Star Trek Discovery S2 Emmy Nominations

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    Thanks Garth and fireproof78. You said it better than I would have. In TNG, I have to be unbiased. Elsewhere, I can be less restrained but I know and follow the rules of the board re “post, not poster”.
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    I do hope they get something for the fx on Such Sweet Sorrow Pt 2. The plot may have gotten rushed again (these writers and ending up an arc.. I tell ya) but the look of that battle was superb.
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    The show won one of the four categories it was nominated in: OUTSTANDING PROSTHETIC MAKEUP FOR A SERIES, LIMITED SERIES, MOVIE OR SPECIAL - "If Memory Serves". This is the first Emmy Award win for the show.

    The other three categories went to "Game of Thrones."
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    IMO the one they deserved. The make-up of that episode (not just the Talosians, but also Vina) did a really bang-up job to make the aliens and characters look like from a modern state-of-the-art sci-fi show, and at the same time be very much in line and continuity with a more than 50 year old television show. Well done.
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