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    Greetings all! For those of you who don't know I have been working for some months on a little project. The basic premise of which is rewriting Star Trek the Original series. This started as a what if kind of thing, the idea being that Paramount, CBS or some other force decided to redo ToS and actually did a good job of it what said series would look like.
    Basic worldbuilding, character development ensued, really the whole thing was just a fun little exercise. Then I had enough stuff done that I just decided to go on ahead and write some episodes. Which then led to me planning out multi-story arcs, subplots, slow burns, character arcs and the like. Well now the thing is definitely happening and this is the thread for it.

    So the series will be released in episodes (written just for clarity) with each episode typically being released in four parts over a two week period. After between fifteen and twenty episodes there will be a short break before the next season of episodes is released. This will give me some time to figure plot points out and catch up on sleep. As episodes are released there will also be other stuff posted such as character biographies, histories of races, locations, governments, technological overviews and more.

    Release Schedule

    1st Monday

    First part of episode released

    1st Wednesday
    Extra thing released (open to suggestions, but starting with character bios for all main characters)

    1st Friday
    Second part of episode released

    2nd Monday
    Third part of episode released

    2nd Wednesday
    Another extra thing released

    2nd Friday
    Fourth and final part of episode released.

    Hopefully this format will work. Most episodes will follow this four part format, though some may be long enough to require a two part release, such as the first episode. In the event that the episode is short enough to only need three parts I will release an additional little something on the second Friday.

    I do want to write professionally, and even have some books in the works, but that does not mean I am the worlds best writer. So if you notice a grammatical mistake please point it out via PM or even just comment. I wont take it personally. Also if the episode seems to be moving slow, or something of that nature I would like to hear it. How else will I learn?
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    Stardate 309034.11

    The Enterprise is currently on a course for the Larsan Union. A collection of worlds lying in the Archanis sector that has requested to begin the procedures for joining the Federation. The Unions strategic position in the sector makes its entry into the Federation as soon as possible Starfleets number one priority. Enterprise has been dispatched to begin the proceedings, with the UES Manticore and UES Warsaw scheduled to arrive some days after us.

    While I am honoured to be trusted with the responsibility of beginning to procedure to admit a new member into the Federation I must admit to some trepidation. It is unlike Starfleet to send a green captain and fresh crew on such an important mission.

    Regardless I have done my best to work the crew into a proper command, even with some seventy persons of her compliment not yet aboard Enterprise at the time of this log entry. Regular combat and emergency drills have made marked improvements over what the ship was capable of just a month ago when I assumed command. And have also served to bring the crew together in a remarkable way.

    Commander Spock, Enterprises first officer has been a big help these past few weeks. Being the only senior officer aboard who is not newly assigned to the ship his knowledge of the vessel has been indispensable. While his calm and collected demeanour has also put many of the crew into a steady routine.

    At our current speed and course we will enter into the Ooruchet system in two hours. Consisting of a single main sequence star and seven planets the system is host to a small Larsan naval base and colony of some five million and is the agreed upon rendezvous point where we are to meet with the Larsans.

    James Tiberius Kirk closed the log entry and leaned back into his chair, resisting the urge to sigh loudly as the stress of a solid month of command welled up inside him. Command of one of the fleets precious few heavy cruisers was a considerable honour usually reserved for the senior most captains of the fleet. Balding men and greying women who’s decades of experience commanding other smaller ships served to prepare them for the weighty responsibility and heavy workload that went into captaining a heavy cruiser.

    In Kirks mind command of a destroyer along the Klingon border was not sufficient preparation for his current command. However, Starfleet was in the middle of a massive expansion of its fleets and captains were in short supply. Especially at Star base 12 where Enterprise had sat in spacedock for over a year after many of her previous crew had been assigned to other commands.

    It had been made abundantly clear by the bases commodore that Enterprise was likely a temporary assignment until either a more suitable command came Kirks way, or a more suitable captain came Enterprises way. And that he was to do nothing with his ship but rigidly adhere to any orders given to him by Starfleet.

    The whole experience had made Kirk feel almost like a child. But after nine months of inactivity following Nautilus`s battle with a Klingon C-9 light cruiser getting back into space felt like a massive release. Hours of inquiry and official hearings were finally over and he could get to work once more.

    Memories of the Nautilus flew into his mind. The small hundred-man destroyer had been his first command after his stint aboard Farragut. And the cramped little ship had quickly become his home, as well as dream assignment. Until a Klingon disruptor volley tore through the ship and many of its crew.

    “Captain sir,” Lieutenant Noyota Uhura the ships Communications chief said to his right. Knocking Kirk out of his reverie.

    “Subspace just went wild sir, like an old-style wave transmission was just sent,” she reported a frown of concentration on her face as she worked her board with one hand and cupped her ear with the other.

    Kirk was over by here side in three steps “can you get anything from it?” he asked looking at a tangled web of energy spikes and background noise on one of the displays.

    “I don’t think so sir, the source of the signal was to far away for us to get anything other than the last waves over subspace.”

    Kirk was not surprised. The Larsan tech level was said to be roughly equivalent to the 2380s United Earth. Its ships, weapons, sensors and subspace communications were all shorter ranged and less accurate than Starfleet equipment.

    “Keep scanning, we may get another message once we get closer in range,” he ordered probably unnecessarily. Uhura was good at her job and was likely already scanning subspace for another message. But it was necessary for the ship’s records if nothing else.

    Kirk tried some mental calculations. They were still some fifteen lightyears our from the Ooruchet system. At warp factor six they would reach the outskirts of the system in a little under two hours. If his memory was right then the best the Larsan subspace transmitter technology could do was perhaps eight or nine lightyears. Meaning that Enterprise could expect a decent signal sometime in the next forty-five minutes.

    “Keep on it Lieutenant,” he said as he left the communications station and made his way to the helm/tactical station which occupied the space just forward of the bridge center.

    “Can I help you sir?” Lieutenant-Commander Hikaru Sulu the ships navigational officer asked unphased by the presence of the captain over his shoulder.

    “Just checking your sensor logs, don’t mind me,” Kirk said as he plugged his security codes into the console and began to comb through the sensor data. It was more a brain exercise than anything. Going over the logs kept Kirks mind sharp and gave him something to do. It was unlikely that a ship would be in the area. But of one was, and it was in range of Enterprises sensors it would be in the logs. Sulu did not mind and soon was back to his panel. Even moving over some so Kirk had more room.

    As expected, there was nothing. This far out in the Archanis sector and away from United Earth space traffic was sparse and very limited. Aside from the Larsan subspace transmission, which was likely to be a simple greeting, there was nothing on the logs.

    He went through all logged data for the past two days before he got bored and without any joy returned to the mass of reports and forms waiting for him to approve or sign. This he did at the conn, or control station in the center of the bridge. Consisting of a backless chair with a large collection of controls and a display screen on the arms it was from here that the ships captain directed the operation of his starship.

    It was a position that seemed rather glamorous when Kirk had first enlisted in Starfleet. However, he had learned aboard Farragut where he had an occasional watch commanding the bridge that the job mostly consisted of paperwork. Lots of paperwork.

    When he had initially taken command of Nautilus the paperwork had seemed overwhelming. Now as CO of Enterprise he longed for the days when he had merely fifty or sixty documents to read per shift. A ship of almost five hundred persons generated a tremendous amount of the stuff. Enough to drive someone mad almost.

    He was nearly done with just twenty-six more before he could call it quits and get onto something else. He thought that by the time the ship could receive clear message over subspace that he would be finishing the last of the reports.

    He was almost done in fact by the time that Uhura suddenly gasped behind him, “something to report Lieutenant?” He asked just as he finished reading and signing a purser’s report on the ships water consumption. He had just three more left.

    “Yes sir we just received a beta band subspace transmission from the Ooruchet system, text only,” came Uhura`s reply.

    Similar to radio or light subspace consisted of multiple bands in a spectrum layered atop one another. Named Alpha to Lambda there were eleven known bands. With only the Alpha to Gamma bands being useful for communications.

    A beta band transmission was the easiest to use, with Alpha being to unstable for a long-range message. Gamma was useful for very fast, very long-range messages. But required very powerful transmitters which was beyond the Larsan abilities.

    Kirk took the printout offered by Uhura and began to read with mounting alarm. Short and to the point, likely a necessity given the limited output of most observed Larsan fusion reactors, it left very little room for interpretation. “I don’t suppose there is anyway that the computer altered the translation?” He asked already certain of the answer.

    “No chance sir, not with the system we are using,” Uhura said her voice betraying her own surprise at the message contents.

    “Something wrong sir?” Sulu asked turning to face Kirk and Uhura.

    “See for yourself,” Kirk offered holding out the message.

    Sulu walked the short distance over and with mounting shock and surprise began to read.

    Consisting of only twenty-five words the message read

    “Approaching Federation Starship your presence in Union space is no longer welcome. Return immediately. Federation membership no longer needed, alliance with Klingon Empire chosen instead.”

    “How could this be sir?” Sulu asked as he handed the message back.

    “I seem to recall in a briefing that some members of the Larsan government had lobbied for an alliance with the empire during their vote for Federation membership, but they were only a minority,” Uhura said from behind Kirk.

    Kirk nodded, he had read the same thing “circumstances and public opinion changes regularly,” he said moving to sit down. Sulu followed and was soon back seated at the helm.

    “Shall I plot us a return course to Federation space?” He asked hand hovering over his board. Kirk did not immediately respond. He thought over the possibilities for a moment.

    On the one hand it was quite obvious that the Klingons had to have done at least some meddling in the Unions political structure for this sudden change in their policies and choice of alliance. This was unlikely to go unanswered by Starfleet, and any information Enterprise could bring back about the Unions current situation. And extent of Klingon involvement. Could be vital.

    On the other hand, Starfleet had sent Kirk out with the Enterprise expecting a routine mission. And Kirk had personally been given strict orders to stick to his orders and not risk the ship. And anything Kirk could likely do besides immediately ordering the ship back to star base 12 would constitute endangering the ship.

    After some thought Kirk decided on a bit of a compromise order. “Mister Sulu what is our maximum passive subspace and gravitic sensor range?” He asked.

    “Two lightyears sir,” Sulu answered eyes narrowing at the odd and seemingly out of place question. But his captains plan clicked before he could give the order. “Ill see how close I can get to the Ooruchet system sir,”

    “Thank you,” Kirk said once again marvelling at his helmsman’s seemingly uncanny knack for anticipating his captains’ orders. He simply shook his head and turned over to Uhura.

    “Call all senior officers to the conference room and start scanning the Ooruchet system and any other nearby star systems for Klingon transmissions,” he ordered. Glancing at his display he saw that Sulu had already completed a course that would bring the ship to the outer limits of the Ooruchet system in a little under one hour. Just enough time for a quick briefing.
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    Interesting. I’m almost reminded in a small way of David Feintuch’s Seafort Saga for some reason. Anyways, keep it up.
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    Never heard of that, may have to check it out. And hopefully I will do just that.
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    Ok so tomorrow I will put out the first extra thing for the series. I am torn between a explanation of the stardate system and how it is used. Or I could do a quick explanation of the setting the series is set in. How the time line is different from canon trek, how its the same, what Enterprise is doing, that sort of thing.
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    So it seems that some background is what everyone is wanting, and really that makes the most sense given the newness of the series. There is some problem though with how it will be done. I think I will do a timeline of the history of the series, followed by a quick explanation of the series. How its different, the same. That sort of thing.

    The last quarter of the twenty first century was not a good one. Although the emerging science of Eugenics had managed to cure many of the worst diseases and disorders suffered by humanity, and important advances in laser technology had rendered the nuclear missiles virtually obsolete. However the onset of the global economic winter of 2092-2128 would chance everything. Beginning with the American market crash and compounded by the flooding of the dams along the Yangtze river in China which devastated large parts of the rich industrial regions of the nation. What followed was the single worst financial crash in human history. Unleashing untold amounts of pain and suffering for thirty years and devastating many of the regions of the world.

    Following the birth of the new century the nations of the world attempted many solutions to the economic crisis. However many of these attempts failed and arguably made things even worse. Tensions over dwindling resources also led to a string of wars between many nations as well. Notably the Korean peninsula would see a renewal of the conflict between the two republics in 2111 leading to a nuclear exchange. And the Indo-Pakistan conflicts of 2116 and 2123. However perhaps most notably would be the various conflicts in Africa which would lead to an estimated hundred million deaths from 2100-2140. Even the United States would not be free of strife in the period, with the introduction of ghettos and slums in a large scale.

    Eventually the global economic situation would come to an end with a gradual improvement of the economy. However the respite from the dire financial situation would be shortlived as the world soon had a new problem. Starting in India with the election of Khan Noonien Singh to the Presidency of India in 2136 the Augments would rise to power in many regions of the world. Forming the loosely aligned Khanate in 2145 and later waging a series of wars against the democratic world in what would become known as the Eugenics wars from 2146 to 2154 until Khan was finally presumed killed after an attack on Jakarta ended the war.

    Things did not end with the fall of the Khanate. Unfortunately the peace treaties ending the war dealt with the former Khanate harshly and they would form the Easter Coalition of Nations in 2159 and later fight the third world war from 2165-2166. However with no one eager to repeat the destruction of the previous war a ceasefire was hastily signed after mass use of nuclear missiles to devastate much of the ECON nations just before the ceasefire was signed. Leading to the post Atomic horror which would continue until the end of Earths independence.

    Perhaps the single most important even of human history would be the flight of the Phoenix in 2176 and the subsequent first contact with Vulcan later that same day. In 2178 Vulcan returned with an official delegation to the planet. Vulcan agreed to help Earth recover from the century of war, only if Earth formed a single unified body to distribute the relief supplies. Leading to the creation of the new United Nations in 2179 with Zephram Cochrane acting as the organizations director. Cochrane also established the United Earth Space Probe Agency, UESPA in 2193 with the purpose of sending unmanned warp probes to explore several star systems near Earth. Later in he would announce in 2192 the development of a series of new warp ships Valiant, Enterprise and Intrepid to explore the systems reported on as interesting by the warp probes.

    Unfortunately the world would fail to unite behind the new United Nations. Tensions between the ECON and the west remained quite high, particularly after the ECON began to argue that they were getting less supplies than the rest of the world. This led to the devastating final war from 2204-2207 when the ECON launched a surprise attack and was beaten back and conquered by the Allies. Leading to millions of deaths and the withdrawal of Vulcan from Earth in 2209.

    Vulcan would return in 2215 with a fleet of ships. It was thought by Earth that the aliens had come to resume their disaster relief efforts. However it was quickly discovered following a precision strike from orbit that Vulcan had come as conquerors. And the nations of the Earth capitulated very quickly before the Vulcan fleet. Falling in a matter of days. Vulcans reasons for the takeover were complex, but resulted from a sense of responsibility for causing the final war through their relief supplies.

    Vulcan occupation was remarkably light as their goal for Earth was to rebuild the planet and establish a new unified human government. Major efforts to get rid of the major impediments to human unity and also rebuild the planet. They would disband governments and make major strides through public education and reconstruction efforts to bring humanity together. And they would be largely successfully. What resulted from a century and a half of Vulcan occupation would be a new planet. Racial discrimination, wealth gap, and education gaps all evaporated. However Vulcan efforts to introduce logic and the teachings of Surak would be less successful.

    In 2300 Vulcan allowed the creation of the United Earth government and began to gradually distance themselves from the running of Earth. Of course during the previous century Earth had established dozens of colonies in several systems outside of Sol. Leading in 2268 to the creation of the Colonial Authority, later in 2301 renamed the United Earth Colonial Authority. The organization had the responsibility to police and manage to colonies, not defend as that was the purview of the Vulcan space navy. However in 2300 the Solar System defense force was formed to take some responsibility to defend Earth. Later in 2122 the United Earth Stellar navy was formed in an amalgamation of the UECA and SSDF. The new organization was intended to defend the United Earth and its colonies as the Vulcans made less and less efforts to govern Earth. Vulcan had never disbanded the UESPA and so the organization remained responsible for exploring the stars.

    In 2350 Vulcan stepped off completely from governing Earth, mostly the move was ceremonial. Vulcan had essentially pulled out of Earths affairs since the early 2300s and allowed the UE to essentially govern itself. However the date was nonetheless very important and would become a significant yearly celebration on Earth and her colonies. Around the same time in 2151 the UESPA launched the first of their E class explorers, Enterprise. The vessels of the class were all named after the space shuttles operated by the American NASA organization during the twentieth century, with the exception of the Buran, the final vessel of the original batch.

    Enterprise was sent to explore the area around Earth. Being the first human ship to orbit Vulcan, make contact with Andor, Tellar, Denobula and many other races. While also investigating reports of a strange new race along the border. The Romulans. Although Enterprise failed to make first contact with these enigmatic aliens the ship would nonetheless play a vital role in the coming war.

    Following the destruction of a series of UE outposts and starbases by Romulan ships the UESN attempted to stave off the invasion. However from 2356-58 the UESN, and even UESPA fleets were destroyed. Only the ships of the emergency fleet expansion program staving off total defeat and capitulation. After a costly year of stalemate in 2360 the UESN managed to begin an offensive to retake their lost territory, destroying two Romulan fleets at the Vela gap and Hells gate passages and later with the arrival of advanced late new classes of starship force the Romulans into a peace treaty.

    Devastated by the war the UE, Andorian Empire and Tellar turned to Vulcan and its massive industry for assistance rebuilding. Vulcan agreed and formed in 2363 a coalition with the governments worst affected by the war. Sending huge amounts of materials and resources to the rest of the nations. By 2372 it seemed like reconstruction efforts were mostly done. However surprisingly a convention intended to see the disillusion of the Coalition led instead to the formation of the United Federation of planets. With a meeting on the planet Babel resulting in the drafting of the Federation Charter. From 2374-77 Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, Denobula and the UE agreed to ratify the document and create the Federation.

    The new Federation quickly made great strides to achieve its lofty goals. Establishing a single unified government with a simply immense size and power. However things were not as they seemed. There arose a major disagreement between the Vulcan and Andorians and the UE over the latters extreme colonization efforts. The former powers did not like the huge expansion of the UE with massive colony efforts. And cautioned that the UE would involve itself in a war with a foreign power when their colonies were established in territory not claimed by them. And threatened to not come to their aide in such an event.

    True to their word when the Klingons initiated the four years war in 2441 neither Vulcan or Andor came to their aid. Allowing the UE and their Starfleet to be virtually destroyed before finally coming to the defense of their ally. From 2443 until the end of 2444 the Federation finally pushed the Klingons back and destroyed their military forces. Breaking the empire and sending it into a decade long period of strife and civil war which led to followers of the cult of Khaless assuming control of the government in 2453. Purges and military action against rebel elements within the empire would see it return to a new height of power, at the expense of freedom and liberty within the empire.

    For its part the Federation drew closer as a result of the four years war. Beginning to integrate its military forces and establish a cohesive defensive and political doctrine. Establishing Memory Alpha and the yearly Babel conferences in an attempt to make the Federation that much more integrated. With this in mind the UE/Federation engaged the Klingon empire in a struggle for control over the resource rich Archanis sector. Before the war an area considered a part of the Klingon sphere of influence, but now following the withdrawal of the empire up for grabs.
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    “Captain I must point out that Starfleet is strict in their non-interference with the political processes of alien species,” the ships first officer and science officer Commander Spock said after Kirk had finished a quick summary of events.

    Kirk sighed. Spock had been invaluable over the past weeks in bringing the ship together. He was a gifted officer who managed to maintain a level of approachableness while possessing a cold exterior.

    The problem was that the same cold exterior was a result of his Vulcan upbringing. Making getting to know him, or even guess at what he was feeling, nearly impossible. Often times Kirk was not sure whether his remarks were meant as in insult, or a simple statement of opinion. Or something else entirely. It made any conversation with him difficult, McCoy the ships chief medical officer had already taken a dislike for the man which went far beyond his usual disdain for Starfleet officers.

    “I am not intending to interfere in the slightest mister Spock, what I intend is to simply scan the Ooruchet system for evidence of Klingon activity in the system.”

    Spock seemed to take this in for a second before responding. “You expect there to be evidence of the empires interfering with the Union then?”

    “Isn’t the conclusion obvious mister Spock?” Commander Montgomery Scott the ships chief engineer said from across the briefing room table. Third in line of command Scott was the oldest officer aboard at fifty-two and was gifted in his field. But he seemed to lack any desire of advancement beyond chief engineer. And he was far from an expert on matters unrelated to his chosen field.

    “I am not suggesting that the sudden reversal in Larsan policy is not suspicious and likely indicative of a Klingon presence in the Union. However, if our scans of the system are detected it would be difficult for us to explain our actions without Klingon involvement being brought up. And for that reason, I suggest that Enterprise set a course for Star base 12 and allow Starfleet command to decide on what course of action to take.” Spock said turning to face his captain for the last part of his speech.

    “Noted commander,” Kirk answered unwilling to discuss his orders further. At least not in the presence of his other officers. Debating his decisions in such a way was the fastest way for a crew to lose trust in their captain and to begin openly disrespecting him.

    Perhaps realising this Spock’s changed the discussion from what needed to be done to what was going to be done. “It will take some time to process any scans we make of the system, perhaps several hours.”

    “You will have all the time you need to analyse our scans. We will head for star base 12 as soon as we have made our sweep of the system.” Kirk said just before an alarm went off signalling that they had were approaching their objective.

    All present in the conference room piled out and into the hall where they quickly dispersed for their posts. Kirk and Spock walked together for the bridge but said nothing.

    “Captain on deck!” Sulu thundered as the turbolift doors swung open admitting both Kirk and Spock onto the bridge.

    “Report!” Kirk ordered as he sat down at the conn which Sulu had vacated in favour of the helm. Spock to sat down at his own station.

    “The ship just dropped out of warp sir and we await your orders to begin a detailed broad and tight band sweep of the system,” was Sulu`s prompt reply.

    “Mister Spock?” Kirk asked.

    “Ready to begin sensor sweep, all stations report standing bye,” Spock answered. He slid an earpiece onto his head and signed into his station.

    “Begin sweep!” Kirk thundered.

    In the space around Enterprise brilliant flashes of energy lanced outwards towards the Ooruchet system, who’s single star winked faintly some lightyear and a half away.

    Subspace, Gravitic, Tachyon and passive lightspeed sensors probed the system intently for seven and a half seconds. Creating a detailed model of the system in the ships computers precise enough to see every vessel, comet, space station and orbiting satellite present in the system. Her sensors also mapped gaseous phenomenon, population levels in the atmospheres of all the planets and above all else plasma wakes indicative of vessels dropping into or our of warp.

    “Engage course for star base twelve warp factor seven!” Kirk snapped as soon as Spock signalled that the scan was done. At once Sulu slammed his fingers down on the appropriate controls and with a lurch the big ship speed into high warp.

    If the Larsans had any subspace sensors then they would surely see the ship. Just as they had surely seen her sensor sweep of the system. However they would be unsure of where Enterprise was for some time until they could triangulate the ships location. Giving Enterprise more than enough time for a clean getaway.

    “The computer shows a clean sweep without interference captain, I am sending all appropriate data to the science departments,” Spock reported.

    “Very good mister Spock,” Kirk said with relief. Such scan and dash tactics had been commonplace during his command of the Nautilus. But performing such a manoeuvre with a heavy cruiser was a new trick for Kirk.

    “Report mister Sulu,” Kirk ordered swivelling to face the helm.

    “Speed and course holding, though we will need to drop down to a lower velocity if we want to avoid burning out the engines. Aft sensors do not show any pursuit forces being launched by the Larsans, or any Klingon vessels on out tail,”

    “A clean getaway then,” Lieutenant Slocum said from the tactical station.

    “Or so it would appear Lieutenant, keep scanning for anything out of the ordinary,” Kirk ordered choosing not to reprimand Slocum for his outburst. The young man was currently stuck doing the job of a Lieutenant-Commander as Enterprises official tactical officer had not been present at the time Enterprise had been dispatched to the Larsan Union. And he had been doing an admirable job, he just sometimes forgot his place.

    Slocum took the cue and said nothing else. Simply nodding affirmative and darting a nervous glance back to Kirk after he had begun a scan. The ship shuddered slightly as she passed the warp four threshold, her engines humming quietly in the background. Their vibrations could be easily felt as they worked hard to push the ship up to high speed.
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    Five hours later and there was still no sign of pursuit by either a Larsan vessel, which hadn’t a hope to catch them at the speed Enterprise was pulling, or the Klingons who were likely in the system.

    After reaching a point where Kirk was certain they were not being chased he allowed the ships speed to be eased slowly back to her cruising speed of warp factor six to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the reactor. Or run the danger of overheating the reactor and causing a horrific meltdown.

    During this period Spock was busily processing data at the science officers’ station. Sending off bits of data to whatever department he thought most logical to do so for examination and evaluation. This process could be done by the ship’s computer, However Spock wished to be as thorough as possible and the ships computers had a nasty habit of ignoring some data that could potentially be useful.

    By the sixth hour of their retreat from the Ooruchet system Spock informed Kirk that the data gathered from their scan of the system had been evaluated and that a report was ready.

    It was back to the conference room for the briefing. Kirk left Slocum in charge on the bridge, a major honour for one of his age. But necessary considering all the ships senior most officers needed to be present for the briefing.

    They just fit, Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura, and Winston Peters, the ships quartermaster all arranged themselves at the table with a single seat to spare. Spock had the luxury of standing as he was presenting the findings.

    Without any form of introduction Spock began “After thorough examination of the data retrieved from our scan of the Ooruchet system we have discovered some supporting data for the captain’s theory of Klingon involvement in the Unions politics lately.”

    Using a handheld mouse he turned on the display which took up the upper half of the far wall of the conference room. A massive image of the Ooruchet system appeared showing the system primary and its planets orbiting. After hitting another button the image zoomed into the main planet of the system and a number of dots appeared in its orbit all baring several different colours.

    “These represent ships and space stations orbiting Ooru, the only class m planet in the system,” some dots were dimmed while all the purple dots grew brighter “these are space stations, both naval and civilian,” Spock explained. The purple dots were dimmed, and green ones appeared “here we have civilian vessels with power signatures to low to be warp vessels, likely these ships are simple surface to orbit transports or short haul vessels,” again the green dots were dimmed and blue dots appeared. “And here are what we extrapolate to be civilian warp vessels based on available data and power signatures.”

    Finally, bright angry red dots replaced the blue. There were far fewer of these than there had been of the other colours. “the red dots represent Larsan military vessels of all known types and configurations from small low warp system patrol and attack craft to their larger cruisers.”

    “Handsome little fleet,” Sulu said as he looked over the screen. “Can you display which ships of what type each dot represents?” He asked.

    “May I ask why?” Spock returned even as he moved to comply with his juniors’ request.

    “If we can see how many of each type of ship are in the system then we can see how the Union has deployed its fleet to its outlying systems. A large number of defensive craft shows that they are possibly expecting an attack, while the same number of cruisers could show them preparing to meet any Starfleet reaction to their refusal to join the Federation,” Sulu said after examining the new data Spock placed on the board for some length.

    Kirk was surprised. Sulu was gifted at his job as helmsman. But he had never expected the man to be terribly well versed in tactical thought or fleet deployments. He would have to remember to ask the lieutenant-commander about that later.

    The display now showed a large number of cruisers in relation to smaller ships. Perhaps six cruisers to four patrol/attack ships. Quite a top-heavy deployment for a system outside of any major threat areas.

    “What other vessels are deployed throughout the rest of the system?” Kirk asked something suddenly feeling off. Why the Larsans would have so many of their warships orbiting the planet didn’t add up.

    “Only a pair of smaller vessels in the outer reaches of the system captain” Spock said as he made the individual energy signatures of the Larsan warships disappear. However he refrained from doing anything else with the display.

    “Is there something odd about that?” Leonard H McCoy, the ships chief medical officer asked. Spock turned to him with eyebrow raised. McCoy looked around at everyone.

    “I am not an expert on space warfare so someone explain to me why you are all looking around in confusion as soon as the commander shows a couple of colourful dots on his display.” He all but demanded.

    Kirk had to hide a sigh. He knew that the doctor only got this way when he did not understand what was going on and felt excluded. But still he always picked the worst times to get uppity.

    “It means that there is something very off with their fleet deployment. With that many ships orbiting Ooru they should have some ships to spare for patrolling the rest of the system. Not just two ships.” Kirk explained, but he did not have time to answer every one of McCoy’s questions, “Please continue mister Spock.”

    “Finally, peculiar Larsan deployment notwithstanding the final pair of vessels positively identified by our scans are these two ships here,” again the red dots disappeared, this time replaced with a pair of white dots which also orbited Ooru in the same general space as the Larsan ships.

    Spock let these two dots sit on the display for a second as he pulled up something on his own reader. “These two dots represent Klingon warships which when their power signatures are matched with intelligence data on the Klingon fleet reveals that one of these vessels is a C-9 light cruiser and the other is an E-10 escort. At present these are all Klingon forces known to be operating in the Larsan union.”

    The identity of these dots had not come as a surprise. Still some were taken back by the vessels present. While both vessels in orbit of Ooru were powerful for their size range they lacked any serious staying power in a fire fight. However their presence in the Ooruchet system suggested that heavier Klingon forces would likely be present in other more populated Larsan systems.

    “The C-9 has been identified with the C9-24. A vessel first encountered last year along the Klingon border which intelligence believes to be attached to the fourth fleet as a part of the eleventh roving cruiser squadron. The identity of the E-10 cannot be confirmed at this time.”

    Again Spock allowed the weight of what he had just said to sink in. He switched the display back to the overview of the Ooruchet system in general and stood to one side of the display.

    “That’s a fairly heavy Klingon force to be deployed this far from their border, I thought the empire was keeping away from such overt interference with border governments,” Uhura said. Kirk noted she had written some notes on a sheet of paper. Something she had done in prior briefings.

    “It may be indicative of a much more aggressive Klingon policy in Archanis,” Kirk said eying Spock curiously.

    “The empire has consistently said that Archanis belongs to the empire,” Sulu pointed out. And he was right, since first contact with the empire the Archanis sector had been claimed as rightfully Klingon space. Irregardless of the large number of human outposts which already dotted the region.

    “Was that all mister Spock?” Kirk asked wondering why Spock had not sat down. He was anxious to end the briefing and send a message to Starfleet informing them of the situation. What level of response was required after that was their problem.

    “I have one more item of interest to report from our scan sir,” Spock said not moving from his spot beside the display screen. “Shall I continue?” He asked.

    “Please,” Kirk said motioning for him to take the floor once more.

    “Fractal scans of the system revealed a complex series of war trails both leaving and exiting the system which is in keeping with Starfleet’s belief that the system is a major shipping hub for the union.”

    A series of complex lines appeared on the map. Mostly concentrated along a narrow plane and being the thickest at the upper and lower right corner of the system the lines headed likely to the more populated Larsan homeworld of Vaial and outwards to the Federation and Orion markets where Larsan minerals were traded for Federation high technology.

    Spock did not long dwell on these trails, instead zooming the map into a location midway between the orbit of Ooru and the gravity limit of the systems star. The point at which a ship could engage her warp engines fully without any serious interference from the systems star.

    A trio of very brightly coloured purple-blue smudges on the map appeared and Spock zoomed in on the space around these. A knot of warp trails led into the smudges and appeared on the other side headed for the inner system.

    “What are we looking at mister Spock?” Scotty asked his eyes narrow slits as he tried to look closer at the display.

    “Radiation spikes consistent with a major matter antimatter explosion, seemingly consistent with the detonation of a Larsan naval warp core,” Spock answered.

    “A battle then,” Sulu said jumping out of his seat and walking to stand beside Spock. “The drive trails, they were so erratic because the ships that left those trails were in the middle of combat manoeuvres.”

    “Mister Spock is there anyway to determine if the Klingon vessels orbiting the planet had anything to do with the destruction of those Larsan ships?” Kirk asked also walking over to stand beside Spock and Sulu.

    “It is probable to assume that the empire had some involvement in the battle, but our instruments did not have the resolution to determine the sources of the drive trails,” was Spock’s reply.

    Kirk did some fast thinking. If his memory served the Unions government had been somewhat divided over joining the Federation or seeking closer ties with the empire. It was possible that the pro-Klingon faction had managed a coup to seize power and reverse the decision to join the Federation, if that was the case then it was likely that the Klingons were involved.

    With all the information that the scan had revealed there was likely little doubt that the empire had interfered with the Larsans, if they had been invited peacefully there would be no reason for them to deploy a cruiser and escort to one of their outlying systems.

    Starfleet would likely find a fitting response, and tensions would likely become even more strained between the empire and Earth. However, the Klingons now held a key strategic forward base for their ships and colonial expeditions deeper into the Archanis sector. Putting Earth at a major disadvantage.

    Kirk knew that the likelihood of war was likely to become even higher. And a repeat of the four years war was not something that anyone in the UE or Starfleet wanted. The wounds from that conflict were still to fresh, not yet fully healed.

    And then a thought struck him, “Mister Spock thank you for your presentation. It was certainly enlightening,” he said ending the briefing. Spock was obviously confused by this, likely having still some minutes of his presentation left. However he sensed that his captain had something else planned and so shut down that display.

    The rest of the senior staff also caught the hint and began to file out of the briefing room. Kirk caught Spock and Sulu`s eye and they followed him to the turbolift.

    Kirk pressed the control for the bridge after the three of them were in the lift. As the car began to accelerate along the route the onboard computer had chosen he turned.

    “Gentlemen I have made a decision, I am bringing us back into Larsan space after we inform Starfleet of what we have learned.” He began, moving past the shock in Sulus`s eyes, and the surprise in Spock’s change of facial expression he continued, “It is safe to assume that the pro Klingon faction of the Larsan government has seized power violently, possibly with the aide of the Klingons.”

    “It is safe to assume that the Federation friendly members of government have opposed them and failed. However if we can prove that the empire is supporting a regime which seized power from a friendly government then the Federation can force the Klingons to back out of the Union.”

    “And how do you intend to prove imperial involvement and the illegitimacy of the current government captain?” Spock asked revering quickly from his initial shock.

    “I intend to take Enterprise into the Yokuna system and into orbit of Fiar itself and hope that whatever remains of the government contacts us. If we can get at least some of them aboard then we can leave the system and they can officially ask for Federation assistance.”

    Kirk waited for a response. The course of action he had just laid out was dangerous, even potentially illegal. Taking his ship into orbit of the Larsan homeworld against their wishes was something Kirk could likely be court marshalled for. However if successful the outcome would give the Federation a major base in the sector and force the empire back several parsecs towards their border.

    Eventually Spock spoke, “The Klingons, and indeed whatever government has taken power is unlikely to simply allow us to enter the system and beam up those who oppose their regime. Enterprise even being allowed to enter orbit of Fiar seems unlikely.”

    “I agree with commander Spock sir, it won’t be easy to do what you have said,” Sulu said finally catching his breath. Kirk breathed a silent sigh of relief. Both of them were in support of his plan.

    “Thank you,” he said with a surge of pride.

    “Do you have a plan that will allow us into orbit?” Spock asked. Kirk smiled a lopsided smile. He did, or at least he had the beginnings of one.

    “We are going to lie our butts off mister Spock and hope that some of it sticks,” he said grinning like a little kid.
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    Aug 15, 2018
    Due to the way the episode was laid out there will not be a second part this week uploaded on Friday. Instead I will probably write up a Kirk Biography and post that, afterwards each wednsday for awhile will probably be a character biography.
  10. Charles Markov

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    Aug 15, 2018

    Using an eight digit system with two decimals the stardate is a system that is highly efficient in telling time very accurately. Based off the extremely regular rhythm of a pulsar located in deep space the eight digits are as followes.

    123-representing the years since first contact was made with Vulcan. Thus the old earth date 2560 would be shown as 309.

    456-the month and week of the year. Namely 45 and five show the month. Numbered 1-12. While 6 represents the day of the week. Numbered one to seven.

    .-showing the cut off from the days, weeks, month and year.

    78-the precise hour of the day.

    Thus the series begins in the 309 year since first contact in the 03 month and on the 4 day of the week on hour .11. Read in stardate form as 309034.11

    The old earth date system we are familiar with is also used. As well as many other calendar systems of the other federation member races. Stardates are used for the entire Federation to allow for greater ease in coordinating efforts between different groups.
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    Aug 15, 2018
    Ok so I had a brain fart with this, I meant for the six to count as the week and there to be three numbers after the decimals. One to count as the day and the other two to count as the hour of the day.
  12. Charles Markov

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    James Tiberius Kirk

    Born: 2427 on star base 12.

    Parents: George Kirk father, Winona Heerst-Kirk mother.

    Attended school: 2433-2445

    Enlisted Starfleet academy: 2445, San Francisco campus.

    Graduated: 2449 with focus on combat tactics/ starship piloting and navigation. Secondary courses in Botany, close quarters combat, linguistics, entry level medical training. Assigned to UES Republic upon graduation.

    Promoted Lieutenant-commander: 2451 following mishap aboard UES Farragut.

    First officer: 2454 following three year stint as first officer.

    Assigned command UES Nautilus: 2458 following two years teaching at Starfleet Academy.

    Assigned Command UES Enterprise: 2461


    James Tiberius Kirk was born aboard the UES Kelvin, a Newton class transport where his father was assigned in 2427 while the vessel was stationed near star base twelve in the Rigel three system. His parents were Lieutenant-Commander George Kirk and Doctor Winona Heerst-Kirk. Shortly after his birth the new family returned to George Kirks family home in Riverside Iowa Earth where the young boy was introduced to his older sister Ruth. Kirk would have one younger brother George-Samuel who would be born in 2430.

    The young family would split in 2430 when Kirks parents divorced following George’s return to active frontline Starfleet service in 2428. Tensions had been high between the husband and wife for a number of years prior to this however. Winona Kirk would in the divorce take the young James and George-Samuel while Ruth, then fifteen, chose to remain with her father on his new posting to the Regula eight station along the Klingon border.

    Kirk moved with his mother to her homeworld of Alpha Centari with William, settling in the city of Ferma Zefram where Winona taught Earth history in the period 1900-2100.

    Kirk travelled to visit his father on Tarsus IV in 2439 when he was twelve years old. His father was due to arrive, however events leading up to and immediately after the massacre of over five thousand colonists by then governor Georgios Kodos, known to history as Kodos the executioner. Shortly after this Kirk finally met with his father and the two managed to patch their relationship somewhat.

    Shortly after this meeting the four years war broke out and George Kirk would be killed in this conflict while serving aboard the UES Tegetthoff during the battle of Zealandia. Kirk followed the war closely and planned to enlist as soon as he was able to. Unfortunately he was unable to enter service before the end of the war, turning eighteen just months after the end of the war.

    Kirks entry exams ensured that he entered as a cadet at Starfleet Academies San Francisco campus. He had good grades and focused on combat orientated fields, both ship to ship and personal combat. Getting good grades in these classes. As a secondary class he took entry level medicine, a class taught by then Lieutenant Leonard H McCoy. It was in this class that Kirk would also meet love interest Carol Marcus, a woman whom Kirk would nearly marry before the relationship broke off.

    Controversially Kirk would be the only Starfleet academy cadet to pass the vaunted Kobayashi Maru when he hacked the code of the program allowing him to find a winnable scenario to the test. Afterwards Kirk submitted a letter to the academy explaining his actions. Academy leadership was impressed and he received a commendation.

    Kirk graduated and was assigned to UES Republic in 2449 as a Lieutenant. He would be assigned to UES Farragut in 2450 and following a disastrous investigation on a frontier planet Kirk would be promoted to Lieutenant-Commander. Later in 2454 he would be promoted again to first officer following three years serving as tactical officer aboard Farragut. Later in 2456 he would be assigned to teach a class at Starfleet academy dealing with advanced ship to ship combat outside of fleet engagements due to his outside the box theories while serving aboard UES Farragut. He would teach for two years and earn a reputation as one of the best teachers at the academy.

    In 2458 he would be assigned to command the new Gazelle class destroyer UES Nautilus and serve along the Klingon-Federation Frontier, keeping the peace, enforcing Federation laws and deterring Klingon raids. It was in this period that Nautilus would fight a Klingon C-9 light cruiser near the M-238 system when Nautilus detected the Klingon scouting the system.

    Nautilus would fight hard and destroy the Klingon ship, but would be herself nearly destroyed by the much heavier Klingon ship. Following this a routine court-martial found Kirk to have handled himself, his crew and his ship with exemplary ability and skill. He would be awarded the silver star over bronze star on his medal of gallantry, which he had first been awarded for the disaster when he served on Farragut.

    Kirk would wait until 2461 when he was awarded command of the UES Enterprise with a mission for the Larsan Union.