Star Trek: Sigils and Unions character sketch

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    I did this one mainly for the fashion design, hence I didn't do anything with the pose here: this is an idea of what a Cardassian man might wear in a cooler climate--that is, cooler in their and my view (i.e. that of a semi-cold-blooded individual! ;-) ).


    This is a jacket that might be worn in the autumn months, in temperatures from about 55-75 F (13-24 C). The style is one often seen on the frontier outworlds of the Cardassian Union as opposed to the more urban, long-settled planets: the dead giveaway is the prominence of the fur lining. While the fur lining isn't that thick in the case of an autumn jacket, the key to understanding this fashion is that it conveys the image that the wearer is comfortably warm...considering there are few things Cardassians hate worse than being cold, I figured that would be the primary emphasis in such a design.

    This character, Aliss Meray, is the little brother of Glinn Serain Meray, a character who gets a few brief mentions in my inaugural story for Star Trek: Sigils and Unions (The Thirteenth Order). Unlike his brother, he has yet to serve in the military; instead, he has taken a "hardship assignment" as a primary school instructor on the rasgălor (outworld) of Curaga II...a position that in Cardassian society means he's quite well-off for a young man. (Not only is he getting paid extra to take a frontier assignment on a colony just getting started--much like in our world people get paid a premium for moving to Alaska, the teaching profession carries a higher social standing than it does in our society and pays more in line with what it really deserves.)

    You can only tell somewhat from this, since it's in pencil, but the younger Meray's hair is rather lighter than normal, with something of a mahogany/cherry hue, a recessive trait that emerges once in awhile in his family--a trait that points to a distant ancestor from the Hăzăk region of Cardassia Prime.