Star Trek - Deception II - by Leo Tierney

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    After attaching a tracking device to their Klingon prisoner and setting up an elaborate deception to allow to him to escape, the crew of the USS Longshanks, a Federation Excelsior class starship, are led straight to the main staging point for Klingon raiding attacks that have been plaguing the system recently. With the mission to find the Klingons responsible and, if necessary, eliminate them...

    This Star Trek fanfilm was first started on back in 2013 and has taken 5 years to complete.

    Captain Castille - LEILA FORREST
    Commander Stoven - JAYMES SYGROVE
    Lieutenant Miller - RICK HUGGINS
    Lt. Commander Edwards - ALEX MILES
    Science Officer - DAVE ROBERTSON
    Lt. Verity Twatspoon - SARAH BROWN
    Ensign Jacob Andrews - JAMES HOBART
    Captain Torak - MARK SUTTON
    Klingon Spy - DAVID TARRANT
    Klingon Guard - TREVOR WILLIAMS
    Klingon Helm - WAYNE HAINES
    Klingon Tactical - NEALE 'NOBBY' CLARKE
    Make-Up Assistant - JULIA COCKRAM
    Production Assistant - GEORGE HUTCHINSON
    Chauffeur - ALEX BROWN
    Extra Costumes - NICK COOK
    Music - C.S. WATTERSON
    Director - LEO TIERNEY

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    "Star Trek: Deception II" (2018) is a sequel to "Star Trek: Deception" (2013)
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    Great fanfilm I really enjoyed it is well acted and I liked the TNg ship sets and uniforms and the Klingon mystery was also well done.:bolian: I can see why it would take a long time to make this fanfilm. All the special effects would take a long time to edit and complete this film.
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    This was rather nicely done. Costuming was good; makeup was good although I think the Vulcan could have used his long hair to an advantage in hiding the ear color inconsistency. Sets and sound effects were nice; the commander's mic was a bit echo-y I think. I don't know the technical term but to me he didn't sound as good as the others did. It's a good story. Klingon actors were good. Would have liked to have seen more emotion from the human crew (the Vulcan dude I understand of course).

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    Story was very interesting, and I am looking forward to their next one.

    CGI was on point! Was very good.

    My criticism comes from their sets
    I think the set looked better in their first film.
    Also the fact that they used camera trickery to make it look like a full set was somewhat noticeable. There were multiple shots where their combadges and pips were on the wrong side, and then flipped to another location in the next shot.

    Their set did work for the klingon bridge, but for an excelsior class bridge did not work out too well. I would have probably used different LCARS, and rather than have both sides of the sets be of the left and right side of the bridge, would have had it be the MSD with two consoles to the left and right of it creating a quarter set of the bridge No camera trickery would have been needed.
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    Very good, a few bits and bobs were off, but I'd say 4 out of 5 !! really great jobs.

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    Well done, especially for a fan film. Performances steady, if a bit staid, especially the prim and proper Captain, but it is a fan film! The only semi-serious complaint I have would be the seeming shoulder shrug at the death of that crewman... funeral arrangements were like an afterthought, and his friend seemed none the worse for wear. But otherwise, congrats!
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    I rather liked the female captain. "Prim and proper", yes, she seemed very British to me. I'm working on a fiction story that happens to have a character very much like her (albeit a male), and that's the type of demeanor I visualize him to have.
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    Pet Peeve: The Edwards character is wearing three pips, not two, and the credits list him as a Lieutenant Commander, but every time he is talked about, the script calls him "Lieutenant Edwards". The proper short title should be Commander, not Lieutenant.