Captain Nat and 11 of 14 command code-linked with the Firestorm's systems, discovering a device that was some kind of Q-power absorber. The device had energy stores to hold those powers so someone can claim that power later. Probably never tested.

    Captain Nat instructed the Firestorm to target Super-Q-Nat and Super-Q-Sarah, on the Cardassian ship, with that experimental device, and activated it, taking away their powers. The Firestorm's glow of light from the main deflector resonated with collected Q power.

    A Klingon Bird of Prey, identified as the I.K.S. Nu'tok, next decloaked and beamed Emperor Nat, Regent Sarah, and newly retrieved T'Kek aboard.

    Emperor Nat quickly sent a last-ditch command code to the Firestorm instructing the vessel to escape, where Captain Nat couldn't possibly reach it. The Bird of Prey then immediately cloaked and warped off into Breen space, certain no one would find them there.

    In response, the Behemoth's planet-killing weapon charged up and targeted the Earth in an alternative attempt to lure The Infamous. To make things worse, they used their fluidic control to partially phase their ship into fluidic space, causing any and all attacks to phase right through them. They lied in wait for D'ren, The Infamous, to arrive.

    Krystal, on the Lexington, coordinated a graviton burst, lighting up their deflector and unleashing a high power beam at the Behemoth. Admiral Nakari on the Brock then ordered the Federation fleet to fire on the Behemoth.

    The Behemoth opened fire on the Leviathan with their aft planet-killing weapon. The Zipporah came out of warp merely a couple hundred meters from the Behemoth, and the planet killer had no time do react.

    A massive round saw emerged from the Zipporah, rotating, from the front of the dreadnought as the ship phased, but remained visible, and then unphased in the middle of the Behemoth. The saw made quick work of the Behemoth, tearing its guts out and slicing the vessel in two. But the momentum of the Zipporah continued, and smashed the Undine planet-killer into more manageable sizes. Within seconds, there was no part of the Behemoth that was larger than a D'deridex.


    The Infamous - T.I.S. Zipporah, Bridge

    D'ren, the Infamous, was alone. He'd transported the rest of his crew to four other dreadnoughts - en route, mid-warp. His body jarred considerably with his beloved dreadnought as she crumbled around him and consoles exploded.

    "Get outta here, Tali!" D'ren ordered the AI.

    Tali sighed. "I've been damaged beyond repair by the impact. I just wanted to say," she groaned, "that I really hate you and you totally deserve this."

    As both the main portion of the Behemoth and the Zipporah started their final death throes, D'ren nodded with a grin, tightly and fearfully gripping the armrests. "I know. I deserve worse."

    Tali then overloaded the matter/anti-matter reactor.


    Earth, High Orbit

    The resulting shockwave of the explosion expanded from the center of the two titan space craft, completely obliterating them, and also incinerated the smaller chunks of the former Undine Behemoth. There was nothing left. Except for the escaped pilots.

    The Lexington's deflector exploded, and the Sovereign-class starship lost power. After being towed, Krystal found herself sitting by a viewport looking out over Earth with a bottle of soda. A lot of things were going through her head right now.

    On the main concourse, three powerful beings were issuing commands to lowly mortals now that the Super-Q's could no longer stop them. D'ren, aka The Infamous, appeared from a Jem'Hadar shroud a few meters in front of one of them, Amanda. His right hand quickly lowered to a revolver in his hip holster. His pendant glowed lightly. As D'ren moved toward them, she felt weaker. She glared at the radiating medallion around his neck. “Damn you,” she growled, falling to a knee. “My – my powers! They're gone!”

    D'ren unceremoniously drew his revolver as he came closer to her. The two other beings vanished into the ether of another dimension to escape.

    Meanwhile, the Sarai had been heavily damaged in the battle, and she limped back into Earth Spacedock. Suvel decided to head to a quiet corner of the station for reprieve.


    Earth Spacedock, Admiral Quinn's Office

    "This is Admiral Chekov of Starfleet Intel. We are currently surrounded by nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine enemy spacecraft. All phasers and torpedo launchers have been disabled somehow, but we do not believe the armada intends to destroy us, so I am ordering everyone to remain at condition yellow for the time being. Also, we have apprehended who we believe to be The Infamous himself. I would like someone to attend his interrogation with me."

    "What of this?" asked Quinn, indicating the Celtic medallion on his desk.

    Chekov shrugged. "I have never seen it before. But if it helps fight the Super Q's, we might have to keep it."

    Nakari went to Admiral Quinn's office, seeing Admiral Chekov there. "I am Vice Admiral Nakari, assigned to lead all investigations and operations relating to former Admiral Nat, and I have reason to believe that The Infamous may have something to do with the situation."


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Infirmary

    Cetra pulled out Alyce's body from the storage shelving, bringing with it a mass of cold air which was not enough to mask the smell. Seifer recoiled in horror.

    "Ugh!!!" he tried squeezing his nose, but it was not enough.

    The medical officer continued. "After further investigation, by your orders, we did discover something interesting. We found a single nanite in her bloodstream. But instead of it being completely mechanical, it's mostly organic."

    "You had to pull out her body just to tell me that??"

    Cetra shrugged. "I just thought you'd want to see it again. Were you close with her?"

    "You're thinking of a quadruple hybrid!" He began to take imaging scans of Alyce's tattoos. "Anyway, I'm shocked the first scans didn't discover the variant nanite?"

    The woman nodded in appreciation. "Ah, classic need-for-explanation request. You see, not only does our find consist of her own DNA, but it's extremely small. It's much smaller than a nanite."

    "Hopefully this helps Elihu. Thank you, Doctor."

    She pushed the body back into storage. "Oh, I'm not a Doctor."

    "Help! I need medical assistance!" came the howling cry of a grown man. Trelane stumbled into the Infirmary with a pulled arm muscle.

    Seifer turned to criticize him. "Dammit, man, that's nothing!"

    "Hey, you're not the one in pain!" Trelane argued. "Ever since Terry turned and ran like a little baby at our encounter at Risa, the Kitana's been dry docked and locked down at ESD. He's nowhere to be found, so I've been trying to take command by repeatedly doing the 'Engage' gesture on its Bridge. Unfortunately, no one on crew will listen to me."

    The Captain sighed. "It's possible he's another missing persons case. I'll add it to the list." He took out a PADD. "Anything you can tell me about his last whereabouts?"

    "He was last seen boarding ESD. And something, I and some other crew have noticed... Terry is struggling with something. A sickness perhaps. But his eyes were witnessed to have glowed green."

    Cetra began running a muscle relaxer device on Trelane's arm. "Green-eye syndrome. That could be the Romulan flu."

    "Unlikely. He didn't show any signs of Plomeek soup addiction."

    Seifer placed a hand on Trleane's shoulder, unconsciously causing him pain. "I'll find him, whatever you are." Then, attempting a guess. "Some kind of a space hipster?"

    "I'm the under-powered version of an over-powered being! Everything in me is always in pain."

    Eyeing him awkwardly, Seifer left the Infirmary.


    Earth Spacedock, The Rondel

    Krystal shook her head after a few minutes and got up. She decided that she needed a few answers herself and made her way down to the Brig.

    Through the giant window, the armada then departed in random directions. A few vessels loyal to The Infamous remained.


    Earth Spacedock, Brig

    John Monroe and Jonah McDaniels walked into the security office. Jonah glowered at The Infamous and then turned to one of the security guards who'd entered the brig area to give the prisoners their food.

    "This is ridiculous," McDaniels groused. "Elihu M'Konel's been decorated more times than most captains!"

    Krystal entered the brig soon after the two officers.

    The Infamous slowly stood up and grinned at Jade. "I don't think I've had the pleasure, love. What's yer handle?"

    "Captain Krystal Jade, U.S.S. Lexington. You?"

    Admiral Chekov entered the brig area and heard The Infamous' reply to Jade's inquiry.

    "I wa-- I am The Infamous," he smiled darkly.


    Fluidic Space

    T'Vix's bio-cruiser tracked the U.S.S. Zephyra but did not make her presence known, till she wanted it known. She was soon joined by two more bio-cruisers. T'Vix was a very influential force, in both fluidic and normal space. She ruled all of The Infamous Undine, consisting of many Undine warriors and ships.

    T'Vix waited for Captain Aeris to see them on her short-range scanners.


    Earth Spacedock, Brig

    Krystal's expression turned dark as she turned to face him. "You're the guy they were after? Admiral Nat and his associates? The whole reason they threatened to destroy Earth was to draw you out."

    "Oooooh," said D'ren as if he'd just remembered. "Right. That. Yeah, ignore that. It's not important." He smiled and went back to sit down on his bed.

    "Not important?" Krystal shot back, getting angry. "A whole planet was in danger and you say it was not important?"

    D'ren lied down on the bed. "Bored now. Goodnight. And good luck gettin' anythin' outta him," he said, motioning at Elihu with a finger. A yawn later, and he was drifting off to sleep.

    Krystal sighed and approached Elihu's cell. It was then that she remembered what Elihu told her in that freaky dreamworld thing. Stretching a bit, Krystal just made herself comfortable and closed her eyes. This had better work Eli... she thought.


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Bridge

    The Captain had been staring, seemingly unblinking at the viewscreen for hours as fluidic space flung by at incredible speeds. Winry had taken control of sensors, picking up something odd.

    "I believe I'm reading three distortions in fluidic space. They may be Undine bio cruisers who are making themselves obvious on purpose," Winry reported.

    Aeris sat up. "What!? Are you saying we lack the ingenuity to detect something without another's consent?"

    "Well, I kind of just got off break with no intentions on making any statements, so, probably not," the engineer replied. "Anyway, do you want to hail them?"

    The Captain nodded. "Undine vessels, this is Captain Aeris of the Federation starship Zephyra. We were brought to this dimension against our will."


    Captain Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Brig

    The Trill entered the holding cell area to find several officers already there. When he took notice of Chekov, he recoiled in utter shock.

    "Whoa!" Seifer hesitated and then, to himself, said, "She's pretty hot..."

    Chekov turned to him. "Captain, is there something you have to say?"

    "Err, I mean," Oroku Seifer handed her a PADD. "I've found new evidence on Alyce's case, if that's what you're here for."

    Meanwhile, Suvel transported over to Earth Spacedock from the Sarai, intent on having a conversation with Elihu. He'd earlier seen something in the man's eyes as he passed him on his way to a holding cell. Suvel was, in fact, curious. He began to walk towards the Brig.

    Nakari walked over to Chekov and Seifer. "So what about it?"

    Jorel Quinn then entered the Brig after Nakari, Suvel, and Seifer. Jonah McDaniels strode in behind Elihu's lawyer, Councillor Kranth, an Andorian. "So is everyone going to take a turn at interrogating him?" the blue man asked heatedly.

    "Yes, actually, we are." Nakari eyed the Andorian carefully, then turned back to look at The Infamous. "I think he knows something I need to know, and I want to know what that something is." He turned to Admiral Chekov. "Should we wake him up and get this over with?"

    Suvel stood there and watched as they attempted to rouse The Infamous. He turned to Vice Admiral Nakari, "Perhaps a retrieval mind meld would tell us what we need to know? I have been exceptionally trained. Almost completely non-invasive, there is a zero-point-four percent chance of mental damage to the patient."

    "And open up his cell in the process? No thanks. I don't want him running off," Nakari said.

    Suddenly enough, The Infamous found himself having been thrown into the back wall of his cell, although no one could see a source of whatever threw him into the wall in question. Nakari eyed him carefully.


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Bridge

    T'Vix answered the hail. "Yes. I know. Fortunately for you, you have been located by a vessel under The Infamous' influence, rather than an opposing faction, such as the one that attacked Earth Spacedock a couple weeks ago. You will beam to my ship immediately to discuss the terms of your surrender."


    Earth Spacedock, Brig

    Annoyed, The Infamous stood up angrily and glowered at Nakari and the others. "What. Now?"

    Seifer activated a wall holo panel and checked internal systems. "That's odd? Well, not that odd. Spacedock's been having its day lately. More than 50 people have gone missing."

    "Here's that PADD you wanted," Reeve said as he entered to find everyone there. "Anyone need anything? Coffee? Tea? I'll get a tray."

    As he went to a nearby replicator, Seifer tapped at the PADD and brought up an image to show. "I'm not sure what everyone's business is here, but I've been investigating Elihu's charges. When I examined Alyce's body for a second time, I found a microscopic, partially organic nanite in her blood stream, as well as evidence for a hypspray on her wrist."

    "Go on, Captain Seifer," Chekov said.

    Seifer faltered a little bit at her address of him. "Uh, anyway, I took an imaging scan of Alyce's tattoos, and found this design within connected to a mesh of other patterns. It's the symbol The Infamous uses on people he is claimed to own--" He addressed him for a moment-- "Appreciate the Earth-save, by the way." Then, back to his PADD, "And that's all I found."

    "Tea!" said The Infamous. "Chocolate Mint please!" D'ren grinned at Seifer at the thanks and bowed his head slightly. "You're welcome, mate."

    Krystal got up and went over to the replicator for some water. After a moment her eyes locked on D'ren. Suvel recieved a notification and left.

    Chekov said, "Why are you here and what happened out there with that female Q you murdered?"

    "Well, she betrayed me, obviously," answered D'ren. To Seifer, he said, "And by the way, yes - ARK is one o' mine. It's a pity she's gone. She was quite the loyal slave."

    Nakari looked very thoughtful. "So he can kill Q? Interesting. Very interesting." He walked over to D'ren's cell. "How?"

    Wow, really? This is too easy, thought D'ren, before reaching through the force field and grabbing both Nakari and Jade by the throat. "A little like this."

    He yanked them both through the force field and flung them at the bulkhead behind him. They would feel a slight tingle as they passed through, but no pain. However, there might have been a tiny needle in one of D'ren's fingertips because a small prickling sensation went through Jade's neck as he clutched her.

    Catching the cup before it fell to the floor and lost most of its content, D'ren finished off the water and hurled it at Quinn's head as several people drew their sidearms. That's when Jedden's, another prisoner's, eyes glowed red with the power of the Pah-Wraith in him, and he also strolled through the force field. With a wave of his hand, Jedden sent a blast of energy at everyone in the room, putting them to sleep.

    Steve Jedden collapsed as the Pah-Wraith left his body and went into someone else. D'ren groaned. "Steve, we don't have time for this!" he shouted into the ceiling.

    After a second of silence, D'ren turned to Nakari and Jade, who were still awake in the cell, albeit probably a little dazed from having just come in forceful contact with a wall. "So here's the deal," he said, collecting two type II phasers from Chekov and Quinn, "I am not the man you need to be questioning. Stop trying to capture me. Stop trying to make deals with me. Stop trying have me killed." He went over to the replicator and ordered some Chocolate Mint tea. After a sip, he turned to Nakari and Jade with a slight smirk. "My armada is growing." To Jade, he said, "I'll be in touch."

    He vanished into thin air.

    The Andorian Kranth awoke and rubbed his antennae. "Ugh," he groaned. "What happened?" He looked over and saw Steve Jedden still unconscious.


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Bridge

    "While I appreciate your restraint and that you have the ability to speak, surrender is not something we have time for. Though, I will discuss the situation with you," Aeris replied.

    But before she could give the order to transport, the Zephyra was pulled out of fluidic transit by a large, disgusting green and veiny tentacle. It suctioned its end to the hull, followed by another one. The Zephyra was pulled toward a giant organic Undine biobase.

    "Damn!" Aeris recognized the biobase. "It's the same one from before, only it's bigger?"

    Winry got up from the floor at her console. "Well, I think we found what we were looking for."

    "Prepare the environmental suits. We're going into that thing."


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Brig

    Seifer and Reeve awoke, groggily. Clutching his head, the Captain noticed that D'Ren was missing from his cell. "Somehow, I knew that was going to happen."

    Suddenly, the lights and power throughout Earth Spacedock began to flicker, defectively. "It's getting worse now," Reeve said, checking a report at a nearby console. "More than 100 people have been reported disappeared, and the number is increasing."

    "Ugh. This is all my fault. I was so wrapped up in this case, I left a bigger situation to handle itself." He got up, and suddenly the lights went out. The Brig force fields went down. "Reeve, are you there?"

    But there was no response. He was gone.

    "Dammit, just my luck. I need to at least find Batou and get the systems back online." Seifer left the Brig, in the dark.
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    Author's notes: This was written as part of the STO forums role play thread Earth Spacedock in June 2016.​

    Earth Spacedock, Pages 21-22
    T'Vix - Bio-Cruiser, Bridge

    T'Vix, in Vulcan form, watched as whatever was happening happened. "We are leaving," she told her crew. "Take us back to normal space."


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Operations

    As Seifer made his way through the darkened main concourse, he heard one officer scream in shock at the unintended disappearance of someone near her. Entering the main ring, Seifer found Batou bringing a console online.

    "This wasn't my fault," the Captain blurted in shock, but then snapped out of it and said, "I mean, report?"

    Batou got up and started accessing the controls. "Well, more than half the systems are down, and we're tracking several dampening pulse feeds coming from the cargo bays. They're causing the systems failures. Oh! You wanted me to give you those PADDs on the secret anti-Undine devices?"

    "Thank you," Seifer accepted the PADDs and looked at them. "Yep. Still undetectable."

    The Commander brought up two holo-images. "If we could get Power Generator 3 and 4, which are near the cargo bays, back online, they could be set into their resonance-EM modes which would theoretically block these type-dampening pulses."

    "It may not stop the disappearances, but at least Spacedock will have a defense." Seifer then tapped his commbadge. "To any available officers. We need Power Generator 3 and Power Generator 4 back online and set to a resonance-EM mode. Any assistance would be appreciated, and people may or may not disappear around you."

    Replies began over-air. "Suvel here. I will lead a team of engineers to Power Generator Four."


    Admiral Quinn's Office

    Krystal approached Admiral Chekov. "Sir? Where's Admiral Quinn?" she asked.

    "Like most of the rest of ESD personnel," Chekov said from behind the desk in her new office, "he has inexplicably disappeared. I am temporarily restricting all travel to Sol System."


    Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Main Concourse

    "Batou to Seifer. We only got one person on the mission queue; Suvel. He's down at Power Generator 4."

    The Captain tapped his commbadge. "What a life saver. But why are the queues always empty? Anyway, I'll have to take care of Power Generator 3 myself."

    "Acknowledged. Watch for Regalian fleaspiders. We got infested after the Ferengi ship Fortune's Gold docked with us. Next time, we need to wear protection."

    Agreeing, Seifer turned to the opposite direction and was suddenly confronted by a disturbed and unnerving Captain Terry. "You're not disappeared?"

    "No thanks to you," Terry spoke, with his voice slightly altered. He peered into Seifer with smokey, glowing, green eyes. "When I was in trouble, you let me get captured and transformed into this."

    Seifer shook his head. "I tried to save you from extraction but was unsuccessful. That's not the same thing."

    "Oh, but it is," Terry launched a punch for Seifer's head. "You've always been against Starfleet, sympathizing with our enemies. It's the base sentiment of the Seifer symbiont. You're a traitor at heart!"

    The Captain caught his incoming wrist and countered with a back-hand. "And you've always had it out for me! Face it, Terry, you're not the perfect Starfleet officer anymore. You're sick now."

    "Gggh!!" Terry was hit in the face, causing him to power up his arms in anger and double-force-palm Seifer in the chest. Captain Seifer went flying back into a railing.

    When he looked up, Terry had inhumanly leapt up onto an upper level and out of there. "What the Grethor? So, he's off sensors then?" Seifer got up and shook his head. "Never mind. It's late and people are trying to sleep and prepare for their own plot lines."

    Captain Seifer tapped his commbadge.

    "Seifer to Suvel. Were you able to bring Power Generator 4 online and set it to a resonance-EM mode?"

    There was no response except static.

    Later, Suvel had been discovered and taken to the infirmary. Apparently an accident had occurred, severely injuring the Vulcan captain. Since then the few engineers remaining had managed to get the emergency generators running, but people were still disappearing. There were only a few dozen left on ESD, so most people remained on their ships.

    As things settled, Chekov's voice went over-air. "Now hear this: All Starfleet personnel are invited to Caldos III for the memorial services of those we lost. There will be a temporary lift on restrictions for this. Proceed to docking bay 2."

    The parade of individuals that marched through the main concourse toward the turbo lifts was a uplifting, despite all the recent catastrophes.


    Captain Aeris - U.S.S. Zephyra, Airlock Corridor 3

    Aeris and Winry approached an airlock which was connected to one of the large space-tentacles coming off the biobase. A green gel began to slowly spread from vieny sacks, off the tentacle along the surface of the hull.

    "No help from the Infamous' extraordinary, trans-dimensional-reaching group, then?" Winry asked as the two adjusted to the suits they were now wearing.

    Aeris shook her head. "Doesn't look like it. Anyway, what have we got here?"

    "I've given us exo-armor," Winry explained, while adjusting a setting on Aeris' suit. "It's light-weight and resistant to psionic, toxic and energy damage. Just don't get tackled by an Undine."

    The Captain pulled up a weapon. "And these?"

    "Bio-molecular phaser rifles," Winry said, bringing hers up. "There's a beam setting and an unstable beam setting. The latter acts as a constant stream and creates an explosion at target; be careful with that."

    The other woman then opened up the hatch, revealing the insides of the long and slimy tentacle. "Since the base is highly charged, this is our only way in sans transporters. The Zephyra, on the other hand, may not fare too well after another secretion."

    "Another?" Winry then shook it off. "Never mind. Will Javan be assisting us?"

    Aeris shrugged as she took position at the threshold. "There's an extra suit and rifle, if so. In the meantime, let's do this thing!"

    She leapt right into the mucus-filled tube, disgusting Winry to the brink of throwing up in her own suit. Holding it in, Winry dove, feet first, right after. The two went sliding down the inside of the tentacle, until internal muscles took over passed gravity to push them toward the Undine biobase.


    Unknown Undine biobase

    In the biobase, the two were deposited into a gory, drip-filled organic corridor, lit by strips of green cells lining tubes. Two Undine officers and a unit commander, wearing tactical armor, turned a corner and began blasting anti-proton beams from their arm cannons.

    Winy aimed her rifle and began firing at one of the officers on Aeris' queue. "Is this the welcome you were expecting??"

    "That, and a basket of slimy cookies," the Captain replied, as the Undine officer was taken down, prompting the two to focus fire on the last two Undine.

    SKKZT! Aeris activated the unstable beam, feeding it into the unit commander and an energy explosion took both enemies down. Aeris and Winry jogged passed the fallen soldiers, turned a corner and found a small hole in the wall.

    "It's an exhaust pathway," the Captain said. "We can fit through it."

    Winry dropped her defensive stance. "Uh, what? Are we going to live through this?"

    "We'll see," Aeris suggested. "This way."

    She stretched the opening with her hands, where a preliminary mucus was forced out and onto the floor. Aeris went through, followed by Winry and they both struggled to crawl their way through the non-friction tube.

    Exiting, they found themselves completely slimed, but in stealth on the upper bone-structured rafters of a large experimental operation room. Below, were giant energy-fused organic, alien structures being operated on by a lone, mutant psi-master Undine. The second half of the room was a giant holding cell with hundreds of Starfleet officers standing around, contained within.

    "They're from Spacedock??" Winry recognized. "How'd they get here?"

    Aeris pondered. "He brought them here," she pointed to the Undine below who, while moving slow, exited the lab. "But he can also put them back. Hopefully, we still have enough personnel on Spacedock and they don't go anywhere."


    Earth Spacedock

    Meanwhile, back in normal space, at Earth Spacedock, a procession of men and women, who were some of a few last from the station, boarded the Starfleet Civilian Transport vessel Elysium in Docking Bay 2. The ship prepared to depart for Caldos III.
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