Star Trek Fan Reboots

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    True, but BSG never had the same type of massive following as Star Trek did. The majority of fans hate the idea of a complete Trek reboot, which is why the nu-Trek takes place in an 'alternate universe'. BSG left the possibility of the 70s/80s series having taken place in the same universe, but in a different era (the 1980s 'future'), with the concept of "all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."
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    the difference is star trek was good the first time round.

    haha i jest, ;P
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    I did a kind of soft reboot comic strip because I wanted to tell some stories from the second 5 year mission and I wanted to include Decker and Ilia. I fudged the plot so that V'Ger returned them.

    I call it a soft reboot because I have tried to avoid contradicting canon too much but I wanted to try and keep a lid on some of the magical technology that started to take over the plot - I prefer keeping transporters limited to short ranges and only possible from pad to pad or when using a communicator or bio-belt as a localised quantum scanning link.

    I also wanted to rip off as many other sci fi shows as possible, starting with Babylon 5 and a few others still to come. :evil: