Star Trek Voyager ReBoot (script style)

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    This is a piece that came out of a discussion on another Forum, based on the idea that Janeway and Riker switched places and whilst she was Picard's Number One, he was lost in the Delta Quadrant.

    So I got myself a copy of the script online and started hammering out a pilot of my very own, with a somewhat different crew, and thought I would post it here as well.

    I've never done anything in scipt style, so its something different for me, which is always a good thing ever now and then.

    As always, any and all feedback is appreciated.

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    Star Trek Voyager

    Scrolling Text: Unhappy with a new treaty, Federation Colonists along the Cardassian border have banded together and formed “The Maquis”. They continued to fight against the Cardassians, quickly joined by many sympathisers—including a few Starfleet officers.

    Some considered them to be heroes, but to the governments of the Federation and Cardassia, they are outlaws and terrorists.

    A massive Cardassian warship is firing on a small Federation ship, which it clearly damaged. It returns fire sporadically.

    [Cockpit, Maquis Ship]
    The interior is dark and smoky, what panels are still illuminated hark back to a design style that is 30 years out of date. The small crew are continuously buffeted and shaken about. Three are seated, with a couple others behind them. The seated three are: RO LAREN, a Bajoran woman who served onboard the Enterprise-D for a brief time, before she defected to the Maquis; TUVOK, a dark skinned Vulcan man who is manning Tactical; and B’ELANNA TORRES, a half-human/half-Klingon woman at Operations.

    RO: Damage report.
    TUVOK: Shields at sixty percent.
    TORRES: (working fervently) A fuel line has ruptured. Attempting to compensate. Damn it! We’re barely maintaining impulse. I can’t get more out of it.
    RO: (focused forward) Be creative!
    TORRES: (questioning look at RO) How am I suppose to be creative with an engine built of salvage and scrap?

    A small viewscreen comes to life, displaying GUL EVEK. He is a typical Cardassian, leathery grey skin, neck ridges and with a look of disdain and an air of menace.

    EVEK: Terrorist ship. This is Gul Evek of the Cardassian Fourth Order. Cut your engines and prepare to surrender or be des—

    RO cuts the transmission.

    RO: Initiating evasive manoeuvres, pattern omega. Mark!
    TUVOK: (calmly) Shields at forty percent.
    RO: I need more power if we’re going to make it to the Badlands.
    TORRES: Take the weapons offline. We’ll transfer that power to the engines.
    TUVOK: That would not be logical, considering the circumstances.
    TORRES: (angrily) What does it matter? We’re not making a dent in their shields anyway! (glance at RO) That creative enough for you?
    RO: (pauses for a moments thought) Tuvok, shut down the phaser banks. If you can give me another thirty seconds of full impulse, I’ll get us into the Badlands.
    TUVOK: Phasers offline. Shields at thirty percent.
    RO: Throw the last photons at them and then give me the power from the launchers.
    TUVOK: Acknowledged. Firing torpedoes.

    Two photon torpedoes are fired from the aft launchers. They impact on the warships shields, with little discernable effect. Just ahead of the Maquis ship is a large nebulous looking anomaly, it crackles with energy. The small ship and their pursuers are heading straight for it. The Cardassians increase fire.

    [Cockpit, Maquis Ship]
    RO: Are you reading any plasma storms brewing?
    TUVOK: One. Adjust course to one-seven-one-mark-oh-three-four.
    RO: That’s where we’re going.
    TUVOK: Plasma storm density increasing by nineteen percent. Twenty-five. Thirty.
    RO: Hang on!

    The Maquis ship barely dodges through the plasma field, their shields crackle as they pass through the harsh storm.

    [Cockpit, Maquis Ship]
    TUVOK: The Cardassian ship is not reducing power. They’re following us in.
    RO: Gul Evek must feel daring today.

    The Cardassian warship follows their course, but a plasma eddy tears through the port side causing massive damage. The ship is thrown off course, trailing warp plasma and losing power.

    [Cockpit, Maquis Ship]
    TUVOK: They’ve take extensive damage. They’re sending out a distress call on all Cardassian frequencies.
    RO: (looking visibly relieved) Tuvok, can you plot a course through the fields to the Terikof Belt?
    TUVOK: (after a moment of working his console) The storms activity is typically widespread and unpredictable in this vicinity. I can plot a course, but I’m afraid it will require an indirect route.
    TORRES: Good thing we’re limited to impulse, that ruptured fuel line has knocked out warp drive.
    RO: We’ll make what repairs we can. Hopefully Terikof Station will have the parts and supplies we need.

    RO gets up to stretch following the battle, and checks on the crewmembers at the back of the cockpit. There is a sudden but brief white flash. RO looks around, obviously confused and concerned.

    RO: What the hell was that?
    TUVOK: Curious. We’ve just passed through some kind of coherent tetryon beam.
    RO: Origin?
    TUVOK: Unknown. There now appears to be a massive displacement wave moving towards us.
    RO: Another storm?
    TUVOK: It is not a plasma phenomenon. At present speed it will intercept us in thirty seconds.

    RO quickly resumes her station and casts a glance at TORRES.

    RO: Anything left in those impulse generators, B’Elanna?
    TORRES: We’ll find out.
    TUVOK: The wave is still exceeding our speed.
    RO: Torres, shut down life support and divert the power to the engines.
    TORRES: Already done. We’re at maximum power.
    TUVOK: The wave is accelerating. Intercept in eight seconds. Five.
    RO: (yelling) Brace yourselves!

    Everything goes white.

    * * *

    [Starfleet Command, San Francisco, Earth]
    It is a glorious day, clear skies, bright sun. Several futuristic buildings are nestled amongst lush greenery, not all of which is from Earth. There are a lot of uniformed officers going about, carrying out various duties. Among them is Captain WILLIAM RIKER. He stands out amongst them, being tall and broad shouldered, with dark hair and bearded. He has a casual swagger to his walk, and is taking in the scenery—as well as a few of the more attractive women that walk past. He heads into a building marked: Starfleet Command Headquarters.

    [Admiral SITAK’s Office]
    RIKER arrives at the office of Vulcan Admiral SITAK, she is sat behind her desk ramrod straight and looks serene, her age indeterminate.

    SITAK: Captain, thank you for coming so promptly.
    RIKER: You did say it was urgent ma’am.

    RIKER takes the seat she offers, immediately he looks comfortable in his surroundings.

    SITAK: Four days ago, we lost contact with one of our deep cover operatives in the Maquis. They were onboard a raider that was chased into the Badlands by a Cardassian warship—where they lost all contact with the ship. Our long-range reconnaissance probes haven’t picked up any sign of our operatives transponder frequency.
    RIKER: They could have deactivated it.

    It is clear that his statement implies that the operative could have defected to the Maquis. SITAK’s expression remains neutral in the moment of silence.

    SITAK: Perhaps. Until the reason can be determined, we must operate under the assumption that our operative is incommunicado. We are assigning Voyager to the Badlands to search for the Maquis ship and retrieve our operative. I understand that the ship has yet to be tested in such a dangerous region, however there aren’t many starships that can traverse the plasma storms.
    RIKER: (confidently) Don’t worry Admiral, she can handle the Badlands. When do we leave?
    SITAK: As soon as your final crew are onboard. There will be a Mission Specialist on this assignment, someone who knows the Badlands extremely well.
    RIKER: (cautiously) Who?

    * * *

    [Starfleet Penal Colony, New Zealand]
    Inmates of various species are going about constructing ‘something’. They are all in drab grey overalls and each one wears an ankle tag. Amid the inmates, we focus in on a human male working at the base of a structure with a laser-like device. This is SEAN HAWK, an attractive sandy-haired, blue eyed young man, in his mid-20s, who looks like he should be a poster boy for Starfleet and not serving time in a penal colony.

    Behind him, someone moves into view from the waist down. HAWK becomes aware that someone is behind him, but doesn’t look round.

    HAWK: (holding out a hand) Hand me the flux capacitor.

    The tool is handed to him and he finishes up the job he was working on, before turning and looking up at RIKER.

    RIKER: (asking, although he already knows the answer) Sean Hawk?

    HAWK: (suspiciously) Who’s asking?

    RIKER: Will Riker, Captain of the starship Voyager. I understand you’ve agreed to act as our guide in the Badlands.

    HAWK: If you’re crazy enough to take a Federation starship into the Badlands, then I’m crazy enough to go with you. (looks around the work yard) It beats sticking around this place.

    RIKER: I’ve been told by the Rehab Commission that by helping us out on this mission you’ll have some time taken off your sentence.

    HAWK: So I was told. It surprised me actually. Starfleet doesn’t particularly like traitors. (looks RIKER up and down) I’m equally surprised that you agreed to take me onboard your ship. Not frightened I’ll sow the seeds of decent among you’re crew?

    RIKER: (with a sly smile) I’ve agreed to take you because you’ll be of use on this mission, once it’s over you’ll be coming right back here to repay your debt to Starfleet.

    HAWK: (sarcastically) I can’t wait Captain.

    RIKER: Just a word of warning Mr Hawk: step out of line on my ship and I assure you, you’ll regret it.

    There is a moments pause, where both men square up to one another.

    RIKER: You’d better get yourself ready, you’re scheduled to meet us at Deep Space 9 in five days.

    HAWK: Yes sir.

    RIKER turns and leaves. HAWK watches after him, before dropping his tools back into the engineering kit and heading off towards a utilitarian-looking building.
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    A sleek shuttlecraft baring the insignia of the U.S.S. Voyager flies silently through space, approaching Deep Space 9—the Cardassian architecture is both harsh and beautiful in equal measure. There are several ships flying around the station and connected to the docking ring, the largest of which are berthed at the upper and lower pylons. Presently a large freighter obscures Voyager from view.

    [Interior, Shuttlecraft Aldrin]
    Inside the shuttle there are two occupants. HAWK is leaning against the bulkhead in the cockpit, he is dressed in civilian attire (the 24th century equivalent of jeans and t-shirt, with a beat-up leather jacket). At the controls is a young human man in his early twenties. This is Ops Officer Ensign SAM LAVELLE. His appearance is so similar that he could be RIKER’s younger brother.

    HAWK pushes off from the bulkhead and moves to the co-pilot seat next to LAVELLE.

    HAWK: Say, Lavelle, what about letting me at the controls?

    LAVELLE: (casts him a look that says it all) I don’t think so somehow.

    HAWK: I was the best pilot to come out of the Academy in the last ten years.

    LAVELLE: So that’s why.

    HAWK: Why what?

    LAVELLE: You spent all your time learning to fly, you must’ve missed everything on the honour and integrity of Starfleet.

    HAWK: Stow it kid! I don’t need any lectures from the likes of you.

    HAWK gets up and goes back to where he stood before, scowling at LAVELLE. There is an uneasy silence in the shuttle, and neither of them make an attempt to fill it. As the shuttle moves around the station, the U.S.S. Voyager slowly comes into view. It is a relatively small ship, but she is perfectly formed, with a narrow, sleek, oval-shaped saucer, a shallow engineering section and small nacelles on either side. HAWK takes a step forward, impressed by the new class of ship.

    HAWK: That’s her?

    LAVELLE: (with pride) U.S.S. Voyager. Second Intrepid-Class ship commissioned. Sustainable cruise velocity of warp factor nine-point-nice-seven-five. Fifteen decks. Crew complement of one hundred and forty-one. Equipped with bio-neural circuitry.

    HAWK: (looks at LAVELLE) Bio-what?

    LAVELLE: Bio-neural. The traditional isolinear circuitry has been replaced with gel packs that contain bio-neural cells. They organise information more efficiently, speed up response time.

    HAWK continues to admire the ship as they get closer.

    The shuttle flies over the starship as it approaches the shuttlebay at the rear.

    * * *

    [Quark’s Bar, Deep Space 9]
    The multi-storey bar is heaving with aliens of all descriptions, lots of noise and activity, and very harassed Ferengi waiters weave through the throng of people and tables. In a relatively quiet nook are two Trill women. One is JADZIA DAX, Chief Science Officer on the station, she is tall, beautiful and dark haired. The second is EZRI TIGAN, younger, shorter with dark hair, she has a kind and open look about her, as well as a vulnerability.

    DAX: So when is you’re final assessment?

    TIGAN: (a hint of nerves) As soon as I get back to Trill. I knew it was going to be tough, but every year there are more and more applicants to the Symbiosis Commission. Competition among Initiates is getting fierce.

    DAX: (smiling warmly) Ezri, you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you didn’t belong to be. From what I’ve seen over the last two weeks, you more than deserve to be Joined, which is exactly what I’ll tell the Commission.

    TIGAN: (smiling now) Thank you Jadzia. If I’d been told two weeks ago that I would be sitting in a bar with Dax, the most feared field docent on Trill, I’d have laughed at them. You are nothing like your reputation.

    DAX: (leans in closely and whispers) Shhh! Don’t tell people that, I don’t want to ruin the illusion.

    Both women laugh as a waiter comes over to their table and sets down another drink in front of DAX and clears away the two empties.

    DAX: Are you sure you can’t stay for a little longer?

    TIGAN: I’d love to, but I’m fortunate to hitch a lift onboard Voyager, I don’t want to make them reconsider by turning up late. I’ll comm you when I get back to Trill.

    DAX: I’d like that. And hopefully the next time we meet, you won’t be Ezri Tigan anymore.

    TIGAN: I can but hope Jadzia.

    DAX: Have a safe trip.

    TIGAN gets up from the table, as does DAX and the share a quick embrace, before the younger woman slips into the crowd, before she leaves the bar she stops and says goodbye to a familiar patron, a heavy-set alien known to all as MORN. Her goodbyes said she heads out the bar.

    * * *

    [Shuttlebay, U.S.S. Voyager]
    The shuttle Aldrin sits in the middle of the bay as the space doors slowly close, the faint shimmer of a forcefield can be seen—keeping everyone inside the bay safe. LAVELLE and HAWK, a bag over his shoulder, step out of the shuttle. HAWK looks around the pristine shuttlebay, before his attention is drawn to a young woman standing by the exit. LAVELLE is already heading towards her, and HAWK follows at his own leisure. He meets up with the pair a few moments later. The woman is the raven-haired and beautiful AIVA STADI, a native of Betazed her eyes are black and deep, and she fills out her Sciences uniform nicely.

    STADI: (looking at HAWK) Mr Hawk, welcome aboard. I’m Lieutenant Aiva Stadi. (turning to LAVELLE) Ensign, Commander Franklin said he could use your help in Engineering when you got back onboard. I’ll see too Mr Hawk.

    LAVELLE: (focusing on STADI) Of course Lieutenant.

    Without a word to HAWK, LAVELLE leaves the shuttlebay. HAWK looks after the ensign, before turning back to STADI. She leads him out of the shuttlebay and they head in the opposite direction. Like the hanger, the corridors are clean and freshly painted. Everything about the ship is neat and new and untested.

    HAWK: I don’t believe the Ensign likes me.

    STADI: Does that bother you?

    HAWK: (casting her a suspicious look) Are you the Counsellor, here to psycho-analyse me to make sure I’m not a threat to the ship and mission?

    STADI: (smiling) I’m the Science Officer, but you’re radiating a great deal of intense emotions, it’s hard to block them.

    HAWK: You’re Betazoid.

    STADI: That’s not a problem is it?

    HAWK: No offence, but I’d rather not have anyone else in my head. Weren’t you warned about the likes of me Lieutenant?

    They step into a turbolift and she presses a panel to take them to their destination. In the privacy of the carriage, she turns to face him.

    STADI: (in a direct, matter-of-fact manner) I prefer to make up my own mind about people Mr Hawk—regardless of hearsay and gossip. One thing Betazoids learn quickly is that people always have reasons for their actions. Sometimes they are honourable, other times driven by self-interest. I won’t pretend to know you, but I know you had a reason for going AWOL and joining the Maquis. Whatever it was—good or bad—it was important to you.

    Her frankness obviously surprises him and brings him up short for a moment. They turn away from one another as they journey through the ship. It is only when the turbolift begins to slow that he looks back at her.

    HAWK: So I’m already a topic of gossip? You people must not get out much.

    They continue through a couple other corridors before they arrive at Sickbay. It is a perfectly formed medical facility, everything laid out in an efficient and precise manner. Doctor WAGNER and his Vulcan nurse are attending to a patient on the primary biobed. WAGNER takes note of their entry, but continues to work for several minutes before finishing up and moving towards them.

    STADI: Doctor Wagner, this is Mr Hawk, our mission specialist.

    WAGNER looks HAWK over and is seemingly unimpressed. He picks up a PADD and studies the data for a moment.

    WAGNER: (with a German accent) The former Maquis. We have received your medical records from your last active posting, as well as the penal colony infirmary. Everything seems to be more or less in order.

    HAWK: Glad to hear it Doc.

    WAGNER: Doctor. A dock is something you berth ships at.

    HAWK: I’ll try to remember that.

    WAGNER: (directed to STADI) I won’t need to conduct a physical, he won’t be onboard long enough to warrant one.

    STADI: Very well Doctor. (to HAWK) I’d better show you to the Captain. He wanted you to check in with him once you were onboard. I’ll take you by your quarters first, so you can stow your gear.

    STADI and HAWK leave Sickbay, as WAGNER turns back to his nurse and their patient.

    * * *

    [Captain’s Ready Room, U.S.S. Voyager]
    A large-ish, split level room with the desk on the lower area and comfortable seating on the upper section under the large viewports. It is comfortable decorated, with trinkets and knickknacks from around the quadrant on display. Some of the most prominent items are a trombone, a Risan horga’hn, and numerous pictures of friends—including ones of RIKER with GEORDI LA FORGE and DEANNA TROI from the Enterprise. He is sitting on the upper level with TIGAN, who is dressed in a casual jumpsuit with her combadge in place, both enjoying a cup of coffee.

    RIKER: So was working with Dax as bad as every Initiate believes it is?

    TIGAN: Oh yes sir, all the rumours were true. (they both chuckle) I couldn’t have asked for better. She was incredibly supportive and so easy to get along with.

    RIKER: That’s Jadzia alright. The first time I met her, I wound up owing her a favour—she bailed me out of a big poker match in Quark’s one night—and ever since we’ve stayed in touch. If she thinks you’ve got what it takes, then you definitely have.

    TIGAN: Did you win?

    RIKER: (with a knowing smile) What do you think?

    TIGAN: (chuckles again) And has she collected on that favour yet?

    RIKER: She asked me to do one little thing, now that I made Captain. She asked if I could pick up a passenger and deliver them home in a prompt and speedy manner.

    TIGAN: (surprised) Really? She used her favour from you to give me a lift?

    RIKER: She just wants to make sure you get back to Trill quickly, so that you can complete your training and be ready for a Symbiont of your very own.

    TIGAN: (blushing) Thank you Captain. I’ll try not to be a bother to you.

    The door chime sounds.

    RIKER: Trust me Ezri, it’s no bother at all. (looks at the door) Come in.

    The door opens. STADI leads HAWK (still in his civvies) into the Ready Room. RIKER stands to meet the new arrival, and TIGAN also gets to her feet quickly.

    TIGAN: I’d best be out of your way now Captain.

    RIKER: Sure thing. We’ll have you at Trill by the end of the week.

    TIGAN leaves the Ready Room. RIKER moves to the banister between the two levels and casually leans on the edge.

    RIKER: Thank you Lieutenant. You’d best take your station, we’re almost ready to depart.

    STADI: Aye sir.

    She gives HAWK a quick nod and then heads out to the bridge, leaving RIKER and HAWK alone.

    RIKER: Welcome aboard Voyager Mr Hawk. I trust you didn’t have any problems getting here.

    HAWK: No more than usual. (looks around the Ready Room) I now understand why you got the job going after the Maquis, even in New Zealand we heard about the Intrepid-Class. Have to say, I’m more than a little impressed.

    RIKER: I’ll take that as a compliment. She’s fresh off her shakedown cruise and more than ready for whatever the Maquis have to throw at us.

    HAWK: Don’t get too cocky Captain. The Maquis are used to fighting a lot bigger enemies, and have become very adept at guerrilla tactics in order to seize victory.

    RIKER: (gives him a serious look) Noted Mr Hawk. Could this whole incident be a ploy?

    HAWK: (shrugs his shoulders) It would depend on how good your spy was, and whether or not their cover has been blown. But not even the more extreme Cells in the Maquis would attack a Starfleet ship—the last thing they want is to turn Federation sympathisers against them, and be hunted down even more vigilantly that they already are.

    RIKER: (nodding, deep in thought) That’s what I’d have said as well. But you were captured six months ago. Things could have changed pretty drastically in that time.

    There is a moments pause as they both think over the consequences for such a shift would bring to their mission.

    RIKER: We’d best get onto the bridge, we’ll be departing soon.

    RIKER leads the way out onto the Bridge.

    [Bridge, U.S.S. Voyager]
    The bridge is a hive of activity. Not one bulkhead is put to waste, with various consoles and displays and equipment lockers at strategic places around the room. It’s layout is a departure from Starfleet norm, but it is still highly practical. STADI sits on the opposite side of the Bridge, as does LAVELLE. At Tactical is Lieutenant Commander YARIX, a bald Bolian female, and at the Conn is Lieutenant JG KOEL, a young male Napean. There are various officers manning the other consoles, with a few aliens among them. RIKER leads them up to the central area, which has three chairs surrounded by banisters. There is an Human man standing here, looking at a PADD. This is CAVIT, he is obviously older than RIKER, his hair starting to turn grey.

    RIKER: Mr Hawk, my First Officer, Commander Cavit.

    CAVIT simply nods an acknowledgment and makes no move to offer a handshake. Not does HAWK. RIKER is right between the uncomfortable exchange. CAVIT then moves off down to the curved Conn station. RIKER heads towards Ops, leaving HAWK to take in the Bridge.

    RIKER: Have all final systems checks been completed?

    LAVELLE: Yes sir. All ship’s systems and full readiness.

    RIKER: Very good. Clear our departure with Ops. (he moves back to the central area, in front of the Captain’s chair.

    LAVELLE: (after a brief second) Operations has cleared us.

    CAVIT: Ensign Lavelle, bring thrusters online. Lieutenant Koel, lay in the course and clear all moorings.

    LAVELLE: Thrusters ready sir.

    KOEL: Course laid in. All moorings cleared. We are free to navigate.

    RIKER: (taking his seat) Engage.
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    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    [Mess Hall]
    The Mess Hall is like a mini Ten Forward. At the front of the ship, it offers some breathtaking views. It is filled with tables, there are a few couches at one end of the room. The room is pretty busy, with officers and crew having meals or catching up with friends at the lunchtime rush. HAWK enters the room. He is still in his civvies (minus the jacket), which makes him immediately stand out among the uniformed crew. A few look his way and then begin talking in hushed tones with their companions. One such group is CAVIT, WAGNER and LAVELLE. HAWK heads to the nearest replicator.

    HAWK: Tomato soup.

    COMPUTER: There are fourteen varieties of tomato soup available: with rice, with pasta, with vegetables, Bolian style—

    HAWK: Plain.

    COMPUTER: Please specified hot or chilled.

    HAWK: (getting frustrated) Hot! Hot, plain tomato soup.

    There is a faint hum and a bowl appears in the recess, filled with piping hot soup. As he lifts the tray, CAVIT and WAGNER get up from their table and head off, giving him serious looks as they pass. HAWK goes over to the table where LAVELLE is still sitting and takes one of the empty seats, not even asking if it’s free.

    HAWK: So what’s the rumour mill come up with now?

    LAVELLE just looks at him for a moment, sizing him up. HAWK carries on oblivious to the scrutiny. After the first spoonful he doesn’t look overly impressed.

    HAWK: It’s never as good as what mom used to replicate.

    LAVELLE: (sitting back, arms folded) So what is the truth then? All I’ve heard since the Captain announced you were coming onboard are rumours and theories about why you left. But no two match up.

    HAWK has a few more spoons of soup before he looks up at the younger man.

    HAWK: You should be careful about questions like that Ensign, you might not like the answer.

    LAVELLE: I don’t particularly care one way or the other, but seeing as how we’re putting the success of this mission, not to mention our own lives, into your hands, I thought it would just be good to know the truth.

    HAWK: (shrugs) The Maquis had a better dress code. (continues eating his soup)

    LAVELLE: (scoffs and looks disdainfully at him) Looks like you lived up to my expectations Mister Hawk. I didn’t expect a straight answer from you. (leans forward) Some say that you just couldn’t hack it as an officer, so you just walked away. Others think you were pushed out, the reasons of which were classified and buried. Then there are those that say you are mentally unbalanced, and needed an outlet in order to kill sentients.

    HAWK: (chuckles humourlessly) They’re all pretty tame. I’ve heard a lot worse been said about me Ensign, and if I didn’t rise to the bait then, you have no chance now. Trust me Lavelle, as soon as this mission is over, I’m out of your hair and back in my cosy little cell back on Earth, and you never have to worry about me again. Until that time, let’s just agree to stay out of each other’s way. It would make everyone’s life easier.

    LAVELLE: I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

    HAWK: You do that Ensign.

    RIKER: (=/\=) Ensign Lavelle and Mr Hawk. We’re approaching the Badlands. Report to the bridge.

    HAWK and LAVELLE get up from their table and quickly head out of the Mess Hall in silence.

    * * *

    Voyager holds position on the outskirts of the Badlands, which look even fiercer than the last time.

    LAVELLE and HAWK come out of the turbolift. RIKER, CAVIT and YARIX are clustered around the Science console with STADI. LAVELLE assumes his station, whilst HAWK moves down to join them.

    STADI: (pointing at a wall display that shows a sensor scan) Plasma storms were measured at levels three and four.

    RIKER: (looking at HAWK) The Cardassians gave us the last known heading of the Maquis ship, and we have charts of the plasma storm activity the day the ship went missing. With any luck we might be able to approximate its course.

    HAWK steps closer to the display to look over the data, he taps a few controls and adjust the image to a wider view. The others watch him, CAVIT and YARIX with suspicion. RIKER with curiosity.

    HAWK: My guess is that they would be heading to the Terikof Belt.

    YARIX: What’s that?

    HAWK: A large free floating asteroid belt the Maquis stumbled upon eighteen months ago, deep in the Badlands. Even if you know its there, its hard to find.

    CAVIT: Why would they go there?

    HAWK: Because they’ve set up a repair facility inside one of the largest asteroids. If the ship had been damaged in a fight against the Cardassians, that’s the one place they could be assured of respite to make repairs and resupply.

    YARIX: (with a scowl) I don’t remember any of your debriefings with Starfleet mentioning that fact.

    HAWK: Must’ve slipped my mind.

    Before CAVIT or YARIX can tear into HAWK, RIKER steps past them and closer to the display.

    RIKER: (with a tone that suggests he’d be better off to help) What are the co-ordinates?

    HAWK: Two-seven-one-mark-zero-zero-six. The asteroids produce an unusual magnetic field, which keeps them in place. Once you find that, you’re close.

    RIKER: Yarix, raise shields and sound yellow alert.

    YARIX: Yes Captain. (she leaves the group and resumes her place at Tactical)

    A moment later, the alert panels flash yellow and a mellow klaxon sounds.

    RIKER: Take us in Commander, half impulse.

    CAVIT: Aye sir. (he moves over to the Conn to relay RIKER’s orders)

    The ship’s impulse engines glow as they move towards the plasma fields. Effortlessly Voyager glides through the maelstrom, ducking and weaving through the streamers and bursts of energy.

    [Mess Hall]
    The Mess Hall is almost deserted, the crew having resumed their station under Yellow Alert. TIGAN is the only occupant. She looks out at the plasma storms as the ship manoeuvres through them. Unconsciously she bites her bottom lip.

    RIKER and HAWK are still at the Science console with STADI.

    RIKER: The Cardassians sensors were barely functioning after they were damaged, but they picked up some unusual reading. They assumed the ship was destroyed. Our probes haven’t picked up any debris however.

    HAWK: Plasma storms aren’t known for leaving a lot of debris.

    STADI: We’d be able to detect a resonance trace from their warp core.

    RIKER leaves Science and moves back towards the Command area, HAWK follows a few steps behind. CAVIT is already seated on the right side of the Captain’s chair. RIKER stops at the banister behind the Conn and leans forward. HAWK remains standing to the side.

    RIKER: Koel, how’s she handling?

    KOEL: These storms are very unpredictable sir. I’ve had to increase power to the thrusters to improve attitude control.

    RIKER: (looks at LAVELLE) Ensign, can you set up a direct telemetry link between our probes and the navigational array. We can use them as an early warning system.

    LAVELLE: Aye sir. Accessing probe systems now. (after a few moments) Datalink established Captain.

    KOEL: Looks good. Thank you sir.

    RIKER: Controls are at your discretion Lieutenant. Do what you think is necessary to keep us in one piece.

    KOEL: Aye Captain.

    RIKER moves back to his chair and sits down. He looks at HAWK and gestures to the chair on his left. HAWK takes the queue and sits down. CAVIT shoots him a look and quickly rises. He goes up to Tactical. There is a brief moment of peace, as the crew go about their duties in an organised and meticulous manner. An alert from Ops chirps.

    LAVELLE: Captain, I’ve reading a coherent tetryon beam scanning us.

    RIKER: (with a scowl) Origin?

    LAVELLE: Unknown. No ships within range.

    STADI: Sir, sensors have just picked up a massive displacement wave moving towards us. Closing fast.

    RIKER: On screen.

    On the viewscreen, the image shifts to show a narrow band of white energy laterally bisect the plasma storms. It grows significantly larger in just a few seconds.

    RIKER: Analysis Aiva.

    STADI: Some kind of polarised magnetic variation. Its velocity is steadily increasing.

    CAVIT: We might be able to disperse it with a graviton particle field. (he starts working at Tactical to adjust the particle emitter)

    RIKER: (standing) Do it. Red alert! Move us away from it, Lieutenant.

    KOEL: New heading: zero-four-one-mark-one-eight-zero.

    Voyager veers to starboard. The wave can be clearly seen, closing fast. The ship cuts a path through the plasma storms, but the wave steadily closes the gap.

    CAVIT: Initiating graviton field.

    On the viewscreen, the view has shifted aft. A blue beam emerges from a point on Voyager’s hull. The wave shows no sign of weakening.

    STADI: The graviton field had no effect.

    RIKER: Full impulse.

    LAVELLE: (sounding tense) The wave will intercept in twelve seconds.

    RIKER: Can we go to warp?

    KOEL: Not until we clear the plasma field, Captain.

    LAVELLE: Five seconds.

    RIKER: Brace for impact!

    RIKER quickly retakes his seat. Most of the other crew are bracing themselves. CAVIT moves from Tactical, heading back to his own chair. There is a thundering noise. CAVIT is thrown across the bridge. All that can be heard is his scream as everything goes white.
  5. Dusty Ayres

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    Jan 29, 2004
    ANS Yamato, Sector 5, Sol System
    Great story so far, I love the characters, and love what you've done with them; keep up the great work.
  6. Bry_Sinclair

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    Sep 28, 2009
    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    The Bridge is a mess—what can be seen of it anyway, illumination is provided from the flashing red alert panels and the few consoles that are still functioning. A support beam has crashed into the large Master System Display at the back of the Bridge. Loose cables short and spark. Around the deck lie the crew. Slowly some movement can be seen. RIKER crawls to his feet and sees CAVIT’s prone body. He moves over to his First Officer and checks for a pulse. Nothing. HAWK has moved over to help STADI back into her chair, and she nods a ‘thank you’, before he moves towards the Conn. LAVELLE slowly rises behind his station and begins looking at the displays. A few others also start moving and checking. They are all hurt in some manner—cuts, bruises—but they keep going.

    RIKER: (looking around at the damage) Report!

    LAVELLE: Hull breaches on decks five and fourteen, emergency forcefields in place and holding. Comm-lines to Engineering are down, trying to re-establish. Main power is offline.

    RIKER: Damage control teams, seal off hull breaches on decks five and fourteen.

    D.C. TECH: (=/\=) Aye sir.

    RIKER: Lavelle, can you get the emergency batteries operational?

    LAVELLE: The emergency power relays were damaged, I’m trying to bypass through the auxiliary power grid.

    A moment later emergency lighting comes on, though it isn’t much better than what they had before.

    STADI: Casualty reports are coming in from all decks. Sickbay is not responding.

    RIKER: Bridge to Sickbay. Doctor, can you hear me? (looks down at HAWK who is leaning next to KOEL) Hawk, how’s Koel?

    HAWK: He’s dead.

    RIKER shuts his eyes for a moment of mourning, he opens them again and turns towards the back of the bridge. He sees YARIX lying on the deck, obviously dead.

    STADI: (worriedly) Captain, I’m reading something out there.

    RIKER: (moving towards Science) Something? I need a better description that that Lieutenant.

    STADI: Our sensors are barely functioning, and the arrays that are have taken severe damage. From what I can make out, it appears to be some kind of metallic structure—a station of some kind.

    RIKER: (glances at the viewscreen, which is dark) See if you can get the viewscreen operational.

    STADI: (furiously working her console) Standby. Optical sensors are better than most.

    The viewscreen crackles to life, and as the static clears a massive structure becomes clear. It has four arms upper and lower and two larger ones centre, its design is completely alien to anything they have seen before. It is steadily firing pulses in one direction, away from Voyager. The crew all pause at what they are doing and look at it in a mixture of awe and anxiety. A panel chirps on STADI’s console. As she turns to address it, RIKER looks at her expectantly.

    STADI: The sensors have been able to identify two of stars and a nebula within a point-five parsec radius. (her voice wavering) If these readings are accurate, we’re over seventy thousand light-years from our previous position. (her voice almost echoes in the silence on the Bridge) We’re on the other side of the galaxy.

    * * *

    The damage isn’t confined to the Bridge. The lighting in the corridors is flickering, some panels have buckled, others are scorched. TIGAN comes round a corner, she is bleeding from a head wound but seems alright, she is carrying an open tricorder. She comes to a body. Crouching beside it, she runs the tricorder over the twisted and burnt form. It only takes a few seconds to register the lack of life-signs, so she moves on. After a few more meters there is the hum of a forcefield. She rounds another corner and comes face to face with open space, a crackling blue forcefield is the only thing that is keeping her safe. Close by there is a low groan. She spots a female crewmember who is barely moving, and is immediately by her side, running the tricorder over the woman. A look of concern crosses her face.

    TIGAN: (tapping her combadge) Tigan to Sickbay. Medical emergency on deck five port. (there is no answer) Sickbay respond. (looking back down at the injured woman) Just hang on; I’ll get you to Sickbay.

    Gingerly, TIGAN manages to get the injured woman to her feet, through with a lot of groans and gasps. The woman leans heavily against TIGAN—who is much smaller by comparison. Slowly, they head through the corridor towards Sickbay.

    TIGAN: You’re going to be alright. We’ll be there in just a few moments. It’s not far.

    * * *

    Voyager slowly moves in closer to the structure, and on the viewscreen the Maquis Raider becomes visible. The dead and seriously injured are being stretched off by red and gold shirts (just so they aren’t mistaken for medics). LAVELLE and STADI are at their customary posts, HAWK has taken a seat at Conn, Ensign ROLLINS now stands at Tactical. RIKER is helping load CAVIT onto a stretcher before moving towards Ops.

    LAVELLE: I’m got limited power readings on the Maquis ship. No life-signs.

    RIKER: What about on that…that array?

    LAVELLE: Our sensors can’t penetrate it’s hull.

    RIKER: Any idea what those pulses are that are coming from it, Mr Lavelle?

    LAVELLE: Massive bursts of radiant energy. They seem to be directed to a nearby G-Type star system.

    RIKER: Try hailing the array.

    LAVELLE nods and sets to work. RIKER moves down to Science.

    RIKER: Anything more on our position?

    STADI: I’m using data that was amassed by the Quadros-3 probe over two centuries ago sir. Running our sensor records against the star charts it compiled. They put us at seventy thousand, one hundred and twelve light-years away from the Badlands.

    There is a burst of static through the intercom.

    CAREY: (=/\=) Engineering to Bridge. We’ve taken extensive damage down here. Commander Franklin’s dead. Possibility of a warp core breach.

    RIKER: (immediately focused and moving for the turbolift) Secure all engineering systems. I’m on my way.

    LAVELLE: No response from the array.

    RIKER: (not slowing) Lavelle, Hawk, get to Sickbay. See what’s going on down there, and assist where needed. (over his shoulder as he gets into the turbolift) Stadi, the Bridge is yours.

    STADI: (as the doors close) Aye sir.

    HAWK dashes up to join LAVELLE as he heads for the second exit. Their posts are quickly covered by the last two free people of the bridge. STADI remains at her console.
  7. Bry_Sinclair

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    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    HAWK and LAVELLE move wordlessly through the corridors, both have secured tricorders en route down from the Bridge. As they round a corner, they come across TIGAN and the injured woman.

    TIGAN: Can you help me get her to Sickbay?

    HAWK moves first, and lifts the injured woman effortlessly.

    TIGAN: Careful, she has a broken rib and internal bleeding.

    HAWK nods. They head for Sickbay.

    Sickbay is in chaos. The room is filled with smoke and a fire ranges from one of the consoles. Lying on the deck or contorted over the console are three crewmembers in blue, all clearly dead. LAVELLE goes to an emergency locker, whilst HAWK sets the injured woman on a biobed, and TIGAN crouches by the medical staff and scans them, she is soon shaking her head.

    HAWK: They must’ve been right next to the console when it exploded.

    LAVELLE, now with protective gauntlets and an extinguisher goes in to tackle the fire.

    RIKER (who is also sporting a tricorder) steps into Engineering, just as a conduit sparks. He surveys the damage as he approaches the warp core, which is very different to what’s been seen previously, inside is a swirling mass of liquid hydrogen and antimatter, creating a deep blue colour. RIKER spots JOSEPH CAREY, a human man, with curly hair, in his late 30s, and heads for the senior most engineer left.

    COMPUTER: Warning. Warp core microfracture detected. Breach imminent.

    RIKER: What’s the warp core pressure?

    CAREY: Twenty-one thousand kilopascals.

    RIKER: Lock down the magnetic constrictors.

    CAREY: If we lock them down at this pressure level, we might not be able to reinitialise the dilithium reaction.

    COMPUTER: Warning. Warp core microfracture detected. Breach imminent.

    RIKER: We don’t have a choice. We’ve got to get the reaction rate down before we try to seal it.

    LAVELLE finishes with the fire, whilst HAWK and TIGAN try to deal with the influx of injured that are being brought in.

    LAVELLE: Computer, activate the Emergency Medical Holographic programme.

    In the middle of Sickbay, a bald, Human-looking man with a stern expression appears. This is the EMH Programme (better known just as the DOCTOR).

    DOCTOR: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

    LAVELLE: Multiple percussive injuries.

    The DOCTOR moves to the closest biobed and begins looking over the patient.

    DOCTOR: Status of Doctor Wagner?

    LAVELLE: He’s dead.

    DOCTOR: Point four cc’s of trianoline.

    LAVELLE: Trianoline?

    TIGAN: We’ve lost a nurse and a medic, no signs of the others.

    The DOCTOR picks up a hypospray and inserts a capsule, then goes back to the biobed, where the patient is groaning.

    DOCTOR: How soon are replacements expected?

    LAVELLE: That could be a problem. We’re pretty far away from replacements right now.

    The hologram hands LAVELLE the hypo and moves on to the next patient. LAVELLE puts the hypo down and follows the DOCTOR.

    DOCTOR: Tricorder.

    LAVELLE pulls out his scanner and hands it to the DOCTOR. He opens it for a second, closes it and hands it back to LAVELLE.

    DOCTOR: Medical tricorder.

    LAVELLE goes to the nearest equipment tray and grads one. As he does, the DOCTOR conducts a visual examination of the patient. LAVELLE returns and hands him the device. He takes it and starts running it over the patient.

    DOCTOR: A replacement must be requested as soon as possible. I am designed to act only as a short-term emergency supplement to the medical team.

    HAWK: Well we may be stuck with you for a while, Doc.

    DOCTOR: There’s no need for concern. I am capable of treating any injury or disease. No concussion. You'll be fine. (to LAVELLE) Clean him up.

    LAVELLE looks dumbfounded as the DOCTOR efficiently moves onto the next patient.

    RIKER is overseeing the repair work whilst CAREY makes the final adjustments to a device now attached to the side of the warp core. When he finishes, CAREY moves over to a console and nods at RIKER.

    RIKER: Unlock the magnetic constrictors.

    CAREY: Constrictors online.

    RIKER: (sounding hopeful) Pressure.

    CAREY: (after a moment, the relief clear in his voice) Its working. Twenty-five hundred kilopascals and holding.

    STADI: (=/\=) Bridge to Riker. We’re being scanned by the array, Captain. It’s penetrated our shields.

    RIKER: What kind of scan? Stadi? Riker to Bridge, respond.

    Whilst sharing a concerned look with CAREY, there is the sound of an alien transporter, and the engineer vanishes. RIKER looks at the nearest officer to him, a young Vulcan male who has somehow come through the experience in almost immaculate condition, this is Ensign TAURIK.

    RIKER: Initiate emergency lock-off.

    The transporter sounds again. This time RIKER vanishes.

    HAWK and LAVELLE help a man onto a biobed, as TIGAN sees to another man on a stool. The DOCTOR examines a woman on another biobed.

    DOCTOR: You’re not seriously hurt. You can return to your station.

    As she starts to sit up the alien transporter whines again, and she vanishes. Seconds later, so does everyone else. The DOCTOR looks around, annoyed.

    DOCTOR: (tapping his combadge) Sickbay to Bridge. I gave no permission for anyone to be transported out of Sickbay. Hello? This is the Emergency Holographic Doctor. I believe someone has failed to terminate my programme. Please respond.
  8. admiralelm11

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    Great work, Bry. You deserve an Academy Award. :bolian::bolian:
  9. Bry_Sinclair

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    I really liked "Caretaker", so I'm trying to keep as many elements as possible, whilst also addressing a few little niggles (for example, a ship with 141 crew only have two medical officers when she was in the Alpha Quadrant).

    Also, with my expanded cast I have to try and add them in at places that doesn't seem forced or shoe-horned in. Hopefully it's not sticking out likea sore thumb.

    More to come,

  10. USS Fardell

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    This is really good so far.
  11. Bry_Sinclair

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    Thank you all. Glad you are enjoying it.

    Might find the scripts for the other episodes as well and redo a couple of the big storylines. Then there would be an entirely original Season 7, back in the Alpha Quadrant.

  12. Bry_Sinclair

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    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    The crew find themselves apparently on a farm back on Earth. It will be an idyllic setting, warm and sunny, eerily cheerful and pleasant. The corn in the fields stands as tall as RIKER, chickens and ducks scurry about, in a field palomino ponies are grazing. RIKER, STADI, TIGAN, LAVELLE and HAWK are all clustered close together in front of a large white clapperboard house; they are all looking around trying to make sense of what just happened—all of them have tricorders with them. The screen door squeaks and a portly, middle-aged woman comes out onto the veranda, carrying an enormous tray.

    AUNT ADA: (in a motherly manner) Well looky here, you’re early! Lucky I was expecting you. Come up here. Come on, now. I’m not going to bite. I’ve got a pitcher of ice cold lemonade and some sugar cookies.

    TIGAN: Captain?

    RIKER: (studying his tricorder) Don’t believe your eyes, Ezri. We’ve only been transported about a hundred kilometres. We’re inside the Array.

    LAVELLE: There’s no indication of stable matter here. All this must be some kind of holographic projection.

    AUNT ADA: Oh, you poor dears. You must be tired out. Come on and sit down, put your feet up. Have a cold drink, hmm?

    RIKER: (stepping forward towards her) No, thank you. I’m Captain William Riker, of the U.S.S. Voyager, representing the United Federation of Planets.

    AUNT ADA: Well it’s a pleasure and a privilege to have you here Captain. Now, just make yourselves right at home. The neighbours should be here any minute. (looks down the road) Oh! And here they are!

    A large group of people arrive, all of them dressed to fit in with the surroundings. They are all saying hello, shacking hands and extending a warm reception, as though meeting old friends. An old man carrying a banjo comes up to RIKER and shakes his hand.

    BANJO MAN: Well, good to see you! Welcome. Welcome.

    An attractive young woman with mousy hair pushes in between LAVELLE and HAWK, focused completely on the young Ensign.

    JESSIE: (alluringly) We’re real glad you dropped by.

    AUNT ADA: Now we can get started. You’re all invited to the Welcoming Bee!

    BANJO MAN: Let’s have some music!

    As the old man starts to play, there are cheers and whoops from the holograms, who begin to dance. The Voyager crew looks around, perplexed and unsettled. They move away from the house, though JESSIE remains in line of sight of LAVELLE.

    RIKER: Stadi, do you have the casualty figures?

    STADI: Yes sir. Based on internal scans and reports that came in before we left, there were twenty-two confirmed dead and five missing. I can only surmise they were blown out into space when the hull was breached.

    RIKER: (takes the briefest of moments to lament over the loss of so many, before becoming all business again) Lieutenant, Mr Hawk, I want you to visually account for the surviving crew. Ezri, see what you can do for the injured. Sam, you and I will try to find out more about these holograms and the nature of this scenario.

    Assignments handed out they head off to carry out their tasks.

    * * *

    It is just under an hour before they meet up again (except for TIGAN), this time at the side of the house. JESSIE is still in the background, watching.

    STADI: The crew is scattered around the farm, sir. We’ve accounted for all one hundred and sixteen.

    HAWK: The seriously injured are stable for now.

    RIKER: Good. From what we’ve been able to determine, these holograms are completely oblivious to what happened to us or why we’ve been brought here.

    LAVELLE: Their holographic matrices are extremely complex. They make the EMH look as sophisticated as a marionette puppet.

    RIKER: Regardless of their level of technology, every holodeck has an “off” switch. Spread out, scan the area. Look for anything that could be a holographic generator. Lavelle, you and Hawk head east. Stadi and I will go west. Stay on the comm.

    LAVELLE looks ready to protest, but keeps his mouth shut, not willing to go up against the Captain. As he and HAWK head off, with JESSIE staying close by, AUNT ADA comes around the house, with another tray of steaming corn on the cob. She is offering it to numerous officer and crew that are milling around the Farm. She is on a beeline for RIKER and STADI

    AUNT ADA: Have some fresh corn of the cob. (the crewman refuses) Fresh corn on the cob. (a different crewman refuses, and then she is standing in front of RIKER) Corn on the cob?

    RIKER: Can you tell me why we’re here?

    AUNT ADA: Oh, we don’t mean you any harm. I’m sorry if we put you out. Why don't you just put your feet up and get comfortable while you wait?

    RIKER: (immediately picking up on the statement) Wait for what?

    AUNT ADA: (moving off) Isn’t anybody hungry? Come on now, make yourselves at home. I’m sorry if we put you out.

    RIKER: (looks at STADI) Are you getting anything Lieutenant?

    STADI: (shaking her head) There is a sense of awareness and curiosity, but I can’t get anything more than that—the emotions and thoughts of the crew are too intense and jumbled. I’m sorry, Captain.

    RIKER: That’s alright Aiva. (looking after AUNT ADA) Any theories as to what we’re being made to wait for?

    STADI: Too many sir, and none of them particularly good.

    LAVELLE and HAWK move away from the house and the cluster of people, JESSIE has disappeared for now. A dog is following them, it is an old, scraggly, friendly type of animal. They reach a fork in the path leading off in two directions. JESSIE almost seems to come of nowhere in front of them. When she does the dog trots off.

    JESSIE: Hey! Let me show you around. (she nods down one of the paths) Root cellar’s right over there.

    HAWK takes a step down the path, his tricorder up and scanning.

    HAWK: What’s down there?

    JESSIE: (almost purring as she presses up close to LAVELLE) Potatoes, onions. But it’s real private.

    LAVELLE: Maybe we’ll go check it out.

    HAWK: Lavelle, she’s just a hologram.

    LAVELLE: No need to be impolite. Besides, she may be willing to give us some answers.

    HAWK: (scoffing as he continues to scan) I don’t think that’s what she’s offering.

    LAVELLE: I can be very persuasive.

    HAWK: (shooting him an annoyed look) Just focus on your tricorder and not your libido.

    LAVELLE: Like you’ve never enjoyed a little holographic distraction.

    HAWK’s tricorder begins chirping rapidly.

    HAWK: Whoa!

    LAVELLE: (finally looking away from JESSIE) What?

    HAWK: (aiming his tricorder at the barn) Sporocystian life signs. (looks at JESSIE) What's in the barn?

    JESSIE: Nothing but a big old pile of hay. Hey, come on, let’s go see the duck pond!

    HAWK and LAVELLE (who is now all business) head for the barn. JESSIE takes LAVELLE’s arm and tags along.

    JESSIE: There’s nothing in there. It’s just a dark smelly barn.

    When they reach the entrance, she steps out in front of them and blocks the door.

    JESSIE: Do you want some devilled eggs? No one can devil an egg like Aunt Ada.

    HAWK grabs her by the shoulders and moves her aside, where she bumps into LAVELLE and she moves in closer to him. But he is quick to move past her and into the barn.

    The barn is just as she described. A large, dusty room filled with hay and nothing else.

    JESSIE: See. Nothing but hay.

    Their tricorders are both chirping now.

    LAVELLE: There is a life-form here. Just one.

    HAWK: Where?

    LAVELLE: I can’t localise it. (a different chirp now) I’ve got what looks to be some kind of matrix processing device.

    They split off into two directions. As HAWK nears one of the walls, his tricorder makes yet another noise.

    HAWK: I’m getting humanoid life-signs from behind this wall. Eight distinct species: Humans, Bajorans, Klingon, Vulcan, Bolian, Boslic, Ullian and Tellarite. I’d say at least two dozen.

    LAVELLE moves to join HAWK. Before he gets there though, JESSIE rushes to stand right where HAWK is scanning, blocking their way.

    JESSIE: (angrily) I’m not ready for you yet!

    From behind a dog snarls and barks. They turn and see the same dog from before, now a very different beast. Hunched and baring its teeth.

    LAVELLE: Lavelle to Riker.

    JESSIE suddenly lashes out, and with one hit knocks LAVELLE to the floor.

    RIKER and STADI continue to walk around the farm and courtyard, scanning, just as LAVELLE’s comm comes in.

    RIKER: Riker here. Lavelle? (looks at STADI, and motions to two other crewmen who are close by) Come on.

    They break into a run, heading for the barn.

    As HAWK is helping LAVELLE (who is bleeding from his nose) to his feet, AUNT ADA and a number of the farmers appear, each brandishing a pitchfork. RIKER, STADI and the two others run through the door and take in the situation.

    AUNT ADA: (cheerfully sinister) Very well. Since no one seems to care for any corn, we'll have to proceed ahead of schedule.

    The barn wall disappears to reveal a very high-tech room that stretches off into the distance. Down both walls are a series of thin ledges. On the first thirty are the crew of the Maquis ship. RIKER and the others move into the room and look down the rows. RO, TORRES and TUVOK are all near the front. All of them naked except for a strap across their chest and groin. A long needle comes down from the ceiling and into their abdomens. Before anyone can say a word, the farmers disappear and there is the sound of alien transporter once again. In the blink of an eye, the Starfleet crew are lying next to the Maquis in similar restraints. A needle enters RIKER’s stomach who grunts and passes out. HAWK lies next to him, and follows a suit. On the opposite side, TIGAN manages to look up as a needle ominously descends towards her. As it pierces her skin she screams in agony. Her scream echoes down the length of the room. Fade to black.
  13. Bry_Sinclair

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    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    The crew begin to stir, each one in the exact same spot they were at before they were beamed out. RIKER is one of the first to their feet, and helps CAREY back to his post before looking around, relieved to see the crew quickly getting back to their stations.

    RIKER: Riker to bridge. Anyone there?

    STADI: (=/\=) Yes, Captain. We’re here.

    RIKER: (leaning over a console to help check out system status) How long were we over there?

    Up on the bridge, STADI is helping one of the crew back to their feet, before moving over to her console and checking out the readouts.

    STADI: Almost three day.

    RIKER: (=/\=) Three days?

    An alert sounds on her console and she looks at another display.

    STADI: Captain, the Maquis ship is powering their engines.

    Immediately, RIKER is on the move, heading for the exit, as all about him the engineers are busy.

    RIKER: Tractor them! All senior officers report to the Bridge.

    All of the injured are back on their beds. HAWK stands in the middle of Sickbay, looking around, a hint of concern on his features. The DOCTOR comes out from the office and approaches him, looking annoyed.

    DOCTOR: Would you mind explaining what has happened? I am an Emergency Medical Hologram. If there are no injured in Sickbay, my programme is not needed and I should be deactivated, so why have I been left running for seventy-one hours?

    HAWK: (ignoring the DOCTOR) Computer, locate Lavelle and Tigan.

    COMPUTER: Lieutenant Tigan and Ensign Lavelle are not onboard.

    HAWK heads for the exit, the DOCTOR remains in the middle of the ward for a moment before he goes to the closest biobed and begins treatment.

    Just outside Sickbay, HAWK is on the move and taps his combadge.

    HAWK: Hawk to Riker.

    RIKER: (=/\=) Go ahead.

    HAWK: Ezri and Lavelle didn’t come back with us. They must still be over there.

    RIKER steps into the turbolift.

    RIKER: Acknowledged. (to the lift) Bridge. Computer, how many crewmen are unaccounted for?

    COMPUTER: Two. Lieutenant Ezri Tigan and Ensign Samuel Lavelle.

    The turbolift opens and RIKER steps out onto the Bridge, and down into the command area. STADI is at her console, ROLLINS is at Tactical. There are two human crewmembers at Ops and Conn. On the viewscreen, the Maquis ship is engulfed in the blue hue of a tractor beam.

    RIKER: Mr Rollins, hail the Maquis ship.

    On the viewscreen, the Maquis ship is replaced by an image of its Cockpit. RO sits in the foreground, with TUVOK beside her.

    RIKER: Commander Ro. My name is Captain William Riker.

    RO: (on viewscreen) How do you know my name?

    RIKER: We were on a mission to find you when we were brought here by the Array. Two of our crew are missing. Were they transported to you ship by accident?

    RO: (on viewscreen, looks at TUVOK for a moment) No. A member of my crew is missing too. B’Elanna Torres, my engineer.

    RIKER: Commander, it looks like you and I have the same problem. I think we should try and solve it together, don’t you?

    RO: (on viewscreen) Agreed. Three of us will beam to your ship.

    The transmission ends and the image reverts to the ship. The turbolift opens again and HAWK steps out onto the Bridge, he hangs back next to Tactical.

    ROLLINS: They’re powering down their engines, dropping their shields.

    RIKER: Lower shields and disengage the tractor beam.

    ROLLINS complies, and the tractor beam is released. A few moments later, there is the familiar sound of a Starfleet transporter and three figures take shape a few meters from where RIKER stands. The three Maquis dematerialise, each one holding a phaser, though not all Starfleet issue. RO is facing RIKER, TUVOK is to her right, and a tall dark haired man is on her left, this is TARIK AYALA.

    ROLLINS: (drawing a phaser) Watch out, Captain. They’re armed.

    RIKER: (gesturing for ROLLINS to lower his weapon) Put down your weapons. (looking straight at RO) You won’t need those here.

    RO and RIKER hold each other’s stare for a moment before she nods and holsters her weapon. TUVOK and AYALA follow her example.

    RIKER: (looking at TUVOK) Lieutenant Tuvok, is it?

    TUVOK separates himself from the two Maquis and moves closer to RIKER, though still keeping a respectful distance.

    TUVOK: I must inform you Captain, I was on assignment from Starfleet to infiltrate the Maquis and report on their activities.

    AYALA takes a menacing step towards TUVOK, but RO stops him before he can take another. She scrutinises TUVOK closely.

    RO: And when the time was right, deliver us right to their doorstep.

    TUVOK: That is correct.

    RO: (looks up and spots HAWK in his civvies) Is Starfleet getting lax with its dress code?

    RIKER: Mr Hawk is a specialist on the Badlands and Maquis activity in the region.

    RO: (scrutinising him) Hawk? I heard about some of the things you did. If they only knew about them back at the penal colony, they’d never let you back on the Bridge of a starship again.

    HAWK looks about ready to vault over the banister and retaliate. But before he can, RIKER steps between them.

    RIKER: You are speaking to a member of my crew. I expect you to treat him with the same respect as you would have me treat a member of yours.

    RIKER and RO lock gazes, neither one willing to back down first.

    RIKER: We have a lot to accomplish. I suggest that we focus on finding our people and getting ourselves back home. Agreed?

    RO: Agreed.

    TUVOK: Based on my initial reconnaissance, Captain, I am convinced that we are dealing with a single entity on the Array. I would suggest he scanned our computers in order to select a comfortable holographic environment. In effect, a waiting room to pacify us prior to biometric assessment.

    Behind them, HAWK comes down to the command area, keeping a watchful eye on RO.

    STADI: An examination? Why?

    TUVOK: I do not know. It is however, the most logical explanation. Why else would he have released us unharmed?

    HAWK: Not all of us were.

    RIKER: (looks up to ROLLINS) Have the armoury break out the compression phaser rifles. We’re going back over. Lieutenant Tuvok, would you mind accompanying us?

    TUVOK: Of course Captain.

    RIKER: We’ll split into two teams. Whilst Ro and I look for Lavelle and the others, I want you to gather as much data on the Array as possible. It brought us here. We have to assume it can send us back. (looks at STADI) Lieutenant, you have the Bridge. Keep us at red alert and maintain transporter locks at all times.

    STADI: Aye sir.

    RIKER leads RO, TUVOK and AYALA out of the command area and up to the turbolift, as STADI and HAWK look on. The turbolift closes and STADI and HAWK share a look before she turns and faces forward.
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    So Riker and Ro don't know each other. This universe must be a lot more different than I thought.

    Keep up the good work. I'm really enjoying this reboot.
  15. Bry_Sinclair

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    Riker will know Ro by reputation. There weren't many Bajoran lieutenant commander's that betrayed Captain Picard and ran off to join the Maquis.

    Ro knows Hawk through the reputation he gained whilst in the Maquis, and as she hints it wasn't for anything nice towards the Cardassians. I was also thinking about including that Ro and Stadi served for a time a few years before "Caretaker".

    Going to try and get as much done before Xmas Eve (so that Robot Santa won't get me), and then maybe get back to it after New Year, but we'll see what happens.

    More to come.

  16. Bry_Sinclair

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    The farm is now deserted. It also looks to be a later season, with crops harvested and weather changing. The two teams have been searching for half an hour and converge at their beam in location. All of them are equipped with a type-2 phaser and a large, powerful-looking phaser rifle. RIKER and TUVOK also have tricorders. TUVOK remains in his Maquis attire. AYALA keeps a watchful eye on him.

    TUVOK: There are no humanoid life-signs indicated, Captain. Tigan, Lavelle and Torres are not within tricorder range. They may not be on the Array. I have, so far, been unable to locate the technology that brought us to the Delta Quadrant.

    RO looks around and spots BANJO MAN sitting on a bench in the garden, slowly plucking away at the instrument.

    RO: (starting to move) He can tell us where they are.

    RIKER: (moving after her, calls back to TUVOK) Maintain your comm-link. I don’t want to lose anyone else.

    RIKER catches us with RO, but keeps his rifle hanging from his shoulder as he pulls out his tricorder for a quick scan. As they approach BANJO MAN looks up at them and an expression of annoyance registers. RIKER puts his tricorder away. They come to a stop in front of the bench.

    BANJO MAN: Oh, why have you come back? You don’t have what I need.

    RIKER: I don’t know what you need and I don’t care. I just want our people back and I want us all to be sent home.

    BANJO MAN: (scoffs) Oh, well now. Aren't you contentious for a minor bipedal species?

    RIKER: This ‘minor bipedal species’ doesn’t take kindly to being abducted.

    BANJO MAN: Oh, it was necessary.

    RO: Where are our people?

    BANJO MAN: They are no longer here.

    RIKER: What have you done with them?

    BANJO MAN: You don’t have what I need. They might. (ponders for a second) No, you’ll have to leave them.

    RO: We won’t do that.

    RIKER: We are their commanding officers. We are entrusted with their safety. They are our responsibility. That may be a concept you don’t understand.

    BANJO MAN: Oh, no, I do understand…but I have no choice. There just is not enough time left.

    RIKER: Left for what?

    BANJO MAN: I must honour a debt that can never be repaid, but my search has not been going well.

    RIKER: (picks up on the last phrase, sits down next to him) Tell us what you’re looking for. Maybe we can help you find it.

    BANJO MAN: (scoffs again) You? I’ve searched this galaxy with methods beyond this comprehension. No, there’s nothing you can do.

    RIKER: You’ve taken us seventy thousand light-years from our home. We have no way back unless you send us, and we’re not leaving without the others.

    BANJO MAN: But sending you back is terrible complicated. Don’t you understand? I don’t have enough time. (raising his voice) Not enough time!

    With a raise of his hand, RIKER and RO find themselves back on Voyager’s Bridge. TUVOK and AYALA are on the upper level. Around them, startled repair crews look at them, as does STADI, who has returned to the Science console. She stands and slowly approaches.

    STADI: Any sign of them?

    RIKER: They’re no longer onboard. (on the viewscreen he scrutinises the energy bursts) What about those pulses Lieutenant? Could they be used to transport them off the Array?

    STADI: It could work along the same principles as our transporters; converting matter into energy, sending that energy pattern in a contained manner so that it didn’t degrade, and then rematerialising them at the other end.

    RIKER: See if you can track their destination.

    STADI: Aye sir.

    As STADI returns to her console, a crewman gathers the rifles and takes them off the bridge. RIKER stays focused on the viewscreen, watching the pulses.

    * * *

    [Hosptial Ward, Ocampa]
    In a small, somewhat barren room there are two bed in the middle of the room and little else of note. LAVELLE and TORRES are lying unconscious on the beds, their clothing has been replaced with loose gowns. As LAVELLE begins to come round, two medics enter, both dressed in simple white outfits. The female doctor is LIA and the male nurse is ARAN. They have elf-like ears, similar to a Vulcans but much larger and more intricate. They move to check on a monitor.

    ARAN: (telepathically) He’s regaining consciousness.

    They move over to LAVELLE and LIA leans over the bed, a kind expression on her face.

    LIA: (telepathically) How do you feel?

    LAVELLE: (quickly rising off the bed) Where am I? What am I doing here? Who’re you?

    ARAN puts his hands on LAVELLE’s shoulders and tried to make him lie back.

    ARAN: Please don’t try to move yet. You’re very ill.

    LAVELLE: (looking between LIA and ARAN, trying to move away from them) No, no. There’s some mistake. I’m not—

    On the back of his hand LAVELLE sees a rather hideous lesion. He pulls up his sleazes and checks around his collar for more. There is another on his chest. LIA picks up a scanner and goes to the other bed, just as TORRES wakes up.

    TORRES: (angrily) No!

    She lashes out and strikes LIA in the face and the doctor stumbles to the ground. In an instant, she is on her feet. She casts LAVELLE a look, she is clearly scared and acting purely on instinct. She then runs to the door and begins hammering on it, trying to get out. ARAN quickly helps LIA (who is bleeding from a fat lip) to her feet and then goes after TORRES. LAVELLE can only sit on the bed and watch the commotion. ARAN grabs TORRES from behind and the pair struggle, all the while she is growling and grunting. LIA grads a hypospray and goes to help. With one swift administration she is unconscious and the two medics return her to her bed. LIA then turns back to LAVELLE.

    LIA: We’ll be back to check on you in a little while.

    The two Ocampa leave. LAVELLE sits on his bed looking at TORRES, who is now sleeping soundly.

    [Isolation Room, Ocampa]
    LIA, after getting herself cleaned up, enters a smaller room than before. The lighting is much lower, and there are a few more monitors around the room. She picks up a scanner and begins to move around the single bed, taking readings from the patient. After that is done she leans in to check some of the growths, and we see that it is TIGAN. Like LAVELLE and TORRES, she too has the strange pustules, but unlike them hers appear to be much worse, and she is shivering. After administrating a hypospray, LIA gets another blanket and lays it on top of her. Her tasks done, the Ocampan doctor leaves the isolation room.
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    Voyager and the Maquis ship have backed away from the Array slightly. All appeared to be quiet.

    RIKER: Captain’s log, stardate 48461.3. We’ve traced the energy pulses to the fifth planet of the neighbouring star system. I’m working under the assumption that there were used to transport our abducted crewmen, but exactly why remains unknown. I’ve asked Lieutenant Tuvok to step in and provide cover at Tactical. Commander Ro has agreed to work together—at least until we get back home.

    [Ready Room]
    RIKER is sitting at his desk looking at his computer screen. On it are the service records of the twenty-seven officers and crew who were killed on the transit to the Delta Quadrant. He is studying each one intently. The door chime is the only thing that breaks his concentration.

    RIKER: Come in.

    The doors part to reveal STADI. She is holding a P.A.D.D. and steps into the Ready Room. Behind her the Bridge is still buzzing with repair technicians. The doors close and they are offered a moment of privacy.

    STADI: (approaching the desk) Captain, I’ve noticed a couple of oddities that I can’t explain. Firstly, the energy pulses are getting faster.

    RIKER: Faster.

    STADI: The interval between each pulse has decreased by point-four-seven seconds since we arrived. Without knowing their purpose I am at a loss to hypothesis why.

    RIKER: And what’s the second thing.

    STADI: (handing over the PADD) I’ve managed to run some long-range scans on the fifth planet. It’s a desert. Not one ocean, not one river. It has all the basic characteristics of an M-Class planet, except there are no nucleogenic particles in the atmosphere.

    RIKER: (looks up from studying the PADD) That would mean the planet is incapable of producing rain.

    STADI: I’ve studied hundreds of M-Class planets, I’ve never once encountered one without nucleogenics. There must have been some kind of extraordinary environmental disaster.

    RIKER: (nodding, he sets down the PADD) How long until essential repairs are complete?

    STADI: Lieutenant Carey’s last estimate was another four hours.

    RIKER: As soon as repairs are done, we’ll set a course for the fifth planet.

    STADI scrutinising him, glances at his computer terminal and sees the faces of the dead. A look of sympathy passes over her face.

    STADI: Will, there was nothing you could have done.

    RIKER: It all seemed so much simpler back on the Hood, didn’t it? (he gets up from his desk and paces) I can’t help but feel responsible for the Aiva, it comes with the extra pip. Not only do I lose twenty-seven members of my crew on my first mission, but then two others are kidnapped and sent to god only knows where. (he comes to a stop in front of the windows and looks out onto the Array) Did you know Lavelle grew up in a small town just outside Valdez? I visited my grandparents there all the time.

    STADI: (teasingly) So is the swagger an Alaskan thing then?

    RIKER: (chuckles softly) Thank you Aiva. I knew there was a reason I pouched you from Captain DeSoto.

    STADI: Do you think he’ll ever forgive you for that?

    RIKER: Probably. But if it meant getting the finest Science Officer I’ve served with onto my ship, I’d do it all again. (lost in thought for a moment, before turning towards the exit) I’m going to help out with repairs in Engineering.

    STADI: I’ll continue to monitor the sensors. I might be able to come up with something more substantial.

    They both head out the Ready Room, filled with determination.
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    [Maquis Raider]
    In the cockpit of the raider, things are better off than previously. Though there is still some damage, an engineer sees to the repairs. RO is back at the Conn. With no TUVOK or TORRES, AYALA and TAKODA (a Native American man, with a large tattoo on the right side of his face) are at their respective consoles. Both ships are travelling at warp. There is an uneasy silence in the cockpit.

    AYALA: (turning to RO) I can’t believe we’re doing this!

    RO: (glancing back at him) Doing what?

    AYALA: Teaming up with the very ship that was sent to capture us—thanks to Tuvok.

    TAKODA: Yeah Ro, what’s going on? Under normal circumstances, they’d have locked us up in the brig and thrown away the key.

    RO: You just said it Takoda. These aren’t normal circumstances. Do you think that we have the resources to find out how that Array works, enough to send us home? We’ve gone through hell—nine people are dead, our supplies have all but dried up and who knows what is hold the Val Jean together! (she casts a stern look back at AYALA) I would have thought you of all people would understand Lieutenant.

    AYALA: I quit Starfleet when they wouldn’t lift a finger to help my family, and all the others along the DMZ.

    TAKODA: I still say this is a bad idea.

    RO: (turning back to look out the viewport) Noted. Now let’s focus on getting Torres back and getting home. Once we’re back, I assure you we won’t be sticking around.

    The silence returns for a moment, before an alarm sounds on AYALA’s console.

    AYALA: I’m picking up a massive debris field on the edge of sensor range. It measures twelve AUs in diameter, we’ll intercept it in eight minutes at present speed.

    A panel flashes next to RO. She taps it and an image of RIKER appears on her monitor.

    RIKER: (on viewscreen) We’ve just picked up a massive debris field in our path.

    RO: We’ve got it too. It’ll take too long to go around.

    RIKER: (on viewscreen, with a slight smile) I was thinking the same thing. It’s not tightly packed, it shouldn’t pose a problem for us.

    RO: Should we scout ahead?

    RIKER: (on viewscreen) That shouldn’t be necessary. Try to keep up though. Riker out.

    The monitor goes back to its previous systems display, RO looks somewhat amused.

    RO: (muttering) “Try to keep up”. Ayala, raise the shields. Sensors at maximum.

    Voyager and the raider are manoeuvring through the debris, almost neck and neck as the dodge the largest chunks. A few pieces can be identified as engines, etc, but most is just twisted metal.

    RIKER: Captain’s log, supplemental. We are over half way through the debris field, which looks to be the result of battle between at least three indigenous species. We have detected a small ship along our present course, one life-sign onboard.

    The Bridge is all business. RIKER sits in the centre seat, HAWK to his left (still in civvies), STADI at Science, TUVOK (now in a uniform) at Tactical, ROLLINS is at the Conn and another human crewmember at Ops. On the viewscreen there is a small vessel close to a relatively intact ship’s hull, the smaller ship has searchlights sweeping over the derelict. RIKER rises from his seat and moves to just behind ROLLINS.

    RIKER: (to TUVOK) Hail them.

    On the viewscreen, the ships are replaced with the interior of the small craft. There are containers stacked everywhere, with other knickknacks and trinkets strewn across the work surfaces. A humanoid [description to follow once final design chosen] comes into view, this is NEELIX.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen, challenging) Whoever you are, I’ve already claimed salvage rights.

    RIKER: We’re not interested in this debris, Mister?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen, cautiously) Neelix. And since you’ve not interested in my debris, then what can I do for you.

    RIKER: Captain William Riker of the Federation Starship Voyager.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) An impressive title. Granted I have no clue what it means, but it sounds very impressive.

    RIKER: Do you know this region of space well Mr Neelix?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen, with a hint of smug amusement) You could say that Captain.

    RIKER: What can you tell us about the Array near here that is sending energy pulses to the fifth planet?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen, solemnly) I know enough not to get any closer that this. (he pauses and looks behind RIKER at the Bridge) Let me guess, you were whisked away from elsewhere in the galaxy against your will. Now you’re stuck out here with at least one of your crewmembers is missing?

    RIKER: (surprised) Sounds like you’ve head this story before.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) Too many times Captain. The Caretaker has been doing this for months now.

    RIKER: “The Caretaker”?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) That’s what the Ocampa call him. They live on the fifth planet. Can’t really tell you much more than that, and I have no desire to find out more first hand. Everyone in the region gives the Caretaker a wide berth.

    RIKER: Do you have any idea what happened to out people?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) I’ve heard rumours that they were sent to the Ocampa, but what happened to them after that I don’t know. Of course, that’s assuming that information is accurate.

    RIKER: Any help you could give us in contacting the Ocampa would be greatly appreciated.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) Captain, I would help you if I could. But as you can see I have a pretty big salvage operation ahead of me.

    RIKER: We’d be happy to compensate you for your trouble.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen, his curiosity peaked) Well, there’s really very little that you could offer me. Unless…

    RIKER: Yes?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) You had water.

    RIKER: (somewhat confused) Water?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) I don’t know about where you come from Captain, but out here, provisions and supplies are worth their weight in Drak’i fire gems.

    RIKER: Mr Neelix, if you help us find our missing crewmembers, you can have all the water you want.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) That sounds reasonable Captain.

    RIKER: Good. We’ll beam you onboard and tow your ship into our shuttlebay. Lieutenant Tuvok, please meet our guest in Transporter Room one.

    TUVOK leaves his station and steps into the turbolift. Another officer fills his post.

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen, uneasy) “Beam”?

    RIKER: (surprised) Yes. We have a technology that can take you instantly from your ship to ours. It’s quite harmless. May we?

    NEELIX: (on viewscreen) I’m game for pretty much anything.

    On the viewscreen, NEELIX squares himself up and looks around in anticipation.

    [Transporter Room 1]
    TUVOK enters the Transporter Room and nods at the operator.

    TUVOK: Energise.

    On the platform, a tall humanoid figure takes shape. After only a few seconds NEELIX stands on the pad. He does a quick check to make sure that he is intact. Satisfied that he is whole he starts to look around the room, definitely impressed.

    TUVOK: Welcome to Voyager.

    NEELIX: Outstanding! You Federations are obviously an advanced culture.

    TUVOK: The Federation is made up of over one hundred and fifty separate species. I am Lieutenant Tuvok, from the planet Vulcan.

    NEELIX: (steps down off the platform and grabs TUVOK by the shoulders) Neelix of nowhere in particular. (he slips go of TUVOK and starts to move around the room, looking at everything) What exactly does all this do?

    TUVOK: I assure you sir that everything is this room has a specific purpose, however it would take several hours to explain. Presently, our time is limited. I suggest we proceed to your quarters.

    NEELIX: Lead on.

    TUVOK leads NEELIX out of the Transporter Room, he still takes in everything around him.
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    [Hospital Ward, Ocampa]
    Back in LAVELLE and TORRES’ ward, she is still lying on the bed. He has gotten up and looking at the computer monitor, trying to tap into their systems—with little success. The growths on their bodies have gotten worse. After a short moment, TORRES wakes with a start. As LAVELLE turns to face her, she is off the bed and looking around like a caged animal.

    LAVELLE: It’s ok. You’re alright. I’m not gonna hurt you.

    TORRES: (pointedly) Who are you?

    LAVELLE: Ensign Sam Lavelle, Ops Manager of the Starship Voyager. I was kidnapped from the Array just like you were. I don’t know where we are.

    TORRES: What was Starfleet doing at that array?

    LAVELLE: Looking for you actually. One minute we were in the Badlands, the next—

    TORRES: (angrily) You mean you were trying to capture us.

    LAVELLE: (aloof) Yeah. Consider yourself captured. (pats himself down) I’m sure I’ve got a phaser on me somewhere.

    TORRES: (steps closer, the only thing between them is the bed) I don’t find this at all amusing, Starfleet.

    After a moment of tension between them, TORRES moves off towards the door. She looks for an access panel, but doesn’t find one.

    LAVELLE: There’s no point, it’s locked from the outside.

    In a fit of rage she begins slamming her fists into the door, trying to force it open, snarling as she does so. LAVELLE moves to her. He spins her away from the door to face him and grips her shoulders.

    LAVELLE: Hey! What’s that going to accomplish?

    TORRES: (now furious) What are they doing to us? What are these things growing on us?

    LAVELLE: I don’t know! But do you want them to sedate you again?

    TORRES: (shrugs him off and stalks away) You’re right, Starfleet. (leans against her bed and takes a few deep breaths) It’s the Klingon half of me. It’s…it’s just hard to control sometimes.

    LAVELLE moves closer and leans on his bed, watching her.

    LAVELLE: So what’s your name, Maquis?

    TORRES: (looks back at him) B’Elanna. B’Elanna Torres.

    Just then the door opens to reveal LIA once again, still dressed in her medical whites. TORRES looks ready to pounce, but LAVELLE puts a steadying hand on her shoulder.

    LIA: I hope you’re feeling better. My name is Lia, I’m a physician here. (she steps into the room, the door remains open) I know how frightening this must be for you. I’ve brought some clothing if you wish to change.

    TORRES: (holding her temper in check, just) Why are you holding us here?

    LIA: (with a motherly smile) You are not prisoners here. In fact, you are considered honoured guest. You were sent here by the Caretaker. So long as you are not violent, you are free to leave your quarters.

    LAVELLE: (steps forward, holding up his hand to show off one of the growths) What’s wrong with us? What are these things?

    LIA: (with a sympathetic look) I’m afraid we really don’t know. You must be hungry. Would you care to join me on the Courtyard for a meal?

    LAVELLE and TORRES share a sceptical look with one another. LAVELLE shrugs his shoulders and they move to LIA for the clothing.

    [Courtyard, Ocampa]
    LIA leads LAVELLE and TORRES (now dressed in simple grey tunics and trousers) out onto a large enclosed courtyard, with ceilings made of glass and lots of metal girders. There are various Ocampa going about their business, all of them stop to look at the two aliens in their midst and act as though talking to one another telepathically. Only people walking and the whumph of the energy packets from the Array are the only noises—no one talks aloud.

    LIA: Our food dispensers are right this way.

    LIA leads them out onto a large balcony, which provides a panoramic vista of a massive cavern, with numerous other plazas, courtyards and buildings, as well as a large lake and lots of greenery. LAVELLE moves over the railings and looks out over the view, somewhat awed.

    LAVELLE: We’re underground.

    LIA: Our society is subterranean. We’ve lived here for over five hundred generations.

    TORRES: (looking up to the rocky ceiling) But before that, you lived on the surface?

    LIA: Until the Warming began.

    LAVELLE: The Warming?

    Around them a crowd starts to gather as they talk.

    LIA: When our surface turned into a desert and the Caretaker came to protect us. Our ancient journals tell us he opened a deep chasm in the ground and led our ancestors to this place. Since then he has provided for all our needs.

    TORRES becomes aware of the growing crowd and glowers at them. LAVELLE looks back as well and then at LIA in questioning way.

    LIA: Please forgive them. They know you've come from the Caretaker. None of us has ever seen him. (she gestures for them to follow her) This way, please.

    They jump the queue at the food dispensers and arrive at a wall with several slots in it, similar to Starfleet replicators, but not as advanced looking. LIA makes an order and hands them both bowls containing something that looks less than appetising.

    TORRES: Does the Caretaker provide your meals too?

    LIA: In fact, he does. He designed and built this entire city for us after the Warming. The food processors dispense nutritional supplements every four point one intervals. (smiles at LAVELLE and TORRES’s reaction to the brown gruel) It may not offer the exotic tastes some of our younger people crave these days, but it meets our needs.

    She leads them to a seating area, with lots of tables and chairs, and enormous images—mountains, clouds, forests, beaches, waterfalls, sunsets—that seem to hang in mid air, no viewscreens or projectors are obvious.

    LAVELLE: Is this how the Caretaker communicates with you?

    LIA: He never communicates directly with us. We try to interpret his wishes as best we can.

    LAVELLE: I'm curious to know how you've interpreted the Caretaker's reason for sending us here.

    LIA: We believe he must have separated you from your own species for their protection.

    TORRES: Their protection?

    LIA: From your illness. Perhaps he's trying to prevent a plague.

    TORRES: We weren’t sick until we met your Caretaker.

    LIA: From time to time, he asks us to care for people with this disease. It's the least we can do.

    LAVELLE: There have been others? Like us?

    LIA: Yes.

    TORRES: Where are they?

    LIA: (hesitantly) Your condition is serious. We don't know exactly how to treat it. I'm afraid the others did not recover.

    Another medic approaches the table and stands beside it for a moment. He and LIA look at one another, speaking telepathically. A worried look crosses her face and she nods at him. She then looks back at LAVELLE and TORRES.

    LIA: I am afraid something has come up that I must attend to. If you would excuse me. Please, fell free to wander around the city. If you need anything, please use one of the companels.

    With that she hurries off with the medic, leaving LAVELLE and TORRES looking at one another, a little uneasy and unsure about their surroundings. Various Ocampa continue to stare.

    [Isolation Room, Ocampa]
    LIA enters the room just as TIGAN cries out in agony. ARAN is beside the running a scanner over her, as she is curling up into the foetal position. The lighting is up to standard level and all the monitors are showing disturbing readings. The growths on TIGAN’s body have gotten worse and more numerous.

    LIA: (telepathically) What happened?

    ARAN: (telepathically) She regained consciousness a short time ago. As soon as she did she began to react like this. I’ve never seen any of the others respond like this.

    LIA: (telepathically) We have never treated her species before. (she looks over some of the readings, then back at ARAN) Run another series of blood cultures and biochemical analyses, our drugs could be having a negative affect on her.

    ARAN: (telepathically) Yes doctor. (he immediately sets about his task)

    LIA: (leaning over TIGAN’s bed) Can you hear me?

    TIGAN manages to raise her head up slightly to look at LIA, her skin is clammy and the pain is obvious in her face.

    TIGAN: (slowly, teeth gritted) What’s wrong with me?

    LIA: You are very ill. We are trying to do everything we can. Is there anywhere that the pain is particularly intense?

    TIGAN: (manages to nod) My stomach.

    LIA gently sets her hands on TIGAN’s stomach. She moans in pain at the slightest touch. LIA picks up a scanner a runs it over the area, then looks at ARAN.

    LIA: (telepathically) I also want a deep tissue abdominal scan, there definitely seems to be something anomalous there.

    ARAN: (telepathically) Should we ask the others for assistance?

    LIA: (telepathically, shakes her head) They aren’t physicians. I don’t want to worry them unnecessarily. Run the tests and get the results to me quickly, we don’t have a lot of time. None of the previous patients have deteriorated so rapidly.

    ARAN: (telepathically) Of course doctor.

    TIGAN cries out once again. LIA applies another hypospray, and she falls into a restless sleep once again. ARAN leave to get another piece of equipment. LIA picks up a moist cloth and begins to pat TIGAN’s forehead, her expression worried.

    * * *
  20. Bry_Sinclair

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    Sep 28, 2009
    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    For all those of you that may be interested, here are the new/recast characters for my rebooted Voyager (a huge thanks to all the artists that helped out with this one):

    For Tuvok, Torres, the EMH and Kes, they are all untouched from the series (although Kes starts off with the long hair she had just before she left the show).

    Jonathan Frakes as Captain William Riker
    Michelle Forbes as Lt. Commander Ro Laren
    Tim Russ as Lieutenant Tuvok
    Alicia Coppola as Lieutenant Aiva Stadi
    Neal McDonough as Lieutenant JG Sean Hawk
    Roxann Dawson as Lieutenant JG B'Elanna Torres
    Nicole de Boer as Counsellor Ezri Tigan
    Dan Gauthier as Ensign Sam Lavelle
    Robert Picardo as The Doctor
    Sam Worthington as Neelix
    Jennifer Lien as Kes
    Wentworth Miller as Seven of Nine