Stewart To Star In Match

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Patrick Stewart will be taking on the role of Tobi in Match, a movie adaptation of Stephen Belber‘s play of the same name. Written by Belber, Match will also feature Broadway vet Carla Gugino and Matthew Lillard. In Match, Tobi, a “reclusive and eccentric” former choreographer and Julliard dance instructor, [...]

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    This man is supposed to be an incredible stage actor, I'm sad to always miss his roles. Hopefully next time.

    Are there any upcoming stage roles by trek actors you guys recommend?

    So funny seeing him interviewed at Xmen,
    Stewart: the best thing about this movie is knowning that in one time in my life i was james mcavoy....
    McAvoy :.....*ducks head with shame*......thank you for saying that patrick