Spock Ethical Dilemmas

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    Sep 10, 2012
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    Wait a minute, I was never that specific in my final report. Some bureaucrats came up with with death penalty, not me.

    UHURA [OC]: Captain Kirk is here by relieved. You are ordered to assume command of the Enterprise. Disable vessel if necessary to prevent further contact. Message signed Comsol, Starfleet Command.
    MENDEZ: Mister Spock, you're aware of the orders regarding any contact with Talos Four. You have deliberately invited the death penalty. You've not only finished yourself, Spock, but you've finished your Captain as well.
    SPOCK: The Commodore must be aware that Captain Kirk knew nothing of this.
    MENDEZ: And you're aware a Captain is responsible for everything that occurs on his ship.

    Obviously only Spock invited he death penalty, but it appeared he had "only" finished Kirk's Starfleet career. The crew wasn't held accountable.