Star Trek The Motion Picture – The Art and Visual Effects Coming to a Coffee Table Near You

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    It seems nobody has posted this yet, so...


    Drink it in, Trek fans, we've got your first look at the cover for Star Trek The Motion Picture – The Art and Visual Effects. This new book from authors Jeff Bond and Gene Kozicki, and our friends at Titan Books will explore the film that began the critically acclaimed blockbuster Star Trek film series. With this artistic guide, fans can celebrate the landmark 40th anniversary of The Motion Picture's release by discovering the visual artistry that made this an enduring science-fiction classic. For the first time ever, explore archival material created by legendary Star Trek collaborators, including Robert Abel, Syd Mead, Ralph McQuarrie, Andrew Probert, and Ken Adams.

    Showcasing visionary special effects, concept art, scale models, matte painting and more, this stunning hardback coffee table book will be published on May 12, 2020, priced at $39.95 and £29.99. 
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    Hot damn, I'm down!
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    This is fantastic news. I do hope it contains images we haven't seen before plus a look at the visual development of Phase II. There must be a ton of set photos as the decisions were made how to modify the sets to those used for TMP that I'd love to see. Frankly, there's so much information available now regarding the making of TMP that this book seems a bit anti-climactic but I'll buy my copy as soon as its available. Honestly, I think this really wonderful and have been hoping for a book like this for 40 years!
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    Seems like a good companion volume for Return to Tomorrow.
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    My favorite Trek film has always been the epic TMP. :adore: I will get this book. :beer:

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    I'm definitely getting this book! Doesn't seem to be available on Amazon to preorder yet, though.
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    Yeah, I sometimes wish the preorder links go live when the news story appears because half the time I’ll forget to ever order when it does appear.