STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

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    TNG in the Abrams Trek verse... I just have no idea what to expect and that's a good thing :) You know its coming.
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    I guess I'm easy to please, but I'm looking forward to a model of this ship. An open saucer, and fianally, someone has made the front end of a secondary hull look a bit more busy. I have no problems with that. Now the aft shot of it moving towards the ocean make it look very wide and sleek. It has aspects of the all good things enterprise on the underside of the saucer.

    But it is a villains ship--so you are supposed to hate it.
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    Time to send some technically-minded fans' bloodpressure through the roof.
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    You'd get a workout if the turbolifts went out and you had to get from the bridge to the shuttle bay. :eek:
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    Nah. That's what a transporter is for.
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    By the way, I did a quick pixel measure on the lightened image from page 10 of this thread. If the middle "jar" structure contains the bridge (seems like it has the same lights as the set pictures), that measures about 100 px. The entire primary hull is 1800 px across, or 18 times as wide. So, if you put the bridge at, say, a liberal 20m diameter, the hull is 360m across.

    Anyway, if Vengeance "twice as big" as the Enterprise, that would downscale the ship to about the size of the TMP refit (in fact, your diagram above shows the length of the Enterprise is roughly the same as Vengeance's saucer).

    BUT, if you look at the scene where Vengeance is crushing Alcatraz, the "death ball" is roughly the size of the lighthouse, which is 27m tall. I measure the starboard one to be about 65 or 70 px, which suggests about 0.4m/px. So, an 1800px diameter would be just under 900m. But that would make that central structure almost 50m wide.

    Looks like the graphic artists are taking liberties again...
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    I see what you tried to do there. :rofl:

    The Vengeance is twice the size of the NuEnterprise and the TOS Enterprise could probably land in the Vengeance's shuttlebay, which I would pay good money to see

    Seriously bud let it go... :rolleyes:
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    I think the only real point that matters is that the Vengeance is bigger than the Enterprise.
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    Come on, Z - you did pretty much the same thing here:

    Getting all rolly-eyed at someone for returning your volley is just silly.

    Yup. It's really big.
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