Single nacelled research vessel


Fleet Captain
Fleet Captain
I stumbled across this sketch again while trying to find something else a pretty while ago, and it's been in my head ever since.

Needing a bit of time off from my TOSNG projects, I decided to go and give this baby a try. Lots of cursing later, I've got a little bit to show!

The main difficulty lay in letting the slanted side of the risen superstructure continue forward. In the process, I've sacrificed the part behind the bridge that goes upward ever so slightly and instead have incorporated that shape into the sensor masts. Not entirely sure if I like it, but it does give a pretty sleek look to them :-)

The nacelle was a PITA too: trying to meld the superstructure into it made my head hurt. But I think I like the outcome of that. One main difference noticeable already is that I removed the "yellow roster part" from the point I had put them in the sketch right next to the warp grille. Documentation on what it actually is changes with every series, but the gist of it is that it should be closer to the bussards instead of farther away, so that's what I'm going to do with them.

As it stands, the ship is a little bit longer than Voyager, but with a rather small shuttlebay entrance. I might have to create a toploader to accompany bigger craft, but if my calculations are correct, there's ample room for that.

I'm also contemplating moving the part which is supposed to be under the bridge a bit more forward, but that's a minor thing.
I like your original sketch a LOT. But (and not trying to be too critical here, because I know jack squat about 3D modelling, so your effort is better than anything I could do right now, by default ;) ), your modelled saucer section is considerably longer, proportionally, than the saucer in the sketch, and it's kind of wrecking it for me.
But [...] your modelled saucer section is considerably longer, proportionally, than the saucer in the sketch, and it's kind of wrecking it for me.

I think that's because of perspective issues with the original 3/4 view. I used the sideview in the lower right corner as a base and worked from there. I did tinker with a smaller saucer, but the nacelle became HUGE in comparison...
looks nice, but single nacelle has a reduction in efficiency at high power if I think that's right. The four nacelle monstrosities just give you more power to systems and efficiency at high impulse. I think it has to do with multiplying the nacelle function four ways then reducing it by a factor of four and you come out a head on efficiency. Two is typical because its not a great amount of difference. I like the one nacelle ships for short range missions as a station support craft, but a long range research once had that predicament "Kelvin". At low impulse or no movement the ship becomes just about as capable as the four nacelle monstrosity and you might linger near a location for weeks or months at a time.
just to say the single nacelle:
Is probably less efficient while at high impulse and may have differing warp geometry, but work around is probable because you get it centered around the ship. A wide ship may have difficulties so that's a consideration. You have to float between one nacelle.

Sing nacelle has no significant impairment of power functions at low warp or stationary position that a science vessel might have. So: Science vessels are acceptable to this model. A tug might also use one nacelle as they do not have heavy use of weapons systems, and are low velocities in star system. It should be noted high velocities are achievable with cost of efficiency.
Glad you agree it looks nice. That's the main purpose of this ship, no matter the fancy classification I give it ;-)

The impulse engines look rather small when comparing them to the rest of the ship, but they're actually pretty big; they have more surface than they look like. They're 20 meters in length and 2 meters high...
Whatever the in-universe explanation of single-nacelle functionality is, I love this design. Really interesting incorporating the nacelle, itself, into the primary hull the way the Intrepid-Class did the secondary hull.
Sleek and stylish. <3 it.

What if it primarily runs on the one exposed nacelle, but has backup nacelles that are usually tucked inside the hull, deployed in case of emergency?
Captain's Yacht, equipped with a tractor beam. ;)
Lol yeah that seems like a great solution!

All kidding aside, the ship is big enough for a captain's yacht...

I have come to realise more and more that the scale on which I made the original sketch was a tad smaller when compared to an Intrepid. But realistically, making it smaller was never an option in my head so I'll just have to run with it, next to the fact that the shuttlebay, as sketched, would be even smaller. Scale is always a thing when sketching...
I actually LOVE this design! It looks so perfect for a science/research vessel.

Though I agree that the 3D render feels a lil stretched out ... but I always preferred the more circular style of saucers from the TNG era!
That is a really cool design! I love how some people do make smaller science or research vessels for the 24th century.
Yes, definitely. :techman: Now, since I'm whiny and never completely satisfied ;), please give us a perspective from below or the side rather than from above, because there are more features on the bottom and from above it still looks completely dominated by the saucer.