Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 3x01 - "The Next Generation"


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A promising and enjoyable start to the season. I'm a bit wary as S2 started spectacularly before descending into quite easily the worst season of Star Trek I have ever seen, but I am more hopeful about this season since we have the entire TNG crew back for this one and their chemistry alone will make this a fun, nostalgic ride.
"Some real world-ending shit".
- this is an actual line of dialogue in this episode (by undercover Raffi).
The plot of the episode was okay (Picard & Riker team up to follow Beverly's mysterious call for help, Raffi investigating a Starfleet conspiracy - again).

What I do not like is how "fake-drama/fake-conflict" everything is. It is very weird that this is produced by the same people as the excellent SNW. And I'm not talking about the lighting. I'm talking about how real, grown up people talk with each other and have disagreements.

"Picard" is actively anti-discourse. People don't discuss or exchange arguments. It's all in-your-face insults, disrespecting orders, shoving guns into people's faces as welcome, kill-shotting evil mooks on the ground, and all conflict is "world-ending shit". It just feels so... manufactured.

I remain with the belief that "PIC" is actually the worst Trek series. But compared to most of S2 - this episode was at least very watchable. Also very high production quality for a tv show.
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The only place the light levels actually bothered me was the bridge of the Titan. Just seems a safety hazard, though maybe Seven had the conn because it was night shift.

Ironically I think the opening firefight on Bev's ship may have had the brightest lighting.
Jorg says he worked on Seasons 2 and 3 of Picard. so I wonder why he was only credited in Season 3.

Many people work on shows and get no credit at all because there is just not enough space in the end credits. I was very fortunate to receive credit in this week's episode (and this episode only) but I have worked on the show in a research assistant capacity since I signed the NDA in November 2020, so for all of season 2 and 3.
Max cruising speed, is a constant speed they can sustain for nine hours.

Max speed is the fastest they can go until their engines blow up.
They said maximum warp, period, and further specified that this was the not too shabby warp 9,99. Given that the Titan-A's specialty is supposed to be ultrafast impulse for some places where warp can't be used, it is reasonable to think "maximum warp" is indeed top speed for all practical purposes. Burning the engines out by going faster than is safe wouldn't be an option for Riker's argument either, as flying first in the opposite direction and then back would take time.

They could easily have avoided this by not going for maximum warp right after leaving spacedock. Curious fault in the writing.
Re: Shaw:

So apparently it’s being set up for the audience to not like him because of the way he treats the ‘heroes.’ This screams Jellico, a character created for the exact same reason. Except, just like Jellico, this is unwarranted because he’s actually a good officer. Personal bias on his part aside, his ship is being illegally appropriated by Riker and Picard, and another member of his crew whom he doesn’t seem to care for is helping them. He has every right to be angry.
And contrary to Jellico, whose plan to change shift rotation mere days before a confrontation with Cardassians was questionable at best (he could do it after the dispute with the Cardassians was resolved; his timing was very suspect), Shaw actually is completely in the right: Picard and Riker come on board under false pretenses and attempt to manipulate him to go against his actual orders, and that in a way that must seem obvious to him. They were lucky he toyed with them instead of throwing them in the brig while he writes a report to Starfleet.
the music notes in the end credits are apparently Pop Goes the Weasel
That's not any version of Pop Goes the Weasel I've ever known.
(unless it's supposed to be the weird off-key version that Data whistled)