So you want to write a holo-program

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    I was looking at some of the corridor 3D artwork in the artwork forum when I got an idea. On future starships, why not have the corridors on the crew decks be simple hologrids? Nothing fancy or interactive, just a nice sky with some clouds, wind and birds flying overhead. Relieve the claustrophobic "I'm on a starship" feeling at least in the off-duty hours. The corridor could look like the outside of townhouses with a nice walkpath. To save on energy and computer resources, these decks would not be able to host any other holoprograms, nor could they be changed or altered outside their parameters. Just a simple day or night outdoors environment.
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    Aug 20, 2009
    Your poop go to the same place your food comes from.

    What do you think replicator food is made of?

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    I'd hang out with the Beatles in the studio.

    (Wonder how holographic weed or acid would work..."Syntheweed?")
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    It wouldn't. No holographic emitters inside your mouth.
    Anything that enters your mouth, or anywhere else for that matter, would have to be replicated not holographic.
    I sense lots of potential for discussion on this.