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    Star Trek: Majestic

    Space… the final frontier…. These are the voyages of the starship Majestic. Our ongoing mission is to protect Federation space, explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

    Follow the crew of the USS Majestic as she travels throughout the galaxy and her encounters with the known and unknown right after graduating from Starfleet Academy. Captained by M’Kerl, the Majestic is a Shi’Kahr class frigate. Under his command is Lt. Mirashon, his Troyian first officer; Lt. Savar, his Vulcan security officer; Dr. Sho’Ka, the Klingon ship’s doctor; Lt. N’Vek, his Romulan tactical officer; Lt.Karlin, his Chameloid engineer; and Lt. Dor’Sa, his Kressari science officer.

    Star Trek: Majestic uses Star Trek Online’s engine, certain missions, and The Foundry to serve as the main way of producing each episode. The story is heavily focused on the characters, their reactions, and their interactions with each other. The writing is heavily influenced by Star Trek: The Original Series.

    Production has begun with the first season’s scripts being completed and pre-production of the first episode Shake Down Cruise has begun. Formal shooting will begin soon, so stay tuned for new updates. The first season will encompass six to seven episodes that will be in episodic/story arc format. The release schedule for each episode will be one per quarter up to one per month. Our goal is to have a new episode every month.


    Captain M’Kerl-Richard Littles
    Lt. Mirashon- Voiced by April Sadowski Played by Silynn
    Lt. Savar-Vin Butonshaw
    Dr. Sho’Ka-Chris Herman
    Lt. N’Vek-Casper Zandwijk
    Lt. Karlin-Damian Combs
    Lt. Dor’Sa-Finbarr Farragher

    Guest Stars​

    April Driesse
    Fleet Admiral Davis: Seeker/Bryan Hall
    Crewman Dravik: ForTheGamer
    Chief McDougal: Barry McPhee
    EMH Indigo Two: David Thai
    Jake Taylor
    Sam Corrion
    Ben Hurley


    Director-Damian Combs
    Writers-Timotheos Tan and Richard Littles
    Editors-Joel Camp and Damian Combs
    Set Designers- Sam Corrion and Joel Camp


    We give special thanks to the following people and companies…
    Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry

    Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan theme by James Horner
    Sound Effects and Music- Star Trek Online directed by Michael Henry

    Game Engine and Missions by Cryptic Studios
    Star Trek and all related properties are owned by CBS Paramount.

    United Federation of Planets Star Trek Online Fleet for their support and confidence in the production staff for Star Trek: Majestic

    This series makes no claim to the ownership or interest in Star Trek. We make this series as a labor of love and for the vision that Gene Roddenberry held for humanity.

    Star Trek: Majestic created by Richard Littles
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    Star Trek: Majestic Series Bible​

    After some serious discussion with Timotheos Tan and Joel Camp, we have decided to adhere to a select canon that follows Gene Roddenberry’s original vision. By looking at what Mr. Roddenberry had originally envisioned as to what he wanted for humans in the future it made our determination on canon easier. Majestic’s sources of canon is The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Star Trek The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, FASA Star Trek RPG (for timeline and certain races), and anything written by DC Fontana. In the event that an inconsistency appears in later series, like The Next Generation altering the date of an event, The Original Series timeline takes precedence and we chalked up the wrong date to that character’s error in presenting the wrong information. In the case of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the events on modern day earth actually take place on an alternate earth where the Eugenics Wars do not happen. Mr. Scott was destined to bring transparent aluminum to that version of earth.

    Voyager is not considered canon due to how long it would take the Voyager to get back to Earth, how badly Janeway and crew mangled the Prime/Temporal Directives repeatedly, Janeway’s repeated racism since she was fond of saying things similar to “That’s not the human thing to do.”, and the inconsistencies of basic information like status of the ship. The biggest reason is due to the sloppy writing and the overuse of the reset button, so as Timotheos and I, as writers of Majestic, is stating that Voyager never happened. Janeway and her crew do not exist in their current form.

    Enterprise is in much the same situation as Voyager. Sloppy writing and the stated intent of Brannon Braga and Rick Berman to overwrite The Original Series due to their hatred and them not understanding Mr. Roddenberry’s vision. They took liberties and altered many of The Original Series facts into what they thought was what Star Trek was all about. This also resolves the issues surrounding how the technology of Enterprise is far advanced of what was in The Original Series.

    One of the biggest changes we have made is the complete removal of the Borg because Mr. Roddenberry would not have approved of the ideas they represent. His vision was humanity and technology would work in symbiosis with each other to bring us hope. The Borg, as admitted by their creator, is the idea of technology engulfing and erasing humanity in response to the real world events in the 1990s. Another reason why we have removed the Borg was that according to the calculations of Hunter that it would have taken the Borg literally thousands of years to reach the Alpha and Beta Quadrant through normal warp and transwarp. When the Borg showed up in TNG and DS9 as adversaries we will simply put that down to either a bad dream or the characters playing a holo-novel during that episode.

    Klingons adhere most closely with John M. Ford’s version from his Original Series novel. There are three major types of Klingons that explains why TOS versions look substantially different. During Captain Kirk’s era, the Klingons the Federation met are Human-Klingon Fusions and lack the ridges. The Romulans dealt with Romulan-Klingon Fusions and look like Romulans but with copper skin. Imperial Klingons look like they do from STTMP and later due to events that pushed the fusions out of favor. By the year 2409, these fusions no longer exist since their bloodlines were eradicated. How and when this eradication happened hasn’t been considered just yet, so it leaves an opening for a storyline arc for the crew of the USS Majestic to explore.

    Another big change is that Romulus does not get destroyed and Romulans are not integrating Borg technology into their ships. Instead, they are integrating Iconian technology. Hobus still is destroyed through Reman testing of subspace weapons on its star. The Romulans and Reman fought a civil war that continues to the time of Majestic. Romulans in favor of the Remans break away from the Romulan Star Empire and preserves the factions in Star Trek Online. Romulans also adhere to Diane Duane’s vision.

    Both of these races will use the information from their respective TOS novels and FASA Star Trek RPG supplements.

    The Undine are present, but the details of their first contact is substantially different.

    FASA Star Trek RPG chronology does have an inconsistency of about 60 years in their dating starting after 2048 and Zephram Cochrane’s warp flight. This is a simple error and we can fill it in as necessary through sources from the novels by DC Fontana and other Original Series authors. As such the chronology will be adjusted to take into account the 60 year difference and putting the correct date in.
    Star Trek Chronology

    November 19, 1930- Visionary social worker Edith Keeler is killed in an accident while crossing the street. The event is witnessed by Kirk, Spock, and McCoy while time-traveling using the Guardian of Forever.


    January 26, 1967- Captain John Christopher, an Air Force interceptor pilot, reports a UFO, but it soon disappears from view. The UFO is the USS Enterprise, warped back in time and appearing in Earth’s atmosphere over the United States.

    March 29, 1968- Travelling in time, the crew of the Enterprise encounters Supervisor 194, Gary Seven, on an assignment to prevent 20th century Earth (henceforth called Terra) from destroying itself in nuclear war.

    July 20, 1969- Neil Armstrong becomes the first Human to step foot on Terra’s moon, starting Human manned interplanetary exploration.

    June 1992 through September 1996- The outbreak of the Eugenics Wars limits manned space efforts for a time, as resources are turned to global war.

    September 22, 1996- SS Botany Bay, a converted DY-100 interplanetary vessel with cryogenic sleep capsules installed, leaves Terra carrying 97 refugees from among the genetic ‘supermen’ who sparked and led the Eugenics Wars. In command is Khan Noonian Sign, the greatest dictator of the Wars.

    April 18, 1997- The first permanent base on Terra’s Moon is established, jointly funded by the United States of America and Japan. This marks the rededication of Terran peoples to space exploration as part of the rebuilding following the Eugenics Wars.

    April 1999- Large-scale asteroid mining opens up Sol’s Asteroid Belt to colonization. Several more lunar stations are opened this year by various nations and several private corporations. Armstrong Center, remaining the largest, has become a small city of scientists, technicians, and support personnel, and already is beginning to cater to a growing tourist trade.

    January 1, 2000- The Science Council of Luna declares itself independent of the governments of the United States of America and Japan and requests status as a United Nations protectorate. Such status is granted, forming the first interplanetary Human government.

    November 17, 2020- The Nomad probe is launched from Terran orbit. It is lost in space and presumed destroyed.

    June 2036- New space-time researchers find holes in the general theory of relativity, making faster-than-light communication and travel theoretically possible, though not yet an actuality.

    February 25, 29420- The first manned expedition is launched to Alpha Centauri in a high-acceleration, sub-light speed Bussard ramjet.

    June 23, 2048- Contact is established with a humanoid culture on Alpha Centauri by the first manned Terran expedition.

    December 2048- Alpha Centauri scientist Zephram Cochrane formulates the initial warp drive calculations, making faster-than-light travel possible and, eventually, practical.

    July 2055 through 2059- The first experimental warp-drive ships are tested by Terra and Alpha Centauri research teams.

    January 2062- The Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies establishes independent government for all off-planet Terran colonies. Zephram Cochrane disappears.

    November 2065- First contact occurs with the Vulcans, when a warp-drive probe encounters a Vulcan colony world. Vulcan has already developed the warp drive, and Vulcan techniques substantially improve on the original design.

    March 2071 through January 2073- First commercial space ventures by Vulcan, Terra, and Alpha Centauri.

    August 2073- First contact occurs with the Tellarites.

    November 2075- First contact occurs with the Andorians nearly ends in disaster when an Andorian starship fires on a Terran exploratory vessel. Terra prepares for war, but cooler heads on Vulcan convince Terran leaders to try and negotiate with the growing Andorian Empire.

    March 2077- The First Alpha Centauri Conference preserves the peace, with Vulcan diplomats convincing Andor that it has nothing to gain and everything to lose by fighting Terra and her allies. Andor joins the alliance.

    July 2079- First contact occurs with the Orion Colony worlds in the Rigel System.

    June 6, 2087- Articles of Federation are signed at the First Babel Conference, establishing the United Federation of Planets. The original signatory powers include Terra, Alpha Centauri, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar. The Rigel/Orion Pirates remain outside the Federation entirely.

    September 2091- Starfleet Academy is founded.

    November 2092-First contact with the Romulan Star Empire occurs when a cargo ship is captured by Romulan forces.

    October 2156- War is declared between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.

    September 2160- The Romulan War is ended inconclusively, after staggering losses on both sides. The treaty, negotiated by subspace radio, establishes a Neutral Zone, and no ships are allowed to cross between the two powers. No Federation forces have seen a Romulan face-to-face throughout the entire war, mostly because the Romulans refuse to allow a ship to be captured intact.

    October 2160 through December 2175- Peace reigns, but the Orion Colonies know that the existence of the Federation will soon be discovered by the Klingon Empire. The Colonies sign non-aggression and trade treaties with the Federation, but do not join the UFP.

    May 2202- First contact with the Klingon Empire leads immediately to conflict. Orion Colonies declare neutrality and trade with both groups. Klingon raids on Federation shipping often masquerade as Orion-based pirates-and vice-versa.

    July 2225- The transporter (originally called the materializer) is invented.

    March 2227- Dilithium is first mined and used for power rectifiers in warp drives.

    January 4, 2239- Starfleet’s Constitution-class ships become operational with the commissioning of the USS Constitution. Less than a month later, the USS Enterprise is commissioned, under Captain Robert April.

    January 2241- After a 2-year, shakedown cruise, the first standard, five-year mission of the Enterprise begins, under Captain April.

    September 2245- Klingon forces ally with the Axanar star system to begin the Four Years War. Captain Garth of Izar prevents the Klingons from establishing supply lines to and from Axanar and is awarded the Federation Medal of Valor.

    January 2246- Captain April commands the Enterprise for a second five-year mission.

    June 2049- The Four Years War ends with the success of the Axanar Peace Mission. The phaser replaces the laser as the Federation’s primary weapons system.

    June 2251- Captain Christopher Pike is given command of the Enterprise.

    August 2252- Upon Captain Pike’s recommendation, Talos IV is quarantined by the Federation.

    May 2252- Green Slave trade is abolished outside strict limits of Orion neutrality areas by UFP intervention. Economic sanctions by the UFP force Orion Colonies to abolish the slave trade – officially.

    June 2256- Captain Pike commands a second five-year mission of the Enterprise.

    May 2264- After the promotion of Captain Pike to the position of Fleet Captain over Constitution-class vessel operations, his hand-picked successor, Captain James T. Kirk, becomes the youngest man to ever command a Constitution-class vessel.

    May 2264 through March 2265- The adventures that are related in the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series occur.

    May 2264- Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell, First Officer of the Enterprise, is killed in the line of duty after contact with the Energy Barrier at the edge of galaxy. Lt. Cmdr. Spock, at the request of Captain Kirk, is made First Officer as well as Chief Science Officer. He is the first person to ever hold both positions simultaneously on a major Starfleet vessel.

    January 9, 2265- The Organian Peace Treaty is imposed by the Organians on both Federation and Klingon forces, thus adverting a second Klingon war. The Organian Treaty Zone is established by negotiation over the next 3 months.

    January 24, 2265- The first Federation contact with the Gorn occurs.

    March 2265 through March 2266- The adventures that are related in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series occur.

    November 2265- In recognition of outstanding service as both First Officer and Chief Science Officer of the Enterprise, Lt. Cmdr. Spock is promoted to full Commander.

    February 2266- The Babel Conference on the Coridan question is settled by the inspired oratory of Sarek of Vulcan. Coridan is made a UFP protectorate. The first of a series of Romulan/Klingon non-aggression and technological exchange treaties are signed in secret.

    March 2266 through March 2267- The adventures that are related in the third season of Star Trek: The Original Series occur.

    February 2267- The Enterprise participates in a Starfleet Intelligence operation to seize a prototype of a new Romulan cloaking device. Enterprise escapes with the device and confirmation of a Klingon-Romulan technological agreement. The device works once when they escape from the Romulan Neutral Zone, but it later fails to function when detached from the Enterprise for study. The mechanism is examined and duplicated by UFP scientists, but the prototype fails in a particularly nasty fashion, and all research and development aimed toward making cloaking devices operational on Federation ships is halted.

    March 1, 2268- The first Federation with the Tholians occurs, though the Vulcans were aware of their presence.

    March 2270- The Enterprise returns from its five-year mission under Captain James T. Kirk. It is the only ship remaining from the first group of Constitution-class vessels; all others have been lost in service.

    2273- The events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture occurs. Due to the extensive refit of the USS Enterprise and it being the only original vessel of the Constitution-class starships the refit is named the Enterprise-class.

    2273 through 2278- Admiral Kirk leads a five-year mission of the Enterprise.

    2279- The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is retired from active duty and assigned as a training vessel in orbit of Earth.

    2285- The events of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: The Search for Spock occurs. The USS Enterprise is destroyed to prevent it from falling into Klingon hands.

    2286- The events of Star Trek: The Voyage Home occurs. The USS Enterprise-A is launched.

    2287-The events of Star Trek: The Final Frontier occurs.

    2293 The events of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country occurs. The USS Enterprise-A has performed an extended multi-year mission from 2286 through 2293. Starfleet command slated the USS Enterprise-A for retirement because of the Excelsior-class USS Enterprise-B being launched after the events of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

    The rest of the chronology follows the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space 9. If an event that contradicts already established continuity from the Star Trek: The Original Series then the events in TOS takes precedence and the characters in TNG/DS9 are misremembering details.
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    Good News and Bad News:
    Good News: Your project is now listed under (M) (for Magestic) at the Star Trek Reviewed listings of projects that have not yet produced a major film (over 10 minutes, tells a full story) vis:
    Bad News: Given the quantity of the posting, supra, I have simply linked to this thread. Of course, to the extent you change and update this thread, that can be good news to people seeking to follow your work.
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    Thank you for the listing. I certainly appreciate it.

    We had a production meeting yesterday and our set designers are busy working in The Foundry to get all the sets built for the first episode.
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    Howdy Folks,

    The production meeting went really well and we've learned a lot about how to do the actual filming. Sam Corrion worked hard yesterday to put together a soundstage in The Foundry and built a mock up of the bridge and the briefing room. It looks very good.

    The production staff picked out a bridge and an overall style for the Majestic. We decided upon the USS Lantree bridge plan. Sammygm and Hunter are looking at building the entire plan in The Foundry and we all can't wait to see the finished bridge. :) Below is the bridge plan.

    USS Lantree Bridge Plan

    We have managed to find a set of full deck plans for a Miranda class cruiser with Sammygm and Hunter working on converting them to jpg format.

    The next two episodes will be written by Timotheos Tan since I'll be busy with school. He can't wait to unleash his creativity to move the story ahead and work towards the conclusion of the first season. Speaking of the first season, we're looking at 6-7 episodes with a production time of 1 month per episode to a minimum of 1 episode per 3 months.

    Live long and prosper until the next update.
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    The bar has of late been set pretty darned high--good luck!
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    Thank you and the bar has been set really high, but we're up to the challenge. :)
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    Howdy folks,

    On August 31, Majestic will begin filming of the first episode. The set designers are hard at work in building the sets for the series and I can't wait to see them. The voice actors are hard at work recording their lines.

    The opening intro is being finalized, so it will look really good.
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    This is probably not the same Majestic that gets destroyed in battle in DS9.
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    Can we get some pictures of the sets being built, would love to see some construction pics.