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    In the process of crewing my fanfic universe version of Deep Space 9, I thought I would dabble in a bit of writting for my version of the station and her new crew. I hope you enjoy.

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    Star Trek: Deep Space 9


    By Brydon Sinclair​

    Forty-seven. It had been forty-seven days since the war with the Dominion had ended, but in the brief time everything had changed. Colonel Kira Nerys leaned against the bulkhead, looking out the transparent aluminium viewport of upper pylon two, her reflection obscured by shadows as she thought back over the seven weeks. Worf was on Qo’noS, serving as the Federations new ambassador to the Klingon Empire; Miles O’Brien had returned to Earth, where he was now a professor of engineering; Odo had joined with the Great Link, to help them understand all that he had come to learn about the solids. Each departure hurt in its own way, each man had meant something in her life, a source of strength, of family, of love, but now all of them had departed for newer and better things. Odo’s leaving still saddened her heart, but she knew it was for the best. He would not only cure them of the plague engineered by Section 31, but enlighten the Founders on what it was really like outside the Link.

    However, as personal the loss of Odo was, the disappearance of Benjamin Sisko was in a whole different ballpark. She smiled at the analogy, a phrase she had never known before Sisko. The Emissary of the Prophets had faced his greatest challenge in the Fire Caves, exactly what had happened was up to the Vedeks and philosophers to determine, but it had left the station without its Captain and Bajor without both the Emissary and its Kai. Sisko’s vanishing had also left his family lost and confused, trying to make sense of what—to them—was superstition. Even as a firm believer in the Prophets, Kira had to admit that removing Sisko from the here and now was hard to accept.

    They had just won the war, but the true test of strength and character was upon them, it was a time when the warriors would be replaced by the builders and all that was destroyed was restored. Every Bajoran knew that hardships that were to come and they were only now recovered from the Occupation, but Bajor had been just a single planet in need of aid and support during a time of plenty; now, with so many in need of so much, it was hard to know even where to begin.

    It was a hard task that she now found herself at the forefront of. A week following the disappearance of the Captain, even as the search continued for him, Admiral Ross had stopped by her office and informed her that effective immediately she was being appointed Commanding Officer of Deep Space 9. His announcement had caught her off guard. She had stepped up and assumed the responsibilities of the station, just as she had done countless times in the past, simply because it needed to be done. As First Officer it was only sensible that she take over in Sisko’s absence, but at the time she hadn’t been thinking of her own career advancement, merely ensuring that everything kept running smoothly. Ross had told her that her appointment was strongly supported by many at Starfleet Command, despite some misgivings from a few hardliners who believed the station should remain under a Starfleet commander. He had offered her whatever advice and support he could give, before leaving the station to get on with the job at hand.

    With her new position came greater responsibilities and of course greater headaches. It seemed as though every kilogram of relief supplies was running through DS9, all of which needed to be processed through as quickly as possible in order to get to the planets that needed them. So far the station had managed to avoid the hundreds of ships packed with refugees, all needing somewhere new to call home. The stations crew were handling the added duties admirably, as she knew they would, but they were undermanned with several key posts vacant and needing filled. She’s been assured by Starfleet that those officers were on their way, but in the meantime the Bajoran Militia had stepped in to cover whatever duties needed covering.

    What had surprised Kira was the sheer number of Bajoran personnel HQ had posted to the station, there were at least double the pre-war contingent onboard, some on short-term billets whilst others were on longer assignments. She had contacted Militia Headquarters and spoken with General Lenaris about the matter. He had told her that with the war over, the non-aggression pact Bajor had signed with the Dominion was rescinded, which allowed them to increase their presence on the station—something Starfleet had supported, as it meant that they could redistribute personnel elsewhere whilst leaving DS9 fully manned. He had ended their conversation in a way that told her he knew more than he was letting on, telling her that, ‘we need more Militia officers familiar with Starfleet procedures and operations’. When she’d asked what he’d meant, Lenaris had redirected the conversation before promptly finishing.

    Of course, given the conversation and where Bajor stood in the quadrants political landscape, she could take an educated guess what Lenaris was hoping for. She would have to make a point of speaking with Shakaar on the matter, to see what his plans were for the future of Bajor, but that was at the bottom of a very long list.

    “Ops to Kira,” came the voice of Major Agen Toh, her temporary First Officer.

    Sighing, she tapped her combadge. “Kira here.”

    “Colonel, the U.S.S. T’Planna-Hath has entered the system and is on course to the station. They say that they have several crew replacements and passengers to offload.”

    “Have they provided a roster of new assignees?”

    “It’s just coming through now, Colonel.” There was a brief pause as Agen no doubt skimmed over the names, to see if any stood out. “Sir, both Commander’s Harris and Taelor are onboard.”

    That peaked her curiosity; after so long without a ranking Starfleet presence on the station, she was getting two command-level officers at the same time. “ETA?”

    “They’ll be here in fifteen minutes.”

    “Clear her for lower pylon two, I will meet them there.”

    “Understood. Agen out.”

    She pushed off from the bulkhead and stood before the viewport once more, looking beyond her reflection out into space. The T’Planna-Hath wasn’t visible, but it wouldn’t take the starship long to arrive, even with all the freighters and supply ships floating around the station. She focused on her reflection again and noticed the dark circles under her eyes, the product of too little sleep and too much work. Though she was loathed to do, she might need to stop by the infirmary at some point, to see if Julian could prescribe something to help her get a full night’s rest.

    Sweeping a few rogue strands of hair from her eyes, Kira turned back towards the corridor and headed to the turbolift. She had to go meet and greet her new officers.
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    A terrific first look at a post-war DS9, as Kira struggles to cope with all the changes that have taken place in such a short period of time.

    More, please. :techman:
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    I'm glad you like it Gibraltar, that counts for a lot coming from you :)

    My DS9 I see as being more focused on the AQ, rather than trailblazing into the GQ (though that would probably come, just not right now). Dealing with the rebuilding of the region, the fallout from the war and what it means for everyone.

    I like to think I've amassed a good new crew for my relaunch:
    Colonel Kira Nerys - Commanding Officer, DS9
    Commander Austin Harris - First Officer, DS9 / Commanding Officer, USS Defiant
    Lt. Commander Hjon Taelor - Second Officer, DS9 / First Officer, USS Defiant
    Captain Navar Reo - Chief Security Officer, DS9
    Lieutenant Jill Myers - Chief Tactical Officer, DS9 / Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Defiant
    First Lieutenant Lin Kelsi - Chief Science Officer, DS9 / USS Defiant
    Lieutenant Julian Bashir MD - Chief Medical Officer, DS9 / USS Defiant
    Lieutenant JG Ezri Dax - Chief Counsellor, DS9 / Chief Communications Officer, USS Defiant
    Lieutenant JG Nog - Chief Station Operations Officer, DS9 / Chief Engineering Officer, USS Defiant
    Ensign Sykell - Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Defiant
    Quark - Bar Owner
    Jake Sisko - Federation News Service Correspondant
    Kasidy Yates - Freighter Captain
    Adele Harris - Restauranteur
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    Operations was a hive of activity, officers and crewmen moving between the consoles, checking readouts, handing over reports, or catching up on the latest gossip. It was something that Lieutenant Jill Myers had liked about the Cardassian station, since she’d joined the crew after Operation Return, the sense of community. People were interested in all of the goings on throughout the station, from the Starfleet crew to the Militia personnel to the civilians who lived onboard. It had taken her a couple of months to get the lay of the land, DS9 was unlike any other posting in the fleet, but once she got to know the people and understand how things were done, she’d quickly been able to carve out her own little niche.

    Of course, with Lieutenant Commander Worf’s departure and her subsequent promotion to Tactical Officer, all that had changed. She was now no longer just ensuring orders were carried out and procedures followed, she was now the one who made the orders and decided on procedures. It was for her to get the station’s tactical department prepped and ready for whatever came at them next, so she was just thankful that things had been quiet, that way she could get things how she liked them before the next crisis hit.

    Her sensor board chirped, drawing her eye from the latest diagnostic reports on the phaser emplacements. The display showed an Excelsior-Class ship entering their outer defence perimeter, though the readout on the ship identified it as the T’Plana-Hath. She quickly ran its prefix code against what was stored in their databanks and saw that they matched. Satisfied the station wasn’t under any immediate threat, she glanced back down at the ops table.

    “Major, the T’Plana-Hath will be docking in five minutes.”

    Agen Toh looked up at her. “Thank you, Lieutenant,” the temporary First Officer acknowledged. Agen was tall and broad, a physique of solid muscle that threatened to rip his red Militia uniform open at the seams with the slightest flex. His skin was almost onyx in colour which only made his brilliant smile stand out more whenever he flashed one—which was often. In the month he’d been onboard, Myers had come to like the Major, he was easy to talk to and had a thundering laugh that could rattle the deck plates.

    “So I take it this means you’ll be leaving us soon.”

    “It looks that way,” he admitted with a heavy sigh. “I’ve got a few days still, help the newbies get settle then I’m off to bigger and better things.”

    “You mean there’s something better than this station?”

    He chuckled. “I’ve been offered the XO billet on the Opaka.”

    That made her pause. The Opaka was the first in a new class of ships Bajor had just commissioned, named for a former spiritual leader. It was the most advanced ship they had and had become their new flagship, so it was unsurprising that Agen was looking forward to his reassignment.

    “Congratulations. You must be the envy of every other Major.”

    “A few friends have taken the news badly, but I’m sure they’ll get over it. I mean there are another two ships due to be launched in the next six months.”

    “Yes, but they won’t be the Opaka.”

    He gave her a wide grin. “That is very true.”

    “It looks like we’ll be having another leaving shindig before the week is out,” she declared, already making a mental note to reserve space at Quark’s.

    “That’s appreciated but not necessary, I’ve hardly been onboard long enough to justify a party.”

    “Nonsense! Besides, right now I think people don’t need much of a reason to blow off some steam. You have to think about others, it’s not all about you.”

    Agen laughed, drawing a few looks from others in Ops. “That is quite true. I take it you’ll be organising this one.”

    “Already drawing up the menu.”

    “I’ll leave it in your capable hands then, Lieutenant,” he said with a wink, before returning to his console and co-ordinating the T’Plana-Hath’s docking.

    Myers watched him for a moment longer then turned back to the display. Yes, she was going to miss Agen more than she would freely admit, but such was life. As brave and focused as she was in battle, when it came to admitting to someone she liked them, she was a bumbling fool—not the most graceful of decorum for DS9’s new Chief Tactical Officer.

    Taking a deep breath, she focused once more on the phaser diagnostic.
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    That's what the DS9 relaunch books should have dealt with! :bolian:

    A great start by the way!
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    Thank you kind sir.

    One thing I can tell you about my relaunch is that this station will not be destroyed! :)

    I am considering adding a Cardassian Liaison to the mix, though not quite sure just yet. I'll have to see what inspiration takes hold.