Spock Gains, Spock... (SPOILERS)

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    This is the part i think i like most about the movie.

    Quintos Spock has the mass emotional feeling of losing his mother, right before his eyes at the last possible moment for beam out where her pattern is lost.

    He has lost his mother, the only person to which young Spock ever related to and was close to emotionally but without showing it. This in turn, with Spock being sort of estranged from Sarek from a young age, helped his relationship with Amanda blossom and they became very close throughout his younger life while struggling to surpress his emotions but at the sime learn to embrace them from his human side. She was his mentor, his guidance, his salvation and refuge an above all, his life long teacher.

    All Lost. In one catastrophic moment.

    Spock Prime on the other hand, kind of lost his father in TOS/Movies, they never saw eye to eye. Spock never had the relationship with his father, his father always brushed him off and vise versa for Spock. Spock, being close to his mother, never rally saw Sarek. Due to his refusal to join the Vulcan Science Academy. Sarek also never really accepted Spock due to his human half being prominant in his character and features

    Spock never had that closeness that he had with Amanda. He never saw his father as his inspiration or even a role model to look up to while growing up. And Sareks almost dissownment towards Spock didnt help those matters either.

    I guess what im getting at is both Spocks have lost, but gained in this tragedy. Although, not so much as both but i think you can guess what im trying to say.
    Spock Prime will obviously not interact with Sarek. But he will have a bit of jealousy toward the relatioship his younger, alternate self will now have.

    Spock has lost his mother, but gained the love and respect from his father in this intance. Spock will now never know his mother as Spock Prime got to, but in this case, Spock will now get to know his father, something which Spock Prime never really got to do.
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    Huh? Spock may have been half-human, but he sure as hell looked Vulcan to me! And I don't believe for one minute that Sarek never accepted Spock cause he was half human (Sarek is smart- he knows that screwing around with a human woman is going to get him a half-human child. If this was a problem for him, he would not have gone there!)

    Since both Spock and Sarek will be important in the establishment of the new colony, I would like to think that even if Spock Prime does not unmask himself to his father, they will be able to forge an interesting relationship in the coming years. And I would not be surprised if at some point in the future Sarek realized just who Prime was.
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    Just got back from seeing it for the first time (am I the last person to do that? :rommie:) Don't even know where to begin - wow, they just nailed it. Everything they needed to do to bring Star Trek back, they did it.

    And yeah the big changes involving Spock - Vulcan and Uhura - are very interesting and worth even the GAH IT'S NOT CANOOOOONNNN!!! factor. Which I admit did afflict me for a couple seconds. But on balance, I'm really glad about both.

    The destruction of Vulcan really amps up the whole "emotions" issue (and has interesting implications for further dealings with Rommies). The relationship with Uhura poses good possibilities for developing both characters, and maybe will break the Star Trek curse that all romances suck.

    The relationship with Sarek will also change, but not necessarily for the good. A real trauma like Spock has suffered is not good for the emotional control essential to retaining Sarak's respect. But that, too, could be strong drama. Spock is going to be largely the same but where he's different, I think we're going to like it (but he probably won't). His loss is our gain. :rommie:
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    The whole family should get closer. Spock Prime and Sarek should mind meld, be like brothers. Because of this Spock should call Spock Prime Uncle Spock. Maybe Sarek should bear Unle Spock's katra and become the Vulcan Ambassador to Romulus which drafts a peace treaty with the Federation to show there's no hard feelings for that Nero guy's actions who they had nothing to do with by the way. That's the Romulan war tidied up all nice and neat. Stiles could be working security for the signing ceremony!

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    I did not like the characterization of Sarek. He's a good actor, but I did not think he was much like the original Serek.

    I wonder what happened to the guy who played the young Serek in "Star Trek V"? He would be about 20 years older and would of been more suitable. Or using the actor who played Sovol on Enterprise.