Star Trek is all around us!

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    So as we see Star Trek was mentioned in 24 this's really mentioned quite frequently when we pay attention. For example...last night when I was waiting for Hells Kitchen to come on there was a promo for bones and the guy says "beam me up scotty"...i don't watch that show or don't know what the guy was referring to but obviously that caught my ear.
    Later on last night during the millionare matchmaker (no comments please lol) Patty said this guy sounds just like Data from Star Trek...then this morning there was a data clue for the crossword!

    Also VH1 has been running 80's one hit wonders and information society was on it w/ the song Pure you know they took that from Star Trek and they had a clip of spock in the song saying pure energy...I for one never noticed it and never knew it....I was never exactly into 80's music...especially during the 80's (classic rock baby!) but of course I know the song well....

    Then......... a few songs later on this countdown was that girl group T'pau with their one hit 'heart and soul' and again it never dawned on me they took this from Trek !!!

    So this week I've just been bombarded with Trek references and I see it was also mentioned on 24 even though I don't know that person that was referenced...I hope a resurgence of popularity is on the horizon...I've always secretly hated and maybe even resented how Trek has been second fiddle to Star Wars. Maybe I should add this last remark to the what I hate about star trek thread!