Star Trek - Fashion Styles of the future ?!?!?

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  1. KamenRiderBlade

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    Oct 24, 2012
    What are the good/bad ideas of Men/Women's fashion throughout the series and time.

    What I never liked or agreed with is the lack of pockets in the future for Men/Women's fashion.

    I think it should be the reverse where we see more pockets, especially zippered pockets that are covered with a Velcro & Magnetic flap to hide said pocket and reduce the pocket entrance to a simple slit that you opened and unzippered before you can access your stuff.
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    Yeah but then, on the alien planet where the aliens are trigger-happy or if a moronic red shirt already whipped his out (like in "Friday's Child"), there'd be zero chance of anyone being able to defend one's self. Thankfully "Friday's Child"'s potential bloodbath ceased before it really got started.
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    Great Idea...

    Really Great Idea...
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    I’m sure I’d look downright heroic in either of those. :rofl:
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  5. KamenRiderBlade

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    Oct 24, 2012
    This is why you have proper holsters for quick drawing if you are in that situation.
  6. Takeru

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    I'm all for men showing some skin but those costumes make my eyes bleed.
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  7. XCV330

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    Sep 24, 2017
    I liked the mirror universe civvie clothes form Discovery, especially Lorca's jacket. I generally like Vulcan clothing but it seems like some sort of Senegalese style kaftan would have been more logical for their world, but when have the vulcans ever truly been logical when it comes to such things?

    TNG through Voy era civvies clothes are generally atrocious and have not aged well. The demands on the costuming department must have been extreme, but.. come on.
  8. NewHeavensNewEarth

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    Jan 16, 2019
    I like that everyone gets to work in onesies pajamas in the future.

    It's casual Friday, and I still couldn't rock that.
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  9. Tenacity

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    Jul 14, 2016
    You never know when you're going to have to access your stuff.

    Just ask Captain Kirk.
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  10. Lord Garth

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    Not just that they haven't aged well, but I didn't like most of them even at the time.

    By contrast: the civvies in the movies, ENT, DSC, and PIC look pretty good. And in PIC, this will be more important than ever before, since Starfleet isn't the main focus.
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  11. King Daniel Beyond

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    Quick, someone post a photo of Kyle Riker's buisness suit onesie.

    I thought the TNG/DS9/VOY civilian costume designs were dreadful. Wesley wore a rainbow sweater and Jake Sisko dressed like a bus seat. Garak wore clothing made of GP waiting room carpets.
  12. AllisonR

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    Nov 19, 2019
    Hmm, I LOVE the DS9 outfits. Garak had all those muted purples, yellows and greens, in very satisfying patterns. Quark seemed to get a new crazy outfit every episode. I like Kira's outfits as well. It's tiring looking at Starfleet uniforms all the time. I will admit you are spot on about Jake though, he does look like a bus seat.

    Personally if I had to wear the outfits myself, I wouldn't mind having to go to work in a onesie at all. How comfy. Though anyone over the age of 50 or too plump (myself included) should automatically qualify for a cap (bathrobe) on top of the onesie to hide all the bumps and sags. Wouldn't be any worse than what I see now - I work in a gaming sw company so everyone wears crocks and socks, or just bare feet, shorts.... whatever.
  13. C.E. Evans

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    Nov 22, 2001
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    I've become increasingly okay with the idea of no pockets on standard Starfleet uniforms, because beyond current-day needs, our futuristic heroes really only need pockets to carry things they can't get wherever they're going. To that end, we've seen personnel carry kits and holsters for various equipment, and I suppose anything more can either be beamed in or out when necessary. During ENT, it's understandable that those uniforms would have pockets with transporter usage not all that common yet.

    One thing I do lament is the lack of field jackets in the 24th-Century. TMP, TWOK, and ENT had the right idea of landing party jackets with pockets, IMO. The field jackets in "The Cage" also had pockets, but they seemed only big enough to carry small slips of paper or very small pebbles. Maybe they were meant to keep the wearer's hands warm in chilly environments, dunno.
  14. Mister Spock

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    Nov 24, 2013
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    I rather like Jake Sisko's style after his growth spurt, where they put him in a variety of coloured shirts and waistcoats. It looked far better on him than the bold, two-tone jumpsuits and oversized colourful shirts he'd previously worn.

    I also really like the outfit worn by Doctor Stubbs in Evolution. It's a sort of futuristic 'shabby professor' chic. A baggy tweed sports coat worn over a cardigan and light blue shirt.

    My favourite will always be Doctor McCoy's denim jacket from The Final Frontier and his suede jacket from The Search for Spock. The man had style and knew how to make a neckerchief work.
  15. Kor

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    I like some of the civilian stuff from TOS. Nilz Baris and Arne Darvin look pretty sharp in those sleek 60s'-designed suits in "The Trouble with Tribbles." But then, I'm a sucker for 60s aesthetics in general.