some Larger Ship Specs, Accurate?

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    and here we go...

    Dreadnaught/Battleship classes reference

    Klingon Vegh'Var
    2 Mark 18 Pulse Disrupter Cannon
    18 Mark 12 Disrupter Cannon
    8 Photon Torpedo Tube

    Romulan D'Derix Warbird
    6 Class 21 Disrupter Cannon
    12 Photon Torpedo Tube

    Romulan Norexan Warbird
    12 Heavy Pulse Disrupter Cannon
    6 Photon torpedo Tube

    Dominion Battleship
    2 Heavy polaron Beam cannon
    38 Polaron beam
    9 Photon Torpedo Tube

    Dominion Dreadnauht
    6 Heavy polaron Beam cannon
    152 Polaron beam
    48 Photon Torpedo Tube

    Romulan/Reman Scimitar
    52 Disrupter Cannon
    27 Photon Torpedo Tube

    *note Scimitar stats lack Thaleron weapon, which is a breach of intergalctic treaty

    I don't remeber where I got those from (got rifd of the illegal weapon and added the * notice myself) but I was wondering how accurate these specs are? I thought the Romulans used Plasma Weapons instead of Photon Torps, or did this change after TOS?
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    No way to know if they're accurate, but my guess is no. Romulans do use plasma torpedoes, we saw them firing on ds9. We never see them use photons, nor do the dominion. The torpedoes that we see the Dominion use look like tricobalt devices
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    On DS9, we saw Romulan warbirds shooting something that resembled the photon torpedo VFX, but they were colored green. (They were also shooting it from what the designer intended to be the nav deflector, but that isn't so hard to get around.) The operating principle of those weapons is unknown; there was, however, a reference in dialogue to one of their surface installations being equipped with plasma torpedoes, so I think it would be justified to guess that's what the warbirds were shooting.

    Romulans probably build all sorts of weapons. They certainly have room for a lot of them on their incredibly huge ships.
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    The Romulan Warbird seems to have--AFAIK--those six disruptor cannons and one freaking huge plasma torpedo launcher. Romulans have always had a tendency to prefer a small number of outrageously powerful weapon systems.

    Scimitar's 52 disruptors and 26 photon tubes is probably a trick with duranium shadows and some such. I'd be surprised if the Scimitar has more than eight disruptor cannons on the entire ship and probably has no torpedo weapons. The Valdore class probably has five or six as well.
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    well, I thought so about those Plasma torps...

    now I thought I saw at some point a Romulan D'Derix fire a photon in TNG at some point in time, but it might have been green... but that makes me wonder

    weren't Photons, I think in TMP and what not blue, like Quantum's?

    it seems to me that maybe if Starfleets photons have changed color over the years, it is conceivable that the Romulans might have geen ones...

    beacause first of all, why do they low that way anyway? it's a matter/anti-matter explosive, so there shouldn't be any glow untill after the boom if any... I think though, and I could be wrong, wheren't we told the glow was n effect of the torpedos propulsion system, either left over from the tube when it fired or from the torp itself

    I want to say Warp Plasma but, that doesn't sound right at all, and I seriously doubt the torps have on board warp drives, so I'm not sure....

    but like you guys said, I doubt they'd have Plasma Torps and Photons, rather unbalanced ehh?

    unless they have like 1 Plasma torp tube and a couple photon tubes that actaully have range to them.... lol
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    Let's not forget that "plasma torpedo" is a word that has never canonically been associated with the TOS "Balance of Terror" cloudlike weapon. Instead, that weapon was nameless (many fan sources speak of "plasma torpedo", but many also say "plasma mortar"), and the words "plasma torpedo" were canonically only associated with the compact yellow dots being shot out of the Cardassian weapons platforms in DS9 "Tears of the Prophets".

    Romulan 24th century ships have photon torpedoes as per dialogue in TNG "Contagion", unless this was just a Starfleet misunderstanding. They also have disruptors, which may fire beams or bolts, and may perhaps alternately called phasers on occasion. Romulan 24th century planetary installations have plasma torpedoes, as per DS9 "Shadows and Symbols". And they could of course have other sorts of gear aboard, too, even if it goes unmentioned.

    The above specs don't sound too bad, although only the Scimitar ones are canon, coming straigth from ST:NEM dialogue. That is, I think the figures quoted in the movie were as above. In any case, the movie did give us some two-digit numbers for disrupter cannon and torp tubes.

    Timo Saloniemi