So I finally found the Bluray sales for

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    You know I love that last bit about the Rest of the World box office gains not being as big as expected.

    Lets look at the numbers ST (2009) US$127.95m, STID US$234m. An increase of something like 83%. Do we know what Paramount were expecting the increase to be. Because I suspect that 83% would hardly be considered bad.
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    My impression (which might be inaccurate) is that they were looking for something in the 180%–280% range – the type of increase seen after the first movies in the Pirates and Dark Knight series.
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    Then they were just not very bright to expect that type of growth from a property that has never done well in international markets.
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    I don't think the sales for the format from before that year were as high, but the numbers are probably not exact.

    The majority of people who purchase blurays are not Trekkies, and most won't care exactly what the extras are.

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    I'm not too happy about the commentary decision but I agree with you. A vocal minority is unhappy. Maybe 5% of the people that'd be buying...maybe.
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    Perhaps more accurate to say ReBuy, there's a difference between buying a film on DVD then upgrading to Blu-Ray, and just buying a brand new film on Blu-Ray.