STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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    It was a sci-fi movie, they moved Trek to a movie format because Close Encounters and Star Wars proved that science fiction movies could do mega business.
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    Full of hot air.
    And that's not even the worst movie ever made. Though, once you dive that far into the cesspool, it's kind of hard to pick.
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    that's almost a "so bad it's good" movie. And Travolta's performance is hilarious.
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    Actually, your second statement is one I can agree with. But not the first. They aren't the same thing, for several reasons.
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    I think we're pretty much agreed, only stating things differently. So I'll only say this: I have seen Starcrash. It's certainly...unforgettable. :rofl:
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    To you.

    To me they were the difference to being immersed blissfully in a movie (TMP, ST 2009, STiD) and feeling annoyed at the missed opportunities.

    I was really underwhelmed by ST V, but you can't just dismiss the whole film and say, "Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that Kirk and all the bridge crew hate Klingons and have done ever since David was killed."

    I enjoyed watching ST VI. But I felt a bit like a bystander. Nothing seemed quite right. They were up to Saavik #3 (this time with a new name). She wasn't even wearing matching uniform pieces.

    But it's sensible to assume that prisoners will be allowed to keep their (opposition military) uniforms to do hard labor?

    They are worth mentioning. Because they had me squirming with impatience in my seat. Yes, they were funny scenes, but Chekov has been the ship's Chief of Security (ST:TMP) and he doesn't know that a hand phaser will set off an alarm and has to have it explained by Valeris? Dumb.

    It was hilarious. But it caused me to squirm with impatience in my seat. At least the novelization explained that the computer's translator was down (IIRC), but that was JM Dillard trying to make the scene make sense.

    How else do I explain why it was not perfect to me without "nitpicking"? ST VI felt like a very rushed and poorly thought-out (and sometimes over-thought, tying it in to glasnost, Gorbachev and TNG's "Unification") entry in a tired franchise.

    All ST films have nits we can pick. It's part of the fun. But ST VI's nitpicks annoyed me. A lot. Missed opportunities.
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    Ah, that is one glorious movie. So bad, it's awesome.

    No, I believe that honour should be reserved to Manos the Hands of Fate or Monster a Go-Go.
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    I thought STVI treated the characters horribly. Kirk's a racist, Spock's a rapist*, McCoy and Uhura are incompetent, the entire plotline directly contradicts "Yesterday's Enterprise" etc. etc.

    *and yes I'm aware Spock mind melds all the time, sometimes against people's will. But in VI the violation aspect was deliberatey played up. Add to that, the bridge crew just sit around and watch Valaris screaming in agony.
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    How many of you have seen the film "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters"? I just did. Man, this was a wretched, preposterous film. The music was annoying and loud, and the technology was anachronistic to the period. Established as being in the early 18th century, this film had characters using steampunk machine guns and tasers.

    To illustrate the power of the international market, if this film was relying on the domestic box office, it would be a rated a critically-panned bomb with a budget of $50 million and a gross of $55.7 million. However, the international market gross was $170 million, making this film a financial success. Paramount has agreed to a sequel.

    The lessons I learned from this film was that one shouldn't be overly reverential to the source material, have over-the-board action, have likeable characters, have some comedy, have the women as objects of sexual desire and arousal but are able to hold their own in a battle, especially against other women, and have the characters speak enough to advance the plot and to give brief exposition to the audience. Another film that meets this mold and is succeeding is Furious 6.
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    With the way things are stacking up. With Man of Steel opening this friday in the US. I can only assume STID is going to struggle more to surpass the 2009 gross domestically. With the combined effort of domestic and foreign boxoffice it should make more than Star Trek 2009 though. Idk film companies can be picky when a sequel film makes less money than it's predecessor.
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    The needs of the many, the many being Khitomer. I don't think it's exactly torture, certainly it is a lot less than the Vulcan Security Directorate did to T'Pol.
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    Even though I like the film, I once started a thread about its 'really weird things'... So many things are just so weird and out of place... If JJ had made it, the rage he would get for 'raping continuity and the characters' would be astronomical....
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    Too often do piss poor films turn a profit (see Michael Bay's entire directorial career) watching this film however was a particularly experience dreadful to endure. I hated everything about it especially Jeremy Renner, an actor I despise with a passion.
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    Valeris, the top spy on the ship, an accomplice in the assassination of Gorkon, who murdered the assassins to cover her tracks, and who refused to cooperate when caught, even though billions of lives and the whole Alpha Quadrant hung in the balance, under the threat of a war that she tried to help orchestrate, that Valeris, we're supposed to think that what was in fact necessary to get the whole truth out of her in order to stop that war was unwarranted? The characters are supposed to think it was unwarranted? Context, please.

    Full disclosure: I find TUC to be in the bottom group of the six TOS films, at various times either #4 or #5, depending.
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    It is hilarious when people defend TMP, TFF, TUC and the TNG movies.

    But. . . .

    Trash the Bad Robot TOS films.

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    Why'd you leave out TWOK, TSFS, and TVH? What's so hilarious about it anyway? And, who are these "people"?
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    I'll just nitpick this in the spirit of fun. In the USA prisoners have uniforms, sometimes ghastly pink ones but if you look at prisons all over the world you'll see that prisoners are often wearing clothes bought from home, donations anything.
    Some countries even allow wives and families to be in with their husbands in jail.

    In POW camps, prisoners wore their uniforms and I think the Klingons would get a kick from seeing Starfleet prisoners.

    I know they would at least do a frisk but perhaps Klingons aren't up on the Veridian patch and the obvious placing was done for the audience benefit. Meyer thinks the audience are as stupid as the Enterprise crew.
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    As a matter of interest, how? All I can remember of the stuff that happened in the real world is that Enterprise-C tried to help a Klingon outpost, which doesn't sound as if it contradicts anything that happens in TUC.
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    ST 6 is a pretty sucky movie - a cheap-looking, clumsy flick that tries to sustain itself on a badly constructed mystery plot that doesn't work.
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    They didn't snap their fingers and peace was achieved at Khitomer. It was likely a long process with lots of successes and failures and took decades. Khitomer was just the first step.