Star Trek 2009 discontinuity from canon.

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    And this somehow conflicts with a Prime continuity that never said anything about whether or not any ships were "super scaled" in 2233?

    How is a change happening after 2233 supposed to be evidence of a preexisting alternate timeline?
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    you've stated events that happen after kelvin incident. chekovs age, being born after kelvin incident, and where the enterprise was built a couple decades and some years later are both post kelvin alterations. ;)
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    Cochrane was from Earth, but moved to Alpha Centauri. Seems simple enough. Fits nicely with his abrupt disappearance.
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    The cynicism of FC Cochrane was explained pretty well in the novelization. He had a severe case of bipolar disorder, and with WWIII was off his meds, so was self-medicating with alcohol. Watching everything he cared about go up in nuclear smoke made him couch everything in cynical terms, but that a lot of it was an act to help him cope.
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    FreeDictionary definition of "turban": 1. A traditionally Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf of linen, cotton, or silk that is wound around a small cap or directly around the head.

    Certainly looked like a generic "headdress consisting of a long scarf of linen, cotton, or silk that is wound around a small cap or directly around the head" to me. I never said it was a Sikh turban.
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    Its a non-canon explanation.
    They'll be a non-canon explanation for Khan's ethnicity no doubt. I think its supposed to be in the comics.
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    I've no idea how true it is, but I've read here that someone originally wanted Cochrane to be female in First Contact.:wtf:
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    Probably Ron Moore.
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    If it was Moore, then it probably would have worked really well.
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    From the Metamorphosis script;

    Being rejuvenated from a tired old man to a young vibrant man would do wonders for ones appearance and personality, don't you think? Plus it nicely ties in with with his disappearance in Enterprise.

    To the OP, It's a reboot. If something in NuTrek aligns with canon then do a happy dance. If something doesn't align then our options are simple; like it or lump it.
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    Cochrane a female? That was Brannon Braga. He didn't know TOS, and when he and Moore were writing FC and looking for a love interest for Picard suggested Cochrane because he thought he was a she.
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    By "different" I assume you mean an actual personality. ;)
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    He was a she? That would've been a walk on the wild side. ;)