Spock with red makeup

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    The kicker to the Data story is that after doing all these multiple color tests for Data, they bring in Roddenberry, so he can make the final choice. The first one to come up is the whitish-gold we all know and love, GR says, "That one," and leaves the screening room without even bothering with the umpteen other tests they did.
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    ^^^Sometimes you just know it when you see it.
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    It's like when you see a colorized Herman Munster. just ain't right!
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    IIRC, the reference in the book to someone trying to "fix" the yellow was referring to the finished film of an episode, not a makeup test.
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    I think that was more of a problem with local stations mucking up the color mix when they aired the episodes in syndication (which also had the effect of making those command uniforms look even more gold than they actually were).