News Star Trek Trilogy: The Kelvin Timeline 4K UHD Set

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    A new news article has been published at TrekToday:

    The Star Trek Trilogy: The Kelvin Timeline Blu-ray set of films was released last month, and on July 15, the 4K version...

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    Actually very interested in this.
  3. Qonundrum

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    Would love to see Star Trek I-VI remastered as well, 4K UHD. Would pay more than $60, obviously. Even more if they re-released TWOK with the fix (wasn't the previous restoration attempt largely successful but one brief clip was duplicated with Sulu looking at the viewscreeen?)

    Nice to see Kelvin's era getting the treatment, I might splurge for "Beyond".
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    That was specifically the blu-ray version of the Director's Cut, not the theatrical version. And it was quickly corrected, with a free mail-in recall and replacement of the initial release which had this error.

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    add star trek generations to that list, it's in desperate need of restoration. for some reason the 2009 blu ray edition has a strange green tint to it.
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    I’ve already bought the first two movies twice on Blu-ray, and Beyond on UHD. I’d have to find this at a pretty low price to pick it up.
  7. David Brown

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    So, this was first released as a 9 disc set. Later released as a 6 disc set. What is missing from the new issue? Which is the one to get?