Since it is the season has anyone had a spooky experience?

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    Sure I have, quite a few times. Nothing I have, though, tops what a few people in my family have seen. I remember my mom telling me about when she was a child, and the house they lived in was where an old man had died. Nothing happened until my grandfather had torn down the back porch.

    She said that there were times where she'd be in bed and the windows would open and shut on their own, she would be the only one home and would hear laughter coming from where the back porch used to be, and she wouldn't see anyone outside. Lights would turn on and shut off on their own. Doors would open and close on their own. Up in their attic, she and her sister were pushed against the wall by something, and there was nothing there.

    She said that, finally, after living there for a year, the whole family got sick of it and moved out. She said that as they were getting in the car, she looked up at the bedroom window on the second floor and watched as it rose up by itself, the light switched on, and there was some kind of black human shaped object staring back at her.

    Not long after, it burned down. Now, is some of that explainable? Oh certainly, electrical wiring, house settling, things like that, but some of it would have had me doing my best impression of Usain Bolt.
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    Yeah, just out of the blue followed by a few really strange minutes
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    An update to my earlier story:

    I asked Mum about the incident after posting here. Apparently, nearly 18 months after moving into the home, Jess the dog came into the bathroom and lay on Mum's clothes, just as she always had.

    To me, this just makes the story all the more peculiar. Nothing changed in the bathroom and Mum insists there were no baby steps on Jess's part; just out of the blue she walked in and lay on the floor. After that day, she was back to her old self and showed no further apprehension entering the bathroom.

    Something obviously changed from Jess's POV. If we want to indulge in the idea of the supernatural, then ... whatever presence was in the room / house had moved on.
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    I've had one minor weird occurrence, staying in a hotel on the road. One morning I was heading out, and I'd forgotten my crew badge. Long story short, it would have caused problems and delayed a flight. As I was getting to the door, the hotel room phone started ringing. I went back and picked it up, and the line was dead. But I noticed my badge sitting right next to the phone, and took it. I asked at the front desk if they had called me- nope. I've always felt like someone was doing me a solid that morning.

    Couple other haunted hotel stories that didn't happen to me, but other pilots in my company. At the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, a couple of our pilots have had kinetic encounters. One involved the guy going into the bathroom right after entering the room, and when he came out a minute later every drawer and cabinet in the room was open. He hadn't even unpacked yet- he went right back down, checked out, went to another hotel, and then called the company and told them what happened. Similarly, a female pilot entered her room, unzipped her suitcase, and headed into the bathroom. When she came out, everything in the suitcase was blown all over the room. She did the exact same thing- bugged out and called it good.

    There was an Embassy Suites in Secaucus NJ that we used for a few years. One morning a guest took a header from the sixth floor into the atrium- suicide. After that, the clerks said that about 0400 every morning, the same empty elevator would inexplicably run up to the sixth floor and back down to the lobby, but no apparitions or anything like that. That hotel has since gone out of business. (Not because of that)

    The Hilton Netherlands in Cincinnati is another well-documented haunted hotel. "The Lady in Green", an apparition often seen near the mezzanine, is the local ghost. Legend has it she was the widow of a worker who died during the hotel's construction, whose body was never found. Never seen her myself, but I keep an eye out every time I stay there.
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