Star Trek: A Journey through the Galaxies

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    I would like to comment on this album, and ask if any of you have ever heard of it before.

    It's Star Trek movie scores I-V and some miscellaneous Sci-Fi and classical pieces performed by the Philharmonic Rock Orchestra. But here's a walkthrough of the Star Trek pieces, which I personally find interesting.

    Track 1. Star Trek I

    Alexander Courage is credited as the composer, and he should be! This is the original theme with a new orchestration! It's an interesting recording too, there's a dulcimer going on in the background, and a very interesting disco beat. Pretty groovy!

    Tracks 3 & 5. Star Trek II End Credits and Epilogue

    It's a lot more mellow than Horner's orchestration. It's quite calming actually!

    Track 7. Star Trek III Stealing the Enterprise

    Not much to say on this one, it's Stealing the Enterprise from the Star Trek III soundtrack.

    Track 9. Star Trek IV Main Theme

    That classic Leonard Rosenman feel to it, and I like the guy's music.

    Track 11. Star Trek V. Kinda weak compared to Goldsmith's orchestration, but still nice anyhow.

    So, let loose with your thoughts.