Spoilers Spider-man 3(take 2) Anticipation thread

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    May 17, 2016
    I literally got a pop up news article notification from Google on my phone yesterday that had a headline which spoiled Hawkeye
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    I've already gotten so many No Way Home spoilers that I don't even know if I'm still going to bother with the movie theater.
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    Honestly, this is part of what draws me to Ben Reilly as a character. All of this, plus the existential angst of whether he even has a right to exist or to have a life of his own in light of his creation.

    The catharsis for the character during the brief period when he believed he was the original Peter and became Sensational Spider-man was so freeing and you really felt it in the way he was portrayed. Which ultimately makes the tragedy that much more powerful when Marvel editorial did the about face and brought Peter back.

    Marvel hasn't quite found the sweet spot since they brought the character back. The current Beyond arc is solid, and I dig the voice they are giving Ben, but it doesn't quite resonate for me in the same way. Or maybe I've just changed so much in the 25 years since that it doesn't hit the same way. Either way, it's so close but not quite.
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    Dec 7, 2021
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    Horner’s score on TAS 1 was waaaay better than the stuff Zimmer sneezed out for TAS 2
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    So I managed to avoid any detailed spoilers (I had a few general ideas, but that's it). My wife, however, looked up a plot breakdown because she was having anxiety and didn't want any surprises. She still seemed to enjoy the movie a lot. I would suggest it's not a movie that relies on cheap surprises at all and would still be worth watching.
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    That was the Raimi version--he constantly doubted himself, did not have rich daddy figures to look up to / fanboy over, and largely suffered under the weight of his problems. Even the end of 3 was not conclusive about the strength of his relationship with Mary Jane. The Raimi version was the one that mirrored the characterization of the Lee/Romita/Conway periods--and Marvel comics in general more than any Marvel-based film of this century. ...and that cannot be said of any other post-Raimi filmed versions of Spider-Man.
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    You've made me want to re-watch ASM, and actually watch ASM2, which I refused to see because I LOVED Emma's Gwen and didn't want to see her get killed off.
  8. thribs

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    Oct 23, 2017
    Her death is good though. Very brutal.
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    Uhhhh… that’s not exactly the way to sell that to someone who loves the character…
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    I didn't rewatch the Webb films before seeing No Way Home -- they're fresher, I guess, even though Homecoming is coming up on its fifth anniversary this summer -- so I rewatched Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. I didn't have it on DVD and found it at a charity shop a few days ago, along with High Fidelity (one of the first DVDs I owned, and which I traded it at EB Games long, long ago) and Brideshead Revisited (the Jeremy Irons series, not the Matthew Goode/Ben Whishaw/Hayley Atwell film).

    Honestly, I wished I'd watched either High Fidelity or Bridehead Revisited than Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    It's not a bad film. It's competently made. The performances are fine. The script mostly works, though sometimes it feels like it tries too hard to be a Spider-Man film in a universe where there are heroes other than Spider-Man. The more ground-level view of things, like the Daredevil show, really makes this stand out in the MCU.

    But. But.

    it's a YA Spider-Man film.

    I don't mean the high school setting. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both started out their Spidey careers in high school. That's not what I mean. I mean the tone of the piece. It feels like it's targeted at a teenage audience in ways that preceding Spider-Man films were not, and I found that offputting. Weirdly, I think I might have liked the film more had Peter continued with his video diary and we'd seen more of the film in that way.

    It also didn't help Homecoming that I found most of the major characters pretty unlikeable. (The major exceptions are Ned, who's pretty much a delight the whole film, and May, who's just sorta there.) Peter's kinda entitled, he's smart but not bright, and he does show some growth over the film. He has to -- he has to overcome the idiot plot and the other idiot characters, notably Happy.

    By idiot plot, I mean this -- had anyone actually talked to the other characters at any point, the Vulture's criminal syndicate would have been stopped with far less carnage. I think Tony's call to Peter, when Peter had ditched school to get to the ferry, was an attempt by Tony to bring Peter into the loop, but that assumes that Happy was listening to anything Peter was trying to tell him throughout the film, and there's no real indication that Happy was listening to Peter. My impression of Happy is that he saw Peter as one of Tony's pet projects that he (Happy) wasn't interested in, wanted no part of, and resented that Tony was making him be the point man on the project. If Happy hadn't been such a dick to Peter, then a lot of what happens in the film wouldn't happen. You can make the argument that Happy is the real antagonist of Homecoming.

    I don't think the National Park Service would have shoot-to-kill orders if a costumed man is atop the Washington Monument. They certainly weren't going to fire a tranq dart; a fall from that height would have been deadly. The setpiece in general was fine, but the NPS helicopter was an unnecessary complication.

    I was really conscious of watching of a film. I had thoughts like "Oh, they had RDJ on set for a week" and "Oh, they had Zendaya for a week." I still can't believe that RDJ and Keaton didn't share a single scene. I would have replaced Tyne Daly with RDJ for that opening scene of the salvage operation.

    If you like Homecoming, I'm not trying to take anything away from you. It gets to do things no other Spider-Man film could do, show Spider-Man in a universe where there are other super-heroes and remain largely a Spider-Man film. It wasn't Iron Man 4 like a lot of skeptics thought from the first trailers. (RDJ is in what, like ten minutes of the film?) it's entertaining, and I think Michael Keaton really elevates the thing. But it's not really my sort of thing, and I'm glad I didn't spend more than a couple of bucks on the DVD, because I probably won't watch it again.
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    I personally consider Homecoming and Far from Home two of only four MCU films that I don't like (with Ant-Man & The Wasp and Eternals being the other two). I mean, they're still a thousand times better then the Amazing films, but I could never get into them.

    No Way Home on the other hand I really enjoyed, probably because all the High School stuff (which I thought was the weakest point of the first two films) was officially over, and all the different characters that come into the film were very good.
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    Very, which is pretty untrue to the comic book character.

    Minimal, and yes he would have to have some in order to participate in the climax at all.

    The only characters I liked were Liz and May.

    Tony himself directly being an ass to Toomes would have been better though it would have made it more disappointing that Peter never said to him you kind of were at fault or at least you didn't handle it well.
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    @Allyn Gibson Your review pretty much sums up my whole feeling about it too.

    That was the big take away I had with it. Especially after 'Far From Home' I felt like I'm not the audience for this movie and it definitely appeals to a different crowd. I preferred how the Russo Brothers handled Spiderman.
    But 'No Way Home' is the first MCU Spiderman that felt like it was closer to a regular Spiderman movie.
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    Oct 23, 2017
    I prefer the Amazing films over them. Character just felt more Spider-Man like there. Plus the music was better
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