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    I wish there was a list of all of your starships, Hawku. You have so many.
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    Thanks! I guess forgetting the lower deckers is a long-standing tradition. :D
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    Hey admiralelm. That's true! I have a ton of ships. I update the original post as an index with Captains and some ship names, but it's not perfect. Maybe I should create a separate thread listing starships and crews.
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    I say whatever works for you, sir. :)
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    I like that idea. I ended up starting one, Hyperion Shipyards.
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by another player and myself for the New Romulus RP on the Star Trek Online forums. This continues on from the last NR entry and my STO characters were Tressa and Kitsu. Written in March/April 2017.​

    New Romulus, Page 4
    R.R.W. Tetreya

    The group dematerialized and reappeared aboard the Bridge of a cloaked Ar'kif-class Romulan Republic starship. There, a Romulan crew manned all the stations, freshly recruited. Reifv was still knelt down attending to Commander Tressa's wounds when she recognized the vessel.

    "This is... this is our ship!?" the Engineer said. "It's the one I was prepping before I was beamed away!"

    The injured and bleeding Commander Tressa suddenly noticed the woman in command. It was another Romulan, but much older than she was. "Ugh," she said while still in pain. "Mother?"

    "That's right," replied the assumed Commander of the vessel. "It was easy to take command, since my name is also Tressa. Not to mention, your new crew hadn't even met you yet. The Republic wanted me to investigate this place. I was coming to get your help, but you were gone, so I assumed command."

    Kitsu smiled, warmly. "Aw, a family reunion. This is so nice."

    "Hardly!" the younger Tressa dismissed. "She's an ex-Tal Shiar Agent. I could never trust my mother." Then she turned to her. "This is my ship! I'm in command of whatsitsname!"

    The older woman smirked. "It's the R.R.W. Tetreya. And you're in no condition to be making any orders."

    "Sorry, Commander," approached the tactical officer Centurion Lesket to the injured and younger Tressa. "We thought she was you? Also, you're injured, so there's no way you can take over?"

    Kitsu stepped up. "I'll take command! I am a Commander too. You can look up my credentials, and my references are available upon request. You're not going to request them, are you?"

    "We just met you," countered Reifv.

    The younger Tressa shook her head. "Doesn't matter. I trust Kitsu more than my own mother. Take command while I get fixed up," ordered younger-Tressa as she was taken to a turbolift.

    "Oh, this should be fun," the older Tressa smirked while she stepped aside. "That other ship you guys came in on has been detected, by the way. It's being confronted by two Baltim Raiders."

    Kitsu stepped up and nodded to the older woman. "Stations everyone. Prepare to fight!" Then she acknowledged the Reman Nat'tak and the Romulan Nat'al for a second time. "We'll get in close and transport you back to your ship."

    Nat'al was already dematerializing back to his ship. Nat'tak just remained, a little surprised.

    "Well, I guess I'm with you guys," Nat'tak said, looking for somewhere to sit down.

    Outside, the Mandukar Destroyer became distracted by a barrage of transphasic torpedoes being fired from a hidden ship elsewhere. Obviously cloaked; no one could detect them, even the besieged Tal Shiar Destroyer.

    Kitsu partially squinted at the hidden attack. "Is that the other guy's ship? Commander so-and-so?"

    "I don't believe you were ever told anyone's names," countered the engineer, Centurion Reifv.

    The Commander nodded. "Right! Fire the plasma beams at the nearest Raider and whatnot. Throw in a torpedo spread as well. Helm, offensive maneuvers."

    Lesket reached his station and opened fire. The Tetreya flew forward and hit one of the Baltim Raiders with a rain of plasma, prompting the Herald ship to surge the Romulan vessel with an antiproton array. The ship shook, and the older Tressa held onto a nearby chair to keep her footing.

    "Is that the best you can do?" the woman criticized in Kitsu's general direction.

    Commander Kitsu raised an eye-brow at the personal attack. "Don't cross me, who-ever-you-are. I'm no push-over."

    "No, but you are horrible at remembering names," mom-Tressa said. "If you must know, this ship does come with an array of special abilities."

    Kitsu whipped out her purple staff and aimed it at the other woman. "I was just getting to that, sweetheart. —Reifv, initiate the singularity overcharge. Tactical, another spread over the affected area. Helm, get us out as soon as it's launched."

    "Well, I never," responded mom-Tressa as the Tetreya circled around to the Raider again and blasted it with the overcharge, followed by the plasma torpedo spread through its weakened shields. The ship overloaded and exploded in space, with the other Raider swinging around to its own attack position.

    Kitsu pulled her staff away and smirked. "I told you not to mess with me."

    The Natius started generating a gravity well at the location of the Tal Shiar Destroyer, holding it in place and pulling in the neary Herald Raiders, while being far enough away to not affect either of the Romulan allied vessels.

    Kitsu and the crew watched as the gravity well took in the Raider ship debris and the other Raider. She then turned to the crew. "Great work, everyone."

    She then walked over to a console and typed in a command code. Suddenly, the overview of a Tal Shiar surveillance program appeared on screen.

    "What is this?" Tressa snarled.

    Kitsu turned to her. "When your daughter said you were an ex-Agent, I knew something was up. Being trapped in that base for so long, I picked up a few things, namely a subroutine to expose Tal Shiar surveillance software. The surveillance on this ship is likely harmless, but this proves you're still working for them. For what purpose, I don't know."

    "This proves nothing!" Tressa countered. "It's more likely that was put in by unscrupulous coverts to monitor me!"

    The Commander crossed her arms. "Take it to the Republic," she countered as Lesket walked around and aimed a disruptor at the older Tressa.

    "And who exactly are you, Commander Kitsu? You think you can just drop in onto other people's business like you own the place?? Where is your ship and crew, huh?"

    Kitsu shrugged. "It's, uh, not around right now. Stop making this about me. —Take her away, Lesket." Then she turned to the controls and disabled the program before turning back to the view screen.

    "Good grief," said Nat'tak, watching the older Tressa was taken away.

    The Natius just kept on firing torpedoes as another Iconian Gateway opened, and a single Baltim-class raider emerged and locked weapons on the Tetreya.


    I.R.W. Natius

    "This can't be right..." Nat'al said, as Nat'as gave him a questioning glance. "We found evidence that they were analyzing New Romulus defenses, and had evidently been sabotaging them. Chances are, they were planning an attack of some kind. Where's the massive battle fleet coming to destroy us before we get any word out?"

    Nat'al's first officer, a Reman Commander named T'Kek, turned to him, eyes widening. "They must be busy somewhere else..."

    Nat'al's eyes widened as well. "Oh no. Hail the Ar'kif warbird, we need to get out of here and warn our allies!"


    R.R.W. Tetreya, Bridge

    When Lesket returned, he took his position and reported, "Commander, we're being hailed."

    "On screen," Kitsu replied.

    General Nat'al replied on the viewscreen, evidently concerned. "I have reason to believe they may be launching an attack on New Romulus right now, as we speak. We need to leave and go warn them, if it isn't too late."

    "Well this is concerning," replied Kitsu. Then she nodded to the helmsmen, indicating a course set. "Let's get there as soon as we can. Tetreya out."

    The Tetreya moved to position but was fired upon by the extra Baltim Raider. The enemy vessel blasted the Tetreya from behind and knocked its singularity drive offline.


    The Natius fired on the raider with a flurry of transphasic torpedoes, forcing it to retreat for a moment. The small warbird then approached at extremely close range and extended a warp field around around the Tetreya, pulling them both into warp.



    Kitsu entered Sickbay to find the younger Tressa sitting in bed, being attended to by medical staff.

    "Status?" she asked as she approached.

    Tressa sat up. "I'm doing better now, thanks to my new physician, Doctor Elcuda."

    "Nice work," Kitsu said to the chief medical officer who nodded and then left. "As for your mother, I have her being held for questioning, but without solid proof, I can't hold her forever."

    The other Commander thought for a moment. "Hm. Yes, I heard about what you did, and I would've done the exact same thing. Unfortunately, my trust in her is far less than yours. I'll handle her from here on, and I'll take back command of my ship."

    "Well, it was fun while it lasted," Kitsu said. "We should reach New Romulus momentarily to find out what's going on."

    Tressa began to get out of bed. "Don't you have your own vessel?"

    "I do, and I believe they're out there searching for me. I'll be happy to retake command when I catch up with them."

    Commander Tressa acknowledged her as the two made their way to the turbolift. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. —Computer, Bridge."



    When they reached the Bridge, the Tetreya and the Natius dropped warp at their destination.

    The system was very calm. A few patrol ships here and there, searching for nothing in particular. The Natius headed for New Romulus, hailing New Romulus Command.

    Tressa and Kitsu watched the viewscreen intently, wondering if something was about to happen, but all there were was silence. Kitsu turned to her counterpart and shrugged. "Maybe we're early?"

    "Looks like the Natius is taking lead on this," Tressa said, noticing the ship. "We'd better follow sui—"

    But before she could finish, Lesket reported from his console. "Ma'am, it looks like there's an intruder in the Brig. The cell surrounding your mother is being lowered!"

    "Ugh. Don't call her that. Her name's Tressa," countered the young woman.

    Kitsu looked at her. "So, you both have the same name?"

    "Well, it's our last name. Her first name's Heike, and mine's Wien," the Commander explained.

    The other Romulan reacted in utter shock. "Why are we just learning this now??"

    "Heike Tressa to the Bridge," came the sudden hail from below decks. "This is your mother speaking. Get the hell down here and stop this before—"

    But then the voice was cut off by the sounds of a Romulan issue transporter effect. "She's gone!" reported Lesket.

    "Oh, so now she's using her first name? Just when we've finally learned it??" Kitsu criticized to no one in particular.

    Tressa shook her head. "Something's wrong. I don't think this was a planned escape, but, rather, someone took her?"

    "The Tal Shiar?" Kitsu asked. "Their monitoring software was on your ship?"

    The Commander nodded. "Lesket, can you detect any signs of a cloaked vessel in the vicinity?"

    "Ma'am, I think I've detected what may be a cloaked ship going to warp," the tactical officer said. "We can follow its trail."

    Kitsu gritted her teeth. "What about the situation here?"

    "Perhaps you can handle that, Commander," offered Tressa. "I've got to find my mother."

    The opposite Romulan widened her eyes in surprise. "You just called her your mother??"

    "Damn! Slip of the tongue, I assure you," replied Tressa. "But, perhaps I've been ignoring that fact for too long now. Oh, the paradox of estranged parent and child; no one will ever understand it. Reifv, transport Commander Kitsu to New Romulus."

    The Engineering Centuron nodded. "Yes ma'am."

    "Well, good luck to you," Tressa said.

    Kitsu nodded in acknowledgement. "Likewise, Commander. Hopefully I can get my ship in order to help the Natius here." And then Kitsu and the Reman Nat'tak were beamed off seconds before the Tetreya transmitted its intentions to Command and turned in space and jumped to warp.
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    Love Kitsu having problems with names - any fanfic reader can empathize.

    Thanks!! rbs
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    So true. Especially with all my Captains. lol
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    Author's notes: This was written in March 2017, as part of the Star Trek Online forums Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #3, a variant of the ULCs that focused on one Captain (In my case, Captain Oroku Seifer of the U.S.S. Ragnarok). The Tzenkethi were also the current villians in STO at the time, so I wanted to make use of them, but also acknowledge the different designs from the Destiny novels.​

    Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #3: The First Federation, a group of enigmatic, frail, dwarven humanoids, whose secret technological advancements vastly dwarf most of the current galactic superpowers in scope. Yet they chose to remain isolated, testing those who stray into their borders, finding those too violent, unworthy, while opening up some form of trade to those they deem 'enlightened'. Since their first contact with Kirk they remained shrouded in mystery behind their borders, protected by colorful cubes that ensnare and destroy those foolish enough to try and break their ever present protection. In times past those that know better than to try to invade have respected them, some feared them, others wished to join. The First Federation has not grown, it has not shrunk, it seems to remain static, even neutral during the Invasions led by the Iconian's.

    Until one day you receive an emergency communication while patrolling the Gon'cra sector. It seems the Tzenkethi have decided to attack a planet just within the protective range of First Federation Warning Buoys. It seems the First Federation did not expect one of their oldest trading partners to violate their space, unprovoked.

    Their only caveat is that you must talk them out of their attack, without destroying their ship. It's only one ship, how hard could that be?

    Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #3

    The Pathfinder-class with Discovery-class pylons U.S.S. Ragnarok dropped warp in orbit of the First Federation planet, Carpi. There, they stood between the planet and the Tzenkethi Rhas'bej battleship Cortisgor which presented itself as a threat to the people below.

    "Tzenkethi vessel, you are in violation of this airspace. Well, I suppose there's no air, so, spacespace," hailed Captain Seifer. "Please disengage your weapons and put your many arms up. How many do you have, like, four? Man, that's a lot of arms."

    Suddenly, the viewscreen clicked on to a display of the Cortisgor's commanding officer. "This is Captain Gogard of the Cortisgor. You have no jurisdiction here, nor is your science vessel any match for us. In fact, science vessels aren't a match for anyone but other science vessels."

    "What? Science is the whole reason we're out here! We also have shield weakening beams and such. Oh, you're going to get such a debuff, you don't even know," threatened Seifer. "And I thought you guys were supposed to be slender and good-looking and filled with fluid sacs?" And then, he pondered out-loud, "What of the sacs?"

    Gogard ruptured in anger. "You dare bring up that troublesome reality where the Tzenkethi were part of something called the Typhon Pact and your precious Deep Space 9 is replaced by a metal monstrosity of complete uglyness!?" He turned to his crew. "Ready the tricobalt torpedoes!"

    "Hold on a second!" came the sudden warning of another Seifer, who walked onto the Bridge of the Ragnarok and interrupted the two men. "I'm the you from two days from now. When he fires his tricobalt torpedoes, you fire your quantum torpedoes and accidentally destroy his ship!"

    The other man recoiled in disgust. "What is this trickery? My ship is sufficiently—" But he interrupted himself when he noticed his shields weren't up. "Ohhh, yes. The most important thing of battle. Sometimes we Tzenkethi are quite silly, though we don't look it."

    "Okay, that's weird," the Seifer of the present said, eyeing his doppelganger. "I'll dissect you later. In the meantime— Aramaki, now fire the quantum torpedoes!"

    "Wait a moment!" came the sudden cry of a duplicate Gogard, walking onto the Bridge of the Cortisgor. "I'm the Captain Gogard of three days from now, and when you fire your tricobalt torpedoes in response, one of them explodes in our torpedo bay and blows our ship to pieces!"

    The present day Gogard looked at his identical self. "What?? I'd kill you if I wasn't so irritated right now! Also, I still have that mole, huh?"

    "Everyone, stop!" came the call of a third Seifer, stepping onto the Bridge of the Ragnarok. "I'm from four days in the future and all this confusion ends up frustrating the Seifer of the present enough to initiate a self-destruct sequence that takes out both ships and punctures the planetary atmosphere below!"

    Present day Seifer crossed his arms. "I was only mulling that over. And how do we keep coming here from the future? It's like a paradox-nightmare hopped up on ketracel white."

    "It is I, Marhs, from five days in the future," came the answer from a short, First Federation diplomat, walking onto the Bridge of the Cortisgor with another Gogard in hand. "You've known that our technology rockets in comparison with your pathetic 'Federation', if that's what you insist on continuing to call it, and I chose to test our time-travelling device in order to prevent the cataclysmic destruction about to happen here today."

    "Everybody, stop!!" came the heightened warning from another Marhs, stepping onto the Bridge of the Ragnarok. "I'm Marhs from six days in the future and my usage of so many temporal doors causes the space-time destruction of both ships, the planet, and the entire solar system! I suppose being the 'First' has its caveats after all."

    Two-days-from-now-Seifer looked at him, annoyed. "Then, why would you still come here? Never mind." Then he addressed Gogard, "You know what? Why don't we end this peacefully, not fire at each other, and just both of us get out of here before it's too late?"

    "Hey! I'm the Captain here!" Present-day-Seifer argued. "But, yeah, what I said."

    The Gogard on the Bridge nodded. "To end this madness, anything. But what about all these duplicates of us? Surely we must kill them with our murderous appetites?"

    "My First Federation tricorder can reintegrate all our duplicates into us, so that we become some kind of space-time Frankenstien's monster versions of ourselves," explained Marhs, as he held the device up. "It's quite painful."

    One of the Gogards nodded, on screen. "Make it so."

    "Hey! Aliens don't get to say that!" argued Seifer just as the device was activated, causing the duplicate versions of everyone to stretch and be torn apart until sucked into their present-day counterparts— "AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!"

    Seifer, Gogard, and Marhs screamed in utter agony of it all until the process was complete. They each patted themselves in check to ensure nothing was physically out of place.

    "I'm good," Seifer said, finally able to relax from all the stress. "Captain Gogard?"

    To everyone's dismay, Captain Gogard was suddenly an alternate universe form of Tzenkethi: Slender, gentle, and gel-like. He looked nothing like the bulky lizard form the rest of his race were. "How did this happen!?"

    "Damn," Marhs said, slapping his device. "Had this thing set to Destiny timeline. Don't ask what that means. Well, I've got to go. My voice-over guy is about to go on lunch. Oh, did I mention, someone voices each of us over? It's a long and arduous, pre-practiced process, but it's our way. First Federation out!"

    Everyone watched as Marhs, instead of beaming anywhere, then began slowly walking around the Bridge, looking around, as if on tour of the Ragnarok.

    "Yeah, it's clear we each have our own problems," Seifer said to Gogard, indicating the roaming Marhs. "Too many Federations are the real paradox here. Ragnarok for-real out."


    When the screen cut off on the Bridge of the Cortisgor, a new, gentle and angelic Gogard with fluid sacs turned to his crew. "As soon as I'm back to normal, that Captain Seifer is going to pay for this!"

    "Sir, your head is drooping over," warned his tactical officer.

    Gogard placed his hands and readjusted himself. "Dammit! Take us out of here! And stop looking at the unidentified parts of my body! Ugh! What even is this thing hanging here? Dammit!"

    The Cortisgor left orbit and jumped to warp.
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    Keep knocking on that 4th wall... I liked this one - it's nuts! Thanks!! rbs
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    Haha, thanks! Wanted to do a thing where there was way too much time travel.
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    Author's notes: This was written in April 2017, as part of the Star Trek Online forums Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #4, a variant of the ULCs.

    Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #4: A message, whether a warning or last words, of some lost civilization has been found in the ruins of an unexplored star system. Except there was never any indication that this planet ever held sentient life, nor any ruins found of colonists. Just the message and it's contents.

    Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual #4
    Lost to Time

    The Pathfinder-class with Discovery-class pylons U.S.S. Ragnarok dropped warp in space and approached a lone planet. Captain Oroku Seifer, Science officer Moggs and Doctor Cetra beamed down to examine the source of a mysterious message.

    "Well, this place appears barren," Cetra said, looking around at the near-desert-like planet. "How could anything originate from nothing?"

    Moggs began scanning the area with his tricorder. "That's the very same question scholars have been asking about the Universe for eons and will be for eons to come."

    "First of all, that's a grim out-look on discovery and learning about ourselves in general and, second, I was clearly referring to the voided situation at hand," countered Cetra. "Tangents are you just trying to sound smart."

    The Caitian science officer shrugged. "I don't have to 'try' anything."

    "Gentlemen, ladies," the Captain interjected. "What if we simulated a tachyon scan with our tricorders, in case the device this message came from is cloaked?"

    Moggs began the alterations on his device. "Sir, you do know you're a tactical officer, right? You should not know of these things."

    "Hey, my symbiont affords me several previous lifetimes of experience and a strange morning sickness not related to anything relevant at all," Seifer replied.

    Cetra glanced at him. "You know you should probably have your Doctor look at that?"

    "You're my Doctor!" Seifer said.

    Suddenly, the bombardment of Moggs' tricorder emissions knocked a non-corporeal floating head, out of mid-air, next to them.

    "Who dares to awaken the mighty Alazard, eighth Ruler of the Thasian Order!?" the green, translucent head echoed.

    Everyone jumped back in shock, and then Seifer stepped forward to introduce himself. "Greetings, fearsome, floating brain-cage, I am Captain Seifer of the Federation Starship Ragnarok, responding to a message we received over subspace, originating from right here."

    "Huh? You mean this message?" Alazard asked.

    In a single second, the message played back for everyone, emanating from the head itself: "Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun, come right now, don't walk - run!"

    "Yeah, that. We thought he may have opened up another bar here, and were hoping to get some Cait-nip," admitted Lieutenant Commander Moggs. "It's medicinal, and for some other Science officer Caitian. Yeah, that's the ticket. Yeah."

    Cetra nodded in agreement. "Also, the tune is quite catchy, albeit short. The idea of running is quite much. Is accelerated pace still a thing?"

    "UGH! That incessant jingle has been stuck in my head for 39 years! Ever since I was passing by your precious Deep Space 9 and overheard it, I have been haunted by its musical power and now its taken control of me!"

    Seifer scratched his head. "So, you've unintentionally manifested your thoughts as a subspace message?"

    "Yes, and I have exiled myself from my kind because of it! At first, I believed it to be all good in fun, but I soon discovered the viral nature of melody and its invasive ability to affect all parts of my non-corporeal brain!"

    Cetra scanned the entity with her tricorder. "In a sense, it's thrown you out-of-whack. That's a new Starfleet medical term, by the way."

    "Giant bulbous cranium, is there any point at which you were able to forget said instrumentals?" Moggs asked, out of pure, Federation-driven, hard-core, intense curiosity. Ugh!

    "In fact, when you knocked me out of hiding with your simulated tachyon scan, I became completely absorbed with a persistent and damaging ringing."

    Seifer snapped his fingers. "That's it! We just bombard you with more of those, and you'll forget the whole Quark thing immediately. It's a long shot, but an unpleasant encounter associated with the mental infection may force your subconscious into burying that dark-eye-shadowed Ferengi finally and forever."

    "What makes you think you know anything about the neuroscience of Thasians?"

    The Captain shrugged. "Well, you do appear as giant heads."

    "Good enough for me! Make it happen and such and so. Oh, and if I don't make it back, tell Glorborsoborch I hate her. It's an inside joke. She'll get it. Though, she may not respond similarly to you."

    Moggs then took out his tricorder and began its particle flow. The intensity of the simulated tachyons began to ring in Alazard's head, causing the transparent green noggin to shake artificially and then violently.

    "AAAAaaahhhh!!! Kahn never even met Chekov!!! Agggg!!!!"

    The Science officer looked over to his comrades for guidance. "Should we stop?"

    "Meh," Seifer shrugged. "I kind of want to see where this goes."

    Suddenly, the tricorder's reserve programmable particle stream bled dry, ending the assault on the copious being. His sanity reformed and he turned to the crew.

    "You failed at attempting to detonate me!" Alazard argued. "But, I believe the sounds inside my consciousness have ended. Now all I can think about are NX-01 Enterprise plot holes. Soooo many plot holes."

    Suddenly, a crowd of people began to appear all around them, as well as a giant city in the backdrop. The crew was then approached by the leader. "Greetings, I am Yun and we are a Bajoran colony who left Bajor to worship Alazard as we had grown tiresome of the Prophets and their holy wars with the Pah'Wraiths. Unfortunately, this guy had other things going on and accidentally locked us in hiding."

    "Aren't you just substituting one religious following for another? At what point does interchangeable faith become a fallacy in and of itself?" Seifer asked, confused.

    Yun shrugged. "Those are all good questions, probably, but deities who are also aliens to outsiders is our ketracel white and we need to find a new one STAT!"

    "Oh," Seifer replied. "Well, good luck. Have you tried the Medusans? I don't know much about them, being a non-Human, but they apparently share a name in Earth Greek mythology. Can't go wrong with that."

    Alazard was taken aback. "Dude! No. I dated a Medusan once. They are so clingy and low quality effect-wise. Well, you'll see. —Alazard out!" And then he disappeared.

    "Thank you, Captain," Yun said as his people turned to go back toward their city. "If you're ever in the area again, maybe you can check in on us from time to time."

    Oroku Seifer smiled. "I'd like that, whoever you are, wherever this is." Then he tapped his commbadge. "Seifer to Ragnarok. Three to beam up, and have all records of this place completely wiped from our systems and memories. Nothing here went to plan."

    "Hey!" argued Yun.

    The Captain then noticed him. "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were still here. We'll miss you." And then he turned back to his communiqué. "Ragnarok, are you still on comms? Have a salvo of quantum torpedoes ready to launch into their deserts so we can initiate nuclear winter and never have to see this surface again."

    "What!?" Yun contended.

    Seifer jumped, not expecting him. "Ah! Again? Are you ever going to go home? Never mind. We were just on our way out. Good luck. Oh, and Yun, all my hopes," he said empathetically, just before the Away Team was beamed out.

    The Bajoran then turned and nervously began the long walk back to the city.
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    Wait... Chekov was the unseen officer who was blocking the restroom so that Kahn couldn't get in...
    Always enjoy your pokes at the franchise's more than occasionally absent continuity team.

    Thanks!! rbs
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    lol We really need to see the Director's Cut of that episode.
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by another player and myself for the New Romulus RP on the Star Trek Online forums. This continues on from the last NR entry and my STO character was Kitsu. Written between April to June 2017.​

    New Romulus, Page 4-5
    New Romulus

    As Nat'tak materialized on New Romulus, he immediately ran off to gather his crew and get his own ship, the R.R.W. Crateris, in order. Everything seemed pretty normal; evidently, New Romulus Command was not aware of the upcoming attack.


    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    "This is General Nat'al aboard the I.R.W. Natius," said Nat'al over transmission to New Romulus Command. "We have evidence that the Iconian T'Ket is preparing an immediate attack on New Romulus." No response. Nat'al's eyes widened, curious. "New Romulus, this is General Nat'al. Do you hear me? Iconian attack force imbound!" Still nothing. No response at all. Why? asked Nat'al to himself, in thought. "Are communications being jammed?"

    "No, General," replied one of his officers. "I'm not reading any transmissions from the planet of any kind."

    Nat'al just sat there, unsure how to react. "Scan the planet. Is New Romulus Command even there?"

    "Yes," replied the science officer. "The expected lifesigns. Numerous Romulans, some Remans. Nothing unusual."

    "Odd," replied Nat'al.

    An Iconian gateway opened near the planet and Iconian ships emerged, including a single Iaidon Dreadnought, numerous Vonph Battleships, and even more numerous cruisers and raiders. Nearby patrol ships moved in to attack, but they were clearly outmatched.


    New Romulus Command, Planetary Data Center

    Kitsu entered the large room to find Romulans frantically running from console to console and officer to officer. She noticed the large display screen exhibiting a view of the Iconian gateway and its threatening ships.

    "Not good," she said in shock. She turned to Command's Tactical officer Subcommander Guron. "Do we have our patrol ships in position?"

    Guron nodded as he went through one of the consoles circling the room's main holographic projector. "Oh yes, but they're not even close enough to handle this."

    "I was just transported off the Tetreya before they went to warp. Can we get Commander Tressa back?" Kitsu asked.

    The Operations officer, Subcommander Henna responded while going through her data, "They're out of range, but we do have several local vessels preparing to assist. The Crateris. The Natius has been hailing."

    "Why haven't we responded?" Guron asked as he multitasked.

    Kitsu checked another console which displayed scans above the planetary atmosphere. "Some kind of dampening or radiation from the gateway was interfering. It appears to be fluctuating enough to make contact." Then she hailed the Natius. "General Nat'al, do you read?"

    "Barely," replied Nat'al. "Communications are spotty at best. I'm already having some of my officers bring in some of our allies from one of the Klingon Great Houses, but it will be several minutes until they can arrive."

    "The Crateris should be joining you as well," Kitsu replied. "I'll see about my own ship and join you as soon as I can. I'm sure you don't need to be reminded, but we have to do everything we can to stop this... I still can't believe the Iconians teamed up with the Tal Shiar? Anyway, Command out."

    She then turned to the others.

    "Anyone know what happened to my ship, the Saraswati?" Kitsu asked.

    The question prompted Guron and Henna to stop their actions and glance at each other, shocked. "That vessel was ship-wrecked and its crew lost when her Commander was abducted by Tal Shiar."

    "That was me," revealed the light-haired Romulan. "I'm Commander Kitsu."

    Henna paused, unsure how to properly tread softly here. "Sorry. That ship is out of commission, and its crew... Well."

    "Forget it," Kitsu interrupted before coming to a realization. "It's all my fault and now they're gone. They trusted me."

    Suddenly, a Reman female in a Romulan Republic uniform with a Centurion rank approached them. "There is one ship available if you're willing. My name's Venus and I'm an Engineering officer."

    "Take me to it, Venus," ordered Kitsu who began walking, but stopped herself for a second. "Hold down the fort," she said, turned to the two Subcommanders, who were in total shock at the interruption by a mere Reman. "Clearly, I shouldn't." Then Kitsu continued out of the hallway with the other woman.


    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    The Natius was joined by the Crateris and a few patrol ships and headed for the Iconian battlefleet to try to slow them down.

    "This is exactly the last place I thought I would be," said Nat'al, turning to his Reman first officer. "I've always been a Tal Shiar at heart, and we all know it. I was never fine with their treatment of our fellow Romulans, nor your people, although I will admit I was never a fan of the Republic." Nat'al stopped, eyeing the Iaidon on the viewscreen. "Yet here I am, defending them with everything we have. Maybe they're right. We do need to work together to survive. As a people."

    The Reman merely nodded in agreement, and the tactical officer turned to Nat'al. "They're charging weapons and targeting us, General. Recommend evasive maneuvers."

    Nat'al motioned to the helmsman to do so. The Crateris, flying alongside the Natius, began launching Scorpion Fighters as furiously as they could.


    New Romulus Command, Shuttle Bay

    Kitsu and Venus took the lift down to the Shuttle Bay and awaited clearance for their ship. Meanwhile, the Reman female turned to her new commanding officer.

    "If you don't mind me saying," Venus began, "I don't believe you should blame yourself for the loss of your crew. We all know the risks we sign up for in the Republic, and we believe in what it stands for. To die in that service, as the Klingons would say, is the most honorable thing."

    Kitsu sighed, knowing she was right. "Yeah, I suppose so. It's just hard to shake, though, and due to the limited resources we have, it feels wasteful."

    "The best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and go again. We Remans are tough and never give up."

    The Commander glanced over at her. "You have the Romulan spirit, Centurion. Anyway, we don't have time to be sitting around here, talking. We have to get up there and protect this planet from— Hold on. Wasn't this planet part of the Iconian Empire once? Is it possible they're trying to reclaim it?"

    "The Iconians subjugated the Dewans, like your people did to mine," Venus said, seconds before a console clicked on next to them, indicating their clearance.

    Next to the notification were the ship stats and Kitsu noticed them right away. "Wait a second. We're manning a T'Liss-class starship!? We might as well be flying a tin can on strings!"

    "I'm only a Centurion, ma'am. This is all I could procure before the attack. Allow me to introduce you to the R.R.W. Tsengate."

    Kitsu rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. "Uggh. Fine. it's better than nothing. But if we make it out if this alive, I'm going to have words with you."

    "Typical Romulan attitude," Venus remarked. The two then made their way to the ship.


    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    T'Ket's voice ran through the comm channels, as chilling at it was. "Your existence as you know, is over."

    "Sure, sure," sarcastically replied the Natius's tactical officer. "Permission to open fire?"

    "Not... yet..." said Nat'al. "Initiate assault pattern Natarus One," he ordered.

    The Natius generated a gravity well in the middle of the Iconian Battlegroup, and quickly began draining their power and doing everything they could to disable them or even slow them down.


    R.R.W. Tsengate, Bridge

    The T'Liss-class Tsengate entered space and joined the Natius and the others in the firefight with the Iconians. The ship shook from antiproton beams by a nearby Mir Fighter.

    "Perhaps if we stick with the small ones," offered Venus, manning the helm.

    Kitsu took the weapons and operation stations, firing plasma beams back at the fighter. "Yeah, we're going to definitely die up here. How are we even operating this without a crew?"

    "There's a backup system I was preparing just before the Iconians attacked," Venus said, while she turned and swiftly took the Tsengate through evasive maneuvers. "It's on the console to your left."

    The Commander tried reaching for it with her other hand, but quickly saw that she needed to fire plasma torpedoes at an incoming Baltim Raider. "Damn, this is tough!" And then she had an idea and pulled out her stolen Herald Antiproton staff, reaching its end over to the far off console.

    "What are you doing?" Venus said, distracted by the battle. The Tsengate dodged the exploding Mir Fighter, but was hit by a torpedo from behind.

    Kitsu kept trying to reach. "Almost there!" And then she activated the program that made holographic crew appear all over the ship.

    "Yeah, we probably should have started with that," the Reman female admitted. "Fortunately, there's a chance they'll overload our main systems."

    The Romulan put her staff down and fired several plasma torpedoes into the Baltim Raider, blowing its aft sections to pieces. "You could have mentioned that!"


    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    A trio of Klingon Bird of Preys joined the fight, soon joined by an additional Ambassador class cruiser.

    "They're returning fire!" exclaimed Nat'al's tactical officer, as torpedoes impacted the hull of the Natius, dealing alarming amounts of damage.

    "This ship is meant for stealth raids, not large scale battles..." mumbled Nat'al. "Randomize evasive patterns and activate the cloaking device, and load torpedoes for another attack run."


    R.R.W. Tsengate, Bridge

    The T'Liss-class starship shook from antiproton attacks. Kitsu was able to take her Commander's chair while the crew took over operating the ship.

    "Well, I could get used to this," she said, while holding her purple staff next to her. "Keep firing! Do the plasma shockwave thing!"

    As her orders were complied with, another Romulan man entered the Bridge. "Whoa! What is going on here??" he asked. "Where did all these people come from?"

    "You're not one of the crew?" Kitsu answered with a question of her own.

    The Science officer threw up his hands. "I was asleep in quarters, hiding out from my commanding officer because he's such a slave-driver! I picked a random ship with no launch plans! By the way, my name is Hogor."

    "Well, the planet is under attack and we're responding the best way we can. Take a station, Lieutenant."

    Hogor shrugged. "Sure, I can die today," he said sarcastically as he did so. "Why are these ships even still in service? At best, they're sleeping apparatuses."


    I.R.W. Natius, Bridge

    "Any luck on those reinforcements?" asked Nat'al to Nat'as and S'kkorra, who were still working away at the communications console.

    "We're in contact with the House of moQ Dop chorgh," replied Nat'as. "They'resss good newsss and bad newsss."

    "Save me the speech," barked Nat'al, "what's the news?"

    "The main battle fleet issss already organized at the Sssssstarbassssse," replied Nat'as, "but the crews were all bussssssy partying. It may be a while before they arrive."

    Nat'al just threw his hands up in the air, turning to the tactical officer. "Go for another attack run, attack pattern omega!"


    R.R.W. Tsengate, Bridge

    The T'Liss-class starship took out another Mir Fighter, blowing it to pieces.

    "Yes!" Kitsu said, clenching her fist. "Not that I get any pleasure from these actions. It's strictly business," she said, in an attempt to reassure her crew.

    Venus then noticed another ship, incoming for them. "Whoa! I'm reading a non-Herald lifesign aboard one of the Baltim Raiders."

    "You're at the Helm," stated Kitsu. "Are you saying you gave yourself sensor controls?"

    The Reman female smirked. "I'm an engineer. I can do anything I want on this ship."

    "Damn it, Venus," Kitsu cursed. "You're going to have to learn about protocol, as soon as the Republic solidifies it."

    Nodding, Venus sent the information to the viewscreen. "It appears Aenar," she said. "I think they're a prisoner."

    "Wait," the Commander said. "There was another woman with me during my capture who was Aenar. She disappeared when a Baltim Raider visited the facility some time back."

    Venus maneuvered the Tsengate from incoming fire by the ship in question. "Well, her captors appear to want a piece of us."

    "Let's get their shields down and beam her out," suggested Kitsu. "Evasive movements in space! Go!"

    The Natius went in for an attack run, blasting away a pair of Baltim Raiders and distracting the enemy forces for the Tsengate.

    The Tsengate swooped in for the Baltim Raider with the prisoner, blasting plasma torpedoes into its hull, but an over-powered anti-proton hit, in addition to all the fire the Tsengate took, burned through the ship's shields and knocked its port impulse thrusters offline.

    "Hold on!" Kitsu called out, as her ship began spinning. "Stabilize!"

    The Natius continued evasive patterns left and right, but allies or not, it was clear they were losing.


    U.S.S. Valhalla, Bridge

    Suddenly, the Odyssey-class U.S.S. Valhalla dropped warp and aging-human-with-greying-bread, Admiral Cid, stood up from his command chair in shock at the sight before him.

    "It's almost a massacre," commented Arkane, the stout Tellarite and Starfleet officer from the tactical station.

    Cid glanced at Raje, his first officer and a Saurian. "We should attack now, sir," Raje said of their hesitation.

    "Agreed! Raise shields and open fire on those Iconian ships!" Cid declared. "Attack Pattern Iota!"

    The Valhalla began piercing phasers and popping torpedoes into any Iconain ship it could get close to. Several vessels exploded from attack.

    A fleet of assorted Klingon ships then dropped out of warp, opening fire on the Herald forces.


    R.R.W. Tsengate, Bridge

    The Tsengate stopped itself from spinning and found the nearby Baltim Raider preoccupied with the Valhalla.

    "Looks like a Federation ship and a fleet of Klingons have arrived!" Venus called out in shock.

    Kitsu shook her head in amazement. "Well, when the goings get tough, it appears that the universe provides. If those two things can somehow be related." Then she snapped out of it. "Venus, get us into range of that Herald vessel. We'll transport the prisoner as soon as we can."

    "Understood," Venus replied while engaging full impulse. The Tsengate sped passed some antiproton fire and neared the enemy ship. In seconds, the Aenar was beamed out.

    T'Ket's dreadnought set course for the Natius, targeting them and firing a barrage of weapons.

    The Tsengate rocked, violently, as they passed several Mir Fighters and were hit by an onslaught of antiproton beams from the Baltim Raider. Another placement of plasma torpedoes with a release of a singularity core-built plasma shockwave blew the Raider to pieces.

    "How.... how did we even do that?" Hogor remarked in complete shock.

    Venus, now standing behind an Engineering console raised her hand. "That was me. I am an Engineer after all." Another holo-officer took over the helm.

    "Let's help out the Natius. Engage the dreadnaught!" Kitsu ordered, resulting in the Tsengate changing course and opening fire on the large Herald ship. "Did we get the prisoner?"

    Suddenly, the blind Aenar entered the Bridge, with her brow furrowed and a smirk on her lips. "Oh, you got me alright. The name's Celeste."

    "What do you want?" Kitsu said, detecting her maliciousness.

    Celeste took out a disruptor and blasted one of the nearby holograms into oblivion. "It's not what I want. It's what my masters want and it's that staff that belongs to them."

    "Ugh, here we go," Kitsu rolled her eyes as she stood from her chair. "You do one good deed, and you get this. —Mr. Hogor, take tactical and keep firing on the dreadnaught!"

    Hogor did as asked. "So, you do want us to die? Excellent."

    "Well, Celeste, let's settle this," Kitsu opened, picking up her purple staff and taking a stance before the Aenar.
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts between another player and myself for the First City RP on the Star Trek Online forums. This continues on from the last FC entry and my STO character was Kadaj. Written from April to June 2017.​

    First City, Page 4
    I.K.S. Hav'ok, Bridge

    It had been a good month or so since Kro'nok's flagship had been crippled during a battle with augments. Now, it was finally operational again and ready for more battle. The general sat in his command chair and observed the numerous officers working around him, particularly in the lower areas to the sides, awaiting his orders.

    "Find us something to battle!" he ordered to his first officer, the Breen named Nar.

    Nar turned to the operations officer, who pressed a button that caused one of the general's personal viewscreens to display a list of current battles being waged here and there.

    "I've grown tired of fighting the Terrans in the Badlands," he said, going through the list. "Tzenkethi! It has been a good long time since we battled them. Gon'cra it shall be!" He stopped, motioning for Nar to pay close attention. "Put out a call to the starship captains here at Qo'noS. Let them join us for glorious battle!"

    "Yes, sir!" replied Nar, almost excitely, now giving out various orders for the crew to do so.


    Qo'noS - Shipyard

    Kadaj heard the call from General Kro'nok and immediately reacted to its contents on his communicator display. "Ah, the call of the warrior," he said to himself. "I'm definitely down for this, though, I'd much rather be lying on a Klingon beach somewhere."

    When his subordinate tactical officer approached, he nodded to her.

    "Lieutenant Commander," Kadaj said. "What of the news for our ship? I assume the I.K.S. Furt'gh is ready for battle!"

    Millie shook her head. "That ancient vessel had been in operation since the late 24th century. They never did anything to fix it because of that, and it remains in storage."

    "What!? That's a complete waste of space! My crew must be livid!"

    The female Klingon handed him a PADD. "Our entire crew reassigned themselves out of complete boredom. They claimed your lounging around this whole month was a waste of time and data."

    "Unbelievable! I bought them so many rounds of blood wine! That money doesn't come out of thin air you know!" Kadaj opposed. Then he sighed. "Sorry. I'm not upset at you. At least you stayed with me."

    Millie turned, about to leave. "Actually, in keeping with the status quo, I—"

    "Oh no, you don't! You're sticking with me and that's an order!" Kadaj grabbed her arm. "Besides, I still have your Risian Tropical Bird Egg in storage."

    Millie squinted. "That thing hasn't hatched yet? Nevermind. Very well, sir. I will assist you in your endeavours. Perhaps you can work on procuring a ship from Bekk Strenn, whilst I get us a crew."

    "Agreed. We will make this an honourable day!" Kadaj said. "Pending results."


    I.K.S. Ha'kar, Bridge

    Captain Natar, a Cardassian captain with the Klingon Defense Force, sat in the command chair of the massive carrier bridge of the VoD'leh-class dreadnought, the I.K.S. Ha'kar. His first officer, a Lethean, came up from the communications area below. "Captain, General Kro'nok of the I.K.S. Ha'vok has put out a call to join him in battle in the Gon'cra system! He is awaiting volunteers in orbit of Qo'noS aboard his ship!"

    "Well, I don't see why we shouldn't go with him, so prepare us for battle and inform him we'll be coming," replied the Cardassian captain, almost excited after several rounds of boring patrols since the war with the Federation ended.


    Qo'noS - Shipyard

    "80,000 dilithum for a Negh'var battlecruiser?? That is tranwarp conduit robbery!" argued Kadaj.

    Strenn shrugged. "It is the rate of inflation within the Klingon Empire, sir. It increases every year. You should see my targ stocks, Captain. It's insanity!"

    "What? I'm just going to go now," Kadaj said, stepping backward slowly. As he turned and began walking, he was stopped by an Orion.

    The green skinned man smirked at him. "Looking for a ship, Captain? I'm the Used Ship Salesman."

    "Why do you even exist?? Never mind. I require a new vessel for battle and other things. Possibly sleeping too."

    The Orion nodded, handing him a PADD. "I thought as much. It just so happens I've got a B'Rotlh-class Bird-of-Prey, ready to go. It's got a lower-pitched head section and a beefed up engineering."

    "Ohhh, sounds enticing. Perhaps it will be enough. What is the catch? Is it money? It seems like money is always the catch for things."

    The Orion nodded. "Just a mission, actually. To infiltrate a rival House base and steal something that doesn't belong to them."

    "Hmm. Looks like a lot of firing of weapons may be required. But then there's the option of stealth with our cloak. It is good to be in the Klingon faction! Options, you know what I mean?"

    He grinned. "I suppose. I just stand here all day."

    "I'll take it, so long as this mission doesn't get me in trouble," Kadaj warned. "Also, I've got another mission to do first."

    The Orion handed him another PADD with the command codes. "There's no rush. Now what is it you Klingons say? Qapla'!"

    "Don't do it if you're just going to sound patronizing. Ugh. Orions," Kadaj complained as he walked away.


    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    In the orbital shipyard, Kadaj later entered the B'Rotlh-class Bird of Prey to find a man working at the console. "Who are you? What are you doing on my ship!?"

    "The name's Spiegel," the tall, lanky Human-looking operator said. "I go where this ship goes."

    Kadaj clenched his fists. "I say who crews my ship and when! You have no purpose here!"

    "Hey, you're going to need a pilot, right? Might as well be me. I'm a great maneuverer, you know. Not so much in the Engineering department. Replicators are down. You got anything to eat?"

    The Captain released his fists, calming himself down. "Ugh. Fine. Are you a loyal officer of the Defense Force?"

    "Yeah, I've done all that training. Mostly I've been assigned to the Shipyard, but you're going to be the one to get me off of this hunk-a-junk space mass."

    Kadaj took his seat. "Then let's make it so. As soon as Lieutenant Commander Millie is on board with the rest of the crew, we shall depart. In the meantime, hail the I.K.S. Ha'vok. I used to have drinks with this guy. He loves hanging out with me. I'm so rambunctious in the bar." When communications opened, Kadaj spoke. "General Kro'nok, the Gainsborough is standing by to seek out new battles and new gladiatorializations. To boldy shoot where no Klingon has shot before!"


    I.K.S. Ha'vok, Bridge

    "Sir, we are receiving signals from several vessels! Captain Natar of the I.K.S. Ha'kar and Captain Kadaj of the I.K.S. Gainsborough, among several others, all wish to join us in battle!" reported the communications officer. "Also, Brigadier General Malin of the I.K.S. New Xindus wishes you to know that he would have come as well, but has been called away elsewhere to battles regarding the Na'kuhl. He additionally requests... our target, so he may join us if he is free sooner than expected."

    "That is reasonable," replied Kro'nok, quite happy about the vessels signalling their willingness to join him in battle. "Inform him that we will be doing our battle in the Gon'cra system! Inform the other ships that they are to rendezvous with us here! We will leave within an hour!"


    I.K.S. Gainsborough, Bridge

    Kadaj sat patiently aboard the B'Rotlh-class Bird of Prey, waiting for Millie to get back. When the overly-engineered sounds of the Bridge door opened, he turned to find his subordinate entering without anyone else.

    "The word. I must know the word!" Kadaj said.

    Millie just gave him a squinted look. "You are aware we communicate using several words, right? Whole sentences?"

    "That is just a Klingon phrasing, Lieutenant Commander. You know of it. Do not deny the facts."

    She shook her head. "Sir, I think you should be checked for cabin fever," she said, pausing for dramatic effect, "By our new Doctor!"

    "Yes!" Kadaj exclaimed, confirming his pent up excitement. "You got us a crew."

    Millie approached an operations console and began loading a program into the main systems. "I did, sir. But you're going to have to keep an open mind."

    "That is not the Klingon way. At least, not that I've ever been taught?"

    Lieutenant Commander Millie then activated a program, causing a holographic crew to appear all over the ship. "Then you're going to need to see our new School Teacher. He's onboard for the holographic kids."

    "What!? Holograms?? I feel like two other Captains have already done this, elsewhere," Kadaj protested.

    The female Klingon shook her head. "I don't think we can confirm that. Anyway, this is the best we're going to do, since you've been blacklisted on an unofficial assignments list being traded around by unassigned officers on Qo'noS."

    "I've what!? Don't people know I'm the easy-going one??"

    Millie shrugged. "We're a race of warriors. That doesn't exactly fit the room. Now, programmable crew, they can be any room. I got them from an Orion Used Ship Salesman."

    "What? Him again??" argued a frustrated Captain Kadaj. "Why does he even exist???" Then he sighed. "Oh, never mind. A Captain has to make due with what's he's got. I assume they're all programmed to kill each other for our entertainment?"

    The other officer nodded. "Absolutely! That's half their programming right there."

    "Then, Spiegel, take us out to rendezvous with the Ha'vok."

    The tall human-looking man with black spikey hair, laying back on his chair, smiled. "You got it, wrinkle-face." Without breaking his lean-back, he reached the heel of his foot onto the helm console and prepared the ship for departure.

    "Whoa!" Millie jumped back at Spiegel's sudden appearance. "How long has this been a thing?"

    Kadaj rolled his eyes. "Millie, keep up. I have a life outside of your side mission. As you can see, you're not the only one crewing this ship." He then relaxed as the Gainsborough set out into space.

    The other ships also rendezvoused with the Ha'vok and were nearly ready to go to warp.

    When the B'Rotlh-class Bird of Prey joined the group, it prepared to go to warp. "On their signal, Lieutenant," Kadaj said before a communication began ringing through.

    "Shall I get that, Captain?" Millie asked from her tactical console.

    Kadaj nodded. "It would be the prudent thing to do," he surmised.

    "Greetings, Captain Kadaj," came the sudden appearance of a Lethean man on the view screen. "I'm calling you from the Mempa sector, in hopes of acquiring your services."

    The Klingon growled. "I already have two missions in my queue! I cannot accept another."

    "This one you may find some interest, as it concerns yourself. It would appear your DNA has somehow been copied by a group of my people. What they want it for, who knows? But they're no friends of mine, and if you take them out, I would be greatly appreciative."

    Kadaj stood up. "How in Grethor did they—" but then he stopped. "Well, there was that Orion slave girl in the Lackey system." Then he thought again. "And that sickly Trill on Deep Space 9."

    "What? Anyway, I'm sending you their data, so you can deal with it when you have the chance. Mobes out."

    Sitting back down, Kadaj found the console near his chair displaying the received data. "This is odd. The only thing I could think anyone would want my DNA for is to clone me? I've always wondered what it'd be like to have a brother. Would we go on targ hunts together? Perhaps this is my chance."

    "Yo," Spiegel called out, nonchalantly as he sat back in his chair at the helm. "We doing this Tzenkethi thing or what?"

    Kadaj then snapped out of his reverie. "Oh, yes. I believe we were just about to go to warp. Ready the engines!"

    The battlegroup then went to warp.
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    Okay... you gotta tell the story of the sickly trill...
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    lol This was a year before they rebuilt the DS9 interior in the game and I think I was referencing an NPC in the Shipyard from that near some cargo who was always coughing. :barf2:
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Earth Spacedock RP on the Star Trek Online forums. My character was Elric (w Zeta). This continues from the last ESD entry. Written in May 2017.
    Earth Spacedock, Pages 113-116
    U.S.S. Firestorm-F, Bridge

    Somewhere near Unimatrix 226, the Firestorm-F was preparing for their mission to liberate an entire unimatrix. "We're ready to beam a team down," reported 1 of 6.

    "Get the team and get going then," ordered Jim. "The crew obviously needs me on the bridge. You lead the strike team."

    "Yes sir," replied 1 of 6, motioning for Harrison and the Emergency MACO Engineering Hologram to follow him to retrieve the other strike team members and head down to the Borg station.


    Central Plexus

    70 meters from the Central Plexus, 1 of 6, Harrison, an engineer named John, a medic named Smith, and the hologram EMEH all materialized and looked around at the ready.

    "Follow me," said 1 of 6, scanning the area with his tricorder. "Dang, they're jamming sensors. We'll have to find our way the old way." 1 of 6 motioned for the others to follow, heading in what he assumed to be the correct direction.


    Borg Sphere, Interior section

    Elric's Borg sphere exited a transwarp conduit and linked up with Borg Unimatrix 226. Several Borg brought a weakened Seline and Elric into a section within the sphere where the unconscious Claire was lying on a metallic bed.

    "Welcome to the Collective, my guests," came the female voice of what was possibly the Queen, transmitting remotely, out of mid-air. "You and your ship are being kept un-assimilated for one reason: Claire."

    Elric looked around, unsure where to direct himself. "You want us to revive her?"

    "We are doing that right now," the Queen replied. "It seems someone left a nasty little mind-altering device on the mechanical wonder."

    Seline shrugged. "If it wasn't going to be me, then it would have been someone else."

    "Our research suggests the conscious Claire favours individualism and friends. With you in-tact she will do our bidding."

    Suddenly, one of the drones working on the female android was successful in his actions. Claire suddenly sprung up into a sitting position and began going through her startup systems. "What is this? Where am I?" Claire asked.

    "Or, how about what are you?" Elric interjected. "Which I can answer with no doubt now."

    Claire suddenly noticed Elric and Seline's presence, along with all the drones. "Captain?" she said in shock. Then to the Caitain, a more threatening tone. "Seline."

    "Drat. Back to your old self, huh?" Seline dismissed.

    The android turned to Elric. "Yes, I'm an android," Claire explained. "But I was under no obligation to tell you or anyone. I'm still a person and I don't have to explain myself to anyone."

    "But you deliberately fooled Spacedock sensors and Doctors?" Elric asked.

    Claire sighed. "Is that surprising? Besides the fact I'm a treasure hunter, there are dozens of organizations who would want to get their hands on me, in addition to my father, who made me."

    "Well, I guess that explains why you got along with Zeta so well," the Captain remarked.

    Then the voice over-the-air cut in. "Now Claire," it said, prompting the drones to apprehend both Elric and Seline again. "You are to help us extract the power from this, or your friends will be assimilated." And, to that, another drone brought out the artifact from Forlat III and placed it on a nearby table. "I'll give you a moment to work through your emotion chip."


    Unimatrix 226

    1 of 6, Harrison, EMEH, and the others continued onward to the Central Plexus, looking around for clearer indication that they were, in fact, going the right way.


    Unimatrix 226, Borg Sphere, Interior section

    A drone, each, holding Elric and Seline held up their arms about to inject the organics with tubules. The sudden thought of it snapped Claire into action.

    "Stop!" she declared. "I'll help you. Just don't assimilate them."

    Seline smirked. "So, you do care about me. Well, I knew your loyalties to your father would finally come through."

    "Don't be an idiot," the android argued. "I'll never side with him or you. Assimilation is a matter of principles."

    Elric shrugged. "Can't argue with that. I always figured assimilation would itch."

    "It's more of a rash feeling, but you get used to it," the female voice over comms said. "And now that we have the android on our side, we will place you two in detention."

    Seline spoke as she was being shoved out the door with Elric. "This is insanely irregular. You won't even try assimilating Claire?"

    "Her time will come," the Borg voice said as the two were escorted out.


    Unimatrix 226, Corridors

    As the two were being shoved and pushed out of the Sphere and into the complex unimatrix, Elric turned to the female Caitian in frustration.

    "How could we just let them get away with this?" Elric said.

    Seline quickly tore the eye-piece off her apprehending Borg drone and then pushed it into the wall. "Who said anything about letting the Borg win?" She then began tearing through the drone's parts until it was deactivated.

    "Whoa, wait for me," Elric said as he launched his robotic palm into the head of his drone. It then smacked against the wall as well and fell unconscious. "We probably should've started with that."

    The Caitian shook her head. "Claire gave us freedom so we could take care of the Unimatrix. We take them out by infiltrating the central hub of this place."

    "And do what?"

    Seline took out a data rod. "Upload a virus. I had one manufactured just in case this very situation comprised itself. If you only knew of my resources."

    "I'd rather not," Elric deadpanned. "Lead the way."



    1 of 6, Harrison, EMEH and their squad continued down the corridors. They had already engaged several groups of drones. The rest of their team had all been killed by friendly fire to prevent their assimilation. They heard another noise. Footsteps. Drones making drone noises. Probably drones exiting their alcoves to go after their team.

    "Oh goody, more Borg," sarcastically stated the EMEH.

    "I am so tired of your sarcasm," replied 1 of 6 sharply. "Just be quiet and keep an eye out for the central hub."

    They saw two figures heading through a corridor. It was too dark from their side, with a brighter light shining from the other, but they could definitely tell they were heading away from them, or towards them. The EMEH raised his holographic Adapted MACO Phaser Pulsewave rifle and prepared to open fire.

    Elric stepped out of the shadows with Seline and noticed a group from Starfleet, with one of them about to fire at him. "Whoa! Crowded in these Unimatrices, huh?"

    "What is this?" Seline looked on in disgust.

    The Captain nodded. "My people." Then he addressed Harrison and the others. "What are you doing here? We were captured by the Borg, and got away. All except for one, who's currently in custody aboard a sphere. Unfortunately, our escape may mean there are drones looking for us."

    "We must find the central hub and administer a viral program," Seline interrupted. "Before it's too late."

    "Oh, thank goodness," replied EMEH, who flickered and lowered his weapon. "We're here to upload a virus of our own."

    Harrison walked over, followed by 1 of 6. "We're on a mission with Jim and the Firestorm-F to upload a virus that will free the drones connected to this Unimatrix and allow the Cooperative to save them."

    "Whatever you do, don't go into the central hub," warned 1 of 6. "It's full of airborne assimilation nanoprobes, you'd only last a few nanoseconds in there. That's why we brought a hologram."

    "It's EMEH, actually," stated the hologram in question. "In case you forgot."

    "That's a very noble mission," observed Elric. "Maybe by releasing them, we could also save Claire. Which way to the hub?"

    Seline growled in impatience. "We're almost there. This way," she motioned with her head down an intersecting corridor. She and Elric began walking. 1 of 6, Harrison, and EMEH followed.


    Central Hub Section

    It wasn't long before they reached the section just before the central hub. Once they arrived, Harrison took a bag off his back and pulled out what appeared to be a mobile holoemitter of some kind.

    "It has a power cell that should last for hours, and can project a holographic form up to half a kilometer away," Harrison said as he started setting it up, aided by 1 of 6. "If it takes damage, the mission is over. Guard it at all costs."

    "Understood," replied Elric. Then he looked to Zeta, who was sitting, dormant on his shoulder. "How you holding up?"

    The android spider perked. *Click!*

    "Yeah, the Borg do sound Swedish now that you mention it."

    1 of 6 took a protective position, and Harrison transferred the EMEH program to the large mobile emitter, taking the smaller one from him and putting it in one of his larger pockets to hold onto.

    "Well, here goes nothing," said the EMEH, entering the central hub. He started walking around and looking for a control console of some kind. Harrison, too, took up a defensive position and kept watch for Borg.

    Suddenly, the sounds of mechanized motor-units echoed throughout the corridors, indicating the Borg who were in search of Elric and Seline. It wouldn't be too long before they turned the corner into the section where everyone was waiting.

    "Hey, anyone have an extra weapon?" Elric said, suddenly realizing he was unarmed. He held up his one robotic arm. "I guess this'll do."

    Seline's patience had nearly run out. She needed the drones to distract and take out the Starfleet officers so she could go ahead with her own plans. "You bet it will. Though, it being enough is another story. Good luck!"

    "What are you doing??" Elric blurted as Seline shoved him into the crowd of oncoming Borg. Within the swarm, he was forced to use his mechanized palm to begin striking heads and blocking assimilation arms. He ducked one drone's reach and quickly pulled its leg with his android arm, sending the drone onto its back. In Elric's finalized position, he saw Seline step in through the entrance to the Central Hub where EMEH was.


    Central Hub

    Inside, Seline took notice of the hologram and smirked. Just as she suspected, even the airborne nanites were trying to avoid her. "Looks like the Borg was serious about me," she commented, waving her arm around. "That foolish android's sympathy will be her undoing."

    "Oh, she's not the only one," Elric said, stepping inside as well. As he figured, Seline's confidence in not being assimilated would result in his own. He wasn't affected by the nanites either. "What do you think you're doing?"

    The Caitian took out a data PADD from one of her pockets. "Installing my own virus which will give me control of the Borg in this Unimatrix."

    "What!? That's not the plan!" Elric reacted in shock as he took fighting stance.

    Seline smiled as she approached a console. "It was mine." But before she could continue, Elric flew in for her, strutting his elbow out in attack. Seline quickly dodged back, slightly, and launched her fist for his head. But Zeta shot out two metallic spider cables catching her fist in mid-air. Elric extended his bent robotic arm sideways in another attack, swinging into her and sending her to the floor.

    "This is because your Caitians are all gone, isn't it?" Elric surmised.

    The female ring leader spat out blood. "The brunt of my Caitian force is gone thanks to you! But the Borg will take their place, and you will be assimilated."

    "We'll see about that," Elric said, clenching his fists while sprinting toward her. Seline used her legs, while still on her back, to block and redirect each of Elric's jabs until she knocked him back enough to get her onto her own two feet. Elric came in again and the two crossed wrist after wrist, blocking and knocking jab after jab.

    "You little traitor," remarked the EMEH, who then quickly started uploading his virus to the hub.
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