Sisko's favorite baseball team

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    Sisko loved the sport and from the sound of it, it was a pretty rare thing by that time. He was willing to travel with Kassidy halfway across the quadrant to see her brother's league. Probably more of an event you would attend in person than catch on TV in the future (it's no water polo). So I would find it very likely that he would be a fan of a southern team as well as any team nearby where he spent a lot of time, like SF. I don't remember getting the impression the games were all on the holodeck, but by Take Me Out to the Holosuite, baseball seemed to have disappeared from the mainstream consciousness.

    With high-power benches it's a lot about the W, but when you're watching the Home team every week, that's something too. And going in person on a warm summer's evening is always better than seeing it on TV.

    So his favorite team must have been none other than the minor league New Orleans Baby Cakes.

    Like sonak mentioned, actually being able to see the Cubs and Braves play on a regular basis back in the day made a lot of us fans. Back then in the early days of cable, you still didn't have a lot of options. Plus - when you go to Chicago, you go to Wrigley Field! Boom, there's your itinerary. That's pure American awesomeness. Dang it I'm going to get a Cubbies hat next time I'm in O'Hare. And a deep dish pizza too!
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    Since his sister lives in Portland (I'm guessing Oregon), why not the Mariners or the Seattle Steelheads? :)
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    I also think context is important here. Sisko is a fan of what is basically a dead sport in Star Trek, at least on every world EXCEPT Cestus III. He could be a Yankees fan and simply wanted to watch a good game even if "his" team lost.


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    Mr. Laser Beam is in the visitor's bullpen
    ^ Canine freestyle dancing? :guffaw:
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    Did you not get TBS? You could see Braves games on there the same way as Cubs on WGN.
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    This. He could have been happy about the 1964 World Series because it was a good one and between two of the most storied franchises in baseball.
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    From For The Cause:

    JAKE: Are you guys doing anything right now? I just got a new holosuite programme that Nog sent me. It's a baseball game between the nineteen sixty one Yankees and the nineteen seventy eight Red Sox.
    KASIDY: I'll buy the hot dogs.
    SISKO: I'll have to pass. I have to get back Ops. Anyway, Yankees will bury them. You two have fun.

    I know this isn't proof, but speaking for myself, but the only times I insist a team will win a game where both teams are great, knowing the statistics give the better team only maybe a 3:2 advantage, is when it's MY team.

    For example. If I were asked about a hypothetical matchup about any other NBA team versus the 1986 Celtics, I would say the Celtics would bury them.