Silaran Prin

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    I've always wondered why, what with all the astonishing medical technology available in the future, Silaran remained disfigured. Some have speculated that he might have refused treatment in order to wear his disfigurement like a badge, which certainly makes psychological sense.

    But the thought has also occurred to me that in such a stratified, hierarchical society, a mere domestic servant simply might not warrant expensive reconstructive surgery - he's not important enough. I'd say that those of privilege, with a high rank in society, and military troops would probably enjoy automatic priority when it comes to any sort of medical aid - military served first, they need to be "repaired" so they can function again and return to their duty; ordinary citizens second. And the privileged could certainly buy priority treatment for themselves or family members. Any thoughts?
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    His low standing would also mean low earnings, so he probably simply couldn't afford the treatment.

    Love the episode.
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    Well he was going to cut Yoshi out of Kira without any pain meds. Doesn't seem all that concerned about "the little things."
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    I always figured it was your first theory, that he wanted to keep it because it gave him fuel for his hatred of Kira and her accomplices.

    But it's easy to forget that the people we see on Star Trek are usually the elite of their societies, and the amazing technologies they have access to may not always be as freely available to everyone in the galaxy. I had never thought of it that way before, at least not in this case.
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    Exactly. Prin was pretty unstable.