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Or maybe a threat along the lines of: "I can't *make* you answer to a human name. But if I have to refer to you as a Borg, I will assume your loyalty is to the Borg, and I will ensure that your evaluations merit you never so much as approaching command. Now. Are you going to comply with my request, Commander Hansen?"

It just sits weird that Seven's on his ship at all - from what we've seen, it seems like Starfleet captains typically get to choose in their first officers. So it seems like he either explicitly requested Seven with the notion of keeping this potential Borg infiltrator in check, or someone higher up with a grudge against Seven or Shaw forced her into the position. Shaw seems like he's a by-the-book enough guy that he'd choke down that order, but he's also petty enough that he'd take it out on Seven.
I think Janeway put her there.
AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can we drop the damn name thing????

Have you seen 30 Rock?

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Shaw is the first man to call Seven on her shit.

Thing is, she complied.

Shaw made his case, and she said "Cool."

Has she been on that ship for a year?

If she's changed her mind, it would not be hard to force Shaw to comply, and if he fought her on it, he probably deserves to lose his ship, for being caustic.

As far as Shaw knows, as of the Pilot, he is not doing anything that grates against Seven's hackles.
The argument that because a name that's a Borg designation might make someone uncomfortable that justifies Shaw being a dick doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

Does O'Brien or any of the survivors of the Setlik III massacre get to discriminate against being around any potential Cardassian members of Starfleet? Do they get to rename them or avoid having to serve around them because of the potential of past scars being triggered? The Klingons have murdered and conquered countless peoples in their history. If Worf makes someone uncomfortable because it triggers past memories, would that justify not allowing to wear his baldric or show any pride in his culture?

Seven of Nine has been the character's name for pretty much the entire history of what we've seen of her. To claim that Starfleet is justified in forcing her to go by a name she doesn't identify with and hasn't known for most of her life is kind of ... well, Orwellian.

Although, it arguably fits with Quark's argument (and the Klingons' in The Undiscovered Country) that Starfleet and the Federation are a "utopian" organization that claims to value "tolerance" but only practices it with those that remind them of themselves. That at a certain point for Starfleet, their tolerance for personal autonomy goes out the window if they're either icked out by the alien nature of it or can't wrap their heads around it. For example, Starfleet was ready to order Data to surrender his child (Lal) to the state, even while claiming to acknowledge his sentience. It was just a Starfleet Admiral didn't give a damn about what Data or Lal wanted.

In the same way, Shaw doesn't give a damn what Seven of Nine believes to be her own identity. And before someone says it's just Shaw being a prick, and not Starfleet as a whole, we were told all the way back in season 1 that even with Janeway going to bat for Seven, that it wasn't enough to get her into Starfleet because of the prejudice against her Borg past.
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The argument that because a name that's a Borg designation might make someone uncomfortable that justifies Shaw being a dick doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
Now, I'll admit that I haven't been paying much attention to this name debate but I don't think anyone thinks Shaw is justified. Merely that it is understandable.

that it wasn't enough to get her into Starfleet because of the prejudice against her Borg past.
Well, they didn't trust Jean Luc Picard at the Battle of Sector 001 either.

That Starfleet has it's difficulties doesn't mean everyone in Starfleet is bigoted. Just that there is room to grow. Evolve even.

I know, I know...it's a pipe dream.
Does Shaw really "force," her to go by Hansen? Seven just tells Riker & Picard that Shaw "prefers that I use Hansen". Shaw may have pressured her into using her birth name but I don't think she would have been court martialled if she refused. Presumably Shaw had some say in Seven's transfer to the Titan and could have vetoed it. Shaw might be commited to developing Seven into a Starfleet officer that is capable of following orders and has taken a hard taskmaster approach. Tbh, the rudeness towards Riker and Picard wasn't completely unjustified. He might have felt insulted that A. Riker and Picard expected him to be idiotic enough to fall for their plan/ruse and B. That Seven appeared to be sympathetic towards them despite their presence being highly suspicious. Shaw's irritation at Seven might be due to disappointment in what appears to be her poor judgement.
As fun as this all was, I'm not going to be able to keep up with this pace for 10 weeks straight. Too bad I like PIC a lot more than SNW for instance. There, because I feel less investment, I'd pop in, make one or two posts about the episode, and pop out. Here, I'm like drawn in and keep checking back.

This is crazy. And staying up overnight just to watch one episode that's a 10th of a story. I'm not doing that again. I'm watching during the daytime proper from here on out.

I also have to keep myself from constantly checking back. I shouldn't have done that. Soooo many things I didn't get done today that I wanted to. I'm blaming myself, not anyone else. But this place is like crack.
Practical Effects vs. CGI. Practical Effects will always look better. I gave up on that one over 20 years ago.
it’s a bit more complex than this: ON THR SAME BUDGET CGI can well blow practical effects to dust in many cases, but CGI allows you to do VFX on much lower budgets. Lower it enough and things don’t hold up.