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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Itisnotlogical, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I signed up for an account with OnLive, and although I haven't actually purchased any games over the service, the 30-minute trials so far prove just as quick and reliable as it claims; games load within a matter of minutes, and graphics don't cause any lag issues because the game is streamed over the Internet instead of actually loaded by the computer. It was pretty frackin' amazing when a computer that's been stuttering and stumbling over games as old as Resident Evil 4 suddenly started playing Duke Nukem Forever like it was nothing! :rommie:

    Although, I have to admit, their library is a rather poor collection of games: Duke Nukem Forever and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and AC2 seem to be the most notable titles. Scrolling down the list, you get more obscure games like BloodRayne 2, Mini Ninjas, and Aliens vs. Predator (both the original and the recent reboot). The best that can be said is that most of their games are of at least middling quality, with some exceptional titles and very few stinkers.

    If there's anybody here who's actually bought a game over this service, can you tell me what your experience has been with the OnLive version (problems, errors, etc.)?
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    i've also signed up, just to check out DNF. it's worked better than i thought, but not so well that i would purchase a game... but that's mainly because there arent any games they have that i want. maybe when Deus Ex comes out...