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    Unfortunately, too late to be involved in any challenges.

    Set in 2259 - Alternate Reality
    Riverside Fleet Yards

    Pike did not enjoy his stabilizer these last few months. The Doctors had promised a quick recovery, and this day and age they should have delivered, but due to a bad immune system on Pike's part, they urged caution and "let the body heal naturally." He didn't like to say it, but he assumed the Denobulans held too much sway on the medical industry.

    He let these thoughts exit his mind as he moved closer to the familiar, albeit aged, face of the being who called him 'friend.' "Here's the authorization you wanted, Ambassador. The top brass still don't believe you are who you say you are."

    "Thank you." Ambassador Spock began as he stood nearly at attention, "Peace and Long Life, Christopher."

    Pike looked on as Spock entered the top secret vessel that, in another reality, was called the "Jellyfish." The Vulcan elder T'Pau, seemingly out of nowhere, appeared at his side. "The Ambassador wanted you to have this," she stated as she handed Pike a rather lengthy, hand-written bound booklet. He quivered as he thought he was opening the last will and testament of his friend (or some version thereof).

    The Jellyfish

    "Personal log, stardate 2259.23. I have left Talos IV after a successful mission dropping off the sum total of Human knowledge to the Talosians. Although it was too late to save the young Vina, they have assured me that there will be no attempts at Human captivity in the near future. I now head off to planet Thasus."

    Spock sighed as he completed his short log entry. These missions, while logically necessary, were, shall we say, lacking in their challenges as a solitary venture. Spock, who comes from a long line of Bendii-suffered Vulcans, wondered if it would've been more logical to travel with others and hopefully maintain his Vulcan stoicism. He also wondered whether or not he should've left the Vulcanis Lunar Colony. The fact that there were dangers out there, not to Starfleet crews and ships, but dangers to the galaxy, universe, and space-time (that may not be solved due to the timeline changes), meant that Spock was the only one who could stop them.

    When he arrived at the planet Thasus, Spock was suprised to find out from the Thasians that Charlie Evans was never stranded there. Another diversion from the timeline. He had some trouble reaching some planets, due to them being in the Romulan or Klingon Neutral Zones, or worse yet in enemy space itself. The red matter enabled the Jellyfish to outmanuever and outrun any known ship of this era, even the ion propulsion ships of the Eymorg.

    Over the next two years, he reprogrammed Ruk, cured the Onlies, destroyed Landru, "freed" the Guardian of Forever, and mentally swallowed the Redjac entity, before nearly perishing in his battle against Nomad.

    USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

    "Captain's log, stardate 2261.0-niner. The Enterprise has been ordered on another round of star mapping from Admiral Pike. This time we're to explore a region supposedly within the influence of a 'First Federation.'"

    "Captain," stated the communications officer. "We're receving a hail... from Spock!" Everyone's eyes turned to the left side of the bridge, where Commander Spock simply raised an eyebrow. "Long range sensors do indicate that it is the Jellyfish... encountered two point six seven years ago with the Vulcan known as 'Ambassador Spock.'"

    "Well, onscreen then." An image of elder Spock was illuminated onto the viewscreen as Kirk contined, "What brings you to this neighborhood, Mister.... Spock?"

    "Well, Captain, I..." Ambassador Spock was interrupted by Lieutenant Sulu, "Sir, contact with an object. It's moving toward us. No visual contact yet." Commander Spock quickly ordered, "Deflectors, full intensity," before being interrupted... by himself. "Belay that order," stated the elder Spock.

    Sulu was incredulous, "Sir?" he asked as he turned to the Captain. "Do as he says," Kirk knew that this 'old Vulcan' knew what he was doing. Lieutenant Chekov yelped, "Collision course, Captain." Kirk just stared at the split screen half as the elder Spock nodded for him to continue doing nothing.

    "Collision in five... four... three... two... one..." Sulu paused. "Sir, the object vanished!" "I suppose we have you to thank for that?" Kirk asked the Spocks. The Ambassador interrupted, "I have little time. I require use of your medical facilities." Kirk's eyes widened as he flipped a switch on his chair, "Scotty, beam Ambassador Spock directly to sickbay." Flipping another switch, he added, "Bones, prepare to receive a Vulcan patient."

    At the same time as these events, the Enterprise was being hailed by another being from another advanced world. "Spock, take over." Kirk stated as he left for sickbay, eyeing the puppet-looking creature now on the viewscreen.


    "Bones, report."

    "Well, it's Spock alright, same hilarious wit and so on." Bones stated slyly. "He appears to have been hit with some sort of particle beam. His left side is currently paralyzed."

    "Will he recover." Kirk asked.

    "He should, if he goes into one of those 'Vulcan healing trances' I hear so much about. He's being a little stubborn right now, if you can believe it," McCoy gloated.

    "Doctor, I'd appreciate it if you didn't eulogize me just yet. Captain, you must know that it is a test... a test..." Spock went into a trance.

    "What the hell kind of test is he rattling about? He's actually hurt you know." McCoy grumbled.

    Kirk looked thoughtfully on the face of his friend and planned to head to engineering as the lights in sickbay turned off. As the emergency lights flashed on, Kirk clicked the communications console. "Spock, report"

    "I was just about to alert you. An unknown alien vessel has disabled our primary life support and will destroy our ship within ten minutes," Spock stated over the comm panel.

    McCoy's eyes widened in disbelief. "Well you better get up there!" he half-ordered. Kirk just wryly replied, "Don't worry, Bones. It's only a test."


    Ambassador Spock's eyes opened as he sensed he was in another vessel. He looked over to his old friend's face.

    "Good morning, Spock. I hope you don't mind we transported you over. Balok here is pretty clever medically and has a *lot* of questions for you." Kirk gestured to the child-like little being smiling at the whole room it seems.

    Balok communicated with Spock telepathically, asking for perspective on time and space. Spock telepathically countered with his belief that the two working together can protect the galaxy in ways no one being can. Within weeks, the Fesarius, with Spock and Balok disappeared into unknown space.

    Starfleet Headquarters
    Stardate 2259.05

    Fleet Admiral Barnett furrowed his brow as he read the report summarized for him by Pike. "These notes detail the major Earth-shattering events of the next one hundred thirty years. 'V'Ger,' a 'Whale Probe,' the Borg? This doesn't seem ethical."

    Pike interrupted, "It's from another reality, but most of the events are going to happen and can be prevented."

    Barnett just looked at him and sighed. "Admiral Chandra," he stated as his Asian adjutant perked up, "see to it that your section deals with this information appropriately."

    "His section?" Pike asked, curious about Chandra's assignment.

    "This meeting is adjourned." Barnett rose and left the chamber.