Sisko sleeping with mirror Dax.

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    Sisko always claimed that he was not attracted to Jadzia but he slept with the mirror Dax.

    Do you think this proves he really was attracted to her?

    IMO I think it does and I would have done the same thing. You get to sleep with Dax but have none of the awkward consequences.
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    Yes. :)
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    Well, what are you actually asking? Was Sisko attracted to Jadzia... or was Sisko attracted to Dax? ;)

    I thought he found Jadzia an attractive woman when he first met her, which made it weird for him at first since she was Dax and talked to him as if she was Curzon... But he quickly started thinking of her as DAX, his old friend/mentor (as seen in the nickname "Old Man"), and this completely erased any sexual feelings he might have had for this woman if she had not been Dax.

    In the MU, since this version of Jadzia Dax was so different, maybe he didn't have such a problem.

    On the other hand, if you think he was in fact attracted to DAX all this time... Well, that's an interesting new perspective on things. :devil:
  4. C.E. Evans

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    It could very well have been that Mirror Dax found Mirror Sisko irresistable and was the one who wanted to sleep with him. Mirror Sisko wasn't going to turn down an attractive woman, and Sisko Prime couldn't say no either if he wanted to keep his cover in the Mirror Universe, IMO...

    It was stated in the novelization of "Emissary" and later mentioned onscreen in "Fascination" that Jadzia was privately attracted to Sisko. The Dax symbiont, however, probably couldn't have cared less and may even have found the idea of Jadzia and Sisko quietly amusing...
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    Remember that episode were Lwaxana Troi came and had some disease tha made people around her express their latent desires for each other? We saw Jadzia try to get with Sisko, but he didn't reciprocate, so it would seem to indicate that she was attracted to him, but not the other way around ... then again, I don't know if he was in close enough proximity to be affected by her.
  6. Temis the Vorta

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    Was it really Mirror Dax? I thought Mirror Jadzia did not have the symbiote - so Sisko wouldn't be having sex with Dax either way (which probably would have been weird for him.)
    Which reminds me, we never did get any real confirmation that symbiotes think as independent beings. Are they simply a collection of biological material that transfers memories from one Trill to another, without containing any separate identity or intelligence?
  7. Ensign_Redshirt

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    I think Mirror Jadzia was adressed as "Dax" by our universe's Sisko and referred to as "Dax" by Mirror O'Brien and Mirror Jennifer.
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    Cant remember O'Brien or Jennifer calling her Dax. Haven't see those episodes in a while. I do recall that when Sisko called her Dax she gave him a weird look.
  9. Ensign_Redshirt

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    From "Through the Looking Glass":

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    i've always considered the symbiont's sentient but you're right. it was never confirmed canon.
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    The way I understood it. The symbiotes were content to just swim around in pools of mud for decades with no problems. Not to say that they didn't have some intelligence like a dolphin or anything. But I think they were more primal or animal like than they were a separate sentient being that could think and act intelligently and independently (like a human) without it's current host and or previous hosts.
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    I think it was a shame they didn't do an awkward moment between Sisko and real Jadzia when he returned from the MU. I guess he probably wouldn't have mentioned it to her but he probably would have acted a little odd around her. He kissed Intendant Kira too, really got around in that episode.
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    "Old Man.... there's something I need to tell you..."

    *A few seconds later*

    On a very special Deep Space Nine... :devil:
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    "Equilibrium" did show that symbionts can communicate with one another and presumably to some degree with unjoined Trills (one of the symbiont caretakers said that symbionts can be rather demanding and cranky if conditions aren't perfect in their holding pools).

    If symbionts can't live outside of their natural environment on Trill, they may have been the ones to first suggest to a humanoid host that they would both benefit from physically joining together, for all we know...
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    hey fellow niners

    well i can say that the symbionats think for themselves they have their own fears etc, They dont have symbionts in the other universe (read it in the other universe book deep passions) Jadzia isnt dax she is IDARIS.( lives of dax book and Worlds of deep space nine TRILL.)
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    I just sum it all up as being part of the job.... he had to act like the alternate Sisko or else they would have found out he was a fake and probably would have killed him or at the very least, the mission would have failed.

    He wasn't interested in Dax in his universe because Dax knew way too much about him and he always saw Dax as his mentor..... the alternative Dax was a totally different person.... soooo...... Boung-Chica-Woung-Woung....
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    Knowing Dax, it would have been more like, "Really? How was I?"
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    In his wonderful mirror books, The Sorrows of Empire and Rise Like Lions, David Mack did not have Jadzia be the host to Dax. Instead Curzon is succeeded by someone else. He put up a pithy reason in the Treklit forum for this dialogue.
  19. Tina Lawton

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    I always thought he "slept" with her to maintain his cover.

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    I thought it was terrible and I never really got over it.