Soundtrack coming Oct 8!

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    Volume 1 - looks like a mix of Season One and Two tracks. Track list from the linked article:

    1. Main Titles (1:10)
    2. Romulan Prison (0:44)
    3. Leg Day (2:17)
    4. Strange Energies (1:08)
    5. The Time of His Life (0:39)
    6. Riker’s Plan (3:15)
    7. Stay Alert, Stay Alive (2:42)
    8. Mistress Of The Winter Constellation (4:55)
    9. The Black Mountain (0:48)
    10. Mariner’s Secret (2:17)
    11. A Compromise! (1:44)
    12. Delicate Dooplers (1:39)
    13. Ejecting the Warp Core (2:48)
    14. Stumbling on History (0:42)
    15. City Escape (2:15)
    16. Pakled Spy (0:46)
    17. Making Tendi Laugh (1:09)
    18. Lord Agimus (1:01)
    19. Marooned (2:23)
    20. Agimus Reigns (3:55)
    21. Temporal Black Hole (2:20)
    22. The Lower Decks (0:39)
    23. I Am Available for Chess (1:05)
    24. A New Officer (2:14)
    25. Red Alarm (2:49)
    26. Death Battle (2:04)
    27. What Are Your Orders, Captain? (1:38)
    28. Departing Space Doc (0:30)
    29. Getting Desperate (4:37)
    30. I Can See (0:51)
    31. Into The Unknown (2:42)
    32. Standing Down (1:26)
    33. Don’t Date Barnes (1:14)
    34. Welcome to the Cerritos (1:21)
    35. Humble Farmers (3:30)
    36. Finding the Cure (2:45)
    37. Swords and Spears (3:01)
    38. Ransom vs. Vindor (1:21)
    39. Saving Lives (2:44)
    40. Failed Ascension (1:01)
    41. Division 14 (1:39)
    42. The Farm Cures All (1:45)
    43. Saying Goodbye (1:57)
    44. The Cleaner (1:26)
    45. The Cerritos (1:27)
    46. Today You Die! (4:48)
    47. The Real Mariner (1:58)
    48. Self Destruct Timer (1:30)
    49. Pakled Attack (1:19)
    50. Badgey Gets Loose (2:37)
    51. Memory Loss (1:35)
    52. End Titles (0:53)
    53. Bonus Track: batlh vIpoQ! (0:50)
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Very nice. I just wish that the Trek soundtracks were coming out on disk instead of just digital only.
  4. Michael

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    Oh, how disappointing! I thought this was going to be a physical release as well. Bummer. I would absolutely have gotten this.
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    Given their placement between what appears to be wej Duj music and S1 music, are these the songs from Episode 2.10? Are these spoilers that give away some of the plot for next week?
  6. Argosy

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    The order of the tracks seems to be curated in a way to give the album pacing rather than being concerned with chronological order. It starts with a fair number of tracks from season 2. Wej Duj is slap bang in the middle of the album. For established episodes some of the track titles are a little more descriptive, but on the whole nothing I would say that's spoilerish and personally I haven't come across anything that I thought must be from next weeks episode.

    I'm really enjoying this album. Because the show is so frenetic sometimes all I really pick up on are signature tunes, but actually there's a lot more going on here than I thought there would be. It's its own thing, but there's more call backs to TOS and James Horner than I expected. Because of the nature of the show, it sounds bad, but aside from the signature tunes I expected the rest to sound quite cheap, but it's actually really lush. There's also a lot of it, you definitely get your bang for buck.
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    So dissapointed that we haven't seen a CD release since DSC season 1.... Would have loved to have gotten DSC S2 and S3, PIC S1... Jeff has created such incredible music for that... I guess CD's are really dying out...
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    It's on Spotify!
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    According to Brad Winters on twitter there is music from Episode 10, but none of the track names spoil it.
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    So “don’t date barnes” is the last track of the season? Interesting.
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    Jul 24, 2011
    It's not in episode order.