Star Trek Vanguard: The Finale Thread (SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by David Mack, Mar 9, 2012.

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    In the case of ATT - I think the difference from VAN lies in that ATT was a set of 4-5 different stories by 6 authors, where each could have worked as a separate novel / duology. Not so, with VAN, which had told a tight inter-connected multi-arc but still *single* story by one set of authors basically working as a team.

    In the case of ENT- where VAN was brought to its conclusion in practically the way its creators planned (going by the interviews and podcasts), ENT's "concluding" story (if it had indeed been planned to be that) was shortened and changed by Editorial.

    That being said, and in light of the VAN authors interviews, I would love to get Michael Martin's input on the ENT Relaunch as a whole, including some details on the departure of Andy Mangels.
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    VAN was written with an endgame in mind when they started. Was ENT lit started with the end of the Romulan War as the intended ending or did sales and other issues bring about an end to ENT?
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    Sorry, what I meant by ongoing was a series that wasn't going to be a preset length. Where the ATT books were, I believe, planned as 9 book, Vanguard wasn't promoted as being a specific number of books. I was using the comic book terminology there, I guess I could have been clearer.
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    ^No, you were clear enough; I was just being nitpicky.
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    Well I know this is a little late, but I've just finished reading Declassified, What Judgements Come, and Storming Heaven, all back-to-back in a few days. [I like to wait until series are done when possible so I don't have to get twitchy waiting for the next book.]

    Damn, but that was awesome. I'd like to congratulate and deeply thank everyone involved in this series, it was a wonderful and moving experience. The only thing that compares in my TrekLit experience is New Frontier.

    Well done!