Spoilers Spore Drive and the Discovery Christmas Special

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by USS Triumphant, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    The below contains information revealed in Episode 5, "Choose Your Pain", so if you haven't watched that far yet, you might want to stop reading for now. :)

    My wife and I were out at breakfast, and for some reason, almost at random, she started in on a rap song that has the line "Is that your ass or is your mama half-reindeer?" Which is a really, really stupid line :D, but I suddenly realized that what Stamets said about humans sharing DNA with mushrooms might not be true of any of the rest of the species in the crew, but it WOULD be true for other Earth species. Including reindeer. AND, there is a legend that very probably has its origins in Icelandic reindeer eating hallucinogenic mushrooms and "getting high".

    Conclusion: San-ta Claus is com-ing, to town.

    Could this be the first Star Trek TV series to have an actual Christmas special?

    There's this thing that's been on the 'net for a long time - probably pre-dates the 'net - about the physics problems involved in St. Nick making all of the deliveries he's supposed to make in a single night. Problems that could probably be overcome if he had a spore drive! ;)
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    I would love a Christmas episode. I just want to see the bridge with tinsel hung around all the consoles and a tree in the turbolift alcove.

    I suspect that even with a spore drive, Santa would struggle to get down a billion children's chimneys in a single night.

    Just sayin'.
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    Well, Lorca said 2 episodes ago that it has been 7 months since the War started, 7 months from May is December so...
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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    Assuming that, from his perspective, it IS a single night. But from what we see in the preview for tomorrow night's episode, there are some temporal effects as well. And I'd assume he has all of those Romulans that work in his Workshop to help him with the rest? ;)
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    Actually, the sci-fi show that features time travelling aliens and a box that is "bigger on the inside" had fun explanations for Santa in a past Christmas special. ;)

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    I made a Discovery Christmas image...not quite the Star Trek Holiday Special but close enough
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    I thought the pilot was the Christmas special? The one where leaders from across the empire responded to a light in the sky to meet their savior.
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    Will Discovery try to reach the Wookie planet in time for the holidays?
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    Happy Life Day, everyone! :whistle: