Star Trek: Advent (formally Uprising)

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    I'm trying to get back into writing and wanted to continue something I wrote a while back. I wasn't sure on which story I wanted to continue so I decided to test the waters and choose this one. A few of you who follow me on Deviantart have seen this before. I wrote this a few years back as a sort of prologue to a story from the perspective of a Borg Drone. There's probably some errors.



    Star Trek: Advent (Previously known as Uprising)


    "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

    Two of Eight repeated the phrase along with the other 30,000 Borg aboard the Borg Cube. He had no depth of its meaning or any conscious thought of the fear it provoked. Thousands of voices flowed into his neural transceiver, but only one voice was powerful enough to drown out the others: the Queen. Three Federation star ships opened fire on the Borg Cube, their torpedoes hitting the cube, sending shards of metal into space. The Borg Cube opened fire on the nearest ship, designated by species 5618 as a Miranda-class, obliterating it in a flash of light and fire. The remaining Federation ships continued to fire on the cube and began to retreat. A loud humming noise reverberated from the cube's warp core as it powered up to follow.

    Biological and mechanical matter lurched as the massive ship jumped to warp, intending to finish its prey. The cube's cutting beam flashed and a section of the rear Federation ship was sliced out of the hull. Screams echoed into space before being cut silent. An echo vibrated through Two of Eight's mind before being washed away in the sound of thousands of voices. He turned his head just in time to witness a section of the cube's hull explode and throw drones like ragdolls. Like the breath of God scattered debris and damaged drones were sucked into space, Eight barely holding on to the railing to prevent himself from suffering their fate. The green barrier of the ship's shields slammed shut the opening to the void and Eight returned to his task.

    The cube closed in on the remaining Federation ship. The collective consciousness recognized this as a Excelsior-class vessel. The name Valley Forge appeared on the viewing screen, sending another echo vibrating through Eight's mind, only to be again washed away. The Federation ship fired two photon torpedoes from it's aft launcher, striking the Cube's face. The Cube's advance didn't halt for a micro-second. The cube fired on the Federation ship. The port nacelle exploded, throwing the ship out of warp. The cube moved in on the helpless Federation ship as it drifted in space.

    Two of Eight turned to prepare for the assimilation of the Federation starship. He stopped near sub-junction four-two and began breaking down into subatomic particles. He found himself on the bridge of the Valley Forge, the smell of decaying flesh and burnt metal filling the air. Eight took no notice, beginning his search for more bodies to add to the collective. A orange light erupted from the turbolift as a wounded Federation officer fired at him. Two of Eight proceeded up the ramp as two Borg drones fell in front of him. The Federation officer, his right arm covered in blood and metal, pointed the hand-held phaser at Two of Eight and fired.

    The energy bounced harmlessly away from Two of Eight. Fear filled the eyes of the officer as he slowly backed up into the turbolift and continued to fire, to no effect. The doors shut halfway before becoming stuck. Eight raised his prosthetic arm and smashed open the turbolift doors. On the floor the officer laid the, trembling and crying. Eight grabbed him with his biological arm, the officer screaming and trying to kick him off, but Eight's physical strength overpowered the officer. He pulled the officer close, his two injection tubules sliding out and into the neck of the officer. The nanoprobes flowed through the officer's body, quickly assimilating his body structure. The officer began convulsing, and he dropped to the floor. His arms and legs fluttered before becoming perfectly still. Two of Eight grabbed the officer's body and held him up.

    The officer turned to Two of Eight, a newly assimilated drone for the collective. He walked towards the middle of the bridge and prepared for transport to the cube. Two of Eight turned towards a bridge console. A messaged flickered on the screen. Two of Eight analyzed the message, it's contents sent to the collective consciousness aboard the cube. Another messaged flickered on the screen.

    "P-U19-1, stage one complete. Beginning stage two."

    Two of Eight found himself unable to send the new message to the cube. The Queen's voice echoed in his mind, calling him back to the cube. He once again broke into subatomic particles and was whisked away. The cube pulled away from the Federation ship, now derelict and devoid of life. A torpedo obliterated what was left of the ship. He turned slowly to an alcove, unaware of what the message meant.
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    Interesting. Well written. Can't wait for more.