Some thoughts at the end of "my" Star Trek journey

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    So, some moments ago I watched "Endgame", the last episode of Voyager. With this, I have now seen all episodes of all series (except the animated one) and it's kind of a journey coming to an end that had started almost one year ago, when I really started to watch all the shows and movies. I still can't quite believe that I'm through with everything now and feel like sharing some thoughts that go through my mind right now.

    Actually, my contact to Star Trek had already started about four or almost five years ago. A good friend of mine, himself being a Trekkie since his childhood, brought me to the franchise. I had watched the movies until Star Trek VI and also the first episodes of TOS and I pretty much liked all this stuff. Yet, for some reason I don't know exactly, I didn't continue following it.

    Almost one year ago something made me thinking strongly again about Star Trek and it was a bit like a sudden moment that told me that now I want to really dig into it and experience all those shows and films. So I restarted TOS again and from that day, I was hooked.

    After TOS, I watched ENT as prequel, and also because it was the second short series I wanted to finish before dealing with the very long ones, then TNG, then the first season of DSC, then DS9 and finally VOY. I loved all those series and I felt that my love for this franchise grew on and on. It was really exciting to experience all those things my friend had told me about already. Sitting there and being like "oh, that's THIS guy he told me about" or "ah, now comes THIS episode he said is so awesome" was always really cool.

    After I had really begun watching the series, I told him about and it was great to be finally able to participate in the conversations, not only listening to him ^^ And I remember exactly, one day we were talking about Star Trek, I was somewhere at the beginning of TNG at this time I think, I told him "The day when I will have watched the last episode of Star Trek: Voyager will leave me with a huge emptiness".

    And well, now I'm exactly there. As I said, it took me almost a year to get from the beginning of TOS now to the end of VOY and it's been an incredible year. I invested huge parts of my leisure time in the series since I wanted to go further, to get to know all the episodes etc. And now it's finished and it feels like the last episodes had passed extremely fast. On the one hand it's actually a bit of a relief to have finished this project now, since it costed a lot of time, but I must say I also feel quite melancholic right now. I think that is the reason why I wanted to share my thoughts in here :)

    I'm extremely glad that I started this, because Star Trek became something extremely important to me which I feel that it contributed to define me in some ways. There are so many messages in the episodes where I found that they say exactly what I think about different issues and it helped me to actually really start thinking about a lot of things.

    And even though there are now from the classic series no more new episodes, characters etc. for me to discover, this will accompany me forever. I'm sure that I will stay a Trekkie for the rest of my live and there are so many awesome episodes from all the series I will always love to go back to and rewatch, in order to boldly go where no man has gone before ;)

    Thanks a lot for reading and live long and prosper!
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    Congratulations on reaching the end of your ambitious marathon. Glad you enjoyed going boldly where you'd never gone before!

    But don't write off STAR TREK as over just yet. We still have DISCOVERY, the new Picard series, some new movies in development, and who knows what other future projects, yet to conceived, still lie ahead?

    The journey continues . . ..
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    Read all the books yet?

    You aren't even close to done... ;)
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    How many years would that take?