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    A new interview has been added to the site.

    Star Trek had "drama and dialog punctuated by huge pieces of music!," according to Jeff Bond, an American magazine editor and writer, who is perhaps best known for the many reviews and columns he wrote for "Film Score Monthly" in the 1990's. More recently, he served as Producer of the 15 CD set "Star Trek: The Original Series: The Complete Soundtrack" for La-La Land Records.

    With Jeff's thorough research on the composers and the music they created we thought it would make for an interesting interview with questions that dug a little deeper into the minutia of Star Trek.


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    Any chance of a text transcript (perhaps with links to relevant music cues at the appropriate points)? The audio quality of the phone interview makes it hard to understand what's being said.
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    By the way, this set is well worth the price... Get it while you still can!
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    Would like to download and listen in the car but the site does apparently not allow downloading.... Thanks anyway - Jeff has done a great job on the box set.
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    Great, thanks for the interview Dave (and Jeff); VERY enjoyable

    I also second the "Get it while you can" comment. The set is amazing!!
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