:sigh: first 'apocalypse' of 2013 closing in.

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    The difference in timing is no big deal. Meteor showers always take place over a period of hours, and it's not unreasonable that an asteroid would be surrounded by a cloud of debris. The angle of the approach makes it very unlikely that the two events are related (and the volume of rocks that hit the Earth every day-- mostly impacting in the ocean or uninhabited areas-- makes it less of a coincidence than it might seem), but a few thousand miles and a couple of degrees are really chicken feed on the interplanetary scale, so it's within the realm of possibility that they are related. Fragments of the meteor will be available for study, so, depending on how much is known about the asteroid, they may be able to determine definitively if there is a relationship.
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    If there weren't that many injured, it would almost be funny how the dangerousely close Asteroid was harmless and some unknown meteorite started a bonsai-apocalypse of its own.
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    Of course he consulted with specialists. He hired a team made up of the world's best oil drillers to be his technical advisers on how to deal with asteroids.