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    During San Diego Comic Con 2019, i went to the Diamond Select Toys booth hoping to check out new star trek toys...sadly, there was none in the display cases....after purchasing the SDCC 2019 exclusive Gold NCC-1701C ship.. I asked an employee re: update on the TNG Phaser ? and the USS Reliant ship ? we were promised ?

    he commented: TNG Phaser "cancelled"... and USS Reliant ship.."don't expect it in the next 4 years or longer...may even be cancelled"... I asked why ? he stated-- "can't comment on it; but we can't meet people's expectations for delivery dates with Star Trek products, so we won't be making anymore more plans"

    gee..what a bummer...and was hoping that MacFarlane Toys was going to make some cool products-ships, role play toys, but that has fizzled out as well...any hope ?

    your thoughts ?
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    Apr 18, 2019
    my playmates tng phaser broke some 15 years ago, I was hoping to get the dst one :(
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    DS is bizarre.

    They made some great frigging stuff...and then it's like they just decided to give up. I mean, the Relaint won't be made for 4 years??? What does that even mean? It's a frigging toy, not a spacecraft capable of reaching Mars.

    Ive never understood how they handle Star Trek. Never.
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    Houston, we have a problem...
    Well - you do have to remember that the cost of any license for Star Trek (or Star Wars or DC/Marvel etc...) is actually quite high. There is also a limit to how long that license will last if not renewed.

    If the company does not see a clear gain from that license, they will very likely let it drop when it comes time to renew.

    The property owner also tends to have a right to pull that license - almost at a whim (think what happened to FASA when Gene Roddenberry didn't like the "war games" they were creating).

    Also, from a purely business standpoint (and DS is a business), there are costs involved in developing a product - but, also costs in production/distribution and supporting that product (defective product to replace or refunds etc...). All of that, and far more, has to be considered when they decide what to produce and sell.

    I would love to see a lot more good quality, and affordable, Trek merchandise come out but, I do understand the problems.
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    Sounds like DST may be having some internal or production issues if they can't get stuff out in a timely fashion. With a Trek license, it could be a case of "use it or lose it." Both McFarlane Toys and Gentle Giant toys also had licenses to produce new Trek toys, and while McFarlane was able to at least get Kirk and Picard figures out, they seem to have cancelled all their other plans for Trek toys. Gentle Giant was going to do a line of "micromachines" ships based off DIS, but cancelled them after they got stuck at the prototype stage. They both may have fallen victim of the "use it or lose it" possibility, IMO.

    There are still quite a few other companies producing Star Trek toys (Quantum Mechanix, Mego, Eaglemoss, Anovos, etc.), but most of them are geared for the adult collector's market and some products can be rather pricey. At least there's still Hallmark with their annual Trek ornaments?
  6. Cutie McWhiskers

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    If they're not making as many legacy Trek products anymore, it might be due to demographic shift. How many kids prefer DSC over (paraphrased) "those old cheap looking eras"? And as a starter that's nothing, never mind the shows were never cheap to make in the time in which they were made...

    Or for any other number of possible underlying causes, including but not limited to:
    • higher licensing cost
    • higher manufacturing cost
    • higher advertising cost
    • arguably the most important, from a certain point of view: cheerleading the new series instead of lending visibility (aka "hyping up") the legacy ones*
    • higher transportation cost
    • other considerations above and beyond these mundane ones
    * which is why they wanted to spend $80M on DSC instead of remastering DS9 and VOY for what would tally between 30-80% of that** (and DS9 sales would likely be lower than TNG's, unless only the hardcore fans bought them on day of release...)) Fewer customers means higher prices to cover costs*** and everybody always screams "WE WANT IT CHEEEEEEEAP!", which means volume sales become more important than ever before...

    ** TNG cost $12 mil to remaster from scratch. The actual sales and streaming figures I not yet found, apart from the first 5 days of TNG season 1 out netting almost 96,000 copies (bought at MSRP (I don't recall so I'll lump it with $80, which is a real steal given the DVDs sold for $130 back in 2002-whenever), gross is $7,680,000 but stores had to be cajoled to buy copies to plonk onto store shelves and if you've not started snoozing, I'm about to risk inducing REM Sleep onto y'all...) It probably cost $2~3 mil to remaster season 1 alone. But that's 5 days, and for just one season, the season everyone loves to hate, not the complete totals as such. Everyone was told "sales not high enough"****, which might make sense given some who sat through season one again balked and didn't bother watching the way some of us had back in the day. DS9 and VOY have more CGI to deal with, so each series would cost (estimated) $20~$30 mil. Less for DS9 because its use of CGI didn't significantly kick in until later (Odo aside but even back in the day he wasn't shapeshifting in every episode), and VOY had all the Borg scenes.

    *** unless more customers means higher prices, which is also known to happen

    **** which is sad*****, I'd rather sit through TNG season 1's unevenness than-- (IDIC prevailing, it could be fathomed as something like this: "IDC, YDC, WDC, we all scream for ice cream :razz:" because everyone's tastes different. Just as with Soylent Green. :guffaw:)

    ***** excuse to round out these postscripts to a more even number...:shrug:

    And the one time I looked at a DST model was the 1701-D ATG model with lighting. I'm not sure what was more depressing considering the cost of it:
    • The windows not being lit by fiber optics to complement the nacelle and deflector lighting to make a more complete presentation
    • The fact the packaging designed more as a showroom display box than to package a fragile item safely (it arrived broken)
    • The item was not shipped with enough cushioning material to minimize risk
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  7. davidl28

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    May 12, 2009
    Someone offline of this BBS had commented that DST had lost some key personnel responsible for caring for /shepherding Trek products internal to DST and without these key individuals or their successors — unlikely new Trek prop relicas or ships from DST is coming soon :(
  8. publiusr

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    Mar 22, 2010

    The death of Thomas Sasser cratered them
  9. Species517

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Since it seems like Diamond Select is never going to release their TNG phaser, I was looking on eBay and found these chinese phaser props. The boomerang and Discovery phaser look pretty accurate. The cobrahead shape looks a little off to me. Does anyone have one of these? Are they any good?
  10. daedalus5

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    ^^^^^^. You have to paint these yourself. Get a Playmates version instead, or the TV remote control.... plenty of options for phasers.
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    What happened to the Enterprise -C? Or am I imagining that?