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    My second fanfic. Unlike my first fanfic, there’s a lot less war and more exploration. And the story is much more character driven. Enjoy. :)


    The year: 2176. The United Federation of Planets has only been around for a short while and has already run into major hurdles in its post-war existence. Despots have come to power on the edge of Federation space, aided by various criminal organizations that operate with impunity. And the introduction of the Prime Directive prevents interventions that would have been deemed both acceptable and lawful by Starfleet Command only decades ago.

    When Captain Sergio Atchison is given command of the USS Meteora for a mission of extreme consequence to the long-term future of the Federation, and ordered to take down the most dangerous and feared criminal in the quadrant, the stakes could not be higher. His handpicked crew from his previous five-year mission will be by his side, as will those who meet and align with him along the way. And while his crew learn a thing or two on this important mission, it is Atchison that will learn the most, once he is forced to re-evaluate his personal position on the Prime Directive. And discovers that the Prime Directive – which Atchison has long opposed and sees as tying the hands of the Federation – is not his enemy. Its actually his greatest ally in completing his assignment. And comes to understand why it exists in the first place.
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    Episode 1.1 – Tetrahedron, pt. 1

    “Captain starlog, September 22, 2176. The USS Forrest has picked up an archaeological team that has been working in the far reaches of Alpha Quadrant for the past decade. We are on our way back to Starbase Three, where we will not only drop of the archaeological team, the crew of the USS Forrest will be relieved of duty and a new crew shall serve on the Forrest. The lead archaeologist, Dr. Norris Rambeau, will be dining with my bridge relief officer, first officer and myself. His finds are exciting and a reminder as to why I joined Starfleet in the first place. Something I have been needing for some time.”

    “They are called the L’Yat. Lie-at. L’Yat.”

    “Do you have any idea as to what happened to them?” asked Captain Atchison.

    “From what we have been able to decipher from their language, they were apparently involved in a conflict that encompassed the entire star system. Almost all planets in that system has been virtually sterilized. No animal life anywhere in sight, and barely any plant life outside of L’Yat Prime. The planets are either completely barren or polluted with gaseous clouds over them, barring the occasional abandoned base or depot. One planet in particular is so toxic you can’t send an underwater vessel to investigate the oceans as the acid will eat through the hull in seconds. Another planet’s oceans are amazingly polluted underwater to the point that you can’t see anything. On a desert planet, only the bones of what maybe have been massive creatures remains, as well as a bunch of mines and minimal plant life. There’s also tons of space debris still lingering across the system, from starbases to satellites. My team has determined that this conflict was based over technological advancements. One side – we call the military democracy - was comfortable in their own bodies without any enhancements. The other side – we call the radical cyberneticists - was radically in favour of becoming cybernetic organisms and hybrids with animal species. Some of them voluntarily removed their legs in order to have the ability hover in a special mechanical suit, showing how dedicated they were to their cause.”

    Dr. Rambeau chewed his food and swallowed it before resuming.

    “It turns out that a faction of this species that sided with the L’Yat government did in fact attain warp drive during the conflict, however no faster than warp one, and seemed to be instrumental in defeating the radical cyberneticists. Shortly after the conflict was won, the L’Yat government went broke paying those that broke the warp barrier. The L’Yat civilization then splintered off into various survivalist groups on their homeworld and never recovered after that.”

    “Is the homeworld of this L’yat civilization uninhabitable?” asked Commander Zivah.

    “No. It’s a class M world. Just a lot of buildings knocked over, a bunch of abandoned camps, and a few downed mechs. With vegetation growing over it. Its oceans are rather clean considering the nature of the conflict. All of the planets in the system were capable of sustaining life, considering that they all had oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere present. This all seemed to happen around the 9th century CE.”

    “I find it hard to believe that space debris is still floating around for so long. Are you sure your dates are right?” asked the captain.

    “Quantum dating suggests that our findings are accurate. There have been many space faring species that have come before us, many of whom we will never meet. It’s a hardly surprising that species like the L’yat would be one of them. Besides, old Viking ships are still intact on Earth. What’s so unbelievable about our findings?

    “It is remarkably close to Tholian space. How have you avoiding drawing their attention?’” asked Ortega.

    “Keeping our head down. A few Tholian ships do enter the system and engage with target practice with the space debris present. Sometime our shuttlepods would have to hide in the yellow clouds nearby if a Tholian ship was detected on sensors.”

    “You brought the body of a L’Yat on board…”

    “I’m taking it back to Earth for further study, but I will begin studies it in one of your labs. The one I brough on board seems to be an architect of sorts. Burial practises of L’Yat society involve a public display.”

    Dr. Rambeau then turned his attention to the commander.

    “Commander, I’ve heard that you are not pure Kriosian. You are also part Deltan correct?”

    “One quarter Deltan, and three quarters Kriosian. I get by full head of hair from by Kriosan side. As well as my spots.”

    “I’ve heard of Deltans are very open about their sexuality. How do you deal with it on a ship like this?

    “The Oath of Celibacy. Its a vow I take to…limit my fraternization with the crew.”

    “You don’t break the rules with your fellow officers?”

    “No. That would not be appropriate. My conduct is rather restrained when I’m on active duty.”

    “And what about when you are not on active duty?”

    “It’s the same when I’m off duty. As long as have my commission in Starfleet the Oath is followed.”

    “I think I would like to watch you dissect our guest from L’Yat,” interjected the captain. “8am sound good?

    “I’d prefer 11:30,” counter Dr Rambeau. “I’m not much of a morning person.”

    “11:30am it is then. Ortega, would you please escort our guest to his quarters?”

    “Gladly Captain,” responded a slightly irritated Ortega.

    “Are there better quarters than the ambassador suite? I’m a bit allergic to the pillows used,” asked Rambeau.

    “I’ll send for a replacement,” replied Atchison.

    The three men got up simultaneously, with Commander Zivah getting up from her seat shortly after.

    “It was a pleasure having dinner, doctor. See you in the morning.”

    Dr Rambeau and Lt. Commander Ortega left the captain’s mess, leaving Atchison to have a chat with Zivah.

    “Oath of Celibacy?” quizzed the captain.

    “I made it up, although I’ve heard of something like that being discussed among sages within the Deltan Union, once they have sorted out warp drive. I don’t really follow the day-to-day news over there, since its not really my homeplanet. At this time, such an oath does not exist. Only my medication every six weeks from the doctor are how I best control my pheromones. That hasn’t changed.”

    “I’m just surprised you deceived someone. Its not something I’ve known you to do.”

    “He needs not to know of my “fraternization” with members of the crew on the ship, from Ortega to you. Its none of his business.”

    “How is Ortega handling the break you two are on?” the captain asked.

    “He has been remarkably mature about it. Why are you asking?”

    “It’s the only long-term relationship you have had on this ship.”

    “I see no reason to bring it up. I’ve never said anything about you seeing that junior officer. Its does not bother me.”

    “It feels like you are the only one that supports me with that.”

    “Lt. Irwin is a…unique member of the crew. I’ll see you tomorrow, Serge.”


    Lt. Ashely Holly grabbed a food card and place it in the food synthesizer. He then took this meal from it – Plomeek Broth – and took his seat with Lt. Phizal and Lt. Farah El-Massoudi in the messhall. It was a regular meal for him, someone who was best described as a Vulcanphile, considering his fascination with everything Vulcan. He sipped his soup while looking over something on his PADD. He then asked a question to Lt. El-Massoudi, who was engaged in conversation with the Denobulan tactical officer.

    “Do you know which of the space ferries were under the UESPA banner?”

    “Space ferries?”

    “I’m writing a report on the influence of space ferries to the scientific field. So far all I have are technical specs, that it was a hypersonic spaceplane with an aerospike engine, and did not require booster rockets for takeoff. And that these advances had benefits in day-to-day life on Earth. I heard you got an A+ on the topic as a teenager. I need a bit of help here.”

    “None of them were under the UESPA,” replied Lt. El-Massoudi. “The only UESPA mission before Friendship One in 2067 were the Earth-Saturn missions, which were either 2021 or 2022. After that were the space ferries, which replaced the American space shuttle program of the 20th century. The inaugural mission of the OV-165 Space Ferry “Independence” involved America, Canada, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The OV-166 Space Ferry “Pathfinder” was America with a bunch of European nations, while OV-167 Space Ferry “Inspiration was America” and a bunch of nations from Africa. All to and from the International Space Station in the 2030s & 2040s during the construction of the first lunar base. Then the Ares missions to Mars in the 2030s under the International Space Agency, which merged with UESPA in the late 2050s. You’d have to talk to the Starfleet Engineering Corps more about it. Space ferries were pretty significant for the field of engineering.”

    “According to my studies of Earth history, those ferries were the basis for what eventually became the shuttlepod,” Lt. Phizal chimed in. “Which made away missions for deep space assignments a possibility. They also had the earliest form of long-range sensors that are taken for granted on starships today. It also used a previously undiscovered, renewable fuel source that was both extremely clean and negated frequent refuelling.”

    “Thanks, to the both of you,” replied Lt. Holly, who divided his attention to this PADD and his broth.

    “You would do well to take a break and relax. Just choose a recreation room card and unwind,” suggested Phizal.

    “A recreation room card? Aren’t the choices rather limited?”

    “There’s a program based on a courtyard in front of an 18th or 19th century Earth and hedge maze. Another program has a forest. Another is based around cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Another is an old west town from the 19th century. Another is a beach. There are also concert and sports stadiums, various nightclubs, one based on the view of the San Francisco Bay and other based on various city skylines from various time periods. I think there is one based around Vikings as well,” commented Phizal.

    “Its just a green screen on the walls and ceiling with various weather effects caused by machines. Its not the immersive simulation it can be. It doesn’t even produce holograms of people or human like avatars. I’ve seen more advanced programs on the asteroid pleasure resorts back home in the Sol system. You can actually walk through simulations of the city of ShiKahr, as well as on the Denobulan coastline, in those rec rooms.”

    “I think it works fine. Phizal and I spend lots of time there. It’s just a way to bring a bit of home while we are out in deep space.”

    “If I wanted that, I would have stayed at home. And when we dock at Starbase Three, I intend to read a good book, something based around Surak. More mentally stimulating.”


    The bell outside the captain’s ready room sounded. “Enter,” replied Captain Atchison. Lt. Commander Ortega stepped in and took a seat in front of the captain’s desk.

    “Vincente! I thought you would be down in the science labs with Dr. Rambeau.”

    “That can wait. I have been thinking about my career path as of late. I think I can do more in Starfleet.”

    “More? Your career trajectory has been on an upwards trend for some time. Define more.”

    “I want to do more than be a relief officer for the bridge.”

    “Your position is quite valuable. Bridge officers need a break every now and then. And it gives the relief officer a wealth of experience that is beneficial down the line. Rather than mastering a single trade, you master many trades. You could become a senior officer much sooner than you think.”

    “But I’m not being considered for any when I should be one already.”

    “Maybe not on this ship, but that is because all positions are filled. There are a number of vessels that have vacancies that need to be filled. I’m aware of the Copernicus being in need of both a new helmsman and a first officer. If you want me to put in a transfer request, I can do that.”

    “That’s not what I had in mind.”

    “You are a very ambitious officer, dating all the way back to the days on the Enterprise. But I don’t see it in you. Although you are a hero in helping to create and develop the Daedalus class and saving Earth and its allies from Romulan conquest, your work ethic in general since then has been rather average. It is unrealistic in terms of being considered for a starship command. A key reason for your rise in the ranks has been former crew members tending to resign their commission early in their careers, as well as your length of service. If you are willing to take a position on a space station, I can see you being a captain, since many space stations are in need of them. But there are so many officers that are in line for being promoted to captain on starships that it will take another twenty years for you.”

    “But I have not even been considered to be acting captain in the five years I have been on this ship.”

    Atchison leaned closer to Ortega. “You will have your time, when it is time.” At that moment, a voice came over the intercom.

    “Captain, Dr. Rambeau is requesting to see you.”

    Pressing a button on the panel on his desk, Atchison responded. “Alert him that I’m on my way.”

    “Yes captain.”


    Dr. Rambeau inspected the body as the L’Yat individual lay on the table. It had a unique composition. It had large antennae, a flat face with a canine like snout, a scaley body with streaks of fur on its limbs and torso, hooved feet, webbed fingers, and a bushy tail that was rabbit like. A species like that had never been seen before. Many questions about the evolutionary process of this species were bound to come up, according to the archaeologist.

    Atchison and Ortega entered the laboratory and watched Dr. Rambeau study the former lifeform. They learned that the species was both vegetarian and was an asexual species that laid its own eggs. They also learned how important athletics and teamwork was to the species, based on writing recovered from the L’Yat homeworld.

    “Zivah to Captain Atchison.”

    The captain pressed a button on a panel on a wall near by. “Go ahead.”

    “Sir, we are being hailed by Tholians ships. They are requesting that we come to halt and turn back towards Tholian space. They claim that we have taken something of theirs without permission.”

    “Go to yellow alert. I’m on my way.”


    The captain exited the turbolift to look at the seas of grey that was his crew, colour coded either gold or blue on their shoulder to represent their division. The captain took his seat in the captain’s chair, while his first officer went to take the helm. After viewing that there were only four Tholian ships in formation surrounding them, he then requested his comms officer to open hailing frequencies. “Channel open,” said Lt. El-Massoudi.

    “This is Captain Atchison of the Federation vessel Forrest. I understand that you think that something that belongs to you is on our ship. If you would not mind explaining…”

    The Tholian chirps caused everyone on the bridge to wince before of the Tholians responded. “Captain Atchison, your vessel was spotted leaving a system of importance to the Tholian Assembly. Bring your vessel to a halt so that we may inspect your vessel.”

    “If you would explain—” Atchison began, but the channel closed. The Tholians then accelerated ahead of the USS Forrest and a series of energy filaments emerged from the vessels to create a massive energy wall. The USS Forrest came to a halt, not wanting to damage the ship by running into it.

    “Full reverse,” ordered Captain Atchison. But the Tholian vessels managed to surround the ship and another series of energy filaments emerged from them, this time creating a pyramid around the ship. A tetrahedron, to be more precise.

    The Tholians then began to tow the USS Forrest and its crew back toward Tholian space.

    To be continued…
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    Episode 1.2– Tetrahedron, pt. 2

    “Captain’s’ starlog, supplemental. We have spent the last three hours collecting every artifact from the L’Yat system that comes to mind on the ship. But the Tholians have rejected every L’Yat artifact presented to them, claiming that those are not the right artifacts. I have requested that Dr. Rambeau to meet Commander Zivah, Lieutenant Ortega and myself in the conference room to try and help to resolve the situation so that the Forrest can be released.”

    “Doctor, I am asking you to think again very hard as to what the Tholians want,” spoke the captain to Dr. Rambeau.

    “I do not know what they want,” he replied.

    “There must of have been some sort of artifact that they value.”

    “I gave you everything, even the items that aren’t supposed to be touched by anyone.”

    “My security team is about to tear your quarters apart to find whatever the Tholians want. Be honest with me.”

    “What if its not an artifact? What if it is the bodies that were taken by Dr. Rambeau and his team?” suggested Lt. Commander Ortega.

    “Those L’Yat remains? But why? What value would they have to the Tholians?” inquired Commander Zivah.

    “It’s the only thing we have not taken into consideration.”

    Captain Atchison marched over to the comms panel in the conference room and spoke into it. “Lt. El-Massoudi, I would like you to upload a feed of a body of one of the L’Yat bodies in the science lab to the Tholian ships and ask if that is what they are looking for. Report back once you get a response.”

    “Aye captain,” the comms officer replied. It did not take long for a response to be heard back.

    “Captain, the Tholians have confirmed that is what they are looking for. They are requesting that the remains be returned to the L’Yat system, and for Dr. Rambeau to be turned over into Tholian custody.”

    “Into custody?” responded a perplexed Atchison.

    “The Tholians claim the L’Yat system as their own and have for many years. They do not like when other species disturb their archaeological research. In their region of space, no less.”

    “They are also studying the L’Yat too,” softy replied a surprised Zivah.

    Captain Atchison muted the comms speaker and turned to Dr. Rambeau. “Were you aware of the L’Yat system being a Tholian archaeological site?”

    “We never saw anything on the surface,” said Dr. Rambeau. “Although we did see a few unidentified probes enter the system every now and they moved very fast. But I’ve never heard of a species doing archaeological work solely from orbit.”

    “Tholians are an extremely xenophobic species that require special living conditions. Its not exactly inconceivable to consider that they have rather unorthodox methods towards fields like archaeology,” said the captain.

    “But they also mentioned that they want Dr. Rambeau to be turned over to them. How is that possible? The interior Tholians ships are reputed to be very hot. Their home planet is likely to be similar. A human won’t survive those temperatures,” spoke Zivah.

    “There is also the issue that Dr. Rambeau is a Federation citizen. He is protected by the Federation,” reminded Ortega.

    “The most recent updates to the Prime Directive suggest that we should neither subvert or avoid the application of a society’s laws. We technically have to turn over Dr. Rambeau to the Tholians,” stated Zivah.

    Atchison realized the conundrum he was just presented with. It was a reminder as to why he was not a fan of the Prime Directive. It should not be a conundrum to him; the rules were quite clear, considering that Dr. Rambeau was operating in Tholian space. He also had a crew to think about, and it was not worth getting into a space battle with the Tholians at the end of their mission. But handing over a Federation citizen to another government rubbed Atchison the wrong way, considering it was unknown that Dr. Rambeau was even operating in Tholian space.

    Atchison unmuted the comms speaker and spoke to Lt. El-Massoudi. “Lieutenant, ask the Tholians if they will let the Forrest go if we hand over Dr. Rambeau.”

    “One moment sir,” replied the comms officer. She then spoke to the captain once more minutes later. “It sounds like they are amenable to that sir. They want the other artifacts turned over as well. They are willing to let the rest of the archaeological team go as well to avoid a larger conflict,” responded El-Massoudi.

    “Thank you lieutenant,” responded Atchison. He then closed the channel and sat back down at the conference room table. Dr. Rambeau looked rather angry at the captain.

    “What did you just do?! I’m a Federation citizen! This has to be a violation of one of my Guarantees under the Federation Constitution! I demand to see a lawyer!”

    “Crewman Sorensen is trained in legal matters. I am sure he would be open to accompanying you on that shuttlepod on the journey to Tholia, or wherever the legal proceeding will take place. But to not turn you over would violate the Prime Directive…”

    “Then violate it! Even since the Federation approved of the Prime Directive, a number of Federation citizens have been doing nothing but getting into trouble. Most of us haven’t even been doing anything wrong. It is you Starfleet officers that have been causing all of the trouble, messing with planets and societies that you shouldn’t be messing with. Then when those societies get screwed up, you have a ‘woe is me’ attitude like its not your fault when it clearly is. No wonder other species are turning towards other growing powers.”

    “Ortega, please escort him to his quarters, and then to the shuttlebay for departure. I’ll be on the bridge”.

    Captain Atchison left the conference room and walked to the turbolift, and stepped into it when its doors opened. He was joined by Commander Zivah.

    “You did the right thing, Captain. In this case anyways.”

    “He is a Federation citizen. We should not have to turn him over. Just one of those things that the Prime Directive gets wrong. It gets a lot wrong if you ask me.”


    A shuttlepod departed from the shuttlebay of the USS Forrest, occupied by Dr. Rambeau and Crewman Sorensen, along with the remains of the L’Yat and various artefacts. The Tholians disengaged the energy filaments surrounding the Forrest, dissolving the tetrahedron structure around the ship. The Tholians created a smaller tetrahedron structure around the shuttlepod and dragged it back towards Tholians space. The Forrest came about and resumed their previous heading at warp 6. At least, until the captain exited from his ready room.

    “Commander Zivah, set a new heading to Habitat Station A. We aren’t going to Starbase Three. Its on the orders of Admiral Singh, who will be there waiting for us.”

    “Aye captain.”

    The USS Forrest then warped to its new destination.
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