Star Trek tattoo

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by RoJoHen, Oct 24, 2007.

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    ^^I saw that one, and there were no problems with MRIs and tattoos... Busted!
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    Cervical Punctures are rare. Very, very, very, rare because a wrong slip could have devestating results to the one getting it.

    If any tatt is going to the back the Cervical area is probably the best, as opposed to the lumbar area where most spinal injections take place.
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    I have a sleeve in my arm that covers the main vain in the crook between your forearm and bicep. I have given blood, gotten blood drawn and taken IV's there and none of the doctors or nurses have ever said anything about it being sterile.

    As far as spinal tattoos go, I have one in the area where you placed yours. And it hurt quite a bit haha. Any tattoos that go over an area where the skin is thin or right on the bone are very incomfortable to get. But, that one would only take about an hour with a good artist, so I hope your pain threshold is high : )
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    I actually decided against a Trek related Tattoo and designed something a little more obscure for myself... an arm band based on the insignia for the Spacing Guild Mental and Physical training school (which emphasized pure mathematics) from Dune.


    Amazingly (as can sorta be seen in the image above) it is still quite dark even after 10 years. I've included a scan of the original hand drawing that I had the artist work from.

    Most people think it is pretty cool... at least until I tell them what it is. :eek:
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    Nov 4, 2007

    Was it because of the obscurity that you picked this design, as opposed to something (more recognizable) from Star Trek? Or was it just a preference on your part that had that effect? As I try to decide for sure on my first tattoo, while Star Trek is a totally appropriate (dare I say "logical" ) choice, I do wonder about the "recognizability" factor...

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    I ~love~ the tattoo design.